Trying to answer stupid job interview questions | The Ranganation – BBC

Trying to answer stupid job interview questions | The Ranganation – BBC

Interestingly, a study has found that asking
brainteasers and random questions during an interview is a sign of a narcissistic and
sadistic boss. So, let’s find out how well our Ranganation
would do in a job interview. I’m going to play the sadistic boss. I’m going to ask you
some brainteasers. These are all genuine interview questions, OK? The recruiter has been asked
to assess your thought process and problem-solving. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s
about how your mind works. OK, so, Lord Dave, genuine interview question. You’re in an interview
situation, try to impress me, right? If a hippo falls into a hole, how would you get
it out? So, I would…call the, erm… ..Fire Brigade and I would then report it
to the emergency services, create a boundary around the hole… Where is the whole, basically?
Is the hole in the road? Where’s this hole created? I’ve given you
all the information I can. There is a hippo in a hole – sort it. OK, so I’d probably, yeah, get the Fire Brigade
down there, maybe the animal sanctuary people down, so they can lift a hippo out of the
hole, make sure the hippo’s fine because we don’t want to cause any disruption to the
hippo family and all that. I would contact the maintenance people so
they… You’re doing a lot of phone calls, aren’t you, mate? Maintenance people to clear
up the hole, and then – boom – you’ve got the hole filled and the hippo’s off back to
wherever it came from. AUDIENCE: Woo! That wasn’t bad. You’ve got
the job. That was actually… I was actually quite
impressed. Were you impressed with that? Yeah. Mum, how can you tell if your refrigerator
light is on or not? The light is always on… If it’s off, it’s off. OK, what about when the door’s closed? Open
the bloody door. Who wrote this? You? Can you imagine her in an interview? “This
is a bloody stupid question!” Tom, if you were a kitchen appliance, which kitchen appliance
would you be and why? Maybe something like an Aga. People say once you’ve had one, you never
go back. I think you’ve confused an Aga with somebody black. Now, not everyone is cut out for interviews.
Let’s have a look at one candidate from the last series of The Apprentice trying to blag
his way through. Good luck, mate. I’m going to shake his hand. You won’t be
able to shake his hand. I will. Good afternoon, Claude. Take a seat. How many sticks did you sell last year? It
was about 47,000. So how come it says on your product page on Amazon “over 1 million sold
globally”? Yeah, that’s not correct. How has that appeared on there? I would need
to review that… I would like you to review that right now. Can you tell me who wrote
that phrase? I would need to check. So you didn’t write that? Erm, I could’ve
written that. I think you did write that. It’s possible that I wrote that. I’d rather
you didn’t lie about this. I mean, it’s very possible… It’s highly likely that I wrote that. What
percentage likely? Yeah, probably 90% likely that I wrote that. Would you say 100% likely
that you wrote that? Erm…I would… You wrote that, didn’t you? OK, yeah. I think it’s actually quite endearing. Yeah,
the face of the future of British business there, and it’s the face of someone shitting
their pants! Tom, you’re very… You’ve got charm. Thank you. By the bucketload, if you don’t
mind me saying. Well, I don’t mind you saying that at all. How do you think you’d cope in The Apprentice
interviews? Very well. Erm… I think I’d be exactly what they’d want. I think if Claude
started… I wouldn’t like that, if Claude started to be mean to me. If he didn’t shake my hand. And I think I’d
make out in The Apprentice that he was my father. Just to really derail him. How would
that conversation go? I’d come in, go to shake his hand and he’d say, “Sit down”, and I’d
say, “You’re my real father.” So you wouldn’t ease into it at all? It’s
literally the first thing? I’ve seen the programme, they like it when people are direct. I’m not
here to make friends. That’s the main thing you have to say on The Apprentice. “I’m not here to make friends, I’ve sold a
million of something…” “You’re my dad!” “Give me…the job. “You’re my dad!” OK, one
manager said she wouldn’t give a job to anyone who didn’t send a follow-up email to say thank
you, as it proves they’re not eager, organised or well-mannered. Hands up if you agree with that as a thing.
Follow-up email. It’s a bit butt-kiss, isn’t it? Ex Banker, what do you think? I’ve had many
interviews in my life. I haven’t got all the jobs but I’ve always said thank you for the
interview. And I often send a follow-up as well, and say, “Thanks for your time”, but I do that if somebody invites me to dinner,
I will ring them up the next day or send them an email saying thank you. Oh, my God, relax,
mate! I mean, you think, “I’ve escaped them”, and then, “Oh, hello, I just wanted to say
thank you for dinner.” “I had enough of you last night! “See you
later!” OK, who has ever had bad feedback from a job interview? Wheeler Dealer? I went for an interview with a consultant
firm and I thought I did OK in the interview, to be fair, and then I got the rejection letter.
So I called them up and said, you know, “Can you give me some feedback?” And they said, “You did quite well in your
verbal reasoning and your numerical reasoning was fine… “But we totally disagree with
the fact that you came “into the interview with mis-matching trousers and jacket.” That was the feedback. That sounds like a
company that’s making up the feedback to spare your feelings. “Oh, yeah, you are absolutely…” “Oh, you
were brilliant, you were so brilliant. “It’s just the jacket and the trousers… “You were
so good with the verbal and numerical. “Oh, you were brilliant! “Oh, you were so
good! “It’s just the trousers!” Well, look, job interviews are tough and most people do
lie when giving the answers. You wouldn’t honestly answer the question, what is your
greatest weakness? You know, you’re not going to say, “Well, I’m pretty
racist and get a bit touchy-feely around women.” “Where do I see myself in five years’ time?
“I think some sort of employee tribunal, because she is hot!”


