20 thoughts on “Trump under fire after lashing out at Elijah Cummings”

  • Can the President help it if some of his most vocal opponents, who also happen to be inexperienced, failures, liars and scoundrels are predominately minorities, including stupid white broads (Nancy Pelosi, etc.)?

  • Do you think Elijah Cummings takes care the district he is elected? Yea right, he said his wife takes care the charities of city.

  • How exactly is President Trump under fire? BTW… Cummings probably never walk on African soil, so how is he an African American? He's a black American. Do often do we say,"European American", or "German American"?

  • President Butthead wannabe brother of Beavis AKA Trump and his clan of cold warts period.
    Trump has rats in his brain, rodents and cockroaches twirl around in his brain matter that's what he sees them period. The man is insane period. And he has no friends friends don't tell him that Baltimore is overridden with rats and roaches. I guess the only roaches that might be taking over Baltimore are the kind that are left behind after one smokes a blunt. So keep smoking them blunts. Trump is senile anyone at the age of 72 to 75 years of age and is never claimed to drink even a beer or one glass of wine and their lifetime is the definition best of senility and insanity.
    Know the truth, read the truth, know your history, study your history, and you will discover very quickly how much similarity there is between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. They were both idiots with delusions of grandeur alternate facts that we never the truth. That's why one lost world war II. In the other will lose in November 2020. 175 million voting Americans can't be run

  • Y'all say Elijah Cummings is a prominent Congressman will then why is he being investigated why is his wife being investigated maybe he's not so prominent maybe just doesn't give a damn about his town either cuz if he did he'd be speaking out about that stuff ain't heard one word from him until Trump brought it up that doesn't that sound kind of curious at the least

  • Trump is right . Baltimore is a dump , Get rid of Corrupt Cummings and his thieving Wife from Baltimore. AKA Bodymore Murderland

  • The White House is infested with rats. the biggest rat punk trump. Time to fumigate. Lets clean this White House and Vote

  • What has happened to people agreeing with the President about bad things what happened to the people who believe in God when they are believing in bad things you would think in God he wouldn't want us to act like this. Some come on and get along np matter what color and belief you are.

  • Marieflor Jacinto says:

    When truth is slapped on anybody's face they react it anger. Are they guilty or enbarrassed .? Or both.

  • Poor Trump! The oldest president in American history is slowly descending into Alzheimer's, just as his father did thirty years ago.

  • Srinivasan Pillai says:

    Republicans have knowingly allowed Russia hackers to interfere with our election system .
    We cannot trust anti American Republicans.
    Vote them out!

  • How do you "attack" someone on twitter? He may have "tweeted", but that is far from an attack. Are you really such a fruitcake that you consider a tweet an attack? LOL

  • Hmoob Channel says:

    This is the only thing his base will love it. The GOP poll tomorrow will be rising! Trump knows this very well and acts accordingly.

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