Trump’s Child Separation Crisis Hits a Breaking Point | The Daily Show

Trump’s Child Separation Crisis Hits a Breaking Point | The Daily Show

The Trump administration policy of separating families
at the border. It has rightfully outraged pretty much every decent
human being and Ted Cruz, and now it looks like
even the man who made the policy is tired of the backlash. Some breaking news.
The president, President Trump has signed
the executive order that ends the practice of separating families,
children from their parents. We’re signing
an executive order. I consider it to be a very
important executive order. It’s about
keeping families together. Hooray. Our hero. You know, Trump right now is like if Superman
threw a meteor at the Earth and then stopped it himself. Everyone would be like,
“Thanks, I guess?” Yeah, so, on its face, it seems like President Trump
has decided to back down, which, to be honest,
isn’t totally surprising. Because every day
the family separation stories have gotten worse and worse. The outrage has grown. First we found out that the kids
were being snatched from their parents
at the border. Then we learned
they were being kept in cages. And yesterday we were reminded, oh, yeah,
they have toddlers, too. The Trump administration
is sending babies separated from their parents to at least three facilities
in South Texas known as “tender age” shelters. I’m standing outside
of Casa Presidente. It is one of the three
“tender age” shelters that The Associated Press
reported on. Inside there,
there are children– as they define “tender age”–
ten years and younger. Sweet Lord.
“Tender age” shelter. That’s a hell of a fancy way
to pronounce “baby jail.” That’s a real euphemism. It’s like calling
a cross burning a meatless barbecue. (laughter) And so, yesterday
people found out that the federal government
was snatching children as young as eight months
from their parents. And people were
rightfully outraged– not just at Trump, but also at his
Homeland Security secretary and Cinderella stepsister
Kirstjen Nielsen. The face
of the Trump administration’s controversial
family separation policy, Homeland Security Secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen blasted by protestors overnight while trying to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant
in the nation’s capital. PROTESTORS (chanting):
Shame! Shame! Nielsen tried
to ignore the shouting before finally leaving. You know, this is the one time
someone actually wanted a mariachi band
to come to their table. She was like,
“Guys, you can get over here? Play that song. Play it louder.” (singing mariachi music) And look, I get why
it’s not a good look to torment Latino kids and then go
and get your Taco Tuesday on, but let’s be honest: there’s no place
that she could have gone to eat without looking bad. I mean, when you’re
locking kids up in cages, forget about eating
at Golden Corral, right? Carl’s Jr. just makes us wonder when he’ll be reunited
with Carl Senior. (laughter) And you might think,
“All right, fine. Hooters. You can go to Hooters.”
But can you really, Kirstjen? After you’ve ripped these babies
from their mothers’ breasts? I don’t think so.
I don’t think so. I’m just saying,
if you’re in charge of an evil,
family-destroying policy, maybe just pop in a Lean Cuisine
for the night. That’s what you should do.
Stay in. People have been outraged
all week about this story, and it didn’t help
when Trump’s friend and part-time advisor
Corey Lewandowski headed south of the decency border. WOMAN: Former Trump campaign
manager Corey Lewandowski on defense right now
after appearing to mock reports of an undocumented ten-year-old
girl with Down’s syndrome being separated
from her mother. I read today
about a ten-year-old girl with Down’s syndrome
who was taken from her mother -and put in a cage.
-(mockingly): Womp, womp. I read about a-a…
Did you just say “Womp, womp” to a ten-year-old
with Down’s syndrome -being taken from her mother?
-What I said is you can pick -anything you want to…
-How dare you! -…but the bottom line
is very clear. -How dare you! Yeah, did he just say,
“Womp, womp,” which is funny because that’s what he’s gonna
