Tucker: How local leaders failed their cities


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  • Hey QUACK, in February, NO ONE in America was worried this virus was going to hit us. And just two weeks ago, the media showed kids partying and no one wanted to stay inside. Your racist agenda is showing. Have you been listening to our President who is doing everything to open up the economy by Easter? Pricks like you need to report what's happening and not push an agenda. People look for comfort and assurance during this time; not blaming each other, and creating more hate.

  • You know that old saying: Don't trust a Politician. Or the old saying whatever they say (for the most part usually) do the opposite. If they say don't worry there is very low danger of infection. You know that isn't true. For the most part don't. Use your common sense. if you take note from movies: walking dead, World War Z, 28 Days, Train to Busan, 28 Weeks, Zombie Land. if you ignore those and say "infection" will be controlled are fooling themselves.

  • Not only that, these people will harass you for raising your children to learn the language of their European ancestors. I had to move out after almost 5 years of being harassed by Antifa and I'm glad I did it.. just in time.

  • Idk Tucker. Something is fishy about all the coronavirus talk. I don't believe it . I mean people die around this same time every year during flue season. Only 16 people die out of 1,300 people who get the coronavirus. It's not as bad as the media makes it . It's a fear tactic to get people to do what they want. We should see the true motive behind all this before long.

  • Cuomo failed to shield the rest of the nation. He fought to get ventilators and supplies. Then made sure LaGuardia and JFK were open for business. I'm in Florida. I left my job March 10th. I could see the writing on the wall. I used proactive leadership to secure and sequester my family. Now Florida is being flooded by new Yorkers. My family lives here year round and pays taxes here year round but we won't be able to get a ventilator if we need it. The sick hot spot travelers will fill up our hospitals and shop our food marts out. Florida has a lot to handle on its own..These sick travelers have sunk us

  • What's wrong with America? Here everything is shut apart from supermarkets, pet shops, fast food etc and all our politicians are encouraging us to stay in doors which I'd say most of us are doing, all are top cities like London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Chester are all like ghost towns

  • Specifically why this happened in New York – well how about the 50 year old lawyer who ended up infecting his whole family, and his neighbour too, after he drove him to the hospital – this fella was allegedly connected to some Israeli organisation in New Rochelle, and allegedly, many of the people in that inner circle attended the AIPAC conference. With what we know now about how this virus can spread, this was most unfortunate behaviour – here's the thing though – wasn't the initial 1 mile exclusion zone centred around that very building where that Israeli organisation was based? (Tru News google mapped it – it was right in the centre) – was that poor lawyer one of the original people in New York who unknowingly started to spread this?

    He may not have known what he was doing, but the political elites had no excuse – they should have acted a whole lot sooner, instead of being so committed to their multicultural principles that they would not shut down the borders quickly.

    Let's face it that would have been the one most effective thing that could have been done. A child could tell you this – if something bad is out there, then don't let it in.

    The Nancy Pelosis of this world, including that AOC person, all have a lot to answer for because they are the ones who helped to create a political climate where closing down a nation's borders was absolutely forbidden. They would not hear of it! That prevailing political and social climate only made it harder for any politician to do the right thing in this case – and shut down borders, both national and state.

    People within a country that is "self-isolating", or even within a state, will all manage to rally round, feed and clothe one another, and the existing medical infrastructure could deal with any cases that might arise, swiftly and effectively. The whole situation could be managed effectively. Perhaps not so many luxury items for people to buy, but that's irrelevant. We could all have come out of the other end of this thing alive and healthy.

    But no – the borders must not close! This has been the refrain from so many politicians and talking heads in the media for years.

    Look where that policy has landed us – unable to defend ourselves against this threat.

    The survivors of this thing must speak for the dead – and hold these arrogant politicians, who think they know what's best for us, accountable for what they have said and done.

  • acidiferous100 says:

    Interestingly, Trump hadn`t considered it a problem too, a hoax even. It is clear Tucker does a Goebbels. But that`s fine, you just need to be able to filter! Well, Fox stuff.

  • there is one question though if the Corona virus source was China. why is it only remains in a few places not as the USA the whole country is now suffer from it? did you think about that? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why is it that he interprets the words of the officials in an imperative way?
    They were suggesting that life should carry on, not forcing people to go out.

