TRUSA de SALAU … Ce am luat cu mine pentru un city break de pescuit in Belgia, Bruxel.

TRUSA de SALAU … Ce am luat cu mine pentru un city break de pescuit in Belgia, Bruxel.

Andrei Sava here! I’m getting ready to go on a new adventure, new fishing trip. For the past weekend I had to choose from going to the Danube Delta for a few days or to Brussels to fish with a friend. To fish for zander. I chose Brussels especially considering the higher temperatures. and because it’s something more exotic. I’ve never been there before. A street fishing city break, something like that. I thought I’d share what I packed for this venture. Of course I only found tickets from Budapest. Not a very big issue… With Ryanair and Wizzair on the return trip. Therefore I had to get extra luggage. So I can fit a more spacious tackle bag for zander fishing. I don’t need that many clothes for 3 days of fishing. Where there’s going to be lots of fishing and really nothing else. Let me show you what I prepared. To start with, for this trip I prepped 2 travel rods. As you can see… As I said, i choose 2 travel rods. One is rated up to 1 1/2oz, this is approximately 40 grams. This can actually cast what is says. It’s a 7’8″ (2.3m) It’s a 3 piece rod. It’s a casting rod, which is my personal preference . The other, is the same, a 3 piece rod. I forgot to say that both are made on Phenix blanks. Phenix Redeye is the name of this blank series that I use. This is by far the only travel blank series … And believe me… I’ve really tried them all. Even if it’s a 3 piece, when mounted bends exactly like it were a 1 piece blank. Similar to the high end fly fishing rod blanks. This, lighter, than the other blank is rated up to 1 oz (28grams). It’s actually more like a 3/4oz (21 grams) rod, that I jigged successfully in the past. The same as the other, it’s a baitcasting 3pcs rod, that will fit my luggage for this trip. As far as the reels are concerned, I have 2 main reels. And one extra reel, just in case I manage to break one of the other 2. It’s not rare this happens to me (breaking stuff). Something you might have noticed if you follow my channel. The first one is an Aldebaran BFS XG with higher gear ratio. I spooled it with a Sufix Matrix Pro 0.15mm line. This thickness seems to be the best for winter fishing for zander. I will use this one on the lighter rod. The other one is the same, a small reel, from Shimano as well. It’s a Scorpion 71 HG. It’s the JDM equivalent of the Curado 71 HG. This is spooled with a Sufix Rapinova 0.16mm. I will use this one on the heavier rod. The spare reel… is a Chronarch 151 MGL This is a dear to my heart reel, as you’ve probably seen in the past. This one is spooled, the same, with a 0.15mm Power Pro. I’m taking this one just in case i damage one of the other reels. I always like to have spare stuff even if I’m just fishing for 1 or 2 days. This is my worm hooks, from VMC, purse. You should be able to see this in more than one of the videos I’ve made or will make. This are the X-Long VMC hooks. You will notice they have a long a stem. This is my favorite worm hook from VMC. A box filled with jigs and cheburashka heads. And now, let’s talk about the lures I chose, and why I chose them. You will see many boxes :D. But I like to be prepared. I will start with the largest lures. I only chose lures that got me results in the past, that proved to be very good for catching zander. I will start with the Orka Lures box. I will show you what I chose. I have here the 14cm Orka Shad I know that they seem large to some of you, but I’ve had great success with them in the past. Followed by the 10 and 9cm cm Orka Shads, and I have here a few in the 7cm size as well. I have here the Orka Bullhead, and the Shad Tails in different sizes (10 and 13cm) These are the lures I most often use from Orka lures. Zander are really finicky this time of the year. It’s hard to tell if they are in transition, they have grouped in deeper water, or whatever, especially around Brussels where the temperatures were higher lately. Most definitely the water is around 6-8 degrees, so I highly doubt that zander have grouped for winter. Therefore it’s very difficult what I should choose to take with me. Next box… Here you’ll see a couple of lures that are well established zander lures, that I also use for pike. The Largo Shad and the Mangrove Minnow (the supple ones) Different colors that I use. These are the 4″, 10 cm sizes. In the bottom compartment of the same tackle box from Plano You’ll see…. The 5″ (12.5cm) Superu and Joker Shads I use these when they prefer the larger lures, when even if the smaller lures get faintly hit… Small nibbles and fine scratches on the smaller lures. Sometimes they will hit the larger lures like there’s no tomorrow