Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Trump Wields DOJ As Russia, Media Reprise 2016 Roles For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • Evelyn Bertresse says:

    What a nasty….corrupt….terrorizing conspiracy against Hillary!
    THE most CORRUPT president in US history is looking for corruption in places other than his own life. Go figure!

  • Sasquatch Sasquatch says:

    Clinton is a centrist who also doesn’t have the interests of the people at heart, she cares about keeping her rich friends rich. Vote Sanders or Warren 2020. The only real choices.

  • And in the right corner of the oval office, the human abscess Stuupid Trump (wearing his skid marked undies over the top of slacks) circling the drain of historical oblivion, screeching, 'The deep state & Hillory & the Bidens & Lord Voldermorte are to blame for all the corruption I got caught doing and the far greater corruption about to appear" Some turds don't have the decency to flush.

  • Trump campaign on Biden, "Lock him up! Whre is my due process?"
    Democrat, "These are policies to cut debt, reduce pharmaceutical costs, raise the minimum wage, phase in universal healthcare while allowing people to make a choice, create green industries funded by a bond, give shareholders the sole right to set paysand bonuses based on a function of least paid workers,force developers to insure against bad payers ike Trump, set phased gender targets … and so on.

    Trump has been the problem and will face an impeachment process. Democrats want to ensure fair living wages, low energy prices and best practice water conservation.

  • 9:22 careful rach .. don't wanna look partisan lol gotta both sides everything into oblivion… don't want to be called bias…. remember to give equal air to to both science and superstition…

  • C myfriendscallmeColin Powell says:

    It’s Obstruction of Justice you Jackasses! We put Nixon's Attorney General, John Mitchell, in prison in 1977. No one is above is the law, not the President, not his lapdog AG, not his previous lapdog acting AG, not his lapdog Deputy AG! Every single one of these guys committed or are committing Obstruction of Justice against the United States of America in front of, and in plain view of, the entire freaking planet! Hey dudes, you’re not invisible…for the love of God, We Can See You!!!

  • 26:25 yeah but rach .. it was great for ratings…. and therefore advertisers…. follow the money my dear follow the money…

  • AG Barr pulled the same stunt on whistle-blower reports as he did with the Mueller report with his contrived "nothing here" charades. Now it turns out there is indeed a lot there! … and AG Barr has lots to answer for. He is brazenly providing cover for trump by deliberately shirking the responsibilities of his office, to wit:
    > he still has not released to Congress the 'real' Mueller report (ie clean of redactions) now long overdue.
    > he's quietly closed down pending court cases left by the Mueller investigation without explanation

  • So why not get out and vote. Have a nice sausage sizzle at the polling place like we do here in Australia. The only way Trump will be defeated is voting – pretty simple really.

  • I loathe the Republicans who take part in this childish and brazenly foolish behavior. Just the notion of masses of people following these political dumb and disrespectful fools screaming "Lock Her Up" is indicative of a most highly dysfunctional behavior unbecoming and insulting to all. This is the America and these are the Americans who I consider the lowest of low and the worst of the worst reflecting what is really VERY WRONG about the people in this country…..specifically THESE PEOPLE and all of those LIKE them!!!

  • Chris Christie is a deplorable individual; anything the Clintons ever did shades in comparison to his gross corruption and his ability to lie at will, depending on the topic of the day.

  • If I could invite anyone I wanted to dinner and convo right now it would be Rachel . love her clarity and understanding of events .

  • Oh, what a surprise after all the lies that Rump and company and the Russian bots said about the Clinton E-mail it turns out that there was nothing wrong with the handling of the E-mails but that story was buried on page B37 of the paper why was it not on the front page like the fake E-mail scandal guess it won't sell as many papers you know finding out that it was a scam perpetrated by the Rump committee and the Russians to help their puppet Rump get the job in the WH so he could go on and give his buddy Putin everything he wanted from his puppet Rump.

  • I can't wait too see the IG report the real truth will come out ..God bless America !!And MSNBC is like watching communist news but people are brainwashed and they don't even know it very sad .If the Communist in the left get to the Whitehouse it's the end of America forever stocks will fall we will be in a big war north Korea will test nukes every week the military will be weak again no one will even join and we the people will pay very high taxes to pay for all the free things your pay checks will be very small cause over 70% will be taxed I hope and pray that never happens but one day it will and people are so dumb they believe all the lies they tell everyday .Wake UP !!!

