Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?


100 thoughts on “Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?”

  • The Wandering Ghost says:

    Chuck Norris was right. The time for the people to rise up and take back the country may well be at hand….especially if the powers that be attempt to kidnap children.

  • nicholas singer says:

    Thats sounds like something The CCP would do! The WHO should be the CHO from now on! Sick to think this is being discussed.

  • The WHO is a defacto socialist arm of the Chinese Communist Party. Don't trust the WHO or the UN. Don't trust your government: they're lying to you. This is a power grab and nothing more. Hyperbolic fear-mongering to justify massive government power grab and tank the economy to persuade people they need "Big Daddy Government."

  • You can begin with New York. They are walking the streets in droves. Watching Fox News it’s like they are all in the streets. Why doesn’t Cuomo

  • Dennis Cosgrave says:

    The longer the lockdown continues, the greater the irreparable damage to the economy. Garcetti may run a series of lockdowns, but he may discover that he has no economy left at the end of it. End result; high unemployment, higher homelessness, and a much lower tax base. Has he developed a plan to make up for the lost tax revenue?

  • Tucker your cool but your running very close to fear mongering. Just continue to be responsible. Sound bite journalism is an ugly thing and it’s best left to the Democratic. Thanks

  • I had faith in our public officials at first, then I started seeing the lunacy and inconsistencies that Tucker brings up.

    Grocery stores, golf courses, parks and jogging tracks will all stay open, but everything else must be closed to prevent the spread! What?

    So a guy in an office is in more danger from his own coworkers than from hundreds of random strangers in a grocery store? Or people huffing and puffing on a jogging track?

    Either do a FULL lock down for 2 weeks or do nothing. This half-assed government response is close to useless.
    Arizona has an 'essential travel only' order in place right now and there's as much traffic as ever. Nothing has changed. I saw a group of guys playing golf yesterday and the parks are as busy as ever!
    Meanwhile, I work all week (alone) and I pace around the house all weekend while the wife and I obey the order to stay home.

  • gullrock george says:

    Separating families makes no sense. Given the ease of transmission it should be assumed that everyone is potentially sick in a household. I think that's why nobody has seriously proposed doing this other than some goof at WHO.

    As for quarantine, who knows, but I think Tucker is glossing over things a bit. Let me put it in another way. Which is worse: 1) Going to a grocery store 1-2 times per week for 20-30 minutes, sharing space with people mostly from within a few miles of your home and touching products handled by 1-2 store staff? . . . or . . . 2) Going to work 5 times per week for 8 hours or more, where you will share space with people from all over your general area, eat with them, share a bathroom, and in a manufacturing job touch the same stuff that potentially has been touched by dozens of other people.

    I don't know for sure, but I suspect #2 is as bad or worse than #1. Now, some of this depends on where you work and what you do. Some selective return to work should occur earlier, but I submit that some work scenarios are as bad or much worse than the grocery store, and the more times you expose people, the higher the chance to get infected so it's not like what has been done by Washington and the States is completely ridiculous. I think/hope we will start to see some relaxations in May.

    The lack of testing has made us vulnerable to making bad decisions and erring on the side of caution. We need A LOT more testing to see if far more people have already been infected than we expect. I think that is probably the case.

  • jashua falken says:

    flu dies in summer so will this virus. but know this!!! they will save it for later? why to give it out again. its a tool they will use to control. end of line…..

  • James Campbell says:

    Our betters know what's good for us! Take our kids. Take our guns. grrrrrrr Tucker hits it on the head. What I've been saying myself, but no-one listens, haha.

  • Kevin McFarley says:

    Republicans and Trump supporters, fill the church pews this Sunday. Fourteen republican governors have exempted churches from the stay at home orders. Pack the churches all across the south and midwest. Support the president and scoff at face masks for silly demon rats. Fill stadiums with brave republicans this Eastern Sunday. If you are truly covered in the blood of Jesus, you will not get sick.

