100 thoughts on “‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ explores possible evidence of UFOs”

  • This UFO stuff is fascinating, the Commander David F. says radar picked them up droping from 80,000feet, flying stationary at 20,000 feet for hours on end, and then fly all the way back up. Without ever landing once, never refueling.

  • I really cannot imagine why a grown man would grow what looks like a piece of cotton candy on the tip of his chin. It's something a nasty college frat boy named Chad, Chas or Troy would do. It looks ridiculous.

  • get these illegal aliens outta here….. we better not give them healthcare and if i hear of any one helping them into our country will be prosecuted to the laws fullest extent…..

  • “Oh, oh, it’s all so mysterious and unknown! We don’t know anything but here’s the truth, sort of.” What a boat-load of in-your-face deception. Pretending this is news from a pretend news source.

  • ready for revolution now says:

    What a bunch of crap what other distraction are they try it is a matter of time until the satanic pedophiles are on every day new

  • Chris Anderson says:

    you will see when the time comes and we are in the final days. they are coming here for you not us,144k chosen ones. tell the public about fisa and gang stalking of the RH negative holy blood,the chosen ones. that is fisa but they will not tell the truth so the next phase is now under way.

  • Michael VanGundy says:

    It is extremely dangerous for living creatures to be accelerated to near light speed in order for them to travel between stars.

    We build drones to do the exploration safely. In the future we will build "smart" self repairing drones. These drones are sent out and some find a way to return to Earth. Going backwards in time and being confused they try not to be "caught" by the ones that they are studying.

  • the Joe Rogan Podcast interviews the Commander/Pilot…he goes into way more detail than these 3 min sound bite/interviews..a lot more witnesses and he states that the USS Princeton had tracked the objects for a couple of weeks.

  • KindBudKilla4200 says:

    I’d say it’s terrestrial over aliens, what government is going to claim they have the Mach 10 jet. You’d be giving up a huge tactical advantage. I’m going Occam’s razor on this one

  • it's interdimensional beings aka demons to fool the world and the masses to bring about the end times prophecies its all in the bible don't be decieved people turn away from sin and be born again in the name of Yeshua the Lord Jesus Christ it's the only way for eternal salvation

  • Tucker, why am I getting the feeling that you're trying to distract the fact that we would love to see Omar and tlaib properly disposed and deported away with so that America can safely sleep at night I'm sure you agree- but cosmos and alians? yahah let's send iihan Omar back to Somalia and rashida tlaib back to her so- called Palestine- cut the crap with the alien gig! yahaha

  • loganbaileysfunwithtrains says:

    It’s a sad day in the world when the news reporting on UFOs isn’t fake news and the news reporting on the president is fake news

  • See Joe Rogan interview with flight captain of the Nitmiz. Recorded UFO's since the 1940's.
    It is crazy that media makes fun of UFO's, meanwhile take superstitious nonsense like religion seriously.

  • I like to cal them IFO's. Identified flying objects. I don't think that we had as much control over the skies as we thought we had. I think they are just people, intelligent or not, that have flying ships up there, illegally.

  • Nadia Raschella says:

    The galactic fedration of light….Ashtar Command Jupiter Command The Pleiadians Arcturians Andromedans ect ect..

  • It's 2+ synchronized high-powered lasers pointing at same place in sky. By moving turrets together, they make that luminous point look like it's moving "outside the known laws of physics" when it's not even matter, it's photons and they always move at speed of light

  • They are real it's in the bible. They are interdimensional evil entities that left their habitations. And now our military and others as well is using the same concepts and designs to cover it up. Why are they keeping this a secret? I don't know.

