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  • angela mackay says:

    if you tax the rich they leave!! and that means no jobs, no manufacturing jobs!! 90%!! cmon, its really unfair and will actually make people hide their money. Look what happened when Trump lowered taxes and deregulated.

  • This guy isn't a very good historian otherwise he'd know that the rich weren't paying those rates in the 50's either. Through loopholes and outright evasion, the actual top percentage paid was in the 30 percent range and the 50's were completely unspectacular economically. Decent at best growth and the decade ended in recession with JFK using the economy against Nixon in the 1960 campaign. His reasoning, if you can call it that, consists of the most basic fallacy. The task of the historian is dramatically different than that of the economist and unfortunately, this guy fails at the former and doesn't understand the latter. Disappointed Tucker didn't challenge him well.

  • uhaegde2wiceover says:

    Taxes do not directly pay for Government Expenditures.
    Taxation pays only for the intereSt accrued yearly on the National Debt.
    Money is created out of thin air on interest whenever there is a budget shortfall.

  • Congress has exempted itself from the freedom of information act for crying out loud!!! That's corruption. They let themselves do insider trading! That's corruption. This bafoon and anyone else going on about trump's taxes is just a moron just like the "regressives" and their compliant media propagandists prefer as condtituents. As a private citizen, even before elected, Trump has been spied on, smeared by the deep state and the democrats since before he entered office. They already know what his taxes state. If there was anything illegal they would have prosecuted him as a candidate to assure he would lose. The only thing there is, is the allowed tax breaks that rich people have paid congress to put into law. There is not one person paying taxes that would pay more if it is legal to pay less. The exposure of trump's taxes is to smear him when congress and every rich person who can takes every legal deduction available. Plus the people don't care. They care about their own households, not Trump's.

  • You're saying the same things every day as we are… but you didn't join the right party. Therefore, we don't accept you into our club.
    Hey comrade, where did you get this silly idea we want to join your little elitist club? Bernie Sanders and AOC are clueless idiots, everybody knows that. Well, everybody except you apparently.
    We never wanted anything to do with them, we're actively fighting against them. If you're imagining we want to jump on your Socialism bandwagon you're delusional… and that's a fact.
    What Tucker is advocating for is quite different populist movement, the one that will destroy your Socialist-populist movement and bury it. So there, eat it.

  • Sorry Tucker. You let that moron walk all over you. You let him get away with the outrageous statement that the "vast majority of Americans want taxes raised". Not your finest hour.

  • 5:02
    Bregman: you're part of the Cato institute-

    Carlson: *interrupts* how does it work? Tell me how does it work??

    He was explaining it bruh..

  • This skinny Dutch professor is a true badass. After taking on Davos, he stomped on Carlson and Fox news. Do we have anyone left in America with this kind of courage? Ah, I thought not.

  • michael smith says:

    If the people lapping up this clip don't think the same couldn't be done to every host on CNN and MSNBC, then they are delusional. Don Lemon is one of the biggest morons on TV. Most of the hosts of those shows are just partisan hacks, but Lemon takes "out of their league" to new levels. Also, as opposed to the opinion hosts, he is is supposed to be their hard news guy, not a paid political arm of the Democrat Party. He doesn't even try to hide it.

  • Carlson is not worth even this comment..he's not a proper journalist but an opinionater..being bankrolled by billionaires.. This Dutch guy is spot on and whiny Carlson who loves sound of his own voice can't handle it..

  • Maynard Becker says:

    Rutger was being a bit aggressive and relentless, piling on the criticism, cutting Tucker off anytime he tried to respond to the put downs. It would have been nice if Tucker had been allowed to respond to see if he would cop to any of the charges.

  • Rutgers really is a moron. He knew exactly why Tucker wanted to interview him. And he purposely blew up the interview. Didn’t work because Rutger is a fan of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

  • Julian A. A. Young says:

    The socialist makes random unsubstantiated claims. Perhaps Carlson is funded by the Koch brothers. That doesn't mean he's controlled. Gigantic leaps in logic. There's a reason carlson just called you a moron. Because when you make gigantic assumptions where you have zero evidence and include a position that undermines your own, such as endorsement of climate change action while simultaneously criticizing the financial interest actions of giants such as Koch, pundits who aren't controlled will notice and call you out on it. If you want to criticize carlson for being controlled by the Koch brothers, you should probably not be taking up the Koch brothers political positions. Rather disingenuous. Clear fraud or just so insanely ignorant. And that's the funniest part, is in being called a moron this guy doesn't realize carlson is being generous in not assuming he's a complete shill. He's just assuming he's a moron based on the evidence in front of him. People know nothing. I wonder what a Dutch historian thinks about what's happening to his country. I wonder if he ever thinks about how the policies he espouses are playing into the hands of people who have intentionally instatiated the circumstances causes the Netherlands to fall. He probably never will. Idiots.

  • Sebastian Volland says:

    This clown went on to sabotage the interview in the first place. Look how edited this interview is, you barely can read or hear anything tucker said, but instead you can hear the imbecilities that came from this white european trash “ Us should destroy foreign nations with leasen taxes. Eliminate tax dedication to people “ what an Animal

  • Sterling Price says:

    Yes, Carlson is a highly paid mercenary journalist on Fox. Why not mention the same for Maddow on MSNBC, or Lemon on CNN? And what was the posts about White farmers is South Africa being butchered…? It's true you know? The Black president in South Africa has called for violence against White South African farmers. This is a fact. A fact that has resulted in crazed Blacks breaking into the bedrooms of White farmers in the middle of the night, and chopping them up in their beds with machetes. Men, women, and babies. Why did you try and turn this fact around as if it was false, and because Tucker Carlson reported on it, and then president Trump commented on it, why do you try to spin it like that was wrong?

  • SoYouKnow KnowYouSew says:

    The most interesting thing is the deception of the editing of the audio most in particular.
    You people call yourselves journalists but have ABSOLUTELY no integrity.
    Almost all of this narrative is incorrect and taken out of context to the extreme.
    Shame on you!

  • Tucker Carlson is the best this billionaires are complaining global warming while flying thier private jet and sucking billions of dollars from common peoples.

  • Another pompous Eurosnob, knows how to fund everything on someone else’s money . Unfortunately his naivety is showing , he hasn’t yet figured out that when you pay higher taxes politicians get richer and richer , hmmm wonder how that works . Feinstein and Pelosi in the US could give him some pointers .

  • Tucker Carlson is the best in news today this man is a moron. you can tell by the editing how dishonest this man is he couldn't just show the full interview another example of dishonest smear Merchants media

  • How Odd, my posting appears 3 times, when i only posted one time. When i reading the comments by the viewers, i deleted the extra posting, , all of the three all deleted. How strange.

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