Trump’s racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen

Trump’s racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen



100 thoughts on “Trump’s racially charged tweets target Democratic congresswomen”

  • Trump trying to free the US from these if it pedophiles, so what does that say about trump haters. Yes their really, really STUPID. .

  • Let me get this straight. Race not mentioned by the President. Dems are playing that card. These women and their policies are fair game, just like the President is and has been treated by the liberal media since he defeated HRC.

  • Semper Fidelis says:

    Trump is definitely not a racist. Omar hates this country. Once again CNN gets it all wrong and promotes lies. If you dont love this country get the hell out. Go…. we dont want you here if you're not pro American. She shouldn't be an American. She doesn't deserve to be here.

  • It's not racist because he said they can leave if they have a problem with our country. We also know who he was mainly talking about Ohmar. For the most part she is an ahole saying stuff like "Some people did something and now all of us are criticized for it" that's fdup because it wasn't something it was the killing of thousands of us and is extremely disrespectful and she never appoligized. So I kinda feel she diserves whatever comes her way. They also constantly criticize the president calling him a racist for wanting to strengthen immigration policies even though that's their job and they won't do anything about it.

  • Since when is telling someone to go back home and fix your own problems discrimination and racist? I will not stand for anymore redefining the English language to suit your needs or cause. I see a storm coming and the radical democrats will not like it. They accuse because they have no message, no plan for the country, all they possess is hate and lies. They stand for freedom of speech but only their condemning any other opinion. No they represent themselves and their own jihadic cause.

  • MisterConcord says:

    Awwwwwe, did he hurt the Jihad Squad's feelings? Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out! 🙂

  • In Solidarity against racism-from France: the song “Pauvre petit raciste“(Poor little racist)


    This is an odd reaction with the tongue out as Nancy Pelosi called Trump's remarks racist by a Republican lawyer.

  • No mentioning of race in those tweets. Another false accusation. Trump talks about "failed countries" and there is nothing racist about that. By making this false accusation against Trump the Dems just lost another round in the battle for black votes.

  • Trump makes a comment that applies to one of four women, and the media attribute it to all four. Omar is from Somalia and Somalia is a political basket case, Trump's comments are perfectly legit. And with a few select words added, hios comments would directly apply to all, these are supposedly "Representatives" so they need to "represent" their districts and stop trying to tell the rest of the country that we are screwed up.

  • Mortimer Duke says:

    More #FakeNews from its premier purveyor who gave the world Hillary’s landslide and Russian collusion, desperate to suckle the withering teat of MSM relevance.

  • Michael Bamber says:

    Donald Trump ain't a racist Donald Trump is a realist and spoken with the realistic views that the media has named REALISM TO BE MADE RACISM get a life media and stop trouble causing and get a dictionary and learn you WANKERS

  • Mortimer Duke says:

    Correction: Trump’s tweets target, vapid, feckless and seditious Congressional members. Any extent to which their genre, race or political affiliation is relevant is a matter for individual identitarian introspection.

  • Trump always wake up veey early and always forgets where he should take a shit so he do it in twitter. Did they remove the toilet from the wing he's living in ?

  • The Black Knight says:

    Hispanics don't even realize the history of our country or their ancestors. If they had one ounce of education they would research what America was before the United States were created. And if they looked in their geneology and their ancestors they would find at least some immigrants who came here from another country. It is a shame that hispanics don't know who they are. Go research how the spanish conquered the new world before it was ever the United States. Look into how Mexico won independence from Spain that gave Mexico huge amounts of land. Look at what led up to where we are today. Go educate yourself right now and tell me, would you really vote for a president like Trump who thinks we all should go back to where we came from? If that is the case then all of America including whites, blacks, asians and every other non native american should go back. What a joke.

