Tucker: 2020 is about what kind of country we should have


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  • ….."really messed up"??????….Is that the best you've got, Tucker…..My hair is ''REALLY MESSED UP''. AMERICA IS A CATASTROPHE*…..*YOU must summon your courage, Tucker, and TAKE OFF THE GLOVES. YOU are talking like a cream-puff wimp, scared of offending somebody.

  • California is a criminal drug infested hell hole & most of my friends have left. So if Bloomburg wants all of the US states to be more like Cal, then he is dangerous & should never be allowed to govern.

  • It would be better that Bloomberg just give his half of his wealth for CA then. California, New York, Washington, Oregon, etc. are not the United States!

  • Bloomberg, all I can say is he should never open his mouth again except to eat…..What an idiot. Does anyone truly want this man as our NEXT PRESIDENT??? WOW, how did this moron get so rich? It had to be due to all the other "smart" individuals that work or have worked for him……

  • People that are citizens of this country are getting fed up with the Bloomburgs, Steyers Blasio's and all the Democrat traitors that are trying to put the final touches of the Obama syndrome on the country. There is no way Americans are going to continue to stand for all this insane treatment of our country. It is time to take back America and start holding these politicians responsible for what they are doing to this country. The Democrat party has to be held in contempt of America, makes you wonder what promises had been made to these Democrat politicians from the DNC until their heads finally popped out when they realized Hillary had lost.

  • I am feel so sorry for this country. What we are now with all this disgusting Impeachment that the Demonrats are showing to the world along with all the discontent going on in so many major cities. Does anyone truly believe that we can be saved as a Nation and a People? I sure try to stay positive but every day it looks more and more of an unattainable dream….

  • Mad Mountain Mike says:

    Well lets see 2016 was suppose to be El Hillary Dictator of the Socialist States of America. remember he wasnt suppose to win. This is the Overthrow of Amertica and We the People then the president. prerpare 2020 will be bloody

  • Tucker is right. The 2020 election is extremely important, and WE THE PEOPLE need to step up and be sure ALL OF US vote in November 2020 for Republicans. It is vital to protect and preserve the United States from these Lunatic Left insane democrats! Vote TRUMP in 2020!!

  • duanecrump crump says:

    No Thank You California…we don't fertilize our sidewalks. California always did try to impose their ideologies off to the other states…smoking bans, environmental bans, immigration etc etc. California is just angry because California realized that California is not leading the direction of the country.

  • duanecrump crump says:

    Oh, and Tucker? 2016 was about what kind of country to have…2020 is about thinning out anti american ideologies in this country. You know a good thinning out in legal ways is crucial.

  • If only California would fall off into the ocean during a Democratic convention!
    And the tidal wave that followed went around the entire world and took out NY city!
    I would start going to church again!

  • Unfortunately our nation is destined to collapse. It's a lesson human beings are never going to learn.
    Even with the internet allowing access to more information than human kind has ever had before.
    America is creating a populace of mindless sheep that trust government to make their decision for them.

  • Why is Bloomberg even in this?
    I can only assume it's envy based.
    Jealous Trump became president.
    It does please me to know his $ is being spent and will have 0% effect on the election.

  • Bloomberg is an idiot! The once great state of California used to be a model community. NO MORE! IT HAS BECOME A MODEL OF HOW NOT TO RUN A STATE, LET ALONE A COUNTRY. It is definitely not the state I used to live in!

  • Theodora Torpey says:

    Why isn't he living there???
    30 yrs ago it was NICE
    Not now , every one else is living, is this your idea living for the rest of the country you should ashamed to yoyr self
    Do you think we deaf and blind and stupid what do you think seriously
    F—NG idiot

  • Patrick Fitzpatrick says:

    The other lower 47 us states homeless migrate to California for the weather and medi care..ECT. also…to increase chances for survival….

  • I was born and raised in California, and yes many of my friends have left and I think about leaving. I noticed three things Tucker overlooked. 1) NOTHING the Left-leaning Democrats have ever done has worked. Look around the USA prove me wrong. They cannot be trusted with any civil project. 2) Our problem is not overcrowding, A popular theme on the Left is we should not have so many children. Statistically, we would have to have 4 children each to maintain our current population level. 3) Is it hard to get around in California, really? Consider the fact that there has been little if any improvement to our roads, bus, train or rapid transit. Don't mention BART, that was a boondoggle from the start and you are subject to crime if you ride it through the inner cities. I could go into other problems in detail, but you get the point.

  • I don't trust anyone who pronounces the letter A as if it were an R. For example, Bloomberg saying, californier. Same with people who say measure, like, "maysure". Don't trust them.
    They will throw u under the bus as soon as it is beneficial to them.