hear in the afterlife. “Wait. I’m in hell?”
“Yeah, you are. Womp, womp.” (laughter) (applause and cheering) Look… right now… Right now, no one really knows how Trump’s executive order
will actually work. It has loopholes that could
allow separations to continue. It says nothing about the kids
who have already been taken. And the whole thing
might not even be legal. Plus, when they released
the text, they spelled– and this is completely true–
they spelled “separation” wrong. (laughter, groaning) Guys, this is America.
Speak English! (applause and cheering) Come on! (applause, cheering, whistling) But I mean, at least
there’s some hope. There’s some reason for people
to be hopeful, you know? In a way, I feel like
now we can breathe. People stood up. They fought. 70% of the country
was against this, and now there’s been some sort
of a result. Which I guess is a relief,
because this week, we weren’t just horrified
by seeing kids in cages. I know I wasn’t the only one
who was horrified with the fact that people were trying
to defend this practice. And some people were shocked
by the rhetoric, but the sad truth is
we shouldn’t be. We know from history that people
have always found ways to defend just about anything. For instance,
last week’s big story was when Attorney General Jeff
Sessions quoted a bible passage to justify
the family separation policy, which is a crazy thing to say,
but it’s not original. WOMAN: Most folk who defended
slavery were justifying it on the grounds of Christianity. MAN:
From the 1830s onward, Southern politicians began
to construct an argument that slavery truly was ordained by God. Yup, that’s what
they used to say. Slavery was ordained by God. Make it sound like God was like, “Look, I don’t want black people
to suffer, “but I got
to get blues music somehow, so you guys got
to take one for the team.” And in the last few days,
people were also shocked to hear Trump and his supporters
fearmongering that a lot of these
adorable little kids would one day become
hardened MS-13 hombres. You know, they’d be like,
“They come in as kids now, but it’s only a matter of time
before they join a gang.” They always say it
as if, like, joining a gang is just part of Latino puberty.
You know he’d be like, “Mom, my voice just cracked.” And it’s like, “Well, now
it’s time to deal crack, yeah.” (laughter) But again, but again,
this is nothing new! They’re just
dusting off xenophobia from way back in the 1930s when Jewish children needed
to come to America to escape Nazi Germany. MAN: In 1939, a bill proposed
special sanctuary for 20,000 children
outside the quota. The Wagner-Rogers Bill would
become a litmus test for how Americans really felt
about Jews. A cousin of the president, Laura Delano Roosevelt,
commented, “20,000 charming children
would all too soon grow into 20,000 ugly adults.” (audience groaning) Now there’s a life hack for you. If you’re gonna say something
atrocious, pose with as many puppies
as possible. (laughter) Yeah. That’s what Paula Deen
should have done. She would have been fine, yeah.
Would have been fine. Until she deep fried one of them
and ate them, but before that, fine. (laughter, groaning) And then, of course, you’ve got
the argument that was parroted by the secretary of guacamole
herself. (laughter) The argument
defending the conditions that these kids have been
living in, like this. Children in DHS and HHS custody
are being well taken care of. We have high standards.
We give them meals. We give them education,
we give them medical care. There is videos,
there’s TVs. Wow. Meals, education. What’s anyone even complaining
about? Except you see again,
this is the same type of excuse that they used in the ’40s to defend America’s
Japanese internment camps. (mocking stilted
narrator voice): Oh, yes. They’re merely
dislocated people. Yes. “Who dislocated them
again?” (in stilted voice): “That
doesn’t matter, not important.” (laughter) So look, today’s situation
isn’t the same, but the excuses
sure sound familiar. In fact, they’re as old
as America itself, which, unfortunately,
makes them too old to be locked up
in a tender age shelter.


