Tucker: America won’t be the same after the pandemic


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  • We should cancel Chinese debt to offset the economic damage done by the corona virus. We would sue a corporation that didn’t protect the rest of the world. Why not punish China.

  • Ahhh Tucker, it's time to just hand that baton over to China, pull down those trousers and accept the pain of losing power. You guys had it all but greed was your downfall. The middle class was exported to China years ago so your elite could simply make more profits. Capitalism is gone and Socialism is now your only hope.

  • i am sorry, but you are wrong. you have to work with what you have.
    there is a shortage of tests.
    just remember that those tests are not growing in trees, are not in infinite amount and are not free.
    remember that you are against medicine for all before asking for tests for all
    you have to work with the statistics that you have.
    and those statistics are telling to the leaders that have medical experience that the curve must be flattened.
    you are always welcome to get a medical degree and whip out tests for a brand new disease from your rear end if you want to prove your point.
    just make sure those tests are not bad tests that do nothing and are "made in china"

  • These tech behemoths need to be broken up into smaller companies. We have a modern day Standard Oil as far as too much of a dangerous monopoly……………………Is anyone listening ?……………Anyone?

  • I like you Tucker but a lot of your colleagues in Fox were just as bad as the rest of the lying MSM during the opening of the pandemic.

  • All the stuff they say we need more mask and this and that.every time I see him a news there's just a big pile of mass behind them but they ain't using use them stop put them on camera

  • We are not free and in fact we have not been free since before Kennedy, we have a list of privileges not rights and they can take our privileges and throw them out just like they have done in California. Just an FYI, when the military shows up in your streets to enforce “peace” and curfews that’s called martial law not a lockdown or “quarantine”

  • Vulcanic's PlayGround says:

    Citizens of China call the virus the CCP china communist party virus ,, this is what people of China call it so please spare us your POC CRAP, be American or MOVE , we don't need leftist division NO MORE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…….

  • I hope everyone in the media gets the virus. Unfortunately 99.5% of you will survive. You are right we won't be the same because of you idiots exaggerating this story and destroying our economy. The people should hold a trial and have all of you executed.

  • When you talk about feeling "gut level revulsion" at the thought of being respectful to other people (in this case Chinese officials), I wonder what sort of person that makes you?

  • Random Humanoid says:

    China and their puppets are an increasing problem that must be dealt with. It's going to be pretty, but it must be done before it is too late. The free world must unite against this obvious enemy of truth, liberty and human rights.

  • But yet this governor and State government approved abortion at any stage in life. Abortion is a grave, mortal sin against a now disposable humanity. Human life has little value, it is cheap, because of the Supreme Court's making abortion a legal law in the United States. Shame, shame, America.

  • 1234constantine says:

    IMO this is bigger than China. It's NWO forcing China to take responsibility for their population problem by creating and releasing the virus. Why would it be a coincidence that NWO has committed to reduce the population. That there are only a handful of labs worldwide that can make a bio-weapon like this and one of them is located in Wuhan. This virus and the policies following are designed to usher in NWO change.
    This phase is 'the culling' the NWO supporters have openly been threatening us with for years…
    We don't fight against flesh and blood.

  • If we don't built America for America we are doom to serve China. OUR COUNTRY HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT. WHO WILL WE SERVE IN THE FUTURE.?

  • Spurious Effect says:

    YOU ARE A CORONAVIRUS DENIER!! THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!! Sound familiar? If this virus kills more people than the flu, I'll eat my hat. If it doesn't, do you think they'll admit this was all overblown in order to enslave us with 2 trillion dollars of more debt? Nope.

  • That governor is as disgusting as his Sanctuary City. America hasn't been the same since the Republicans FREED THE SLAVES in 1865.