  • This corrupt liar will find something in Trump's favor, The Clinton Email saga is officially over, according to our Intel. Bit Barr is still going to start a new investigation. We will never forget he decided to write his own summary on the Mueller report. Day later we found out it was not Mueller's words. Trump was not found innocent of the Obstruction of Justice. I knew then Trump had bought this man's political soul. He is also knee-deep in the Ukraine bribe to find dirt on Biden. He needs to go. People the only way to get rid of these corrupt folks is to VOTE BLUE if not we will be destroyed if he gets 4 more years

  • The Elected Republican Party will defend him no matter what. The statements they make in his defense shows how far they will go to defend him. They have no problem with Rudy bouncing all over Ukraine and the text that plainly shows it was shady, illegal. But they twist it. I guess they are afraid of TWEET, They need to ask Pelosi to borrow some backbone.

  • I always wanted both Clintons to be tried in court for all the allegations against them. That's the only way they could defend themselves against all the wild innuendos these allegators were throwing.



  • Are you serious? Zero?! mention of S.D. costs/cost estimates of the H.C. emails investigation? No information available? Did your network not air multiple video clips of multiple clowns misrepresenting & ever inflating the costs of the Mueller report? Very disappointing R.M.

  • Yoster Schnauss says:

    Love your show Rachel, but I would have loved to have seen some admission of MSNBC taking part in said email kerfuffle and its part in the media-for-ratings circus that was the 2016 election. If MSNBC is going to be part of the solution in 2020 instead of part of the problem, they must first admit their part in what happened in 2016 and vow to be better.

  • Joseph Meholick says:

    lol the senate is not part of the doj so the can no impeach thing DOES NOT APPLY. Also its considered harrasment for them to hound some one with "lock her up" chants like rabid fanboys.
    at this point we should probly consider the fact that hilliary being president would be the russian's worst nightmare. seeing how they are trying to bury her.

  • Ms Maddow has zero credibility. Zero. She’s a phony. Hypocrite pathologically obsessed with Trimp

    Just a shill. So many lies and exaggerations. Only naive people listen to her

  • we dont need a russian dictator in office meaning trump' keeping this non intelletual giant in office opens the door to putin even further. boot the president out of office is good for America.

  • Why is it that nobody us asking why America's enemies are so damned determined to make sure conservatives are in charge of America? You would think saying no to the people your enemy wants in charge of your house would be a no brainer.

  • Hahaha 4 and a half years of research into emails and theirs no indictment. Yet that private server trumps got has already gotten dozens arrested

  • To all who swore an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, you either stand with the traitor or the flag. Inviting foreign interference into our elections is unconstitutional and unAmerican. Those who have taken the oath of office, yet support this attack on our Nation's self-determination are the enemies of a representative government of the We the People. Trump's statement, "Don't believe what you hear", is not part of the Constitution. Bow to the traitor with lies and spin, or stand for your oath and the flag.

  • When will U.S. stop supporting these old fools. Sisters stop supporting these old men sitting in office for more that 15 years

  • The Republicans complain that this investigation isn't being held in full view of the public. Perhaps when all of this was reported to William Barr, he shouldn't have said, "Nothing hear–no investigation needed!", forcing the House to do the investigation part itself!

  • Every time I hear or see the sick c^% t twittertwat tRump I go to my laugh space ,watch trump spitroasted over a bonfire lit by Malania lol😂😂

  • The Republicans are NOW breaking the law by BULLYING the Democrats! Bradley Burn got in Adam Shifts face! Bradley Burn should be arrested!! BRADLEY BURN SHOULD BE ARRESTED!! This is the Republicans being BULLIES!! This is the Republicans…OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE! Lock them up!!

  • I hope she knows her Hillary support is helping to solidify Trump in 2020.
    Hillary is unelectable and she will run and loose to Trump again.

  • I'm so sick of 30-40% of our country being co-opted by an ultra-rich and Republican-led propaganda machine. There really are serious issues with our education system. It's like there isn't any intelligent skeptics anymore.👨‍🔬

  • Zuckerberg looks like, Pence, they both look like, Kushner…They all look Russian… Russians and 1625, Germans, who came to this land ( U.S.) to participate in the sale of humans into servitude… Teke-torch carriers… These infiltrators hide behind "white identity." not only this but they also play "black" and "white" sentiment of the U.S. against one another… I left face-book years ago! Propaganda Central.

  • Thank you Rachel for consistently laying out things in clear and strategic anticipatory fashion for us. It helps us to stay in step with things.

  • how do we fix it?
    First, remove the President and vice President.
    Then we clean house, remove everyone Trump appointed, start investigations on each one to make sure they are on the up and up.
    Then we have an independant panel start replacing everyone that was removed. and we keep it that way. we take away the president's ability to appoint yes men into key positions. and they must be qualified to run said positions.

    We over turn everything Trump did. and put back into place things he removed.
    We then label Trump supporters a homegrown terrorist organization and label them a hate group.

