100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media will stop talking about YouTube shooting”

  • can did report on the shooting. they made a dozen videos on it, I hate main stream news. modern tribalism and always has to be one team vs the other everyone here is so close minded and has to turn every situation thats reported on into a war

  • my family ONLY watches Fox News, my family puts themselves above everyone and they're all close minded, racists bigots. Not saying everyone who watches Fox News is the same but the way Fox News reports stories and the stories they report on are clearly trying to back up there narrative and there tribe to put theme in the RIGHT

  • Peta has always been a terrorist organisation. They are scum.
    I have been personally threatened and had to take court action against them purely due to working for a certain company.

  • Smokey McJoint says:

    "I think we just heard gunshots." Dude, that is fucking insane! The anti-gun Left knows nothings about guns to begin with, so of course she thought it was gunshots.

  • Someone should have fired up a bag o popcorn in the microwave… she would have dove under her desk.
    It's not even funny or amusing anymore to literally SEE the truth to this…, the media literally made this story disappear… just "poof".

    I will tell you what really needs to be banned in the US… it is the most dangerous thing to the people and the country… it is the democratic organized crime syndicate, and "progressive" liberalism.

  • My Cherie Amor says:

    PAID SES U TUBERS WILL BE RELEASED VIA .PDF SOON! Corsi released the SES contract & U can easily view it on G oogle NOW! WAKE UP

  • Let me tell you a story
    At a softball game in a rual town country girls agenst girls from the iner city hunter in the woods behind the high school one shot was fired and the city girls (who where in the feald) hit the deck country girls (baces loded) make every one home … no efert.

  • And here we are, just one week later, and walla; no more reporting about the YouTube shooter. Yet they are still discussing the Parkland shooting.

  • This person was straight crazy. She fled her country then came to America, claimed to love Iran better, and that America was all terrible and horrible (yet she wouldn't move back to iran?)

  • Almost 8 entire minutes of logical fallacy arguments and a comment section full of idiots saying he makes a good point.

  • Peter Angermeier says:

    The mainstream media also stopped talking about the shooting in Vegas. And Orlando. And San Bernardino. That's because we all know there's another one coming soon enough, thanks to the NRA. BTW, no one died at You Tube. And anyway, 45 provides enough drama every single day……..

  • Naturally, 'if it doesn't fit you must acquit. The youtube shooting doesn't jive with their objectives so its buried.

  • I see what you did there… I saw the news on this shooter on CNN. Then there was something the next day. Then nothing. I learned more about her shooting spree (ironically) on various YouTube channels. Because she didn't fit the narrative CNN is pushing (as demonstrated by the how many weeks they've been covering the Last school shooting, interviewing students – who agree with the narrative – and covering events.

    Thank God the shooter was a female immigrant with a fitness (harmless) channel. It would be politically incorrect to go after her. If she had been a he who was disgruntled about monetization on his firearms channel, ALL the YouTube gun channels would be shut down already.

  • Excellent piece Tucker. Right on target, over and over again (no puns implied or intended). Congrats on the 8:00 PM time slot and apparent success. Can't view everyday but always entertaining and informative. I recall the first time I really took notice of you was as a co-host on F&F Weekends on a Saturday morning. I forget the topic but you went off on a rant. Constitutional and vented with passion and conviction. Left those AM co-hosts slack-jawed, LOL! Me too, I was somewhere between the coffee pot and couch and I watched in complete agreement and shock!

    First thought was "who is this conservative long hair and he needs his own show". Second thought was "we'll never see this dude again"…

    And look at ya now! In with Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and my most admired of all FOX hosts, Judge Jeanine. Congrats and stay the course.

  • If her actions don't match her claims on beliefs than her claims were obviously lies to attract an targeted audience. I like how when a crime happens it always comes down to the person's political views, and I mean on both sides. This had a very obvious cause and effect, she felt betrayed and acted like a psycho. Because she was just a psycho, she's a YouTuber, she's fake and acts towards, in this case, liberals. All these mainstream news platforms always tell one side, as if the world is really just black and white, it's either this way or that way, their are many ways. Clearly she was messed up in the head, because that's a pretty reason to shoot someone. It's because of the terroristic threats in the 90s, if someone pissed you off, you tell them you'll kill them and you fell better. You aren't going to do it, but you are showing you are pissed off. Now we can't say anything threatening or show our frustration without some pussy taking it seriously, so people have to bottle it up. And then they go online and see hate all day, no shit some people are shooting people!

  • This happened in Cawlifornia, all those anti-gun laws failed to work again; it's almost like they don't really work at all…

  • FOX can't report any news without attacking the left or insulting someone. Pathetic. Just report the story and move on Tucker. what a joke

  • Liberals have a genetic inability to resort to logic. They are liars and cheats and utterly shameful pathetic losers. Oh yeah, and they are extremely dirty and smelly.

  • This guy really employed as journalist !
    And that not just a prank !
    Sorry guy I’m back on north Korean news channel at list they are more believable

  • End of the day, no one was killed. To make a serious media splash you've got to get into double figures.

    the Liberal media is ignoring these shootings on a regular basis, that is if the death toll is low.

  • My god Tucker, I've been avoiding fox news all this time thinking it was shit. When did they hire you? Now im going back to watch all your videos. You're awesome!

  • Jeremy. Rivera Saved by Jesus I love God skywatcher says:

    Gun's don't kill people do ? it like if a car Hit a person are thay going the band cars no the person in the car mad it hit a person not the car and not the guns

  • richard alvarado says:

    AWM shooters> non white shooters
    AWM's can't be stopped by border walls, ICE raids and travel bans.

  • I think it would go something like, – if you support peta and bunnies then you want kids dead- something along those lines..

  • Punky Brewster says:

    How come Tucker hasn't commented yet on the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee? Do you think it has something to do with the hero saving the day without a firearm. I guess due to his NRA sponsors he has choosen to let that incident slip by.

  • Tucker is the fucking man,.. don't let them take our guns, if they do we the people can take theirs, come get my guns see what happens assholes,… lets get them out of office or take them out with our guns,..hahaha, stupid morons.

  • Wow,are you a idiot. Here vodios were demonitized. A huge problem with youtube and people of color or different race

  • Michael Shapiro says:

    "Who put all the dumb people on TV. (You're not one of 'em…)" Why I give TV so little time anymore. Stupid & vicious.

  • ROL G Songwriter - No ads in here ! says:

    The media is doing a character assassination of this creative woman. She is dead because YouTube is a disgusting business, discriminating and dictating to content providers. Is anybody surprised this has happened ? Nicky Minaj, Miley Cyrus and many privileged others can do what they like on YouTube without having to worry about age restrictions and cutting off of revenue. YouTube are institutionally discriminatory, unfair and unreasonable, to a degree that their treatment has the potential to tip some slightly unstable people over the top.

  • Wolf Shadow357 says:

    You kidding me they seek out the any 7/10 with a iq of 90 please good sir they want their mouth pieces dumb

  • yep..that shooting was completely forgotten about an hour after it happened…i distinctly remember when it happened because it was on the tv in my gun shop while i was purchasing my AR-15

  • Ummm…, how come I never heard of this?? I, listen to N.P.R. ALLL day (cawz, Sun Tzu said, 'we' should). Yet…, NOT a fuggin peep!!

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