Trump Tweet TANKS Stock Market

Trump Tweet TANKS Stock Market

>>Donald Trump’s behavior just today alone
led to a 600 point drop in the Dow, and his behavior was of course displayed on twitter,
where he had a meltdown over Jerome Powell refusing to do everything and anything that
Trump wants him to do. So Powell gave a speech about what to expect
in the future when it comes to interest rates, and here’s what he said. While monetary policy is a powerful tool that
works to support consumer spending, business investment and public confidence, it cannot
provide a subtle rule book for international trade. So he’s taking a little jab there at Trump’s
trade policies. And he continues to say our challenge now
is to do what monetary policy an do to sustain the expansion to achieve the Fed’s goals of
low unemployment and stable inflation. Trade policy uncertainty seems to be playing
a role in the global slowdown and in weak manufacturing and capital spending in the
United States. There were “no recent precedents to guide
any policy response to the current situation. So he did say that it is likely that if the
economy goes the way that it’s going, which is bad, very, very bad, he will likely lower
the interest rates further. However, he did make a point to say that there’s
only so much the Fed can do to counteract the failed economic policies coming from Donald
Trump, namely his nonsensical trade war with China. So Trump lost it over this speech and I’m
going to give you Trump’s comments via Twitter in just a second but do you guys want to jump
in?>>Yeah I want to explain the full context
here because I’ve watched the market all day today and I can tell you exactly what caused
which events. This is based on the timing obviously. So I want you to be clear. Powell actually said he’s going to cut rates
and so the market immediately responded favorably to that. So in the morning the market was down a little
over 100 points because China said they were going to retaliate on tariffs. But everybody’s nervously waiting for what
the Fed chairman is going to say, because everybody knows is coming. If you don’t know business, everybody waits
on the Fed chair to speak. They’ve been waiting for weeks. They know he’s going to say whether he’s going
to cut rates or not today. So he comes out and he said many favorable
things about cutting rates. He said low inflation seems to be the problem
with this here and not high inflation which means hey I’m not worried about inflation. I’m gonna cut rates. And this is business talk for that. And he said the fed was cutting not raising
rates in the months prior to the end of the last expansions. So he’s saying even if we’re at the end of
the expansion and we’re still expanding, I’m still likely to cut rates. So not even if we’re in a recession, but even
if we’re going well, I wanna cut rates to make the next recession worse if it does happen. So that’s good sign number two. And then flat out, the one Anna read you is
indisputable, our challenge now is to do what monetary policy can do to sustain the expansion. So the markets then respond very positively
and about 150 point decline and I think at its bounces back up and now the market’s up
by 50 points. So Powell did his job. He wanted to assure the markets and I’m gonna
cut the interest rates. I’m not sure I even agree with cutting the
interest rates but he did what Trump asked him to. He said that stuff about trade as an aside. Partly to deflect blame. He’s like Trump keeps attacking me, but look
really what’s hurting the markets and the economy is the fact that you’re doing a trade
war and that’s just true. So then what is Trump do? Not only did he attack power in the ways that
Anna’s going to explain. But he then threatened a bigger trade war
against China.>>Yep.>>Boom, 700 point turnaround, market crashes,
is down minus 623. Had nothing to do with Powell. Powell did the right thing, markets were happy,
and Trump came in, as usual, like a meteor and just pulverized any of the gains that
were happening, turned it into disastrous losses.>>So Trump went on the war path on Twitter,
I mean there’s so many tweets but here’s what he initially said in response to Jerome Powell’s
speech. As usual, the Fed did NOTHING! It is incredible that they can “speak” without
knowing or asking what I am doing, which will be announced shortly. We have a very strong dollar, and a very weak
fed. I will work brilliantly, I don’t know why
brilliantly is in quotation marks, but I will work brilliantly with both, and the US will
do great. My only question, is who’s our bigger enemy,
Jay Powell or Chairman Xi. And then he continues to say our country has
lost stupidly trillions of dollars with China over many years. They have stolen our intellectual property
at a rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And they want to continue. I won’t let that happen. We don’t need China and blah, blah, blah. He keeps going. But I want to by the way correct something
because this is something that’s been, I think, widely accepted. But when you look at our trade negotiations
with China dating back decades ago. They actually did not steal our intellectual
property. I know that that’s the common narrative that
you hear. But these very trade deals indicated, yo you
hook us up with cheap labor, then go ahead. There is no stealing our intellectual property. You have access to it.>>They do it sometimes with movies.>>And Richard Wolffe, by the way, did a great
job in explaining this. And this is how the trade deals happened. There was no notion of stealing intellectual
property because that was the trade off from the very beginning. You give us the cheap labor, you have access
to our intellectual property, period.>>I like how hundreds of billions were capitalized
like he was in third grade. I personally, I have a couple of things to
say about this. First of all, you can tell the tweets that
Trump writes and then the ones that other people write because of the punctuation. You know he knows nothing about a comma and
a semicolon is way out of his range. But I think it’s interesting to watch a country
like I remember you having one of those moments on this when we talked about how America is
the greatest country in the world and we’re so this and we’re so that but we are we outsource
so much stuff, and we depend on so many other countries, and it appears to me, I’m no expert
in any of this stuff. But from the viewpoint of a constituent, a
consumer, a United States citizen, it feels like he has set out to sabotage so many relationships,
right, throughout the world that it is just showing us how vulnerable we are because so
many of the things that we call ourselves being great. But we rely so much on other countries and
he is doing such a great job at exposing all of that stuff, right.>>Yeah.>>And the other thing that’s fun as a hip-hop