  • The Schadenfreudist says:

    Still Trump's fault for and Fox News were minimizing Coronavirus threat long before. I agree with Tucker that these assholes were looking at their own self interests by trying to keep local economies moving…. BUT TRUMP IS PRESIDENT AND RESPONSIBLE FOR SAFETY OF ALL PEOPLE IN USA….He set the complacency tone about this disease and had all of the pertinent information long before these local hacks did…

  • This has to be national starting with the president, expecting one state to contain it on it's on is a joke. Congress failed the American people, you can't get around that. So did networks playing it up as a hoax. What's done is done, Fox needs to own the blood on their hands and move on.

  • Abbielrt Stewart says:


  • And when all the other states go through the same thing? And they will, who's fault will it be then? American has overtaken Italy and China and is the most contaminated country in the world. That's not on NY, it's on the US response, or lack of. Maybe Fox news should have done their part, it not the internet doesn't exist and everybody bar the willfully ignorant doesn't know. A week ago, you called it a hoax and people shouldn't care remember?

  • another liberal infected thousands by her very own words and of course the mayor and governor are right there with her – just imagine they could never get a handle on the homelessness and drug addicts out on the streets where these are seen up front and yet they think they are the ones who caused this infection that will cause many to die now . remember when bloomberg boy stated in the campaign run, that at a certain age of being a senior, he would limited the amount of health resource and money to be put towards a person, well he getting his wish, the amount of people that will die in NY will stagger the imagination – democrats and liberals at their best

  • In Canada, the same thing has happened and as a result we are going to suffer immeasureably.

    We are being used as lab rats.

    Canadians need to let that sink in.

    Interesting that Canada's main health "directors" (and the face of quack medicine) are also women.

    NYC has the same kind of puppet morons.

  • Why they didn’t protect their people? Maybe because they listened to you (for the last few months) calling it a hoax.

  • Our governor here in FLORIDA is an incompetent MORON! Last week he should have ordered the FHP and the Florida National Guard to southbound I-75 and I-95 to stop out-of-state vehicles from entering into our state! He still hasn't done this! He is also guilty of allowing Spring Break to happen in Miami.

  • Tucker what's up with military movement around the nation?? Hundreds of tanks in California, Montana, and Florida? What's going on??? Please do a story and let us know what is going on!

  • No one DEMANDED anything. Tucker, you are such a low life. Trump said there was no danger. Are you upset at that? This had ZERO to do with identity politics, but YOU are obssessed with race and gender. YOU, Tucker, a Trust Fund baby who has never had to really work a day in your miserable life.

  • Delusional (self anointed moral supremacist) idiots like these have a responsibility to public health and they all knew a SARS/Corona type virus is "the" boogie man disease they all are aware of being a WW pandemic maker….No they need to go to jail or worse…so they wont endanger the public in future with their non pragmatic delusional decision making…these public positions have tremendous responsibly attached to them people who are seeking office for the wrong reasons should not even apply, now there are lots of unnecessary deaths and blood on there hands for their (internally self knowing) selfish decisions and general incompetence.

  • Didn’t Trump say the same thing? Yeahhhhhhhh something about on 15 ppl may get then the rate will go down, Yeahhhhhhhh

  • Clayton Sallas says:

    Tucker the February time frame has trump tweating and on TV lying and down playing the virus…fake news, a democratic hoax…your a fool you wishes to lead fools…lie all you wish, I see you for what you are!

  • These liberals are blinded to the point of brainwashed by their own doctrines. Now the cost is mounting, but its Trump’s fault.

  • “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • The only way it will stop is for Di Blasio, the other three clowns in the video and all their supports contract the virus and succumb to their collective idiocy.

  • David Darbonne says:

    I hope the elected officials lose their jobs. New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor didn't stop parades but those in New York horrible.

  • The virus isn't even real people wake up soon all those black coffins will be filled with people who take the mandatory vaccine and for those who fight this and will not take it will fight against the army and will also fill those black coffins wake up there are more of us then them take back what these disgusting psychopaths have taken from us

  • TUCKER, Spread the word!! There are many methods of transmission of Sars Covid 2… Oral Airborn Droplets, Touch, & worst is this one >>> Demand lids on ALL public toilets, NOW! Let us shut the lid on this thing, Literally! Yes, SC 2 is shed in ????, just like the Norovirus. People MUST be told, NOW!