  • So good to hear someone talking sense. I keep thinking the same thing, why does the lockdown have to be for so long?

  • Your dumb president said it will go away in April like a miracle.Please remove him from office ..He's dangerous. Tucker is an asslicking imbecile

  • Owen Costello says:

    The left have blown this crisis way out of proportion, there’re sabotaging the economy and destroying the American values the World needs, time for the president to use executive privileges!

  • The flaw in the scary projections is that…. Many folks already infected and recovered with little to no symptoms. Meaning they can neither get sick, or carry the disease any more. In Italy 2/3 of folks already infected and recovered with little to no symptoms.

  • It's amazing that the are hammering in communism this easily with a fake flu. THEY are destroying our lives. Please wake up before the bread lines are permanent!!!!!!!!

  • Peter J Reynolds says:




  • World war 3 starts at my front door with anyone following through on these threats. I will.never live the way they want us to. Born free..gonna die free

  • Andrea Lindley says:

    Thats it. It's been obvious for a while but THAT CONFIRMS IT! CALIFORNIA IS A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT! I'm so disappointed.

  • I feel this is all about population control and now thay are going to push a vaccine cause they have pushed fear into your minds you will line up like sheep people wake up

  • The Sonny Sarna Show says:

    The worst news reader/reporter…the guy at the WHO said nothing about, "taking your kids". Fox news at it's best!

  • William Adams says:

    The Bear is bigger than the bee . But if he tries to get the honey he not going to get one bee he going to get the hive

  • @ Now people are making themselves to be predicting how many times the Corona Virus will attack mankind during the winters each year or thereafter.

  • Douglas Jackson says:

    Listen to this jamoke from the WHO. He's suggesting the world do what the Chinese CCP has been doing. If anyone had any doubts, we surely now know who is really running the show at the WHO.

  • This was an attack on the global economy. Common sense left the building and fear took over. I'm done with it in healthy..clean and safe. I'm not the problem

  • Media is trying to tank the economy in order to make capitalism and Trump look bad. They want a population depended on the government.

  • Carolina Navarro says:

    Haha, commenters thinking they are gonna go down with a fight with their piddling stockpiles of guns, you forget the US military is the strongest in. The. World….not bcuz of their weapons, but bcuz of their TECHNOLOGY…you best do what they say.

  • These politicians speak for the people? Let’s take a mini poll. How many of you are okay with the government coming into your home uninvited with the intent of taking loved ones from your home against your will? Like if your against it. Comment if your for it, and explain yourself.

  • otto von ottsville says:

    Its cats. All cats must die.
    Huge mounds of cats doused with kerosene and set ablaze throughout the land.

  • Government says stay home..give up your rights and livlihood. Then..when this is over..give us your house..car..and all that you own..cause you aren't paying your bills

  • I wonder what would happen if the CCP figured out how to use Coronavirus as a transmission mechanism for something a lot more deadly…Unless we do everything in our power (short of kinetic war) to free the people of China from the CCP. We can shut off their economic taps in every way possible. Why isn't this being done NOW?

  • Housewife In The Woods says:

    Lift it, let it burn thru, we will recover. What we won't recover from is a total collapse….. get on with it!

  • there need to be a purge between radikale left wing politicians ..they are puting all our lifes in danger ,,trump need to win again or we are all doomed

  • GoldenFalcon2 says:

    Why is going to the grocery store better than going to work? I’ll tell you.

    Going to the store I have enough PPE (mask, gloves ect.) to stay safe. Furthermore I usually spend 25 to 30 minutes shopping. So, I’m in and out of the building in a very short period of time. This means minimum contact with others. Then I can come home and disinfect my grocery items.

    At work most people can’t afford to wear a mask everyday. They would have to buy PPE like hospitals do, which is unrealistic in the current environment. Some people (my self included) can’t even wear a mask or gloves at work depending on the types of jobs that they do.

