Trump Vs. Macron – Songify the News 15

Trump Vs. Macron – Songify the News 15

HANDSHAKETOS Let me move on to some rather serious matters and that’s Donald Trump shaking hands with Emmanuel Macron HANDSHAKETOS And this is a handshake that will shake the world instead of just other hands that handshake between Macron and Trump Macron said “yeah, I was sending a message” Their greeting could be described as “Screw you” in handshake form I will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord Europe, Asia should not have more We’ll be the cleanest, cleanest air cleanest water cleanest here, cleanest there Europe, Asia, Asia Asia, Europe Asia, Asia, Asia Asia Europe Climate change is one of the major issues I wish to tell the United States, France believes in you The world believes in you American friends make our planet great againI’m very proud of people voting for hope The prime minister lost votes, that’s enough to go We look ahead and see what the results will be I know the country needs me You’re big, you’re strong Why didn’t you say “Mr. President, this is wrong” I was so stunned, by the conversation I was fired because of the Russian Investigation Son, it never occurred with either Bush or Obama I had never experienced drama, no drama Lordy, lordy I hope there are tapes I was alone with The President of The United States Trump chose to defame me and the FBI Those were lies, but the FBI will be fine will be fine, the FBI will be fine The President of the United States said, we had that thing I’d like to know what the hell that ‘thing’ is He was asking for something, and i was refusing to give it this confused me this didn’t improve the relationship the shifting explanation-ship and he hoped i would stay longer, said can you come over for dinner and i said yes sir maybe other people would be stronger i would think it would intensely arouse me uh arouse my curiosity why do you think, it is a good idea to give 3 Trillion dollars in tax breaks To the top 1% because ordinary people are paying more No, ordinary people do not have a wealth of $128 Billion Yes! most of my friends and I only have a few million *gasp* I’m so sorry you’re going through a tough time! Do you wanna crash on my yacht? Oh, that would be great. Answer the question! Why the rich are becoming much richer Like the Walton Family One guy there owns four Ferraris and one Maserati Four Ferraris and One Maserati Why does a billionaire get a tax break On four Ferraris and One Maserati WHEW! Maserati, Ferrari Ferrari, Maserati Maserati Ferrari More income inequality Like Robin Hood if Robin Hood was robbin’ some peasants Just to give King John some Gucci as a present Like the hunger games if President Snow hires Katniss To go to District 12 and raise Peeta’s taxes Like Batman if he told the City Council he’d save All of Gotham by lowering the minimum wage! I’m late to the party but I dreamed the beat was dope, though Let’s get it started again, and one two three go! Why you gonna throw seniors off Meals and Wheels baby Why you gonna throw children off Medicaid, baby? Why you gonna throw women and babies off W.I.C. baby? Then give a billionaire a massive tax break, baby? We don’t cut Medicaid – No Meals on Wheels is not reduced – Not true There’s a small reduction – Not true The rich are becoming much richer, they get a tax break On four Ferraris and One Maserati Maserati Ferrari Ferrari Maserati Maserati Ferrari More income inequality Like Oliver Twist if Fagan was the good guy He’s a job creator and no orphans die OH Maserati Ferrari Ferrari Maserati Maserati Ferrari American friends Maserati Ferrari I hope there are tapes Maserati Ferrari Asia Europe Songify the News Check out Allison and Gaby If you wanna be truly happy everything sounds better And you can get the track too if you want to And here’s more Macron everything sounds better in perfect tune


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