Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


100 thoughts on “Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  • a brick upside the back of the head also, may work, or may not work
    i swear the bugger just loves the sound of his own voice

  • Some of those reporters are morons! Wow! I cant beleive What a bunch of idiots that the White House allows in the building! Know wonder I laugh at the news . I guess they need a job. 🤦‍♂️

  • "when people are dishonest"
    says the bugger with 16400 plus lies accredited to himself
    …hey, Joe?, woodshed is that way, teach him some manners, would you?

  • Very racial president. All he very worry about is money and power. Remove health care system that build by previous president, now see what going to happen now and keep on pump in money to screw up the whole market. Is a bad president alway try to push all his failure to other.

  • Haydar Al-assadi says:

    And United State of America the history they killed many million people from Asia Middle East Africa and South America guaranteed this virus United States of America they made it

  • “When we don't have data, be clear that we don't know.” Are you listening to her, Donny? Would it be so difficult for you to admit that you don't know the answer to a question or is it always easier to lie or to lash out at the person asking the question?

  • A arrogant and complacent president. All true new are flake new for him. Tell lie to the world and said it is true. what kind personality that he have?

  • Did the asswipe just said we can bring the finances back quickly but we can't bring the people back? SOMEONE! I MEAN EVERYONE! I MEAN SOMMMMEEEONNEEE! CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A PRESIDENT! WHY HASN'T HE GOTTEN THE VIRUS YET? SMH.

  • Funny. U are not a reliable source of information. That’s the worst administration with the worst president in history right there

  • Jerrett Featherston says:

    We just doing like the rest of the world, it may save lives. If it is as contagious as they said, it is very needed to save lives. If you ever had the flu, we should understand.

  • Never import medical supplies from China, as that will endanger national security in the United States, perhaps with eavesdroppers.COVID-19 is not scary, it's just a large flu! Extreme danger is nothing but a Democratic scam!!COVID-19 make America great again. God bless America ,Amen !

  • Yes Donald , Everyone is Getting Along Fine Working Together from Both Sides , That's bc Your Not Involved , Present the Forum , Then Stay Back and Let the Professionals Speak and Do The Job Their Trained to Do , Quit Trying to Hog the Attention and Glory and To Pretend to Be Someone Your Not , Especially a Medical Health Expert or an MD . . . . and Quit Making False Medical Statements to the People , Your Way Out of Your League On This One

  • BigBudde & BooBoo says:

    Psalm 91 :: "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." … "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name."

  • Howard Waxwood says:

    I don't know whether to continue to tune into these briefings or not. Too many lies or half truths. I listen to this, then do further research from other sources, and have reached one conclusion. I'll believe it when I see it.

  • Howard Waxwood says:

    Trump, Pompeo, Barr, McConnell, Devos, Carson, are the greatest source of disinformation facing the U.S. Still there are indeed other sources pushing bull crap conspiracy theories. It is dangerous no matter what the source.

  • two fleamarket in Sacramento, CA still open today with a big sign …. shame on those greedy and selfish business person to spread virus instead of helping to slow down and stay at home ….. hope law enforcement in Sacramento County take action

  • amethyst flower says:

    President Trump, many retail stores, including Sephora, QVC, and Ulta reprocess returned, opened and used items and resell them to customers as new. This includes used lipsticks and facial creams being repackaged and sold to customers as new. Can you PLEASE instigate legislation to outlaw this practice in the wake of COVID? It's gross all the time but now it's deadly.

  • Timothy Kramer says:

    When I was a kid you had respect for the president of the United States why is there ads on this channel good job YouTube keep on giving ads..

  • at 39:25 minute point, since the reporter was only asking about whether Chloroquine could be used to guarantee defense against #wuhanvirus, why did so many mainstream media outlets' headlines make it look like Dr. Fauci was opposite than what world renowned Drs. in Australia, France, US & South Korea have said :-/ ?

  • Terry Bedtelyon says:

    I hope you Trumpsters are happy we have a lying incompetent unrepentant imbecile in charge of all of our health and lives.

  • I see a real drop in the professionalism and expertise in the media represented in this press conference. Are older, more seasoned reporters safely staying home?? Peter and Chuck patting on each other’s shoulder and self congratulating are nauseating.

  • If this incompetent President had reacted to the intelligence briefing on this crisis that he received in January Americans would be ahead of this invisible enemy. Also, he should have stopped sprinting to Florida to golf. INCOMPETENT. Please call in the military to handle logistics and strategy as they are trained and experienced in handling wars. Let the scientists and generals handle this crisis and communicate with Americans. No interference from Kushner or Miller who should practice social distancing.

  • Bahadir Ozturk says:

    The projects of George Soros and Bill Gates are such coronavirus epidemics. They will destroy Italy and Iran, which signed the China Silk Road plan.

  • Jonathan Hughes says:

    Look at this. Zinc, used with Chloroqvine. Zinc has also been used with Remdesivir.