    Then comes the job market. Most people I know work retail or customer service jobs. Meaning, lots of face to face contact with others. My friend works along side 60 other people all day long in an office building. Not to mention customers, delivery drivers and other peoples required for businesses to operate.

    This shows that at a grocery store can and probably will be a location for the transmission of the virus between staff and customers alike. However sending people back to work is almost undoubtedly worse in terms of overall spread. One trip a month the grocery store is way better than 40 hour work weeks in office buildings and retail shops.

  • Rohan Jackson says:

    USA: we've been separating families and isolating them from slavery days. That ain't new

    Rest of world: oh yeah ..

  • If that Lady exposed the COVID virus19 in China by not being near the now infected people by way of water in the pipes. There is absolutely no way they are doing better than they say they are. More lies from China.

  • So you still are finding a way to spin the Trump idiocy get everything back to work to up his numbers
    for the economy and that's ok just keep infecting people so Trump can look better.

  • I wish everyone would listen to this LOGIC! This lockdown is doing SO much harm. My friends and family are so brainwashed by the leftist media I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of crazy.

  • Burn the WHO to the ground and start again. Nobody currently working for the WHO can apply – they'll be investigated.

  • Tristan Solero says:

    wonderful delivery Tucks! Sarcasm on point. We live in strange times when such an eloquent truthsayer is seen as rightwing or conspiracy… The left are addicted to their own hysteria, forgetting conveniently along the way that they made it up in the first place.

    Failing that, it has been reported that the world will remain in quarantine until scientists develop a pill for immortality!!! What a racket. Socialism via the backdoor

  • The lockdown is going to be weeks to a couple of month. It depends on how well people follow social distancing measures. We’ve known this is how it was going to play out if we didn’t treat the virus as serious for months. Let’s finally treat it as such and get over this hurdle.

  • Lockdowns in Minnesota are not working so are useless, We live in a remote area that so far has no cases yet but, there are people coming from contaminated areas to this area every weekend to ride 4 wheelers and the like.

  • bigtimetorifan says:

    Feeling confused. So I thought I’m going to tune in to Fox and Tucker to hear some sane pieces of information. That didn’t happen because now not only am I confused I’m scared. very scared. The level of insanity happening in response to finding best way to deal w/ covid19 is staggering. In arguing with one of my family members (who is just shy of a doomsday-er) in regards to this right now, I said to them about a month ago that the consequences to our economy will likely be far worse than odds of dying from this virus. So when I come out here and Tucker, who I feel provides a lot of voice of reason in his broaadcasts is echoing that-now, like I said, I’m very scared.

  • Allen Tremper says:

    Tucker, you know as well as many that this will not end until you are told to stop pushing your Lies upon the American people.
    I do not consent!!!!

  • Someone shows up at my door to remove a family member better bring lotsa help and several meals. That's just horse****!

  • People should consider the first and fourth amendments and understand that citizens and public officials who are advocates of the violation of those rights, outside of due process, are conducting the exercise of government power in an illegitimate manor.

  • trump has a stake in hydroxychloroquine drug maker and ordered the feds to purchase 29 million doses. trump should be locked up.

  • Lankston Tubbs says:

    Kind of reminds me of the PATRIOT act and that was done by people YOU endorsed Tucker. Even if you disagreed with the Patriot act, you continued working with Fox News and the very people who promote that type of behavior because Fox News has so much pull with the Trump admin. So Why should I listen to you? How are you any different then the CNN idiots that just do the same thing for different people? Oh yeah, cause this is all just a game to keep people watching.

  • EccentricSage says:

    I agree, but it seems to me that the reason targeted quarantine failed and was mostly abandoned is because it started too late, and then we didn't have the tests we needed to find the sick. We're still learning new surprising things about this disease. We got a late start thanks to China and the WHO. If we had known and had access to the strain from the start, targeted quarantines would have been doable. SANCTION CHINA, SEIZE CCP ASSETS!!!

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