Trump unloads on reporter: No deaths are acceptable


100 thoughts on “Trump unloads on reporter: No deaths are acceptable”

  • Gosh! I have not seen even a woman moving her hands like this. ? Does he have any nervous disorder on that hand? Btw, that question was sooooooo dumb ?

  • Raytheon Nublinski says:

    Let the old die then we don’t have to fund sc and mc. Godspeed mr president. Your way of doing business is a light to the whole world.

  • Politicians like Trump and the Lt Governor of Texas aren’t worried about turning the virus loose on the American people because they know their status guarantees they will get the necessary medical treatment if they get infected. The average American has no such guarantee.

  • If I Could offer the Ultra Fine, Perfect Words, Stable Genius, No One Has Ever Been Smarter then Me President Donald Trump a Tiny Bit of Advice right Now. I Would Simply Say to him……….
    Shut the Hell Up! The Man Can't String Two Sentences together without Lieing Or Patting Himself on the Back for Being 3 Months Late Taking this Coronavirus Seriously….Just let the Doctors and Scientists tell us Exactly What is Happening.

  • Finally Fox News is Bringing Back Nut Job Conspiracy Theorists. I don't tune into Fox for genuine Facts? I go there to Hear Off the Wall Conspiracy Theories, Out Right Presidential Lies. Fox News is no place for Real Journalism. People can get those Real Pesky Scientific Facts on the Reputable Mainstream Media Networks.
    So Fox Please, Please Stick to doing what you do Best, Protecting the President at All Costs. Go back to Saying what you were saying Just last Week, that the Corona Virus is a Hoax Concocted by the Fake News and the Democratic Left Wing… The Truth is to Scary and Depressing!Being in my 50s I know I only have a Grade 6 Education but when I'm listening to Fox News or Trump I Feel like He Talking Directly to Me….. TRUMP 2020 and Beyond! MAGA MAGA.

  • If you feel sick, go get tested, if you have allergies, take a Allegra and get back to work. Long lines to test healthy people is a waste of time, money and manpower.

  • His question was the perfect example of "passive agressive." Also of " obnoxious." Hmmm reminds me of……Stephen Miller?

  • The president handled this great.

    The imbecile posing the question should be ashamed.


    The country admires and appreciates your leadership during this difficult time for having to deal with such idiocy in the midst of such seriousness

  • Considering leftwatics often believe humans should die to "save" the planet, maybe that "reporter" should ask them that question.

  • Tessie A Weekley says:

    Fake News Title. There's no evidence of Trump "Unloading" on anyone in this clip, period. Fox News is desperate for views apparently. Sensationalism Title.

  • “No one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’” Patrick said. “If that’s the exchange, I’m all in.” WELL. Since you asked… according to Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick your parents & my parents should be sacrificed for his money.

  • Lakristian Powell says:

    Our president has Alzheimer's. He's not well at all. Hope his kids gets him the help he needs. With Alzheimer's you have to jump on it early.

  • It has become apparent that Journalism in America is dead. The mainstream media is now nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. President Trump had it right, even tho the MSM has misquoted him for years now. Fakenews, or news that has no basis in fact, is a very dangerous thing to America. And the blatant bias of CNN and MSNBC is appalling. This reporter should have his Whitehouse Credentials revoked for being a complete idiot.

  • peter caldwell says:

    What a joke Trump saying no deaths are acceptable, he's already told you he'll swap the lives of your elderly for a couple of bucks. What a sick and twisted people aMEricans are with money, guns and I'm alright fuk you the accepted way of life. Geez I'd hate to be aMErican, keep ur borders closed please and by that stay in ur country you've become a virus of ur own. TRUMP VIRUS 2020

  • Rafael Gonzalez says:

    republicans are like those parents who cheer on everything their kids do …."yay his first tooth came out, good boy"

  • It's a hoax, no need to worry. Nothing to see here, go about your normal, daily life. In fact, find a bar, the busiest one possible, and make a toast to Trump's profound leadership. He's a physician, scholar, business man, psychologist, inventor, and so much more, all wrapped in a beautiful, healthy body. I'd be shocked if he ever did a drug in his life and won't live past 100 years old.

