Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look

Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look

-A new poll says the majority
of Americans disapprove of President Trump’s
handling of Iran and his own team struggles
to defend his lies and borrows directly from
George W. Bush’s playbook. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -You might remember that
throughout President Obama’s two terms, Republicans,
including Donald Trump, objected to virtually everything
he did on the grounds that he was trampling
on the Constitution they supposedly cherished. -I feel very strongly about
our Constitution. I’m proud of it. I love it. And I want to go through
the Constitution. That’s what we want to do. I mean, we want to bring
the Constitution back. -I will give President Obama
and the Senate Democrats credit. They believe in principles
of big government. They believe in this relentless
assault on our Constitutional rights. -This President wants to act
as if he’s a king, as if he’s a dictator. -You see,
I think we need to return to Constitutional government. I think they shredded
the Constitution, especially during
the healthcare debate. -Is it time the president
just already do this already, torch the Constitution? -No!
[ Laughter ] Not the pocket Constitution!
[ Laughter ] Melodrama doesn’t work as well when you’re threatening
a reproduction. It’s like saying, “I’m so mad,
I’m going to flip over my car! [ Laughter ] You left me no choice.”
[ Laughter ] Also, I wish he had actually
done it because then he’d set off the fire sprinklers
at Fox News and Rudy Giuliani
would have melted like the Wicked Witch
of the West. [ Laughter ] All you would see is a suit,
some shoes, and his big old Yankee ring.
[ Laughter ] So, the right spent eight years
constantly lecturing the rest of us about the
sanctity of the Constitution and obsessively whining that Obama was supposedly
shredding it. And then earlier this month,
Trump ordered the strike that killed a top Iranian
general, Qasem Soleimani, without Congressional approval. The Constitution clearly
and unequivocally gives Congress and only Congress the power
to declare war. And yet last week, after
the house passed a resolution reining in Trump’s war powers, he complained at a rally that
it would be inconvenient for him to notify Congress before moving
forward with an act of war. -These are split-second
decisions. You have to make a decision. So they don’t want me to make
that decision. They want me to call up,
maybe go over there. Let me go over to Congress. Come on over to the White House.
Let’s talk about it. When can you make it? Well, I won’t be able
to make it today, sir. How about, uh, let’s say
in a couple of days? Oh, sure. Come on over. We had to make a decision. We didn’t have time
to call up Nancy, who is not operating
with a full deck. -She’s not operating
with a full deck? You’re operating with
a pair of deuces and that card that has
the rules on it. [ Laughter and applause ] So, Trump circumvented Congress to launch a strike
on an official of a foreign government, a decision that has been
deeply unpopular with the American people, according to a new poll
out this week. A majority of Americans
disapprove of Trump’s handling of Iran and say they feel
less safe as a result. So to try to justify the attack, Trump’s team has claimed
that Soleimani posed an imminent threat
and that they had to stop it. Although Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo has been incredibly cagey
about that. -President Trump says that
General Soleimani was planning
a “imminent attack.” What was the plan? Who were the targets?
And how soon? -There’s things we simply
cannot make public about what it is we knew at that time. And what in fact we know today
about the continuing activity. -So was the justification
in that he’s been this destabilizing force
in the region for so long, or was the justification
this imminent threat? -Chuck, it’s never one thing. -There is no doubt that were
a series of imminent attacks that were being plotted
by Qasem Soleimani. We don’t know precisely when and we don’t know
precisely where. But it was real. -When you say the attacks
were imminent, how imminent were they?