  • There is a very bad plague that is on the way. When the plague hits the USA (it will likely come from China), it will spread without any challenge because our cities have become third world slums.

  • Good god! Hell no! He is out of touch if he thinks people think that California is a place to look up to. He is mistaking great climate and diverse terrain, fauna and flora as an indication of well governed. Great commentary tucker, thanks.

  • For everything one thing they do close to right, they enact twenty (and commit more) tyrannical crimes against humanity.

  • Rollins Marshall says:

    Well California needs to go. We dont need it and we dam sure dont need those kina people. Good riddence. Sink. Please sink

  • Does the USA want a country run by Trump a man known for a fact to be a lying, crooked grifter and conman. Fake university, fake charitable foundation, numerous business bankruptcies, more than 12000 lies to the people in three years, more than one in every five days at his golf resort, fake president.

  • California had success with gun violence? Ever see the smog in the sky at dawn in L.A.? What has CA done for climate change? I think Bloomberg was high or something.

  • Executive Travel Of Nashville says:

    California is exactly why we don't want democrats in office their state is a mass and is in no way what our founders and framers expected America to be why would the framers of our constitution want to give away the country they fought for 2 Illegal immigrants or let criminals out with no bail or allow people to commit crimes with no punishment. Does Bloomberg really thank that the framers of the Constitution would want the 1st 2 amendments to be thrown out to be violated because that is what is happening in California anything you say out there can be considered hate speech and if they have their way you will not have one gun in your house To defend yourself with. Please people get out and vote Republican we must take back the house and vote for trump or this country is doomed

  • I was born and raised in California and began trying to leave when I first ran away from home at 13 and went to Texas. I finally left for good 3 years ago and have no intention to go back. I would not live there again for anything. I love Texas and I hope the rest of my kids and my family join me and get out of the insanity of California. One of my daughter's and her family have fled California and moved to Texas. I hope my other daughter and my brothers follow soon. It shouldn't be called the golden state, it should be called the state of utter insanity.

  • we don't want to live in a country where a draft dodger is calling honorable men who served "babies and dopes". I served my country, and he is a disgrace to this great nation.

  • The exodus from California is concerning because many will transmit the plague of the Far Left to other states.. Consider that many conservative western states nearby can be turned politically with a few hundred thousand people bringing with them their Far Left views. The same kind of thing has been happening in the east, with the exodus from New York and other northeastern Far Left strongholds. Bloomberg and other Democrats can imagine whatever they like for America, but it wouldn't happen without the exodus from Far Leftist states.

  • Bloomberg is a vulture politician. He spent millions on getting Virginia flipped to blue and all of it to establish anti-Constitutional infringements on law abiding citizens and their rights to keep and bear arms. He and George Soros are a wicked team.

  • Edwin Zakrzewski Jr says:

    Bloomberg wants America to be California No Way It is over taxed and pathetic People hate California Liberal run into the ground Open Boarders and crime and drugs

  • Willem Van Aswegen says:

    Is anybody want to vote for Bloomberg – just show them this video. This is a shame. The model for America. No thanks.

  • I'll tell you what it won't look like. A bunch of overweight purple haired men screaming at the sky that they are women

  • I like how you pointed out that the nearly "free universities" that California used to have lead to graduates who went on to create silicon valley.

    Just another reason to support Tuition Free college.

    I agree that 2020 will be a decision on which direction we want the country to go in. I'd like to see Sanders vs. Trump. That gives everyone the best choice. They offer very different visions. Put them head to head and let the voters decide.

    I'm a Bernie supporter, but I agree that California is in bad shape in so many ways.

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  • Yeah, California looks awesome! Free spirited. progressive folks, letting the sh!ts fall where they may. A little slice of Democratic heaven.

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  • California is a disaster! Drowning in new regulations at the same time as drugs, feces, no enforceable laws. And with the middle class fleeing the state in droves, pretty soon there will be no one there to pay for this mess!

  • Robert Conville Jr says:

    Looks up to, let’s see people living and $hitting in the streets. Yeah that’s Bloombergs vision for America!! Think about that!!

  • Of course the Democrat/Socialist/Communist's want the USA to be like The Democratic Socialist People's Republic of Kalifornia.

  • Melissa Jennings says:

    America's 2020 election is going to determine the futures of my 7 grandchildren even more so than the futures of my 4 kids. I've begun pulling together bugout bags for those furthest away from my home where I can much more easily defend them. I never taught them how to exist off grid because I never thought they would honestly need to & then came Obama…things became crystal clear that we need to fight to make sure there is a future for them that doesn't look like a Terminator movie.

  • We should have a country where you don’t have a show and Hannity should be on cable access with some strippers and not be taken seriously. You present opinion as fact and it’s dangerous. You are slowly eroding the Republican Party.

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