Trump: Why Can’t I Nuke Hurricanes?

Trump: Why Can’t I Nuke Hurricanes?

>>AXIOS is reporting that Donald Trump would
like to stop hurricanes before they reach the US by nuking them. Literally. And he’s apparently made this comment a few
times, and there’s actual records of him saying it. So let me give you the details. Again, this is Jonathan Swan of AXIOS reporting. Trump has suggested multiple times to senior
Homeland Security and national security officials that they explore using nuclear bombs to stop
hurricanes from hitting the United States. Now a National Security Council memorandum
recorded those comments, so that was what I was mentioning earlier when I say that there
was a record to it. Now Trump claims no, no, no I never said that
this is the fake new media. But here is an anonymous source with the White
House who spoke to AXIOS and paraphrased what Trump said. I got it. I got it. Why don’t we nuke them? They start forming off the coast of Africa
as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane
and it disrupts it. Why can’t we do that? Okay. Wow. All right, so first of all his mentioned this
idea couple of times to his national security officials and Department of Homeland Security. He wanted to attack the Hurricane over there
before it got over here. To use the old Cheney bush ideology, we had
to hit the Iraqis over there, because they didn’t hit us here. They didn’t do 911 largely with Saudis. Anyway, so sometimes he talked about it you
just hitting him with a normal bomb and then apparently at least on one occasion he talked
about nuking it because that might do the job. Of course scientists say, no, that would not
do the job. They would do the opposite job because it’s
a hurricane, it would take the radioactive material and spread it all throughout the
world. And the wind would go into the land masses,
and they would all be radioactive. It is perhaps one of the worst ideas in recorded
history. It’s so weird that Trump wouldn’t know that,
I mean. Yeah, well. Yeah, he seems so educated on things like
that, like science and how storms work and all of that. Where did Trump get this idea from? So let’s talk about that a little bit, okay? So I’m gonna skip ahead, let’s go to graphic
14. A little bit of history, in January 2015,
two years before he was sworn in as President, Donald Trump was set to step into the same
role in a very different capacity. He had signed on to play the President in
2015’s Sharknado 3: Hell No. So you know what happened? This is hilarious. So Trump almost got that contract, but then
he thinks about running for President. So he says, I’ll get back to you so they don’t
have time. They gotta go make Sharknado 3, America’s
waiting. So they hire Mark Cuban to play the President. And then Trump gets mad and says, I was gonna
take that role. In fact, I’m gonna sue you guys. I’m gonna stop this whole production, because
you gave the role to someone else. He not like that. While he’s running for President, there is
no end to his lunacy. There’s no end to it. It’s a bottomless pit. It’s a Sharknado of lunacy, okay? So let’s break this down even further. I love these quotes. So I’m gonna go to graphics six, seven, and
nine here, cuz this describes the scene when he suggested nuking the hurricane. So quoting to Axios, asked how the briefer
reacted, the source recalled he said something to the effect of, sir, we’ll look into that. So now that’s relevant, I’m gonna come back
to it in a second. Here’s another anonymous source. You could hear a gnat fart in that meeting. People were astonished. After the meeting ended, we thought, what
the f? What do we do with this? Yeah, but here’s what you do with it, right? What you guys have been doing which is nothing. All they do is nod their heads and support
everything he says and everything he does. If he provides a nonsensical solution to a
problem, they’ll just ignore it but no one ever calls him out, right? No one ever holds them accountable. So you’re gonna keep doing what you’re doing
now as a giant coward. And you’re gonna give anonymous statements
to the press, but internally, you’re gonna keep enabling this maniac. Yeah, but their reaction is as dangerous as
Trump being that stupid. Yes. Because it means that no adviser of the President
can tell him the truth. If you tell him the truth his feelings are
gonna get hurt, he doesn’t care about the facts he only cares about feelings. So since the President is so sensitive and
so insecure and so weak, no adviser dares to tell him something as obvious as, no, Mr.
President, dropping a nuclear weapon into the middle of a hurricane is not going to
help. Sharknado 3 wasn’t true. You can’t even tell the President that, this
about how dangerous that is. What if he actually wants to use a nuke, and
everyone in the room is frozen, and you could a gnat fart? No, but seriously, think about it. He says, press the goddamn button, what are
they gonna do? Because normally what they do is they just
ignore them. They’re like, yes, sir, we’ll look into that,
sir. And they’re like, okay, we all know the President
is the dumbest person we’ve ever met in our lives, so obviously we’re gonna ignore the
President. Which by the way is also dangerous, right? And that’s a dangerous precedent to set. But then you have a President who’s obviously
not mentally well, so what are you supposed to do? You’re supposed to say something. You’re supposed to convene the Cabinet and
talk about the 25th Amendment, and get this lunatic out of office. I know they say, well, it’s a bunch of sycophants. They won’t do that. But guys, when the President has lost his
mind and none of his advisers have the courage to tell him or anyone else in the country
other than through leaking into the press, that is a recipe for absolute disaster. Okay, last one on the Senior Administration
Officials. Now in hindsight to try and cover for them,
this is what they say, well, his goal to keep a catastrophic hurricane from hitting the
mainland is not bad, his objective is not bad. So it happened, it definitely happened. And now they’re turning around. He had a good goal to stop the hurricane. Cenk, I don’t wanna get into a debate about
this, but do you see why I don’t believe for a second that Trump isn’t gonna finish his
first term? I may say that is the opposite. Surrounded by people who will nod their heads
and do anything and everything that Trump wants. Right. And they keep telling him how great he is. Trump lives in a different world than we do. No, no guys. Look, he’s gone longer than I expected. I believe in facts. I love facts, and that’s a fact and there’s
nothing you can do to deny that, right? So I thought he’d be out by the end of his
first term, this stuff he said, by the way, back in 2017 it’s not like there’s this theory
that he’s now mentally deteriorating. No, there was nothing to deteriorate. There was never any mind to be in the first
place. Full blown lunatic, total moron. Again, he things wind causes cancer. He thinks all these different and insane things. You know what he said over there? He’s exercising. He thinks exercising is bad for your health,
cuz you only have a certain amount of allotted energy in your life, and it uses up. And he thinks that people who are doing exercise
are idiots. He’s like, they’re using their allotted energy
especially if there are the window get cancer. Okay, this is the idiot that is the President
of the United States. He’s obviously not mentally well, but on Friday,
he’s talking about how Google manipulated 16 million votes in 2016 election. 16 million? Even if you’re a lunatic and other some sort
of conspiracy against you, 16 million folks? I mean, there’s no end to how stupid and mentally
unfit he is. And he also talked about dropping off thousands
of ISIS fighters in the middle of France and Germany, cuz he was mad on them. Okay, so maybe I’m wrong and maybe no will
be proven right. And I hope I’m wrong. Okay. Just to put that out there. And this is a situation where I’m, I’m, this
is my best guess and I’m not like saying like there’s no other way to think about this. Obviously, most people don’t almost everyone
else thinks that he’s gonna finish his term. The reason I think it’s unsustainable is because
he is too mentally unbalanced. And just one after another, there’s a Sharknado
of lunatic comments that he’s making. And I think it’s gonna deteriorate. And so, the final nail in that coffin is,
look, the market started teetering. And now all of a sudden you’ve got Joe Walsh
jumping in, you had William Weld jumping in the primaries. People are starting to say things about how
disgruntled they are. They’re beginning to challenge him a little
bit more. He’s at 36%. Remember, what I said at the very beginning
of Trumps term? I said when the economy crashes and he’s already
passed the tax cuts for the rich, they’re gonna have no reason left to support him. So if the markets crash, he’s sitting at 36%
and he’s definitely gonna lose the next election. And that’s pretty the market is crashing. They’re gonna turn around and go, my God,
did you know that he’s stupid? Nobody knew that. Did you know that he’s not mentally balanced? Nobody knew that, it just happened. It was a deterioration that helped happen
over the last couple of weeks and we gotta get them out. So that’s what I believe will happen. Finally, if you think that he denied it, he
didn’t. The tweet that he said says this, the story
by Axios said President Trump wanted to blow up large hurricanes with nuclear weapons prior
to reaching shore is ridiculous. I never said this, just more fake news. Trump didn’t write that, okay? So he doesn’t refer often to himself as President
Trump, he sometimes says Trump about himself. That had no grammatical mistakes. It had something written in bold, just because
they wanna make it seem like Trump wrote it, right? It had nothing weirdly capitalized at all,
right? Other than the fake news at the end, which
is a Trump trademark. Trump didn’t write that. Yeah, that’s a good point. And that’s English language right there. He didn’t write that at all. Correct punctuation. Exactly, right? So that’s an adviser saying Trump won’t say
that he didn’t want to nuke the hurricane because he still thinks Sharknado is real. So someone go on his God damned twitter account
and deny the story. Cuz if we don’t deny the story, we’re all
going to seem like lunatics. By the way, if you work for trump you’re not
a lunatic, but you’re a terrible person. And you’ve all agreed that this mad man should
be the most powerful man on Earth. And you shouldn’t share that with the rest
of the American people and the rest of the world. We’ll see you after the markets crash.