  • On the beaches issue, I'm hearing from biologists that sunlight and fresh air are among the best things you can get in this situation. As long as you can get them while maintaining social distance. UV rays are deadly to viruses and vitamin E is a natural anti-viral. I'm not convinced that closing the beaches is better than leaving them open. We should be careful not to make the assumption that closing the beaches will cause people to stay home. It may simply cause them to go outdoors in a different area where less social distance is possible. If you want to listen for yourself check out Bret Weinstein's channel.

  • You Sir are a Hypocrite!!!!! We had our Republicans leaders saying everything was good!great! We are prepared! No one has died! Etc etx etc, This will go away! Around april, this will go away, SmH! Both Parties were lieing to us Americans! SMH!

  • The press has failed us. The hype is insane, the claims are improbable, and the tests are inaccurate. The response (economic depression) could be deadlier than the virus, that's how I see it. Start asking cogent practical questions, INVESTIGATE, and stop throwing blame around.

  • Ngoc Tram Dong says:

    The leaders in New York need to take their responsibility for letting people gathered in large groups. Be firm to your people Cuomo. New York should be guaranteed for at least 15 days.

  • Now she's on TV every 5 minutes telling people to stay home! Don't agree with Tucker on Many issues but he's at least an Honest person.

  • It is really despicable the way Leftists Governors fail to do their jobs and then blame it on President Trump. Bizarre that few call them out on it. Thanks Tucker. This should be on every network.

  • Millennium Man says:

    When the plague returns, the left will demand everyone must use a bucket for relieving themselves then throw it out their windows.

  • SuperSaltydog77 says:

    Is covid-19 really an epidemic. Possibly. The real epidemic is the lack of common sense. It's flu season. Every year from October thru April the prevaling influenza virus, or viruses, are infecting millions around the globe. It's nothing new. This happens every year. Some third world have no ability to fight it. But a vast majority do. It really is common sense. Wash your hands. Avoid sick people. Avoid crowds where sick people might be. Use precautions where possible. This "sky is falling" mentality overtaking the world is showing how easily people can be panicked. The big media people are overjoyed at their ability to pull you in for the sake of their ratings. Big ratings means they can charge their advertisers more $$$.Revenue increase. Every one that I know has caught the flu at some point in their lives and not a single one of them has died. Every one of them has survived. So, in summary, wash your hands and avoid sick people where possible. If by chance you catch the flu, I'll see you in a couple of weeks when you feel better.

  • But isn’t this spin it’s sound bites every major news network does it I watch them all NBC ABC CBS FOX to the point for them to make any point. I read my bible and understanding revelations as parables and being symbolic God loves all of us I’m praying for hope and understanding He gave his only begotten son so that we would not Parishbut have everlasting life the sins of Adam forgiveness love does God Hate us no he know the hearts of man Who are his children us all of us I’m not jewish but Jesus was him at the temple turning over the tables of money changers money had made a mockery of his father house you had to Exchange regular money to temple money to buy blessed animals to sacrifice for forgiveness of sin and he became furious

  • Nice Tucker, good words!

    Poor Italy went about hugging the Chinese to PROVE they weren’t racist! Poor decisions! 8,000+ dead!

  • Spainish flu spared cities that took early precautions and social distancing more seriously. It worked to squashed the numbers so long as people adhered to social distancing once the outbreak was brought to lower numbers. Not that it won’t get bad, but it can be mitigated. Sadly this will be a part of our lives for some time. Their virtue signaling is going to cost lives.

  • Democrats have a persistent pattern of destroying cities, states, and our Nation. They include a higher percentage of criminal behaviour . . . Schumer and Pelosi are habitual criminal politicians.

  • debrah johnson says:

    NYC is trying to safe face for Asians Americans while putting their citizens in harm's way. I wonder would if leftist would have the same mindset if another minority group was indirectly associated with a deadly virus?

  • Poor Pistachio says:

    Cornyn, who published a column last year on his Senate website titled, “The Texas Snake Man: Jackie Bibby and His Rattlesnake Roundups,” promotes west Texas culture that chow down on snakes

  • Matthew Montgomery says:

    I like how fox has some of the most liked and viewed videos yet I never see them in the top news section. I always have to go to their page to see their videos. Bias much youtube?

  • These civic leaders need to immediately be kicked out of their jobs–but constituents are not holding office holders to Properly doing their jobs. Constituents need to get angry and impeach the idiot office holders.

  • Thank you. My local Dem leaders didn’t even urge rationing of masks, as some in January began buying out Americans’ supplies! Hand sanitizer also gone shortly thereafter!

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