39 thoughts on “Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media”

  • Ana Navarro is a complete idiot and a national disgrace. All these jackasses rushed into judgment and condemned these innocent kids are nothing but a bunch of whack jobs.

  • Notcha Grandpa says:

    Someone tried to paint them as something they weren't. The major news outlets that covered and continued to smear that kid needs to be sued but not for money, they should be sued for their business license and the corporation closed permanently and any reporter that had anything to do with working that story without the facts need to be banned from ever working as a journalist again.

  • Wait…so those native americans hate the european americans for migrating into there…isnt it a bit xenophobic of them?

  • "This is indigenous land, sniffle, we never had walls here"…. and howd that work out for YOUR way of life.

  • I freaking hate the media what the hell is wrong with these people?
    I was wondering where that poor teenager looks nervous now I understand why

  • Alxofied Kxkxk says:

    calls the white kids racist because they support trump in wanting to build a wall. liberal media is ridiculous

  • Jason Springer says:

    I'm fascinated how something like this can possibly get a single dislike let alone thousands. I'd be really interested to hear from one of you which part you disagreed with.

  • mcbreadfanface jr. says:

    That Indian is an embarrassment to his nation.. I have an idea I'm going to give him a new name lying crying little cub

  • Dam when did it become a crime to be white? I guess I should be thrown in jail because of my skin color. I never seen so much hate in my life thanks Obama.

  • Harold D Burke says:

    I hope Kathy Griffen gets her stupid butt thrown out of social media for endless hate speech inciting violence.. oh I forgot she's a Democrate. Rules dont apply to her and the rest of the elitists.

  • Wax MeOff420 says:

    Are you trying to tell me that a video that was taken off of the internet which was a clip of an even longer video could possibly have been taken out of context. This is the internet you can't lie here

  • Tired of liberals.
    Use these old words coming back, and the next things are going to be war.
    Don't fight on the wrong side.

  • Heres the thing. ..even of they were taunting him being an asshole isnt illegal if it was 2/3 of democrats would be in prison.
    Side note we should build the wall and the indian moron doesnt realize the indians lost the ears so it is not their land and no its not stolen

  • seano8484NPC2222 says:

    As a working class white male , I work in construction, I come home filthy , covered in sand , cement and dirt . I literally stink of “ privilege “ , I wonder if my “privilege “ is worth as much as journalist?

  • James Cameron says:

    The only racism was coming from the “Black Hebrew Israelites”. Their language was absolutely foul. So no criticism of them was forthcoming.

  • AJayAnswersYou says:

    Tucker is definitely one of the best news anchors in the United States of America.

    From a dane. God bless.

  • "Look at these racist crackers" (An approximation of what was said). Let's examine the irony of this statement. "Cracker" is a black term, derogatory in nature, used against whites. It is essentially the black version of the "N" word. So the person responsible for shouting this sentence is condemning racism while being racist in the same breath. Love the double standard.

  • NotSoSuperHero says:

    The smirking boy, his parents and school sued CNN for 275 million and Washington post for 250 million. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson.

  • From the beginning i didnt understand. All I saw was a kid standing with a nervous confused smile 🤷‍♀️

  • Davlyn Nolan says:

    All I can hope is that the majority of America can recognize this for what it is and what the left is trying to do… I can only hope

  • Russel peters says:

    I hope this kid wins all his lawsuits and uses the money to break up the social media monopoly ! Richard Smokers

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