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    I like how these people pay close attention to the words he says rather than the actions of everything going on around us

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    known as the Republican party. A party made up largely of republicans
    and a small number of independents. It is characterized by paranoia,
    conspiracy thinking, aggression toward facts and fact-checking, and
    rampant hypocrisy. Supportive of policies that demonize any group that
    is not white male republican. Prone to cult-behavior and
    mob-mentality. Considered at risk of being domestic terrorist due to
    threats of violence if their cult leader is does not remain in power.
    Trumpuglicans; noun.

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    I'm ready to debate Anna Kasparian on her prediction. Trump will not just finish his first term, but he will REFUSE TO STEP DOWN IN 2020 and call for a recount repeatedly, in many states, demand an inquiry into illegal immigrants voting, and then possibly call the election unfair and ignite a small civil war with his supporters trying to "avert a socialist takeover" of the USA. Yes really. I thought when Cenk said he thinks the opposite he was gonna say the ACTUAL opposite — the one Bill Maher says.

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  • Daniil Lysenko says:

    To help Mr. Trump out, I believe he was on the fairly proper path, we do not necessarily need to drop a “nuke” but I believe he was on the path of creating a new defensive weapon for America to help out our people against hurricanes.

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    Is there any legal remedy for us to pursue against Cabinet members, Presidential appointees, for clear dereliction of duty in their failure even to CONSIDER invoking the 25th Amendment against the continuance in office of a colossal jerk who wants us to nuke hurricanes and who has already been adjudged dangerous by a panel of mental health experts who have seen fit to warn all of us about the serious threats posed by his mental illness? I know that appointed judges can be impeached, even if they serve on the Supreme Court. I think it's happened to only one Associate Justice, but it HAS happened. (Associate Justice Samuel Chase was impeached in1805, but was acquitted by the Senate — "OF COUUURSE!") The impeachment provisions in the Constitution (ARTICLE II, Section 4) do apply, in the document's own language, to "The President, Vice President and ALL CIVIL OFFICERS OF THE UNITED STATES". That would include Cabinet members, no? I say, YES, emphatically and absolutely!!!!!

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    I literally asked in 9th grade science class what would happen if you nuked a hurricane and people laughed. This was many years ago in a Texas public school.
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