fan is to watch old white men have beef. Like that is just something. They look like hip hop in the 90s like. He is really in a beef war. Every time Donald Trump says somebody is an
enemy I always feel like he is trying to get that person hurt.>>I mean yeah.>>Yeah yeah.>>He knows the type of followers and fans
he has and he knows the types of threats they put out there so I wouldn’t be surprised. But I wanna skip ahead to graphic 10 because
within five minutes of those tweets, the Dow had already plunged 223 points, then dropped
another 150 points five minutes after that.>>Mm.>>So.>>Overall it loss 700 points.>>Overall yes, but I’m just trying to make
a.>>No.>>Point.>>After the.>>After the tweet.>>Yeah.>>I wish I could show you the chart. So you see it go down in the beginning, go
up after Powell speaks, and then plummet after Trump’s tweets. So it’s no dispute whatsoever about it. Look I want to make a couple comments about
the tweets because they’re both disastrous and funny at the same time. This guy, he pretends he went to an Ivy league
school. Really? I mean that’s why he hides his transcripts. He’s like no no under penalty of law you’re
not allowed to show my transcripts. He threatens to sue everybody. Because he’s a moron. Of course he actually didn’t attend any of
those classes. Anyway to the relevant stuff, he says the
fed did nothing today. No you idiot, the fed said it was gonna lower
interest rates. And if you care about the market being like
your ratings, it was working untill you blundered in like an idiot an ruined it. They didn’t do nothing. They did actually in essence what you wanted
him to do. And so, then he says that why don’t they speak
to me first? They’re supposed to be not related to politics. They’re not supposed to go and ask the president,
hey what should I do? They’re supposed to be removed from politics. But you’re too stupid to even realize that. You’re not supposed to say come talk to me
about how we’re gonna do political advantages for me.>>Right, I mean he has Trump thinks he’s
king.>>Right.>>And not only king of the Israelis, but-
>>The king of the United States. Because he has absolutely no respect for institutions
that are supposed to be completely independent. Now, I think that there are fair criticisms
of the Federal Reserve. But we’re not talking about that, we’re simply
talking about the nature of the Federal Reserve remaining independent from the executive branch. He doesn’t want that, he wants Jerome Powell
to answer to him. And what frustrates me over and over again
in various contexts, and now, in this case, in the context of the Federal Reserve is that
you have this spineless men who coward to him and give him everything he wants.>>But look, this the thing you, that I have
to speak because of what you just said right now. The people who really hate the progressive
agenda and always supporting him that are very anti socialism. He’s skipping past socialism straight to dictatorship. Cuz in one of those tweets he talked about
the companies, saying he says they’re being ordered, the language is ordered. Who is he to order any company on what they’re
supposed to be doing with their private businesses?>>He thinks he’s a king, period.>>Yeah, in fact I wanna read that to you. Before I do, one last one, about the first
of the tweets is like, I work brilliantly.>>I was gonna tell you to do it, cuz she
said, what of the quotes->>I work brilliantly.>>Yeah, that means you work like an idiot.>>At least he knows, at least he knows.>>Right, anyway. But he thinks he’s saying, I work brilliantly
with the fed. And then he goes on to call the head of fed
the enemy. Is that your idea of working brilliantly with
them? And you just said earlier in a tweet that
they won’t even talk to you.>>Just his supporters are so incredibly unintelligent. They miss all this. They’re like yeah that’s it. I can’t believe the fed won’t talk to them. That’s why he works so brilliantly with them.>>They’re not affected by the stock market.>>And they’re also not affected by logic.>>But I mean many of them are affected by
this trade war. Right, which is really, having this impact
on the economy and what’s amazing to me is while you know some of the truckers we talked
about earlier this week and some of the farmers we’ve talked about earlier on the show are
feeling the pain and their finally changing their opinion on Trump, there still people
in those industries, who are like, no, no, he’s fighting for us. He’s really taking it to China, he’s really
showing them who’s boss.>>And well, forget pick your own strawberries. Go get the people that belong to you that
think we’re coming to take your jobs and go tell them to pick the strawberries because
those signs went from Farmers for Trump to Please Help.>>Right.>>Yeah and it doesn’t matter, guys look. His last poll he’s at 36%. Ain’t nobody 14 months before an election
and 36% that pulls that kind of come back, and it’s certainly not Donald Trump. Last thing. So the reason that things crash is not because
he assaulted the head of the Federal Reserve. That’s not relevant economically. It crashed because he threatened hundreds
of billions of dollars in tariffs against China, thereby making the trade war worse. Thereby lowering manufacturing and creating
a ripple effect throughout the economy that is potentially disastrous. That’s why all of those companies lost value
because everybody is going to do less business and the economy might crash. But even in the midst of that I agree with
Ida that the favorite part of that tweet that crashed the economy was this last line. Our great American companies are hereby ordered
to immediately start looking for an alternative to China including bringing your companies
home, and blah, blah, blah. What do you mean they’re hereby ordered?>>Is he talking about-
>>What does that mean? That doesn’t mean anything. The president does not hereby order things. In this country, where you have to pass a
law that goes through Congress nd you either sign it or you don’t sign it as President. He literally thinks he’s king of Israel. Right? The second coming, he’s like Trump king Trump
hereby orders. He put it in the tweet. What does that mean? Do companies now have to follow Trump’s order? And what is it? Is it written anywhere?>>He gets treated like a king. I mean the Republicans don’t hold him accountable. Democrats are weak and they don’t hold him
accountable. So he gets to do what he wants.>>And even if any of that was true a president
ordering private companies to do something would be the height of socialism. You guys claim your favor to free market,
the government telling private companies what to do. I hereby order them. Bernie Sanders is saying my God it’s a take
over, it’s a take over by the government of the companies.


