Trump’s Anti-Press Press Conference & Jeff Sessions’s Forced Resignation | The Daily Show

Trump’s Anti-Press Press Conference & Jeff Sessions’s Forced Resignation | The Daily Show

was the midterm elections, which you probably know by now
because Instagram was full of people showing off
their “I voted” stickers. Like, yesterday,
no picture was taken that didn’t include
an “I voted” sticker. Even dick pics
had the stickers in them. (laughter) I know because I received many. And as you probably also know, the Democrats ended the night
riding high. A power shift in Washington. Democrats take the House for
the first time in eight years. House Minority Leader– soon to be potentially House
Majority Leader– Nancy Pelosi said her party’s wins
mark a new day in America. It’s about stopping the GOP and Mitch McConnell’s assault
on Medicare, Medicaid,
the Affordable Care Act, and the health care
of 130 million Americans living with preexisting
medical conditions. (cheering and applause) Let’s hear it more for
preexisting medical conditions. (applause) Yeah! (whoops) Let’s give it up
for preexisting conditions! Diabetes, I see you, baby. We got eczema
in the house. Mm-hmm. Asthma, make some noi… (gasps) …oise, come on, asthma! (cheering and applause) That was a little weird. But that’s right.
After eight years of being weaker
than Ben Carson’s coffee, the House Democrats finally have
a semblance of power. And when the day started,
I honestly thought this was gonna be
today’s big story, because now that the Democrats
have the House, there are so many questions. You know, what is their plan
for working with Trump? Will Nancy Pelosi
reprise her role as speaker? Will Bernie Sanders emcee
my birthday party? You know, questions we all have
about the future of the country. So we thought today’s news
would be focused on all of that. But then President Trump
stood up and said, “No, no, no. “You guys might have
taken control of the House, but the news cycle
will always be mine.” Fireworks from the East Room
of the White House just a short time ago
as President Trump repeatedly clashing
with members of the media. On the campaign trail, you
called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as
emboldening white nationalists. -Now people are also saying…
-I don’t know why you’d say that.
That’s such a racist question. Let me tell you,
that’s a racist question. I think you should let me
run the country, you run CNN. -All right.
-And if you did it well, -your ratings would be much
better. -Well, let me ask… -If I may ask one other
question… -That’s enough. I’ll tell you what,
CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t treat people
that way. Go ahead. -Go ahead, Peter. Go ahead.
-In-in Jim’s defense, I’ve traveled with him
and watched him. He’s a diligent reporter
who busts his butt -like the rest of us. -Well, I’m
not a big fan of yours, either. Oh! Damn, that escalated fast.
What happened there? Peter Alexander
just tried to be that guy who steps in to stop the fight
and then ended up getting punched in the face.
That’s what happened. “Mr. President,
you’re being inappropriate.” “Your mama’s inappropriate.”
(cries out) But, look, I mean,
as troubling as this was, let’s be honest–
Trump attacking the press? This is something we’ve seen
100 times before. What we haven’t seen is how
the president plans to work with the new Democratic House. I really believe
that we have a chance to get along very well
with the Democrats. We should get along
and get deals done. Now, we can investigate. They look at us,
we look at them, it goes on for two years,
then at the end of two years, nothing’s done. Now, what’s bad for them is,
being in the majority, I’m just gonna blame them.
You understand. I’m gonna blame them.
They’re the majority. Honestly, it makes it
much simpler for me. I… They will be blamed. (laughter) You know,
as shameless as that is, I somehow appreciate
that Trump just told us his entire evil plot. He’s like a clichéd
movie bad guy. “And then,
even if it’s not their fault, I’ll blame the Democrats
for everything.” (laughing) (cheering and applause) Like, what are…
what are you doing? We’re like,
“Why are you telling us this?” “Because it’s what villains do. They’ll never see it coming!” (laughs) And now, to be honest with you,
there’s no highlights that I can show you
from this press conference that can do it justice, because it was
an hour and a half of crazy Trump at his finest. All right, he accused the media
of dividing the country. He trashed Republicans
who wouldn’t bow down to him. And he even threatened
to investigate the Democrats if they used the House
to investigate Russia or his tax returns. Like, Trump was raging mad. And then, what was hilarious is that in the middle
of all this chaos– this is one
of my favorite moments– he had to take questions
from a bunch of people who couldn’t even
speak American. So how you focus on the trade
issue with Japan? Will you ask Japan to do more? (indistinct chatter) I-I don’t…
I really don’t understand you. Is the election
of two Muslim women– one of them is veiled, to the
House, which is making history– is this a rebuke
of this message, do you think? I don’t understand
what you’re saying. What? President Erdogan said he’s not
gonna follow your sanctions, and he’s gonna keep, uh,
buying oil from… -Who said that?
-President Erdogan. -Turkey.
-I know, I know. -(laughter)
-I know, I know. “No, no. I know, I know.
I know exactly… “I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You tell me first,
but I know, I know, I know.” What the hell’s going on there? Trump can’t understand anyone
with an accent? That would be so weird, because
he lives with Melania, okay? That makes no sense. (cheers and applause) Absolutely no sense. Unless, unless that’s probably
why they’re still together. She’s like,
“Donald, I want divorce.” (as Trump): “I don’t understand
what you’re saying.” (as Melania):
“I want divorce.” (as Trump): “Okay, fine,