100 thoughts on “Trying to answer stupid job interview questions | The Ranganation – BBC”

  • Chris Andersen says:

    The only time I ever got the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years?", I answered: "In a jar on the mantel"…… To be fair, I was not long out from open heart surgery……

  • Ivan Miletic says:

    Depends on the product, but for the "over 1 million sold globally" you can say you never specified that you sold over 1 million, 1 million sold globally but only 47,000 sold by me

  • This Rebel is Scum says:

    Job interviews seem to be all about being asked stupid questions nowadays, instead of finding out whether or not you could do the job.

  • "I'm a kind of racist and I get a bit touchy feely around women." Perfect response to such a stupid question. Luckily for me I'm approaching retirement because I'd fail most job interviews these days with all these stupid questions "engineered" by social "scientists".

  • So I live in England, if I see a hippo I’m most likely in a zoo. So either the hippo is in a hole in its enclosure, in which case that’s probably fine unless it’s a really deep hole (but I doubt the zookeepers would have left a hazardous hole in the enclosure), if that was the case I would alert someone that works in the zoo as I wouldn’t be able to assist. If the hippo was outside of its enclosure but still in the zoo, I would report it, and as it’s stuck in a hole it isn’t likely to cause harm to itself or other people until the zoo staff come help it.
    If I was in any other situation with a hippo, my sense of self-preservation says to leave it in the hole unless I had a reason to remove it. In that case, if I had access to my choice of resources, I would tranquillise the hippo then use something like a crane to lift it out and lower it down gently into a safe area. If not, I would try to dig one side of the hole to create a slope for the hippo to climb out of by itself (hopefully when I’m nowhere near it).

  • "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
    "Riding a little dinosaur if time machines have been invented. I've modified a horse harness."

  • AngelicusImmortus says:

    If they didn’t shake my hand and just said sit down, I’d say bye and leave. If asked why I’d tell them I refuse to work for people who treat a simple, basic, well mannered greeting with contempt.

  • For every interviewer that thinks "Oh, they didn't email me after the interview thanking me, they're not eager enough" there's another thinking "Why the hell are they cluttering up my email with a thank you message, they're too needy"

  • Emily Herbert says:

    These are like Oxbridge questions! Well supposedly, my interview wasn’t really like that, but this is the kind of shit you have to prepare for…

  • Claire Olivia says:

    I literally had to do a logic quiz before they would even interview me. My family was helping me and we still couldn’t figure some of the questions out. I was just mad after taking the ridiculous quiz.