100 thoughts on “Trump’s Child Separation Crisis Hits a Breaking Point | The Daily Show”

  • I have been hearing that the main reason for the separation is to make sure the child actually belongs to the adults. Remember these people are not coming into the country legally and some of them might not be here to do legal reasons.
    I do think the children should be taken care of while apart from their families, you have to take a step back and understand that, they broke the law.
    the means of being legal is so stupid and tedious that crossing illegally seems more and more of a viable option.

  • Fck u and all the other elite puppets. John Olive, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert, Hollywood. The child separation policy was put into place by Obama, not Trump. Stop believing these maniputing tools. It's all a distraction. A seed of ideas constantly planted in your heads. WAKE UP and understand these conflictional propaganda entertainment gimmicks are intentionally projected ideologies to spark emotional uprising from us the people to keep us divided. Because United we stand but divided we fall and no matter if its about race, minorities, political, gender, whatever, it's to keep us distracted and divided. NOW,, when you. WAKE UP and go to school, Go to your amazing paying job. Pay your bills, loans, student loans, taxes, fines, fees plus interest and just stay blind to the reason (indentured servitude) while people like this elite tv guy in this video and corrupt politicians get paid tremendously and are above the law. While your kids stay playing games and seeing things on their phone that's explicit. This is their power and control already in the works but if everyone stays ignorant, they will gain more power and control and the world will fall further away from civilty, morality, and a "democratic republic" and into totalitarianism, fascism, Marxism, socialism communism and Authoritarianism. Witch were already knee deep or further. We don't need more war. Civil or international. Although our troops are still deployed. Why is tv provoking conflict with the only other great nuclear super power in the world, Russia, when the only proof of interference was revealing the evils of Clinton. We really don't know how true any of this constant propaganda political rhetoric is about Trump or any of them. Good or bad. Support or don't support. As far as I'm concerned. Children all over the world starve everyday and we argue over our petty political selfishness although we live in the country where many in other countries wish they could live. Where are the troops and programs to help the sick in India, Cambodia, Chile, Peru..etc..?? Let's keep listening to the Tube talk to us implanting stories and lies to construct their plans threw social engineering. Stay blind or WAKE UP!!

  • Hasn’t history told us anything? The Nazi internment camps? The Japo-American camps? The Native “reservation” camps, where kids were taken away from parents and sent to boarding schools? History is meant to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do in the future. We can’t repeat history

  • god bless all human beings
    please talk fairly a bout the Palestinian kids from Gaza who were killed a couple of days ago
    they were in elementary school
    you talk fairly about Mexicans please talk fairly about the Palestinian people

  • I hate to get philosophical, but all of this is ordained by God because of free will. Just gotta be better with our choices; and that’s from a black man

  • Not trumps policy it's been here since Obama who implemented it I don't support trump. But Jeff sessions is the man who made it a zero tolerance thing. Trump said he wanted to end it.

  • Seiyuōkami Himura says:

    It's nice to see people are so great at rationalizing and justifying any terrible thing they can think of. Sorry people, but if something is wrong it's wrong. Don't try to rationalize and justify.

  • Mistress of weirdness 84 says:

    In recent polls it turns out 42 % of Americans want Trump as president
    …. shameful….just shameful… I have no faith left for my country

  • Kalia Johnson says:

    DACA and other illegal immigration policies opened the floodgates to these types of "disasters", as Mr. Trevor stated about the president in his other video. Learn to take accountability and stop blaming other people for this countries problems.

  • Why are the dem's and the media pushing the narrative that Trump is separating children from their families at the border. When in reality ( the government) has been separating children from their families for the longest. What about when Clinton signed an executive order for the separation to try to get at these people smuggling drugs across the border using children as mules. Have you noticed that all the wrong doing by the government for the past let's just say eight been laid at Donald Trumps feet. How about the fact that eight years ago the dem's knew that there was a possible connection with the Russians and them meddling in the democratic process, but what did they do? Nothing! Now that it's a president they don't want in office there is all kinds of collusion and back handed things going on in government. I wonder what are the democrats trying to hide, what is really going on in the government, what are we not being told? And how is it all of a sudden Donald Trump is the one doing all of this shit. What about all the other presidents who came before him? We should ask more questions and stop taking the media and the democrats at face value.