100 thoughts on “Trump Tweet TANKS Stock Market”

  • I feel like the guy who stands in the middle of a warzone with bullets whizzing by, and all I'm doing is trying to live my life.

    And in the background:
    R: "We're better than your party!"
    D: "No, we're better than your party!"
    R: "No we're better than your party!"
    …and so on and so forth.

  • Juliette De Maso says:

    The New York banking world washed their hands of Trump long ago, it’s part of why his complex became so intensely inflated. But suddenly Trump becomes president and the exponential-capital narcissists’ opportunism rears it’s head; then they were all too eager to make a deal with the devil (or the Devil’s goblin) based on the presumption that he could be a pet chump, one who could be easily manipulated to deliver them their own Christmas morning every day.
    And now here they are, in a panic over the goblin-chump’s moronic five-minute-interval chaos blasts.
    Here’s my shocked face: 😶
    I’m tired of Wall Street being the measure for the country’s economic health.
    It would be like saying all the people in a kingdom are healthy based on the vitals of the lords.
    It’s such a dated trope; but the mainstream media and Forbes (Et al) and certain politicians continue to talk up the stock markets and we apparently don’t realize it’s their own little closed circuit circle jerk.
    We’re not remotely a part of this.
    Other than to do the jobs and buy the goods, aka be good little coal briquettes and throw ourselves into their giant furnace.
    The stock market tends to inversely reflect the regular person’s financial moment. A company lays off hundreds: their stocks go up. Because, minus those wages to pay out, that company can report a profit next quarter.
    This crap isn’t even based on actual tangible money: it’s all “futures”, speculation, projected interest on 30 year loans, investments of those projections, acquisitions, rigging the system to eliminate obstacles and crush any possible competition, reading geo-political climates (aka: influencing them) like palmists at the fairground, and then tossing more stacks of Monopoly money at each other.
    When your economy is no longer based on tangibles, like a country’s physical resources and goods and services, it’s perpetually fragile and top heavy.
    A hydrogen filled blimp on a tricycle.
    The government should have zero relationship with this mess; other than as a regulatory body run by and serving The People.
    if I’m being truly honest I’d say Wall Street just needs to end. Blasphemy against the Almighty US Dollar, I know.
    We’ve seen this play out; this entire game of Monopoly, with a little Risk and Stratego and a shake of the toy eight ball tossed in; when allowed to get whatever they want, it ends up revealing the lie that the exponentially rising corporate throne has anything at all to do with Free Market or democracy.
    It’s the opposite. It’s exploitative elitist plutocracy/oligarchy/autocracy.
    And the state religion is competitive material might, loaded with false idols.
    As to Trump: a narcissist is akin to the child who drops water on a busy colony of ants and delights in watching them scatter .
    They cannot feel through relationships and empathy, so they must feel by absorbing the negative energy emitted from people they’ve disrupted, god-like. The more the merrier, the bigger the better.
    And every time he talks remember, narcissists only speak into their mirrors.

