Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream)


100 thoughts on “Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream)”

  • Need to call it what it is. The ignorant journalist who tried to bait Trump by asking the pathetic question about where the coronavirus came from. Trump confidently said "China". Good he said that and stick it back to the baiter. That journalist needs to get educated about where the covid-19 virus came from. Either she s ignorant or is a baiters who forever hates Trump

  • The invisible enemy we will deafest the invisible enemy.. is he referring to those that move by night and not by day? The Illu…….

  • MSM 2 months ago: " If you're prepping, you're a tin-foil hat, Alex Jones conspiracy nut!"

    MSM today: "If you didn't prep, you're a bad person, and responsible for old people not having toilet paper!"

    Lol, these clowns.

  • How are the governmental "call girls" and prostitutes supposed to work from home???

    Coronavirus keeping chlamydia and gonorrhea off the streets.

  • Dr. Thomas E. Levy
    – Vitamin C The Ultimate Antibiotic
    Vitamin C kills ALL viruses. Take some morning, afternoon, and evening. If you get the "runs" cut down your dose a little — but don't stop taking it!

  • Trump " only 10 in a crowd". Moron you were supposed to say 50! The way the woman jump forward to not make Trump not look like a fool again. Now they have to stick with 10, otherwise Covid-45 looks dumb again. He is loosing it, not as sharp as he was.

  • Autumn Meadows says:

    This is the most this imbecile has "worked" in a bit. Thank you stock market I can tell you that. OK, tremendous came into the talk, mission accomplished.

  • Lame president. Way in over his ability and intelligence. Surrounded by yes men who are too afraid to call his BS. The entire administration needs to go.When you are running * the nation not with the A’ team but with the D team this is the debacle you get.

  • China doesn't pay tariffs on their goods sold in America. Americans do. The tariff is paid 100% by American companies and/or their customers. Why don't reporters correct Trump in the moment when he tells a lie or falsehood? Cutting tariffs would certainly help Americans, and not just during the pandemic.

  • Their is no such thing as a twin flame somebody's way to make money and heart break is real, that is all I've ever felt all my life but it's making me stronger everyday and if I cry, they cry!!!!!! And too bad so sad. But I'm free again within my right!!!

  • How do you know Trump is on his way out? Look at his hair and the grey on the side. Things are going down, and his face. Watch.

  • Check Pence burn into the back of the woman's head. I am sure Pence is the Anti-Christ and Trump is his fool/tool.

  • Danielle Tropea says:

    POTUS is dangerous. He's basically inciting violence against Asian people because his sycophants hear the dog whistle loud and clear.

  • Peace love prosperity unity grace honesty beauty happiness
    Meditate on these words
    Strength health

    I love you! Bless you all

    We're gonna get through this!

  • Riddle me this, There is absolutely NO REASON you can give me on why an American citizen can't walk alone at night due to the Coronavirus!!! That is absurd an what danger or threat are you for simply taking a walk??? Not everyone has criminal intentions, walking by yourself?? Someone give me a good reason why this would make sense please??

  • "Racist," "discrimation," "racism," "discriminating," were the terms kept coming up to my mind during the whole conference…

  • My wife is symptomatic, cough, fever x4 days, dizzy and just generally unwell. She is a healthcare worker RN and visits with immunocompromised hospice patients. She called Kaiser San Diego to get tested and guess what? They wont test her because "they are running short on testing kits and are reserving it for people with shortness of breath". Just think about that. How can you be serious? I'm really disappointed in southern California Kaiser and also the way the US is handling this. To put into perspective, the US has tested only 38,000 patients while south korea test 20,000 patients per day.

  • Captain Creation says:

    trump need to step down immediately the panic he has caused is this fiscal irresponsibility is crazy, peoples retirements account half been wiped out now, stores don't have supplies, and now he wants to close everything for weeks. What's going to happen when you reopen, it's going to spread again then what you going to shut it all back down ! Is he doing this on purpose?

  • President Donald Trump on Wednesday started his latest briefing to the nation on how the government is responding to the coronavirus crisis by saying, "I would like to begin by announcing some important developments in our war against the Trump virus," again casting the effort in military terms and referring to the disease with a term that has sparked backlash.

    Trump called himself "in a sense, a clown of a president."