  • There you go again CNN Spreading your fake news like the liars you are! I am a proud black American and there is nothing wrong with what President Donald Trump said he is absolutely right! President Donald Trump is NOT a racist! As far as I’m concerned all four of them can pack their bags and leave the United States! if they hate this country so much! Then why are THEY here? CNN I have been black all my life and I know a racist comment when I hear one and the comment that President Donald Trump made was not racist it was THE TRUTH!!!! Now I know CNN truth is not what you are used to. The truth is CNN you can’t handle the truth! The Truth is congresswoman Omar should be ashamed of herself for the way she speaks about a country that has given her the freedoms she would have never had in Somalia! She has said such horrible things such as criticizing 9/11 as if that was no big deal! it was just a cakewalk it was just what “some people did” So she says…when thousands of Americans, law enforcement, and firefighters were killed! she cares nothing about this country. All four of these women are wolves in sheep’s clothing saying how much they love America but yet! Their actions and words condemn them! AOC’s policies will get America looking like a Third World country! Free everything right?” yeah right?! “LOL, ?what a joke and a lie If I had never heard one. I was taught hard work, In God we trust, Love your flag, your country, and love all men and women in our arms services! I say this to you, four women, why don’t you take President Donald Trump’s advice I think you might learn something… we are living in the best economy in 50 years… so stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us who are enjoying ourselves and stop trying to turn America into a Third World country! President Donald Trump loves this country and its people and the forgotten man and women who are no longer forgotten anymore and that’s a fact CNN!

  • If white folks gave back to the countries they've rape from natural resources and people they wouldn't be shit hole countries send that bitch ass wife back to where that slut come from

  • Our beloved president is completely right, US is for white people only and the rest should return where they came from…

  • The only reason these wacko leftists and degenerate white people are crying racist is because of the Bitches brown skin if they were white people President Trump told to go back home they would be laughing He basically meant go back to the SHITHOLE lands that their ancestors occupy Somalia ..Palestine..and Puerto Rico Home of the most laziest people on the Planet ….People of Color my Ass …Left has it backwards Caucasian peoples are people of Color multiple hair and eyes Beautiful diversity

  • Nothing about that was racist I'm so sick of Democrats and the news that is not biased at all throwing the word racist around I am so tired of it

  • Anthony Domanico says:

    I don’t see where the race thing comes in. This has become tiresome. You had a powerful weapon, but just like antibiotics, it’s so overused and ABUSED by the left it may as well be a squirt gun. Anyone that abuses it does a disservice to all of those who suffered real racism many, MANY years ago. Further, President Trump has a point about those governments. But that’s not new and exciting so why should we talk about it. After all, a juicy tweet is way better than shedding light on all of the human rights violations and atrocities going on in the country the President was referring to. So phony.

  • Deplorable Trump2020 says:

    Ocacio-Cotex, Omar, Tlalib, Going back to where they came from applies to all of you. Except native Americans and Mexican Indians.
    England,  Britain, france,  Spain should take all of you illegals in before they build the wall.
    OBAMA HUSSEIN WAS NEVER AN AMERICAN,  he was using America to enrich himself and destroy Trump, he never liked Billary !! he wanted her to win and HIDE THEIR CRIMES , traitors !!
    Pendejos, no saben lo que dicen
    which Wimp wants to be president,  Democrats are done,  gloves didn't come off, they forgot their "chones" Kamala doesn't wear any.
    Reparations? Mexicans want their country back, how do you take care of native Americans and Mexican Indians? Oh, they are all dead,,,no worries,,what a bunch of crap. My ancestors are rolling in their graves,,,,and we shared our Thanksgiving dinner with them and they killed us all, and brought in our black brothers to work the land for their enrichment,  Yeah let's talk about reparations.

  • iam1ina1000000 says:

    Telling some obnoxious loudmouth (that constantly whines and complains about how horrible America is) too piss off, is not racist folks! Yes, Trump is an obnoxious loudmouth too, but he loves America and is trying to make a difference for the better, instead of those miserable bitches that are always bashing America.The simple fact is, if they hate America so much, they are free to leave and go back where they came from… that's it, that's all! It really is that simple folks and when the greedy and corrupt corporate controlled 'puppet' media, tries to sensationalize this non news story and distract Americans from the real news stories, by putting it's own ridiculous spin on it, then you know freedom of speech in America is dead, as well as the American dream!

  • I dont like trump and believe he should be impeached based upon obstruction of justice but a racial president is not impeachable. Though it be unethical for the president to blurt out racial slurs even he has the right to his own opinion about race and color

  • NaomiYah Virge says:

    Telling anybody to go back to their country is a dog whistle that we are all familiar with..
    Funny how the only people are proud to be ignorant about a statement is when it's involving racist shenanigans…

  • Why’s CNN so stupid? How about these Congress women discriminate “all Americans” because they came from different countries… Yes… go back their countries if they are not happy here! No one force them to stay in America….