detrimental to the smaller lures. This is why I put some larger lures in my tackle bag for this trip. I will continue with another box filled with shads. Here you’ll see a mix of different shad soft plastics. Both from Orka, but the majority from Storm lures. Here you’ll see the 10cm Super in different colors. Makan Minnow in different colors. Most of them in the 7.5cm, because I ran out of the 10cm ones. Here are some vivid colors in the Super range. And a few smaller Orka Shads. Just in case I find some larger perch. Or that zander are more pretentious and like smaller lures. I definitely couldn’t forget about the grubs and other smaller lures. This is the grub box. The grubs from Storm Lures. These are the Hypno Grubs in 7.5 and 10cm. For e.g. my friend fishing this area, last week caught them on natural colors on the 10 cm Hypno Grub. Therefore I got some to take away with me. Haven’t fished the 10cm ones to catch any fish yet but with the 7.5cm ones I’ve had success in different situations. Followed by the 7.5cm Mangrove Minnow and the Largo Shad. Here I got some natural colored Joker Shads. And some fluorescent ones. There’s a mix of more than one color in this compartment. This is the 10cm version. These are the soft lures that i chose to take with me. It’s certain I won’t need all of them. I will fish 2-3 full days Cristi and I don’t know if to expect inactive zander or actually what to expect, considering Cristi hasn’t fished for more than a week now. Under all these boxes, that I’m certain I won’t need entirely. But I prefer to be prepared for any situation. I’ve put a Goretex Jacket, as there’s rain announced for tomorrow. The tackle bag is waterproof, therefore I’m not worried I will get my jacket wet before I use it. I still have room for more clothing accessories that I might need on this trip. Normally I would’ve put a crankbait box, but honestly I’m not in the mood of making a selection right now. Therefore I simplified things and took a few lipless baits. Rapala RPR 6 That I had very good success using for asp, and in some cases fishing for zander. These are sought after lures for zander fishing even here locally. I don’t think I’ll put extra hardballs. However I put duplicates of some of the lures I’ve previously showed. I have a few stranded lures here, and a file for sharpening hooks. It’s not something I often use, but it’s worth having for not throwing away blunt hooks. A scissor for cutting Braid. From Rapala. This one cuts braid very well. It has very fine teeth on the blades. It grips to the braid and cuts instantly. It’s easy to cling to the accessories rings. Two pliers, a smaller split ring plier and a larger one Just in case I hook a bigger fish. At least that’s what I’m aiming for. Some cheburashka lead. Here a few grubs from Orka in different colors. Here I have some extra hooks, 3 fluorocarbon lines. It would’ve been enough to get just one fluorocarbon leader with me, like a 0.30m or a 0.33mm. But I won’t get the extras out, because I don’t know where to put them anymore, and I fear that i won’t find them next time I need them. Here… especially offset hooks, VMC drop shot hooks. The VMC Spin Shots if you know them… Swinging Rugby Jig, preweighted worm hook. It’s like a preweighted cheburashka rig with worm hook. And other accessories that I was able to fit in here alongside with my Romanian fishing permit, in case i might need it. A small box with snaps. and other soft lures that fit. All of these in a LuraCamo Magnum Tackle Bag from Rapala. This is their largest version. This is the best accessorized version. It even has two rod holding pockets. E.G. you fish with one rod, while you can leave the other in one of these pockets, if you’re not afraid that someone will snatch it while not paying attention. There’s room for 2 rods. One in each pocket. Here on top you can fit a 3600 box for the lures you use on that speciffc day. I won’t put that with me, because I’m traveling. In the first day I’ll probably have this tackle bag and a backpack. Wondering around with both might turn out to be difficult for the first day. If you are curious about what will happen on this trip, this adventure near Brussels… I’m not even sure we will catch any fish… we actually might not… I tend to believe that we’ll catch something in 3 days of fishing. If you want to go on a fishing city break, don’t forget your ID. Don’t forget your credit card. You will need it for both expected and unexpected expenses. Try to be cheerful and focus on fishing if you do it just for fishing. I am only interested in fishing this time, not in visiting Brussels. Hope everything goes well on this trip, and I hope to be able to edit it in about a week or so. Tight lines!


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