    We remove money from elections and politics.. make any sort of donation illegal.

    Everything will be paid for by the government. TV stations and social media will be required to air a certain amount for each political candidate.
    Political Ads will be fact Checked before they can be aired/posted.

    Then we write a law that says a sitting President can be indicted if a criminal investigation into them finds evidence of criminal behavior. which would immediately start a impeach inquiry.

    This is our Republic, we need to make hard difacult choices to fix our system. or another Trump will be allowed to arise.

  • now we are going to hear( lock him up, lock him up). This time we will see him on the front page with his picture behind bars , with all his cronies .

  • If these Russians are in the US they should be if arrested if they are caught on the internet sceme, and barr should be investigated

  • Rachel, —> I think it's worth mentioning again, here's what I've found:

    1) Ukraine President, Zelensky knew about the bribe before the July 25 call
    … On July 20, Ukraine National Security Advisor, Danyliuk, told Ambassador Taylor that President Zelenskyy did not want to be used as a pawn in a U.S. re-election campaign.
    … It looks like, the day after the whistle–blower report came out, Ukraine’s Ex-President (Petro Poroshenko) rejected claims Ukraine interfered in 2016 U.S. election or that Biden tried to close an investigation into corruption.
    Ukraine’s Ex-President Says Biden Never Asked to Close Cases

    2) Giuliani's claim that information about Manafort was illegally leaked in 2016 was not upheld by the Ukrainian Supreme Court.
    Google: Appeal Court: Sytnyk And MP Leschenko Did No Act Illegally By Disclosing That Manafort’s Name Is In Party Of Regions’ ‘Black Ledger’ (JULY 16, 2019)

  • I wonder if Trump thinks that he can still be prison-dent at a maximum federal prison and run the country from there and host the G-7 form behind bars

  • AG barr if you want to call him that and this guy Durham should be investigated and is going to be investigated. Prison is waiting you two, Durham barr is using you as an scapegoat if he gets in deep trouble

  • Tell me one good reason the president cant be indicted if he commits a crime. What is wrong with America. No one is above the law

  • when gump said he care about curuptions he actually brainwash the deplorable gump supporters gump knows he talking about himself. LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done Rachel! Now, what to do about this? Time , possibly , to contact some of your highly regarded scholars in various fields and get some remedies to handle these situations unless they already exist and then find out why they are not being followed. Miya Wiley see.s to have a good grasp of legal for one and there are numerous others whom have credibility in various fields

  • You are looking at Trump's corrupted following. Hilary hasn't come close to how Trump
    has lied and misled America into National Debt. Hilary has been ridiculed by Trump while
    Trump blows lies and communicates with praises to North Korea. It's Deplorable. Trumps
    got to go in 2020. If his IRS Tax returns are exposed prior to the 2020 Election, he should
    not be allowed on the ballot. He's a complete disgrace to America.

  • Ok no sinister plot email plot. She remains a underhanded Fink. Last election vote for her was a vote against DT. Lost lots of self respect points voting for this Rib

  • Let us find every single Deplorable scum on ALL those rallies chanting "Lock her up" and lock them up. It's only fair. Not that the Deplorable know what fair means. But still :)))

  • This info expressed by Rachel is SO VERY IMPORTANT! All of the media should be shouting this loud and clear over and over. Please people, talk this up with everyone you know, all the time. I certainly will. I feel just sick about what is going to come.

  • tRUMP, Chris Christie, Pence and the entire tRUMP campaign team owe Hillary Clinton a sincere apology for their fraudulent claims & harrassment of her. Unfortunately we all no they do not have the integrity to man up, admit they wrong, and ask for her forgiveness. Total jackasses!!!!

  • Anyone on here from Fla, Ohio or Cali. If so were you embarrassed your representative stormed in the middle of the committee's statements today. I call you out because I seen these leaders give interviews. There was so many you couldn't tell. Johhny Isakson fro my district was not one in the group.But, he's retiring.

  • Nastassia Hicks says:

    Flynn: Yea that's right lock her up.
    Hillary: Lock him up haha, no seriously lock him up he's a crook.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Have you ever noticed how crazy repubs have spiraling pinwheels moving in opposite directions in their eye sockets like they've walked through a hypnosis machine? I don't see them in Barrs eyes.

  • SassynBlessed please says:

    All of them that chanted lock her up are getting it back two time fold. Double for your trouble. They kept saying how much money for Mueller's report. Carma

  • i just blows my mind how trump is able to get all these idiots to do things for him. how long to you go on being a pawn for what? how are they all benefiting by being thrown under the bus.

  • Trump keeps saying, he only cares about seeking out corruption, yes we know, he's seeking out to benefit his 2020 campaign.

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