  • Good one Trevor,sad that such things happen in the 21st century… I saw kids in my village town last year get locked up in a cell and labelled "criminals".I cried my eyes out and demanded for their release… The OCS was later transferred to another station.

  • Listen up you retarded libtards these policies were happening under obama so why are just now outraged you don’t care about families you care about your agenda

  • Rachel Tucker says:

    Yes the policy had been in effect for a long time. But HE was the one who is enforcing to this insane degree. Just because it's been a policy for a while doesn't make what he did with it ok.

  • Éamonn Síoċáin says:

    Jeremiah 7:6&7
    6 If ye oppress not the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, and shed not innocent blood in this place, neither walk after other gods to your hurt:
    7 Then will I cause you to dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers, for ever and ever.

  • Mexico has the best food. Plenty of foods tastes better than just plain American food. Just saying, it's your loss if you ban these people.

  • There is so much injustice around the world, most of which will go unchanged if not for the bravery and nobility of the human spirit. Where all fails, take comfort in the justice of God.

  • Jacques Rudolph says:

    I'm not a fan of Trump but everyone forgets that FOREIGN parents of children in the country where I live – THAILAND can NEVER NATURALIZE (Same is true for any Asian Country) – Westerners can't ever naturalize. They can be banned or barred from entry to be with their families at any time. YET Asians can naturalize in most western countries within 3 – 5 years automatically or through marriage.

    Where the victims of racism are White we seem to have an obvious double standard here.

    Time to start calling a spade a f##king shovel – really


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    The Nation State is Dead ! Time to tell the politicians…

    The story:

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  • What are you talking about Noah? You're not even an American! That's why " people hate people " because of leftist people like you and the hypocrisy of the leftist MSM. You're not a professional.

  • Maria Giulia Rodriguez says:

    That’s what hitler did just saying fuck you America and the cunts who elected this pig be like “ oh but there is nothing wrong with racist nationalism we wanted just America to be good for us again” you know by increasing social discrimination which will coerce people of color even more, and also increase the backlash against usbut you then we will play dumb and act surprised and justified when this decreases opportunity and makes falling into circles of predatory behavior among what they call minorities easier, and then again act surprised when racism and xenophobic regime almost causes a civil war and AGAIN act surprised by how they themselves could’ve been so ignorant and or easily manipulated because ehy America is the best and there is absolutely no ignorance and biased education systems at all

  • Oh yea this is TRUMPS policy you dumb unfunny fuck it was passed by your truly bill Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Trump stopped it you bitches never complained until trump became president and blamed him for everything know your history dumbass.

  • Subaiyal Afzal says:

    i thought Americans were reasonable then trump won ,i realized i was wrong(i had to write the whole thing that i was wrong for some Americans to be able to understand that)

  • As a religious man I have to say, the right are not religious. They use religion to defend themselves from wrongdoing and to escape from accountability. They use it when it is convenient and cast it aside when it is inconvenient. Some of them are traitors to the country and to religion.

  • Quentin Johnson says:

    I play guitar, anyone else play guitar? Let's for a Meriachi band (with some guns in the cases since it's Texas).

    Yup, back since they "discovered" America, they separated children from their parents…see a trend??


  • I hate to tell the people yelling "shame" at Kirsten Nielsen, but shame is a human attribute that was rubbed off of her psyche long ago. She no longer HAS the capacity for it. Because anyone who DOES have that capacity could never have done to babies what this woman has done – and defended doing it.
    Ask your representative in the House of Representatives to issue subpoenas. Lots of them. But start with the people who are causing the most harm, like her and Mitch McConnell.
    Start investigations. Start with McConnell. Subpoena him NOW.

