Trying to set NPCs free – Code Break

Trying to set NPCs free – Code Break

All right, great job guys All right, everyone huddle around me. I just want to thank you all again for coming from your respective mobile games to fight alongside me I think this is a great way to get to know one another For sure man! You’re alright man We friends now Maybe We can hang out. That’s great to hear man. Hey, look, there’s another army just over that hill Considering we are pretty much on full HP What do you say we continue the fight? Yeah! Alright! We will crush them!!! Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, where are you going? I’m heading to the next battle What? without heading to home base first? *mocking laughter* Yeah… Are you insane? You always have to go back to home base man Why would I go to home base I’m near on full HP, and I want to get into the next fight. Let me get this straight So you’re telling me you can go from one battle? straight into another battle without going to home base first? *more mocking laughter* Look at his stupid little face You’re an idiot. What are you up to? Tiny brain, tiny brain That’s exactly what I’m telling you Why? can’t you? nobody can it’s not physically possible in our games exactly Yeah thats never happened in the history of mobile gaming Yeah – like literally ever nobody can I can no you can’t I definitely can it’s super easy. You’re a disgusting little liar Liar. Yeah, okay. Okay, okay Prove it. Okay, then I’ll prove it Getting my foot yeah taking a step See – walking towards the enemy army Doing whatever I want I can move over here I can move over here Witchcraft! I can do whatever I want It’s not possible hath mine eyes deceived me? How can one have such freedom? Surely you guys can do it as well? * Mutterings of ‘no’ * You! You. I’ll teach you uuuhhh Okay Yeah yeah man you can do it You’re the coolest okay so the enemy army is just this wat yeah So just take 1 step towards me. Just 1 Well… well I can try You can do it Yeah you can do it. We believe in you Yeah I mean I can do it. I can do it. I can do it right? I mean its just a couple of steps. I’ll just do it I’ll just do it Just take 1 step Just 1 foot in front of the other Yeah… You can do it erugh – nah. hang on – I just gotta limber up shake it off just believe in yourself. Just believe in yourself You got this okay okay here we go come on Come on just 1 step You can do it. You can do it Heave! Come on!!!! Come on!!! You can do it Heave it back! You can do it!
Come on! Gahhh! Nah I gotta go home. I gotta go home We will see you there We’re just gonna go home real quick Really? Then destroy the army!! We’ll be back! Yep – see ya Come and join me in Rise Of Kingdoms move freely and enjoy open field combat unlike other games… to battle


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