Trump’s Ex-Russia Aide Testifies In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News


21 thoughts on “Trump’s Ex-Russia Aide Testifies In Impeachment Inquiry | NBC Nightly News”

  • WHAT A LOAD OF ABSOLUTE CONTORTION OF FACTS< in other words BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a disgusting excuse for a news channel – if you want actual facts in actual context watch this

  • Unlike Trumps kids! I don't understand why Biden's kid's cant have any envolment in other countries, yet Trumps kids are all over other countries? There make money, they have contracts/ business deals with them! And all of these president/ VP kids don't have any experience in thier jobs! Its because they have a well known father! It shows you its not what you know…..its who you know!

  • A quick Google search reveals that good old democrat Detroit city is 48% functionally illiterate. California ranks near the bottom of the list in education and number one in the number of students who fail high school. 90% of black high school students in Los Angeles can`t pass a basic third grade math or English exam! Racism again? California also ranks dead last in quality of life!

    Have you seen the recent videos of giant diseased rats hopping down the streets of Los Angeles in broad daylight with human turds in their mouth? Los Angeles is now in the middle of a huge disease outbreak. Rats have taken over many buildings there including the LAPD headquarters! What did California do about this? THEY BANNED RAT POISON! Go liberals!!!

  • Get rid of a One Person Presidency. It’s ridiculous and dangerous as we see One man pulling Troups out thus removing the protection of the Kurds and allowing turkey to assassinate them. This is Beyond horrible.

  • This impeachment does not expose a corrupt president. Instead, it reveals the rot at the core of an establishment willing to abuse the system to overturn an election.

    It’s time for a new government. By the people FOR the people.

  • Rudolf Giuliani is spearheading a sting operation to expose Donald J. Trump. After D. Trump is impeached and removed from Office, R. Giuliani will be appointed US Ambassador to Ukraine (reliable sources).

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