  • There is a law that allows Traitor-Trump to limit international trade. He can't just tweet about it and it suddenly happens, but if he actually followed the correct procedure, he could order companies to stop doing business with China.

  • So it turns out electing a bat shit crazy lunatic and putting him in charge of the economy and the nukes wasn't such a great idea …

  • Stop worring about 40's or 30's % approval, that means nothing to him, it is still the same core-base that got him elected in the first place. When the approval rating between REPUBLICANS starts to drop, that's gonna be the "beggining of the end", the final bell toll for this presidency.

  • Michael Horton says:

    I always look forward to when Trump makes a trade war reference on TV or Twitter. The market dips, I buy, the market rises again, I sell. Past couple years has been my best years playing the stock market.

  • TYT again hoping their viewers are clueless. Dow didn't tank. People can check the price action themselves, just type INDEXDJX: .DJ in google search and click the 1 year chart.

    In trading this is not called a plunge. This is not even called a drop 🙂 It's a simple price correction and it happens every week.

    …they call -1.85% a plunge :)) hahahah. With that logic, you should be having panic attacks every day.

  • Trump's presidency is an indictment of the American education system! After inbreeding the so-called "elite" and dumbing down the masses for close to 4 decades, the USA are approaching "Idiocracy" (2006) levels of widespread stupidity!

  • I am so sick of stressing over this idiot. He is destroying America, and I don't think it can be fixed. I think we have gone passed the point of return. God help us.

  • Brilliantly is in quotes to denote sarcasm because even he lnows hes an idiot and occasionally he lets little things slip which show that to be true lol

  • Tarquin Farquhar says:

    I knew it. I knew he'd start acting like a king. Next he'll be ordering the production of wildfire and order it be placed in locations ready for him to incinerate the masses, ala. The Mad King from Game of Thrones.

  • Tozias Silverfang says:

    Thumbs up and a comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  • Digital Alchemy says:

    Aida, you are so true about the Old Skool Hip Hop… I have for so long been waiting for him to start patting his head because of his weave is itching him from his perspiring from fear as he tries to front his fake attitude as he stands there clapping as he makes his statement like a thug wrapper "G"… 🙂

  • Harold Mathurin says:

    I me very sorry for you my friend american and mostly for the next president.All the Work He have to do to put you on track after who you know.

  • Joseph Marzullo says:

    Well, cheaper stocks does equal more opportunities because they're going back up again eventually. Too bad I'm tapped out right now lol

  • Trump is a real estate broker telling a person and persons who compared to him are economic geniuses, no wonder the idiot went bankrupt so many times. America should be very afraid this idiot could go to his own casino's and loose everything. The problem with America idiots holding Your money in 401k's and investments ,social security. Gambling addicts using your money to let you go bankrupt middle class Americans are suckers your money goes down the black hole of their arrogance and bad investment's.

  • 13:00 Oh man.. Even Cenk screwed that up. No, the PRESIDENT ordering a company to do something is effectively COMMUNISM, not socialism, my friend. We are having enough trouble trying to get the drones on the right to understand the difference, let's not confuse them further with gaffes like that. Oy.

  • Dump thinks he can do no wrong with any thing he says/duse but he is sssooo dum and don't know anything about what he is doing

  • If you move five steps forward and then move one step backward to avoid an open man-hole… you are not going "backwards". Trump's economy remains far, far ahead of where it would have been had Clinton won, with the lowest unemployment and highest growth in nearly 50 years, and we continue to live in a free country with the first and second amendments intact to boot.