  • Some Random Anon says:

    ♪Ho ho ho noooooooo♪

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    ♪Ho ho ho noooooooo♪

    ♪Everybody was Kung Flu fighting♪

    ♪That sh*t spread fast as lightning♪

    ♪In fact it was a little bit frighting♪

    ♪As the numbers kept on climbing♪

    ♪Those funky China men♪

    ♪from funky China Town♪

    ♪They staged a cover up♪

    ♪They tried to play it down♪

    ♪It's where diseases get their start♪

    ♪From the swine flu the SARS♪

    ♪Tried to call it just a slip♪

    ♪But I blame the fried bat strips♪

    ♪Everybody was Kung Flu fighting♪

    ♪That sh*t spread fast as lightning♪

    ♪In fact it was a little bit frighting♪

    ♪As the numbers kept on climbing♪

    ♪There was Li WenLiang♪

    ♪Tried to get the whistle blown♪

    ♪He said♪

    ♪He comes the virus♪

    cough cough

    ♪And now he's gone♪

    ♪And then they forced a quarantine♪

    ♪To contain COVID-19♪

    ♪It was probably too late♪

    ♪To stop this spread of Chinese AIDS♪

    ♪Everybody was Kung Flu fighting♪

    ♪That sh*t spread fast as lightning♪

    ♪In fact, I feel my temperature rising♪

    ♪And I think my chest is tightning♪

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  • Tutone Lyles Naranjo says:

    Shame on the president for a reporter’s question asking for a response about people who are scared right now by degrading his question. And that journalist asked a legitimate question but the President was cruel to him in his response totally evading it and insulting him.

  • Dennis Sullivan says:


  • It would be the covid-19, an imaginative way to reset social security, pensions … 🧐
    Many of the victims are elderly and some are already weakened, occupying beds in hospitals … 🧐

  • He said not so good and so good come out of it while I think it's not so good with all the people that are going to lose their lives and lose a loved one's because you have dicked around so long getting testing no mass for the hospital no equipment for the hospital what kind of President are you matter fact you're not one who does the airhead sitting in our White House eating our food using our water to take a s*** we've really want to fire you I wish you just go away God have mercy on everyone in the United States right now because we truly need it

  • Never blame the system obsolete. If we are number 1, then we should be able to respond swiftly and adequately. Please look around the world, every countries are in the same boat, however, some countries are handling this situation much better. It all goes with the leadership. Therefore, please do not blame the system being obsolete.

  • For all those people not taking covid-18 seriously enough:

  • Hope more people dead & suffering cause you all are ignore dumb lazy nasty ego attitude ! More dead = proves you admitt the true ! Nasty nasty massive people !


  • Friends catch the link to the application, which in real time shows the situation in the country. Download and stay informed –

  • Why is it that when the White House gives a newsupdate the reporters sitting to in from each other side by side but yet you talk about social distancing the contradictions are overwhelming


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  • James Benedict says:

    @ExposingMiLabs You are delusional ! No, the WH press represent the goons from the media!! Get real! The whole objective of these jerks – the so called reporters (especially the ConCast/msnbc/cnn/abc/nbc/cbs) is to trap the president by baiting questions so that they can get the juicy sound bites to print or publish in their news media! This is not reporting! This is pure witch hunt!!

  • Amit Sharma Panchkula says:

    People should support President Trump. He is not a dictator. He is a democratic elected president. People voted for him. Allegations are he is difficult to work with, lack patience, difficult to brief, low trigger point and some say he is only money oriented. I think some of these allegations are false. Americans should unite and work for greater cause. Look at Italy. US authorities are doing their best. Daily briefings… great effort on ground.

  • Wth kinda of answer was that from Doc about everyone tested? I understand that Trump may be just going with what Doc says but come on, if people are still working and possible infected of course it spreads give me a break!!!

  • Your medicine will be coming from Bayer/Monsanto the proud maker of cancer causing glyphosphate! lol Yeah mr. president, "What have we got to lose!"

  • 🆘Shame on Speaker Pelosi and Congress who was unable to reach an agreement Sunday on a $1 trillion-plus stimulus package that gives cash to families and keeps small businesses afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic,” The Washington Times.
    Vote the do nothing Democrats out in November election.

    People are not serious about covid-19 and thus helping the disease to spread. Their attitude is a direct result of the Trump health officals' downplaying the seriousness of the disease. Fauci has always said it's about 1%. Also, during Trump's special presentation, the cdc woman behind him came forward to say that the mortality rate is only 0.7%! ABSURD! FAKE NEWS! If these officials were correct, even for a 70 some old man like me, wouldn't have been too concerned and taken too much precautions. They are make these young people feeling this covid-19 sounds like a joke. The fact is: WHO put the number at 3.4%, and in Italy it's 8+%! This officials are outrageous! This sickness will not be stopped if they don't courageously come forward to correct what they said.

  • I'm sorry, did I miss something? Is Mr. Trump on the same planet with the rest of us? Or am I on drugs? Have the space aliens taken over Washington DC??? Please, somebody clue me in here! My head hurts!!! GAAAA!!!

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