Are we talking about days? Are we talking about weeks? -If you’re an American in
the region, days and weeks, this is not something
that’s relevant. -These guys claim there’s
an imminent attack, and then when you ask them
for specifics, suddenly they turn into
characters in a French film. [ French accent ] Days, weeks,
what is the difference? Weeks are days,
days are weeks. What matters is love, no? [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Je suis Pompeo. [ Laughter ] C’est vrai! Then, the Trump
administration — [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Then, the Trump administration
sent military briefers to Congress to try to convince
them that the threat was real. But that only made things worse
with members of both parties coming away from the briefing
furious and unsatisfied. -I had hoped and expected
to receive more information outlining the legal, factual, and moral justification
for the attack. I was left somewhat unsatisfied. -There was no specific
information given to us of the specific attack. And none was overwhelming
that “X” was going to happen. -My reaction to this briefing
was it was sophomoric and utterly unconvincing. I was, well, utterly
unpersuaded about any evidence about
the imminence of a threat that was new or compelling. -We did not get information
inside that briefing that there was a specific,
imminent threat. I think it is likely
because it doesn’t exist. -Of course it doesn’t exist. If Donald Trump says,
“Trust me, the thing exists,” it definitely does not exist. He’s like a magician who says
he’s going to pull a rabbit out of his hat, looks down, realizes the rabbit
chewed through the hat and escaped, and says, [ As Trump ] Trust me,
the rabbit’s there. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
So because no one believed him, Trump decided to
do his usual routine of making even more
outlandish lies, changing his story
multiple times within the span
of just a few days. -We did it because they were
looking to blow up our embassy. -Mr. President? -Blow up the embassy in Baghdad? Can you provide more details
on that plot was? -No, I think it was obvious. And he had more than that
particular embassy in mind. He was looking very seriously
at our embassies, and not just the embassy
in Baghdad. -Don’t the American people
have a right to know what specifically was targeted without revealing methods
and sources? -Well, I don’t think so. But we will tell you
that probably it was going to be
the embassy in Baghdad. -Did he have large-scale
attacks planned for other embassies? And if those were planned, why can’t we reveal that
to the American people? Wouldn’t that help your case? -I can reveal that I believe it would have been
four embassies. -In the span of two days, he went from not talking
about embassies at all to saying it was one embassy to saying it was
multiple embassies to saying it was four embassies. I know Trump is a bad liar, but even for him it’s obvious
he’s making stuff up off the top of his head. [ As Trump ]
What if it was four embassies? Is that a number where you
would all leave me alone? [ Laughter ] What if they were
Embassy Suites? I mean that —
That would be bad, right? That would be a bad thing.
[ Applause ] [ Normal voice ] In fact,
Trump’s lies have spun so far out of control that even
his own defense secretary, Mark Esper, had a hard time
defending him this weekend when he made the rounds
on the Sunday shows. -Many members of Congress,
from both parties, have said that none
of the briefings mentioned threats
to four U.S. embassies. Why is president Trump
telling this to Fox News, but the administration is not
briefing Congress on this threat
of four embassies unless there was actually
no specific intelligence that there was a threat
to four embassies? The president never said there
was specific intelligence. What the president said was
he believed that there probably and could
have been attacks against additional embassies. The president didn’t say there
was a tangible — He didn’t state a specific
piece of evidence. What he said is he probably — he believed it could have
been — -Are you saying there
wasn’t one? -I didn’t see one with regard
to four embassies. -You’re the
Secretary of Defense. If it’s real,
why wouldn’t you have seen it? You think Donald Trump has
his own top secret intelligence he’s not sharing with anyone until he blurts it out
on Fox News? You think he’s out there
parachuting into the Iraqi desert with
night vision goggles… [ Laughter ]
…collecting intel on his own. [ As Trump ] Bad news, guys.
Everything’s green. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Now if you’re
getting a feeling of déjà vu at this point, it’s because
we’ve been through this before in the run-up to the Iraq war
in 2002 and 2003. The Bush administration
repeatedly lied about the intelligence they used
to justify that war in eerily similar ways. They claimed definitively
that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that he had ties to
the terrorists who carried out 9/11. They manipulated intelligence and concocted all kinds of lies
about that intelligence to justify an immoral
and catastrophic war that destabilized the region
and the world. And they were adamant
and unequivocal about it. Of course,
in George W. Bush’s case, he couldn’t always keep
his talking points straight. -There is no doubt
that Saddam Hussein now has weapons
of mass destruction. There is no doubt that
he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies,
and against us. -No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate
threat to the security of our people and the stability
of the world than the regime
of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. -There’s a lot of talk about
Iraq on our TV screens. And there should be. Because we’re trying
to figure out how best to make the world
a peaceful place. There’s an old saying
in Tennessee, I know it’s in Texas,
probably in Tennessee, that says fool me once,
shame on… shame on you. Fool me —
you can’t get fooled again. [ Laughter ] -Is that — that’s how
they say it in Texas? [ Laughter ] [ As Bush ] There’s
an old saying in Texas, give a man a fish, and now… that man has a fish. [ Laughter ] And he can eat that fish. Or he can keep it as a pet.