  • Most msm reporters are godless heathens who have no idea where a Christian comes from except for what they learn from the tribal and Chinese networks.

  • but legit…. trump just said yesterday that he wants to reopen the market by easter and that these numbers of deaths caused by the coronavirus r close to the numbers caused by flus annually, so therefore, we should not let it get in the way of reopening the markets/businesses. Trump clearly has a number of deaths in mind that he finds acceptable…

  • I knew the press hated Trump but it’s only the last week the magnitude. I see Cuomo say same thing and it’s praised .

  • Really,no deaths! why is he unloading responsibility for ventilator to the government..why isn't he demanding the production of masks,gowns, and all the things health care workers need to stay safe..blood will be on his hands..he is a do nothing, shift the blame,pass the buck president…

  • Since when are democratic reporters you know the fake news pro-life life matters everybody's life matters but they didn't give a s*** about the coronavirus victims wow shame on the Democrats

  • Justin Williams says:

    There are going to be more than 1,000 people dead by tomorrow. The data shows that we are going to get hit harder than Italy.

  • Muscleshirt productions says:

    That sounded like a “set up” question to me; I guess that reporter didn’t get the “punchline” he was looking for.

  • The wild life is not to blame.. and it's not that this virus escaped human research laboratory, it is about who turned it loose! From a laboratory…

  • if that was Biden pervert Biden or bastard Bernie all acceptable deaths may be a lot like you're probably be hundreds of thousands 500,000 demands that's the way the Democrats think not Republican not our President Trump like you said none

  • What the reporter failed to mentioned is that there have been reports out of Europe, from an animal rights group, that the government of China stoped their monthly exports of this animal to Vietnam in Aug of 2019. The animals, Pangolins, are used by research pharmaceutical companies for laboratory testing of their product, according to the group. But this arses in the fake news media are just selling the narrative.

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    The King of B.S. Drops another stinker: “I think there are certain people that would like it not to open so quickly. I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls,” Trump said. He went on to claim there are people in the media who want a prolonged shutdown to happen as he pointed to two different reporters he accused of writing “fake news.”

  • I'm a baby boomer and I'm willing to take a chance from dying from coronavirus19 to save the economy, America needs to get back to work.

  • Just because your local dojo is closed doesn't mean that we won't frown on you less for practicing your karate chops during a press conference. Especially when they're so limp.

  • Lol. Deaths are not only acceptable, but planned in everything we do. Actuarial tables were perfected long ago. Everyone has a price on their life.

  • My Hodgepodge Life! says:

    Well,a vax,wont be ready for a year,so are we going to not work?
    Those that do..
    China needs to get rid of wild animal mkts!!

  • AngelaKSellsHomes says:

    He didn't unload, fox news should be spelled faux! You guys need help, there's only a couple of you there with any morals. You make me sick ?

  • How many deaths are acceptable wow. Who is in control of these news reporters no wander the president is mad how long has he been dealing with this?

  • duncanbarrettbrown says:

    I think Trump is a horrendous leader and I do think that he will cause a lot of deaths. HOWEVER…..I do believe that was a totally unfair question to ask. I think Trump is foolish but his concern for the economy doesn’t equal him being cool with people dying. It’s a terrible situation with no totally right answers. Putting out those type of questions and adding to the negativity right now does not help in anyway.

  • Stupid question, fine answer. Although Trump's actual response to this issue is an embarrassment on a global scale and more importantly destructive to the well being of our people.

  • What a clickbait of ma title… If you as me, the reporter should have gotten an ear full for that kind of questions.. really.. who asks that?

  • There has always been a law about “ wild “ animal importation!!! Where have y’all all been. Even NPR knew that

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