  • How were these tweets racially charge ? Either I dont see the racist remarks there or its just another exaggeration by the left O.o

  • Get that towel headed winch out of our country….she is a anti-Semitic terrorist….I can't believe that she is a sitting member of Congress….so very scary….

  • Garbage lying news. MR Gullible here is what the president really said. Context how to run government- quote: “go back and fix the totally broken & crime infested places which they came then come back & show is how”.

    He did not say “go back to your own country”

    Wake up.

  • For him to still have a job as POTUS is rediculous. If this is the kind of hypocritical response by his party and the people supporting him. Yet these are the same people who think Clinton should have been kicked out of office for way lesser things. This is a blatant example of white privilege one law for those who are white and another for everyone else….Lets make America white again!

  • Just because you want to reform certain things in your country does not mean you don't like it as a whole. Trump and some of his fans are dishonest idiots. I'm sure they don't like the fact that the US is a fairly progressive and liberal country. Does that mean they hate their country??

  • It is racist, to immigrate to another country- which offers you chances NOT possible in the native country- and start calling the inhabitants racist EVERY time.
    Free people can LEAVE when they consider their new lives less than the original one.
    Criminally Non News.

  • cookiemonster says:

    The country he came from has to be considered one of the most hateful in sick societies that the world has ever seen. So he can talk but he's a sick twisted person born of that Society.

  • There is nothing racist there. Those are facts. If you think these words are racist, you don’t understand what racism is. I think this term is being thrown around way too freely trying to hurt peoples’ character. There no such thing as racism anymore. Give it up!

  • Linda McIntosh says:

    #1. This remark is NOT RACIST!
    #2. Why don't you finish his remark?? …
    #3. THE REASON he is saying ANY of this because all 4 of them, constantly BERATE the UNITES STATES. They all have said how much they hate it here. They have put our allies down. They have put our policies down. They have put our DULEY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP down. Constantly.
    It's more than just arguing ideas with the president. They attack his character, attack his morals,
    they attack his values, they attack his being, they make fun of him, they say horrible things about him…this has been going on ever since he announced his running.
    And now they get upset at his sticking up for himself??? Well they all 4 fit right into the "have to have a safe space crowd. Because I cant handle it if you hurt my feelings.". So cry.cry .cry.

    OMG!! Grow up and chill out!! If anyone took as much SHIT as you guys put out against PRESIDENT TRUMP, you'd either be non exsistant anymore or as hard as he is. So chill out!!!
    He didn't get to where he is in life because he couldn't take it and curled up in a little ball worrying about who hurt his FEELINGS.! HE GOT TOUGH. AND HES NOT A LIAR.
    This is why he is President of USA, and you are a lonely old news reporter. Or a utube, or a nothing. I'm in that group too. But thank goodness TRUMP IS NOT. I'm sticking with my PRESIDENT TRUMP…ALL THE WAY.

  • Why never vote Democrat

    Proposition 187, a controversial California ballot measure that denied public services to people in the country illegally, Republicans struggled to win back the state's immigrant population.

  • GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64 says:

    OOOUUUGHH! Below are these voices of bitter oppression, anti-Trumpers in other words are echos from raw, spoiled-beef smelling rat cities, Hollywood walks of poop who just go on, and on with their lives of mistreatment, and biased prejudice. Sad, but joy for US "haters".

  • 18 people were killed by white supremacists in 2017,latest year with data, compared to the thousands of blacks killed by other blacks but this dumb woman sees white supremacy around every corner.
    The murder rates for interracial, non hate crimes is quite different. Blacks murder almost twice as many white than vise versa. These are robberies, drug deals, home invasions etc. The white supremacist boogeyman that these four women talk about is fake. They’ve done nothing for the people in their districts. AOC personally drove out thousands of jobs. They’re garbage

  • Why doesn't Trump tell his wife Melania and her parents who came to the US through CHAIN MIGRATION go home, (Chain migration that Trump despises so much and swore he would end). Why won't he ask his wife and her family to GO BACK TO SLOVENIA?! Or whatever 'shit-hole' country she's from?! Any Trump supporter want to take a stab at this question?