I’ll get you a horse. “Every day,
she asks for a horse. “So cute.
She says she wants to file. “You don’t need
to file for a horse. You can just get one, baby.
I’ll just buy you one.” So now, so now, at this point
of the day, we’re like, “All right, forget
the Democrats in the House. “Clearly, the big news of
the day is now going to be Trump and his fiery press conference.” But then,
Trump stood up again and said, “Oh, you think
I’m the story of the day? No, I’m the story of the day.” MAN:
CNN breaking news. Breaking news.
President Trump suddenly fires the attorney general,
Jeff Sessions, for the unpardonable sin
of recusing himself from the Russia investigation. MAN: Jeff Sessions forced
to resign today at President Trump’s request. President Trump fired
Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Okay, now, that’s not fair
to President Trump, all right? He didn’t fire Jeff Sessions. He just said “Rumpelstiltskin,”
and then the curse was broken. That’s how it works. And, remember,
this is all happening in one day, you realize this? All of this is happening
in one day. And this is huge news. The president has fired
his attorney general. And I know there were rumors
that this might happen. I mean, in fact,
people were talking about Sessions getting fired
for so long, he probably already had
a backup job lined up. He’s like, “It’s okay. I’m already assistant manager
at Baby Gap.” (laughter, applause) But… but I want you to know I’ve recused myself
from folding those onesies.” (laughter) And the timing. Yo, man, the
timing is so brazen from Trump. This is literally less than
24 hours after the midterms. He knew that this wouldn’t
look good before the midterms. He doesn’t even wait. He just, like,
pulls the trigger on this thing. Like, I feel like he could have
at least made it seem like he needed to think about it
first, you know? It’s like
when you’re in a relationship, and your girlfriend is like,
“Hey, if something ever happened to me, which one of my friends
would you…?” “Karen.” (laughter) “I didn’t… I didn’t even
finish what I was… what I was gonna…” “What? Wh-What were
you gonna say?” “I was saying, which one of my
friends would you hook up with?” “Karen. Yeah. Karen.” “Have you been thinking
about this?” “No, it just came
in my head now. “Yeah, Karen on the beach
in Montauk. Yeah, that’s a…” Just, like,
think about it, Trump, fake it. And I never thought
I would say, this, but I feel bad
for Jeff Sessions, because apparently,
Trump didn’t fire him to his face or even call him,
all right. He just sent John Kelly with, like, a prewritten
resignation letter. Yeah. John Kelly probably got there,
and he was like, “All right, Jeff, you want
to do this the easy way, or the Omarosa way?
Which one is it?” (laughter) And now, just-just looking
at Trump and Sessions, like, this is…
this is a strange story, because
there were so many reasons these two should have
gotten along, right? They both don’t like immigrants,
they both do like white people. But there was always
one big thing that Trump hated about Sessions. He recused himself from overseeing
the Mueller investigation, which meant that he couldn’t
protect Trump from Mueller. And now with Sessions gone,
Trump can finally appoint a guy he knows for sure
will protect his ass. And what an ass. (laughter) A guy who could kill the Mueller
investigation if he wanted to. And from the looks of it, the guy Trump picked for the job
would be more than happy. The chief of staff
to Jeff Sessions, Matt Whitaker, will be the new
acting attorney general. Whitaker told CNN last year that the new attorney general
could reduce Mueller’s budget, make it so small that the Mueller investigation
would grind to a halt. I could see a scenario
where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment, and that attorney general
doesn’t fire Bob Mueller, but he just reduces the budget
so low that his-his investigation
grinds to an absol…
almost to a halt. Man, Donald Trump
is so rock and roll. So, he probably saw this guy
on CNN talking about how he would squash
the Mueller investigation, and then Trump just decided
to hire him. Yeah. “Dude from the TV. I want him
and Barney. I’m in.” (laughter) And his plan, this guy’s plan
to kill the investigation, is just that he would drain
all of Mueller’s resources, which is the most
passive-aggressive way to kill an investigation. So Mueller’s gonna show up at
work, and he’s gonna be like, “We finally cracked
the Russian collusion case. Time to print out
the indictments.” “Oh, we don’t have printer ink. “Yeah, we ran out. Oh, I’m so sorry.” “Oh, it’s fine, I’ll…
I’ll just fill it out online.” “Oh, we didn’t pay
for Wi-Fi this month.” “You know what, it’s okay.
I’ll just drive to Kinko’s.” “Oh, we sold
the Justice Department’s car.” By the end of the investigation
it’s just gonna be Mueller walking down the street making
siren noises with his mouth like…
(imitating siren blaring) “Put your hands behind your back
and imagine there’s handcuffs!” Now, look, maybe
I’m being to quick to judge. All right?
I’ll admit this, maybe I am. Just because Matt Whitaker
over here came up with a hypothetical plan
to fire Robert Mueller doesn’t mean that
he actually thinks the Mueller investigation
has gone too far. All right. Except… there is the fact
that he also wrote an op-ed that was literally called “Mueller’s investigation
of Trump has gone too far.” Which, to me,
is kind of a red flag. So, my friends, let’s face it, the Mueller investigation
is in danger. Yeah. And something tells me
that right now, Robert Mueller’s
in a bathroom stall trying to finish his homework
before they shut it all down. He’s just like,
“I’m in here working!” And now, you realize that all
of this happened in one day… and one day after the midterms. And this is what freaks me out. For the last two years, that’s
been Trump when he’s winning– now we’re gonna see Trump
when he’s losing.


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