What I’m saying is… Saddam Hussein is stockpiling
weapons of bass destruction. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Normal voice ] Remember when
we thought we could never elect a dumber President
than George W. Bush? And then, yesterday,
our current president tweeted about impeachment
and said, “Hose Republicans… [ Laughter ] …voted 195-0 against it.” Well, I mean, I guess we can’t
expect the real-estate developer to be able to spell the word
“house.” [ Laughter ] Also, he lives in the most
famous house in the world. And because none of his aides
will ever tell him he’s wrong, they’re gonna have to change
all of the signs now. [ Laughter ] And then at his rally
last week, Trump could barely get through
the standard end of his stump speech without
sounding like he just downed a bottle of Novocain. -We will make America
wealthy again. We will make America
srrong again. [ Laughter ] -Did he just do a keg stand? If your friend started
talking like that, you’d rush them to the hospital
to have their stomach pumped. He sounds like he just got
knocked out in the first round by Ronda Rousey. “Donald, don’t get up.” [ As Trump, slurring ]
I can do it. I’m feeling srrong again. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] And I think
even Trump knows on some level that he can’t paper over
his lies with charm because he doesn’t have any. In fact,
he seemed to admit as much in this brief flash
of self-awareness at his rally last week. -The radical Democrats
have never been more extreme than they are right now. They are stone-cold crazy. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, it’s interesting,
as I’m saying this stuff, you know, they want crime,
they want chaos. I’m saying all this stuff.
And then I say, “Geez, now I sort of understand
why they hate me.” Right? -Wow. It’s like he just had
a breakthrough in therapy. [ Laughter ] He should had a psychiatrist
on stage next to him saying, “Expand on that.”
[ Laughter ] Anyway, the point is
the Bush administration manipulated an intelligence lie and insisted that Saddam Hussein
had weapons of mass destruction and ties to the terrorists
who carried out 9/11. And as just as we’ve seen with
Trump, Pompeo, and Esper, even when Bush officials
admitted there was uncertainty and disagreement about
the intelligence, they used ominous language
to cow people who dared to question them
into backing down. -You will get different
estimates about precisely how close he is. We do know that he is actively pursuing a nuclear weapon. There will always be some
uncertainty about how quickly he can
acquire a nuclear weapon. But we don’t want the smoking
gun to be a mushroom cloud. -We cannot wait for the final
proof, the smoking gun, that could come in the form
of a mushroom cloud. -Remember that line? So many of the most powerful
people in our most powerful
institutions went along with that line,
though it was obviously insane. It’s like if your husband said,
“I think I have a UTI.” And you were like,
“No, you don’t.” And he was like, “Okay.
Well, I guess we’ll find out when my penis falls off!” [ Laughter ] Of course it turns out
there was neither a mushroom cloud
nor a smoking gun, or as Trump has repeatedly
called it, “a smocking gun.” That’s probably why Trump’s
speech writers have never even bothered to
write a line like that for him because they know he’d never
be able to pronounce the words. [ As Trump ] We know don’t
want the smocking gun to be a mushroom pizza. [ Laughter ] That is something
that cannot be… -Tolerited. [ Laughter and applause ] -[ Normal voice ] We’ve been
through this before — a lawless administration lying to justify
a potentially disastrous and illegal act of war. Trump pulled back from the brink
last week, but it’s very possible he could
do this all over again, which means Congress must use
its power to stop him. Because as they say in Texas… -You can’t get fooled again. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪


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