  • Fridge question is absurdly easy. Just close the door slowly. Most if not all fridges switch their light off just before the door closes. Otherwise, assume the bulb's possessed by demons and smash the shit out of it, salt and burn the remains, and it's definitely off now. Problem solved.

  • Rasmus n.e.M says:

    Drill a bloody hole in that fridge mate!
    Also, what kind of hole are we talking? Cuz once that boy goes beyond the event horizon you would need a correct Stephen Hawking to get it out.

  • i think if you email someone after a job interview saying thank you it seems like you’re trying to make yourself known to them. you should thank them at the interview and then in your acceptance/rejection email

  • Vivian Couper says:

    I would never send a thank you email after an interview. I would not presume to waste their time with trivial nonsense. I would thank them for the interview at the conclusion of the interview and leave the ball in their court. The manager who would not hire someone who did not send the email (eager=desperate, organised= irrelevant busywork , well mannered= time-waster) has probably missed out on many good candidates. Who wants an inbox full of irrelevant pap?

  • The answer is fill the hole with water and turn it into a pond, put up a fence, charge people to come to your zoo…..

  • "Where do you seen yourself in 5 years time?"
    If i could tell the future i won't be looking for a job. (I could never find enough courage to say that)

  • Joseph Power says:

    The real answer to the first question is:
    You get your collection of loyal friends (who follow you everywhere) to help you take the hippo out of the hole.
    First, your friends who're vets get their dart rifles out and dart the hippo until it's taken enough sedative for it to be down for a few hours, then, you get the rest of the collection to get their shovels, wheelbarrows and spades out so they can dig a trench for the hippo to escape from. Of course, in the time your men are digging, your vet friends are watching the hippo carefully so it doesn't wake up and kill anyone.
    Once the trench is dug out, and the vets are happy the hippo will wake up soon, you walk away to a safe distance and watch as it runs off into the wilderness.

  • Ellie Martinelli says:

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Uhm… Well, if you hire me, hopefully still working for you, DUH!!!!! 🤯 I hate this question 🙄

  • Fill the hole with water.
    Take the lightbulb out, then you know the light is always off.
    Personally I'm a coffee pot, cuz my energy's contagious, but the best and obvious answer is the fire extinguisher, because of your ability to put out any "fires".
    Do I get the job?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

    Hanging from my ceiling fan if i have to hear this stupid-ass question one more time in that period…

  • Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media says:

    when asked about the one million sold line on amazon he should have just said "that was a marketing tactic, and it worked."

  • Interviewer "if a hippo fell down a hole how would you get it out?"

    Me "fill the hole with water. Hippos can swim. And on a more serious note I'd close facebook and get on with my work"

  • Malcolm Abram says:

    Perhaps the stupidest interview question is 'Why have you applied to us?' Of course the plain fact that one needs a job and money never ever comes into the answer.

  • i dont understand these biritish 'comedy' talkshows….all the colors gayness hapiness excitement going on…but no real substance…its awful and disgusting

  • Hippo falls in a hole? Depending on situation is either dig it out or lift it out bearing how dangerous they are in mind. Take appropriate actions

  • Ghufran Uddin says:

    I had a job interview, and I ended up at the wrong one, it was quite awkward, because everything they asked, forced me to bullshit a level I've never done before.

  • KingRhysBrown says:

    Dont see the point in a interview why not just tell them what they gotta do if they can do it gold star ur employed if not yeet

  • daniel anderson234 says:

    Isn't the point of saying one million sold worldwide the point of persuasion?, Gillette the best a man can get…..but is it though?, Poundshop razer's are better tbh…

  • Hippo Question answer: fill the hole with water and let it rise
    Refrigerator answer: the door will be open if it’s on. The light turns off when it shuts

  • I know the answer to the first question. Hippos are swimmers. So I'd fill up the hole with water. People on this show are not so smart.

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