  • California Dreaming says:

    I’m pretty ambivalent about UFOs, in general. Because of vast distances between solar systems, and even greater distances between galaxies, coupled with Einstein’s “universal speed limit” — Einstein was rarely wrong — one can quickly formulate the unbelievable odds that some extraterrestrials could get here. Of course it MIGHT be possible that some aliens have discovered the “fountain of youth” so they can live forever, making it potentially feasible to travel as long as they want, but my gut tells me this is unlikely too. I read an article recently that discussed aging, even in electronics, and the article suggested that everything ages, even non-life forms. So I believe we’ve never had a real UFO visit us and most likely we never will. But I suppose if there is REALLY intelligent life at, say, a reasonably “close” star system, intelligent enough to be able to travel near the speed of light — going faster than that seems to create contradictions— then perhaps I’m wrong. But the odds of that are pretty unlikely too. So whenever anyone starts talking about ET I’m pretty skeptical. As a matter of fact I might believe it’s more likely that God exists and that’s pretty unlikely. Most likely.

  • I have seen stuff that is not human off what we know of in the sky. Moving at light speed and in a non liniear direction, circling and shaping together.

    I saw it with my brother and another by stander here in Denmark.

    Unfortunately we didnt have our phones on us 🙁

  • So they have had like what…thousands of these videos and known they were real the whole time. So why are they just now saying they are UFO s and not like a weird cloud or whatever?

  • Robert Heintze says:

    We keep asking the wrong question…UFOs represent ANY craft that can't be rationally explained, or identified. All of THESE sightings say that UFOs exist. The real question should be: Do you believe in extraterrestrial beings/entities?

  • Peer review??? That's hilarious! Scientific Community is a joke! Unremoved from an Indoctrination of a highly errant paradigm! Give that up! Proof is old and in multitudes!!! Like I called in the 80's, when it is revealed, no one will be watching!! And whatayaknow!! CLOWN CIRCUS.. STEALS THE SHOW!!!!!

  • To the Fox Zombies 🙂 Please Watch the show Loudest Voice (showtime)
    It will open both Eyes for You…
    You are being Played by Fox News…

  • Hector Ormachea says:

    I love how Tucker takes this subject very serious

    It would be great if president Trump makes an statement about this but I won't have my hopes high

    I know there's more important issues to worry right now, but maybe in his 2nd term something might be cleared

  • The drug cartels ever get one of these they'll never stop drugs in America. Everybody flying drones. It's been around for thousands of years, read in ancient txt called Vimana.. yet never tell the truth. Secret military use it against public military. Training each other see. When they finish building the grey drones, there will be an alien invasion. Killing Lots of humans on Earth. Coming and going whenever the governments need they're assistance.

  • Can someone tell me please what the video is called of the UFO bright lights all together over the ocean. That's crazy

  • I saw 2 orange lights that were ufo is this video last night in Canada around 7:30 last night…. there seems to be a lot of ufo …. and that's making my hair all over my body stand up while having a chill going down my back

  • To The Stars is a soft-disclosure group lead by very untrustworthy people like John Podesta.
    The only things they have presented are things we already knew, they just get the "authority" to say "oh yeah that stuffs real".
    Great… I guess its nice to know that the people who have been labeled as either idiots or psychos were onto something all along.
    But we knew that anyway.
    This group was created to control the disclosure of information and do it in a controlled manner so that the people in charge can stay in charge while they withhold technology from the public which would revolutionize our world.

  • Eric & Elisa Hammond Wright says:

    we need to lock these bozo's up in the looney bin, anybody who would believe Trumps BS would believe that's "aliens" – those are parachute flares

  • patrIcia malone says:

    The govt seems to have ignored a lot of UFO info because, in my view, if they officially put this phenomenon on their plate, that would mean they would have to “do something about it”. Problem is what can they actually do? Who do we start war with? We are not being physically aggressed upon.We cannot investigate anything, really, and at what cost? If they acknowledged there is “something out there”, then people would want to know how we will be protected…like how could they do that?

  • You would have thought a civilization who figured out how to do interstellar travel would have figured out how to fly at night without using their headlights.

  • When its allowed on public media its called disclosure.for thos still sleeping this is them telling you donht trip they are here. We are truly dumbed down

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