  • Mostly the United States garenteed a predetermined distrust and hatred towards itself in these kids and families.. Childhood trama is a major factor in addiction, dependancy issues, and a whole host of other terrible things that, ignorant people, seem to associate with immigrants.. #bekindalways


    You guys are just plain out of touch with reality. And quit trying to spin your narrative by using Trumps words to spin them around the way you see fit. Have you not learned your lessons yet by the Mueller sham? The crisis at the border is real, if you have some better idea's of what to do then squad and produce, or STFU.

  • Pontso8 Seoela says:

    okay… since slavery is "ordained" by God, how about we do it visa versa and see if the white people defending slavery will still defend it.

  • Beth Faulkner says:

    Hell get abortions and give away your one an only surviving child without a thought. Then your off the hook right Harry.

  • Dorth Surreal says:

    Why not Trump Mocks our wounded Warriors who ecured mental and physical disabiliities. Why not his Nut sucking buddy.

  • Dorth Surreal says:

    Yeah and you are mocking the fact that this is happening and you're Millennial f***** audience thinks the s*** is funny funny are used to respect The Daily Show now I'm going to delete you because I've had about enough of you and what you Channel thinks it's funny and that canned laughter in the audience disgusting even you looked at the camera like you can believe what you just read why don't you have some balls dude stand up and say I'm not reading that s*** wrong but you won't because you need to suck the executive dick to get your paycheck sounds like somebody else I know in Washington

  • Trump is a lair the separations haven't stoped.
    There are infants in US detention center's that are behind normal development, can't walk or speak).I remember orphan infant's in Russia who were raised without human contract or development encouragement.
    These children suffering in the US are not orphans they were ripped from their family members.
    Has Trump adopted the Nazi policies of concentration camps, children and adults have died.

  • I treat abandoned cats and dogs better than the Trump administration is treating illegal immigrants who come to our borders speaking asylum.
    These people are coming from the country's that the US fucked up and supported dictators, including a dictator who was engaged in drug and people trafficking.

  • I was so proud of those people for calling that cunt out…
    Also; can't even count on an executive order without spelling mistakes? Jesus CHRIST.

  • Just a suggestion, but what needs to happen is a reset.

    What are the concerns:

    1. Illegal entry into the country causing a strain on the infrastructure.

    2. Concern that this is being fostered to shift voting strength from one party to another.

    3. Housing conditions at the border and family seperations.

    4. Excessive process to legally immigrate to the US.

    5. Overall safety for the country from crime and disease as the result of illegal entry skipping the betting process.

    What if:

    1. All the facilities were closed and families were returned to their country of origin while they await a decision on their cases. In the same way you wait at your old home until your paperwork is approved to move into your new home.

    2. Establish an intake point at the US Consulate at every country along the route through Mexico to take applications for entry/asylum to the US. With the facilities closed those additional personnel can be retrained to work security at the secondary consulate intake building, application intake after they are vetted as well and additional border security.

    3. In closing the facilities you prevent horrid conditions, in reuniting families in their home country you place them back together in familiar surroundings to await the outcome of their applications and with the financial responsibility placed on their country. Also once returned there are no births on US soil which is also a tactic.

    4. Retrain some of the admin staff from the facilities to file and clear paperwork so the back log on applications is cleared up.

    In this way you handle all five of the initial concerns for this country while still allowing the intake and vetting of new citizen candidates through a strong border and seamless immigration system which people from everywhere are currently using to legally immigrate here. Also you don't unemploy anyone currently working at those sites and you even employ pilots and bus drivers for the the returns.

    Just, fair, decisive, humane to all concerned and workable with what's already there and a staunch rule that no one in the application process waits from here. Why? You don't wait to find out you got the job at the worksite or the home loan in the new home you're applying for or drive around in the car to see if you were approved for a few years.

  • Obama did the same thing but no outrage from the left. You don't even know if the people that get separated are a family anyway there got no papers to prove it.

  • Imagine being a pilgrim coming to the New World just to get there and have your kids taken away from you by the Natives.

    This is exactly what’s happening now. (By the way that never happened. The white people killed most of the brown people)

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