  • Jake Nicholaides says:

    Most things are about balance and time will tell what the correct balance was, the problem with this and most subjects these days when people don't know what's correct through no fualt of their own pretend to know as if they have impeccable wisdom

  • Now Fauci and Birks said they used COMPUTER MODELS which overestimated this. They now say they have real data and not much better than a bad flu season. 350 billion for small business out of a 2.2 trillion alush fund. Cong got a raise and Boeing got bailed out when they were already in trouble. You got plated. Pelosi got her opera house. The CDC lies all the time. Shut up Cuomo. Tell her tostay home.

  • They worked hard to give Fox News a bad reputation: I even enjoyed the "faux" news moniker. Now, I trust them more than 80% of the news I get

  • We have one case in my city and a shelter in place order was put in effect! That is absolute insanity. The cure is worse than a virus. You are shutting down the city because of 1 person? Stupidity! I’m headed to Big Bend National Park for two weeks. It’s open ready for business. Terlingua, Lahitas here I come. At least there are some people with some common sense left! Idiots! Where was this when swine flu infected 65 million or the flu this year that has killed 27,000 or sars or Ebola. Trish Reagen was right. She told the truth and got fired.

  • Alex Leadbetter says:

    "If they admitted this straight forwardly… instead of pretending they have some cure that will absolutely work." Tucker, you literally did a whole bit slamming "the media" (which you seem to forget you are a part of yet pretend like you aren't) for criticizing the presidents eagerness on Hydroxychloroquine as a potential way to treat COVID-19 DESPITE IT NOT BEING A PROVEN TREATMENT. How is Trump different from these "politicians" that are pretending to have a cure? He's not, and the clip you used only showed this guy being concerned about peoples moms, it didn't show him saying that "his social distancing was the best" or anything like you claim. Tucker you can do better than this, do your job and report fairly.

  • All you so-called Freedom lovers out there, ask yourselves how it is that a world grinds to a halt within a matter of a few days. It's not a virus I can promise you that.

  • We should be paying attention to climate change and the ozone layer of earth cause that's the layer thats preventing earth becoming venus

  • Good luck getting a big portion of the laid off workers to go back working. Considering many are basically getting a 100% raise.. yeah… It will mainly be the working "essential" job fools left to foot the bill, working and risking thier health, so everyone else can stay home and draw a check. Thanks alot assholes

  • Douglas Landfield says:

    The world should wake up that China produces too much of our prescription drugs. We needs to produce more in USA.

  • We should try and do r&d on how to minimize transmission of coronavirus. S. Korea, Japan, and Taiwan — all democracies — figured it out and their economies are not shut down. If we can limit transmission, we can reopen the economy without having a cure.

  • Trump knew the pandemic was spreading in US months ago and he was saying that Coronavirus was a hoax. After that he was saying that it was not dangerous and it will go when summer will come like a miracle…. that by Easter the churches would be full…

    Finally numbers of cases and deaths kept raising and it will continue to rise.

  • Tucker, you just had a globalist who worships the market explain that older people need to be willing to sacrifice their lives to save the economy. Come clean. Is this what your party, the GOP, stands for? CITIZENS FIRST. Corporations second.

  • Just look on-line…
    article after article of in-depth clinical studies concluding that chlorine dioxide breaks down and negates viral growth.
    Frankly, that's why local governments chlorinate municipal water systems; you know, the stuff that comes out of your kitchen faucet!
    If you aren't on a city or county water supply, you can purchase a multitude of similar products for sale that supply chlorination.
    Potable Aqua, Aquatabs, Katadyn, Life Straw, Pro Chlor, Aqua Pure, Coghlans. Some are iodine-based but all are assembled to STOP VIRUSES!
    Get with it, people! Take responsibility for yourself.
    Don't be helpless like the people in China are to THEIR government.
    This thing could be over in no time!

  • Bring US jobs back to America. The big corps are holding us hostage with their products being made overseas. May taxes and tariffs for items that are made overseas for so called American companies until they bring our jobs back. Help US, not everyone else.

  • Keith Skoglund says:

    So if an unborn fetus is considered a human, all pregnant mothers are entitled to claim an additional $500 for each human they’re carrying.

  • The wuhan Corona virus is lethal but managable. Clean / Wipe / mop everything with anti bacterial where possible.