  • Much respect for you guys but I think you're completely and utterly wrong about China not stealing IP. If you invent something worth producing it will be copied and for sale on ebay within weeks by a Chinese vendor. I've heard stories of it happening within days. This isn't "China" but copycat manufacturers, i've heard in some cases the same manufacturers hired to create the original item. The problem is that China isn't punishing these people. Guessing you don't do much shopping on ebay or amazon where you will often get knockoff fakes instead of originals. Of course the bigger problem, a HUGE problem that punishes and hamstrings US sellers is epacket shipping. Just search for forbes article "As U.S. Postage Rates Continue To Rise, The USPS Gives The Chinese A 'Free Ride'" to understand this.

  • Brigid Pfenninger says:

    Once again trump is questioning the loyalty of an American and siding with a foreign leader. The head of the Fed is the enemy? Really?!

  • All that has money on the stockmarket : GET OUT NOW.. THE BIG ONE IS GONNA HIT… ECONOMIC DISSASTER ON A SCALE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE IS COMING SOON.. capitalism is failing big time… done with printing worthless money .. no more stimulae possible to boost the bubble.. it's gonna blow. SAFE YOUR MONEY .. TELL IT AROUND… SELL FAST NOW ON WALLSTREET

  • And some people say he's not influential…😂😂😂. (Dropped almost 500 points within 10 minutes? That's faster than it takes Google to update apps on my tablet!)

  • @12:11 What do you mean by they are hereby ordered?

    Hmmm, this is no laughing matter. The military-industrial complex might agree/resort to desperate measures listening to a crazed "leader" in a political climate they deem "dangerous" to their interests. Let us rewind time to a similiar führer, i.e. leader from early 1930s who also "ordered" the industries.

    – Direct monetary incentives to big corps. Trump's tax cuts. Check

    – Granting corps absolute powers to control workforce. Already check before Trump (in Nazi germany this became even "better" with forced labor).

    – Bullying to force one-sided trade agreements. Check.

    – Vast military investment, with the enough "war-efforts" to make long-term profitability probable. Has been check for 70 years.

    – Large scale privitatization of public service to cement partnership with the corps. Check soon?

    – Empty threats to goad the industries, wisely then substituted by further incentives. Check.

  • Like all these politicians, trump is doing the bidding of hi hidden cronies. As usual the rest of us are all just victims.

  • The Central banks just need to print out more money. Swipe all existing debt. And let's just have a DO OVER. 🤷‍♀️😏

  • that girl probably has no idea how on it she was comparing it to 90s hip hop beefs.. because hip hop beefs are fake and to drum up sales for everyone involved.. you realize the bankers make money on the way up and on the way down, right?
    all the comments had their purpose and no one said something they werent supposed to. wealth transfer.

  • I am a right leaning independent who voted for Trump. I am a regular TYT viewer because I like to hear opinions that differ from my own. It's difficult to do so when you regularly say things like "Trump's supporters are sooo unintelligent". I know you don't think you're alienating your viewers but you are. Convince me. Don't call me a racist idiot.

  • So many good republicans out there who understand government and international affairs But most of you are stuck on a guy because you say he tells it like it is. If that’s the case my uncle Bobby could be president if that’s all your guys where looking for.

    Because lets be real poeple. Trump is a clusterfuck. He really is.
    He’s running this country in his gut instinct.
    Like he’s running a casino or a hotel. Like a business. And we all know what happened to most of trumps business ventures.

    I don’t think trump voters are dumb like trump. But dammmmm guys. Are you serious ??? He tearing us apart. You and me.

    He praises enemies and downs allies.

    Is it the image any stance that you like? Tearing families apart? That’s the thing you like him for?

    Well I got news for you. Immigrants are not going to be kept out of this country. It’s like the war on drugs. Is a never ending battle.

    Not gonna happen.

    Like I said any other republican I’d vote for in a sec over this man in the white household today.

  • This is Libtard propaganda. Trump has boosted my stock portfolio so much I can now buy a Big Mac at McDonalds instead of the cheeseburger on the dollar menu.

  • Brian Dewhirst says:

    Unfortunately, Congress granted the President emergency powers in 1977 which allow him to interfere with international trade in the case of a state of emergency. We're currently under 30 separate ongoing states of emergency, several of which have worldwide scope. If he can find someone to write it up correctly, he very well can order companies to do stuff– but fortunately, not just because he tweeted about it.