  • somethingsomethingDarkSide says:

    You mutherfuckers think anything is racist. ? It's the last card you've got and it's losing its value.

  • Thank you for posting the tweet itself so that we could get Trump in his own words — instead of merely your predictable, and distorted, re-telling of what the president himself actually said.

    "Racially-charged language"? No — I read, and heard, every word of the tweet for myself and found nothing in it even remotely about race.

    Regarding these 4 women, known as "The Squad" — or, more recently, "AOC+3": I have heard each of these women for myself. I find them thoroughly obnoxious — not because they are "women of color" but because of the contemptuous attitude they carry — the pettiness, the persecution complex, the chip on the shoulder, the oozing sense of entitlement. They are — each of them — another good argument for congressional term limits. The whole country has to deal with them — yet the people of 434 districts can't vote them out.

  • Nothing RACIST, dont like our country LEAVE
    HATE our country LEAVE… Not that complicated… Enforce ALL Federal & State LAWS especially Illegal immigration laws
    Mandatory all APPLICATIONS for Federal or State funds, aid or any assistance of any TAX Payers funded programs
    U.S Citizens 1st in United States!!!
    Go Trump!!!

  • Jonathan Marsh says:

    Read the tweets lol. Race was never involved. He said fix those places and come back to show us how it's done. Lol attacks and racist lmao. CNN is lost

  • Silence DoGood says:

    Omar is done she lied about everything not even her real name and now under criminal investigation she will be deported she's a mole I've said that since day one now it's finally been exposed!!

  • Thankyou YHWH for not allowing obama /democrats to destroy America? Thankyou for Mr Trump? see y'all at Trumps 2020 Party??✈?

  • I am an African but everyone who attacks Trump here is wrong and completely ignorant, because Trump is 100% correct. Somalia is on another level, no, another galaxy compared to the USA in terms of curruption. I grew up in Lagos Nigeria but Somalia is possibly even worse than Lagos. USA is heaven in comparison.

  • None of the tweets are racially moviated in anyway, and didn't you at cnn call Obama's wife a crossdresser/tranny?

  • The Dem party has played the blacks for complete fools for DECADES – and apparently the blacks are just never going to learn. The Dems – AND the mainstream media are in cahoots……They KNOW that all they have to do is to convince the blacks that someone is racist – THAT is how they keep controlling the (weak minded) blacks.
    Just like DJT calling out Dem. Cummings – DJT told the TRUTH – ….. PBS did a special in 2018 on the RAT INFESTED CITY OF BALTIMORE – YouTube it if you don't believe it.
    Bernie Sanders ALSO called it a rat infested place – was he racist for saying it? Oh noooooo – it's only racist when DJT says it.
    Wake the HELL up, black people – the Dem/satan is STILL playing you for complete – absolute – freakin' FOOLS.

  • Donald Trump is Satan don't listen to anything that wicked and evil man says. He is a racist, he laughs at people in need, all he cares about is power and money. All his arrogance will be brought down By God's righteous right hand. Everything that comes out of this devil's mouth is evil, and corruption, Do not listen to anything donald trump says he is a evil and wicked man.

  • Wendell Hackley says:

    You keep saying go back yet 3 of these women were born here,so your right crime infested America, and crime infested white house…..your the who did business with mafia those are the really bad people your referring to…you crook fake president…..

  • How can this be deemed racist. He is telling them if they have ideas on fixing the US then they should use this talent to go fix the country of their ancestors then he says come back… How stupid is CNN and their news readers. A racist would not invite them back… Hello.



  • Trump is so mentally challenged that he doesn't know how bad he(his head/brain) really is…poor Sick dummy?!
    Even after the whole world drops hints?! ??

  • Richard Mccracken says:

    hey CNN FUCKOFF you bunch lying donkeycrat's we don't believe anything yall say …… hows that for community guidelines

  • The vast amount of press against trump should make one think why the media defend congress elected who support terror organizations?
    He again prove the mind engineering which is performed to demoralize americans by attacking their values using their values. The large amount of media institutions which support terror and shaira law should make everyone worry because their real reasons are unkonwn and someone is using them too to create disorder and polarity.

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