    It helps to eat foods with natural anti bacterial compounds in moderation at times like these. They can bolster your immune system. Tea and tumeric are two such compounds. There are more. Never give in to panic or despair.Your body secretes toxins in such poor mental states lowering your immunity further. Stay strong n fight on.

  • Skeptical Skeksis says:

    China having the world’s reserve currency? Yeah I don’t think so. Not as long as the Chinese communist party is in charge. They lie and keep things secret from the public and the rest of the world no one wants to have them in charge no one in the world.

  • Amazing how all these conservative hypocrites and corporate parasites who refuse to pay taxes and complain about the welfare state and getting gov't off their backs are the first ones to run to big gov't with their hand out when a natural disaster happens.

  • Look some ideas should not be allowed. Ex: identity politics. This country is fighting for you to have the right to say what you want to say. At the end of the day nobody knows what is the truth or what is the lie anymore because everything is allowed to come through. If you do you are censored and controlled anyways through bad and an overload of ideas.

  • 5:18 Do they? They make things worse in the same way? Not denying that but if i were to say that someone would ask me for historical examples, so… historical examples?

  • Some times I fear as this virus may make me dead sometimes I think is this real or not I been waiting for the
    nightmare to end so I can wake up. I dont know nobody who has it an I dont want to know.
    sometimes I am listen to the news an lose the whole thing like look at the flashing lite in men in black. I Don't want to die an have no escape. I guess just try my hardest to stay away from the attack.

  • "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." – Benjamin Franklin

    Do your part to make us one country again.
    Freedom — is not free.

  • Michael Ortega says:

    What happened to Tucker Carlson? I always thought he was just another Conservative goon…He seems to have grown a spine…is it a new diet? He is 100% right here.

  • Americans are too stubborn and liberal minded to care about it-too fast and loose in the culture, society and economics. Rome 1 right around the corner.

  • Watch, as soon as this blows over it'll be business as usual. Just like it was by Oct 2001. Then the dems will blame trump for the economy to try to win the election.

  • Democrats’ wet dream is to wipe out the middle class. They’ve been exploiting us via nickel and dime taxes for decades.

  • Oh to your High Tech Twitter comment, just look who is backing all of the Venture Capital firms? If you guessed the Chinese you would be right! Upset them and no VC money for you! We must remove China from the American equation!

  • For once I agree with Tucker. What we, the President, needs to do is impose a heavy penality on the " companies" that moved overseas. Not just China, not the Chinese government. The very people, ceo's, stockholders, that laid off American workers and moved abroad. No matter what country their in. They are also cheating our government out of billions in tax revenue.

  • We need a in general purge of our governance on both sides. We have tolerated too many traitors for too long. They need to go away forever. Dirt naps for tyrants.

  • o_0 Shame on you Tucker for taking that harsh of a position against the great Governor of NY!
    He's 10x the man you'll ever be!

  • It was planned for China to overtake 'Murica a long time ago when Kissinger had his secret meetings with China that made way for Nixion's visit and later with George H.W, "Poppy" Bush and his 'unofficial' Ambassortorship to China. (Even the Roathchild's were in China in 1945 and OSS also) That so-called Ambassordorship in China also managed to help Bush to escape the Senate Committee Hearings on the Iran-Contra scandal. Then, Clinton sewed up the deal when he maneuvered China into the WTO.
    Folks your entire government is corrupt, from the top down, and yes, that includes Trump too. And, Yes, the Democrats are just as bad and evil, but that would be off-topic at this time. This Stimulus Bill is, at best, an abomination and many Nations are also saying this virus did come from the USA and not from China.

  • What we believe is true? Maybe the truth is not what you believe. Or better yet what you have been programmed to believe.

  • Trump doesn’t plan ahead he just does it has he goes, he messed up this situation he could’ve contained it when it started but he didn’t listen to the experts.

  • The boss behind Twitter might have been changed to ccp, I mean ccp must have paid chunks of $$ to make Twitter act for them against us

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