    Trading on Wall Street was halted as Trump spoke when circuit breakers kicked in as the Dow plunged. And Trump doesn't still have a clue.

  • President Trump's quick-reaction helped save thousands of American lives. ???

    11 years ago in 2009 when 60,000,000 Americans were infected with Swine Flu (H1N1),
    300,000 Americans were hospitalized and according to the CDC 12,469 died (much more actually died).
    Democrat President Obama didn't address an emergency until 1,000 Americans died. Where was the outrage?
    No school closings?
    No empty store shelves.
    This Coronavirus frenzy is fueled 24/7 by the fake news media and the failing Democrats.

  • I refuse to be embarrassed to be an American. However Im embarrassed we haven’t taken action to remove this uneducated, lying, piece of $hit wrapped in skin.

  • We are at least 1 1/2 months behind in dealing with this crisis. If there is no lockdown to the magnitude of China, Italy, Spain and France, we will be like Italy in a matter of days. I live in So Cal and I still see businesses as usual. Pretty scary to think unsuspected infected people are going around spreading viruses to everyone else.

  • Also, you can expand healthcare facilities, but if you can not increase the PPE for us then it is absolutely useless…

  • The Press p eople have not been raised properly. They are rude and have only their ulterior motives of having Biden elected in November.

  • Einstein Alberto says:

    This reminds me of an old African proverb:

    If you wish to go fast, go alone

    If you wish to go far, go together

    We are separate, but we are still together. Be thankful for the technology we take for granted, that no other generation in history could even dream of having at their disposal.

    Together we stand united, or divided we will all fall.

    Stay calm, focused and level headed. We will get through this.

  • 1manuscriptman says:

    Here are the official mortality figures given for the Coronavirus in China by age and gender:
    AGE:80 plus:14.8 percent 70-79=8 percent, 60 to 69 3.6 percent, 50 to 59=1.3 percent, 40 O 49= .4 (FOUR TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT), , 10 to 39 years of age, .2 percent, 0 to 9 years ZERO percent. Also, almost 50 percent more men have died as women. They believe that this might be due to many chinese men smoking.

    What does this mean? It means that if you are under 40, you are probably OK.If you have children under 10, they may be in NO danger of dying, as there is no record of a single infant or child death in China.

  • origination would be the US because only that country has the “tree trunk” of all the varieties. And it may therefore be true that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. This would not be a surprise, given that the CDC completely shut down Fort Detrick, but also because, as I related in an earlier article, between 2005 and 2012 the US had experienced 1,059 events where pathogens had been either stolen or escaped from American bio-labs during the prior ten years.

  • There are people testing positive without symptoms. Why would you tell people not to be tested? If you think you've been exposed, get tested. For all we know early days is the only time to treat.

  • China now knows how vulnerable and unprepared we are to a virus (a minor virus when compared to other military grade pathogens). If the wanted to hit America, now would the time to do it, and we have President P*ssygrabber antagonizing them… That is pure 'genius'.

  • They might enact Marshall Law to win over this invisible enemy that's no invisible now. Only way to force everyone to quarantine.

  • 1manuscriptman says:

    According to the data from the experts about how this virus passes from person to person, China is totally lying about the number of cases they currently have.

  • He has no educated vocabulary, now I know why he had his grades, from all his schools, buried!!!
    I've never seen, in my lifetime, any President like this guy.

  • You don't think about solving it in an easy way, just give me some ideas. Anyone can do it. Don't think about putting on a mask and giving money, but think of that money to cure everyone.

  • João Monte e Freitas says:

    With the actual 30% grow rate Trump will have tomorrow 9.900 and 12.800 on friday and 21.700 by Sunday!!! Who Trump blame next!?  ???

  • We are working on a vaccine next week, clinical trials to go ahead in the next few months, FDA approval next year, no toilet paper until 2 years, then we have to make enough labels and packages for the vaccine, which will take another 5 years. Once you're all dead with dirty butts, there will be a vaccine.

  • who is the clown in the back saying Trump's approval rate has dropped…. I fricking love our President!!! All those who don't like him should shut up and leave him be, we put up with O'bummer for 8 years, never did like him, but never dreamed of treating him the way they have treated President Donald Trump. Go Trump!!

  • Who are we kidding, if Trump found the cure to the coronavirus tomorrow liberals would accuse him of putting doctors out of work.

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