  • Mueller refused to indicted a sitting white collar criminal president show the world president trump is above the law.

  • they have actually been stealing patents and have been for years. they have also been acquiring them legally in business deals which Trump has misrepresented. China has been involved in numerous instances with the Patent Office in Australia for decades now

  • I work in IT at a large investment firm on Wall Street, on Friday my manager and I were in a conference call and waiting for operations in another state to join the call. To kill time, my manager asked why the market was down that day. My immediate gut response was to say "Trump must have said something stupid again" but I instead quickly checked the business news and saw that China had declared tariffs on the US. I had no idea about this other stuff. I guess my gut was right.

  • David Canatella says:

    I find it interesting that tyt defends the environment and defends the market system that destroys it. Not liking Trump is no reason to abandon reason. If you think the the Bank takes orders from anyone you're smoking plastic.

  • A strong dollar is great but this does not help your exports. Buying goods and services from America now costs much more than five years ago.

  • The small government party has no problem with orange fuhrer using the power of the presidency to actively manipulate the markets.

  • usssanjacinto1 says:

    But now, "Trump Tariffs Tanks Chinese Markets." China ready to talk and wants end Trade war. Basically, Trump had China in a Chokehold and China tapped out.

  • Robban Dahlgren Jonsson says:

    Leave it to Aida to start with the racial bs. also you should probably learn something about monarchies as it's painfully obvious that you have no idea what powers a king possess

  • Daniel Euteneier says:

    And today the Chinese come with their hat in their hand "can we talk"? YOUR President just keeps kickin' your ass…every…single…day ; ).

  • Trump is use to being a BULLY and his constituents do what they're told to do normally!

    We as a people are allowing Trump to become a DICTATOR!

  • TYT keep proving themselves to be ignorant buffoons in a hate-on-Trump echo chamber. Trump's interest rate hike was in response to China announcing a tariff increase on $ 75 billion dollars of US goods.
    Anna and Richard Wolf don't know anything about IP. Demanding IP for access to markets and cheap labor is illegal and stealing. The US has won every case they have brought against the Chinese over trade. But TYT just is soooooo much smarter than everyone else. The trade was with China is working. Manufacturing jobs in the US are increasing when Obama had said they were never coming back.

  • it never came out of the recession, it's just been propped up on the illusion the 2008 crash recovered, show me any real evidence that supports it did. if people think any differently on that, they are as deluded as trump is about being Emporer or king of the USA.

  • oh oh the markets are up today its why you can't make a judgment on the stock market based on one day one week or even one month. You look at the LONG RUN probably 3-6 months before you see a definite trend. Cuz if you don't you end up looking FOOLISH like the bunch on this youtube account

  • Why is that anti-white, obviously racist girl still on the show? You scold Hassan for saying something off your show but you allow the Spanish KKK girl on your show to run her bigoted mouth uncontested. Come on TYT. Have some dignity.

  • Tyt is so irrelevant. Anyone with a brain stem doesn't take this headline seriously, and after this woman opened her mouth it made it all that much more clear.

  • I can just imagine all the trash out there that loves this channel. Do all you pathetic losers get together, in your parents basement, and take bong hits while you watch this shit?

  • Trump 2020…. Bitches! All you losers need to get your silver polish out again. Trumps taking the gold again.
    I really would have thought Hillarys supporters would have taken the loss better. You people have been losers your whole lives, what's one more.

  • The Young Turds saying bad shit yet again.
    How shameless of you guys.
    Here my analysis : the DNC and Corporate press is doing everything they can in order to re-elect Trump in 2020.
    It's so bad, that the only way a democratic candidate (and it would be any candidate, even my dog) wins against Trump is Trump himself topping his own economic blunders and bringing in recession – then Americans will simply expel the guy out of the White House for doing exactly what he did with his casinos in Atlantic City : bluffing big with a bad hand.

  • Ana is right on point this time. Prof. Wolff explains clearly how the trade deal was struck between China and the West. China agreed to provide cheap goods and services in exchange for technological know how. Both sides agreed to this.

  • David Canatella says:

    So, tyt defends the ecology, then defends the transport market system that's destroying the ecology?? Hating Trump is not a reason to abandon reason.

  • I think he dose this on purpose, if you could control stocks falling on your word and then say something that will cause a temporary recovery you and your friends could make a lot of money as the country goes broke.

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