Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm

Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm

So yesterday Donald Trump unleashed a multi
tweet tirade against Fox News and we can now say that Donald Trump has fully turned on
Fox News exactly as I predicted months ago. First, I’ll tell you what Donald Trump said
yesterday. Then we’ll go back to how this been building for awhile. Now, Donald Trump
is furious that Fox news even had Democrats on their channel saying that there are a,
it’s time to look for something else. And also saying a lot of other bizarre and completely
just unintelligible things. So let’s take a look. Trump tweeting in a three tweet tweetstorm
yesterday quote, just watch Fox News heavily promoting Democrats through their DNC communications
director, spewing, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor Sandra
Smith. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate. The Dems give them nothing.
CNN and MSNBC are all in for the open border socialists or beyond. Fox hires give Hillary
the questions. Donna Brazil who won Williams and low ratings, Shep Smith, hopeless and
clueless, they should all go the way that they should all. They should go all the way
left and I will still find a way to win. That’s what I do when too bad. I don’t want
to win for myself. I only want to win for the people. The New Fox News is letting millions
of great people down. We have to start looking for a news outlet. Fox isn’t working for us
anymore. Um, so this has been building for awhile. I’ve been talking about this, but
before I even get to that, it’s so it, it seems patronizing the language that Donald
Trump is using when he tries to explain to people on Twitter that he wants to win for
them and that it’s all for them. For most people who have sort of like a, an understanding
of the real world, it’s the most patronizing and childish way or, or demeaning way for
a 73 year old president to be speaking to the country. But clearly this is language
that actually does resonate with people. People actually see Trump speak to them in this way
via Twitter or speeches or wherever else. And it seems sincere to them and it seems
genuine and that, that, that’s just a problem. I think that is a bigger picture issue than
Trump even. Uh, but let’s put that aside for a second. This anti-fog stuff has slowly been
building for the last several months I’ve been telling you about it. There’s no fixed
relationship that’s set in stone between Donald Trump and Fox News. You might remember if
we think back to the beginning of the 2016 primary Fox News was not behind Donald Trump
at the beginning of the 2016 Republican primary. They didn’t take them seriously. They didn’t
think he could win. They didn’t support him. Trump had some pretty public, uh, fights,
including with Megan Kelly and others on Fox News. And Fox News was quite opposed to Donald
Trump and very publicly. So, and eventually, I guess Trump, I’m going from memory, Trump’s
sort of, um, uh, reconvened and made up with Megan Kelly. And Eventually Fox News sort of came around
to Donald Trump and has been quite frankly, a pretty effective mouthpiece for Trump for
a long time. Trump co-opting fox news hosts are Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity,
developing personal relationships with these people. Maria Bartiromo on Fox business and
other example. And it’s been a pretty good, a propaganda mouthpiece for Donald Trump for
a while now. But over the last year and a half, sort of every once in awhile, a little
more over the last year, a little more over the last six months, uh, every once in awhile.
Shep Smith or Chris Wallace or someone would say something uncontroversially true about
Donald Trump that contradicted what Donald Trump had said or the weekend anchors might
do coverage that Donald Trump doesn’t like or whatever, and slowly but surely Donald
Trump has been more and more angry with Fox News because even Fox can’t keep up the line
100% of the time. That’s the truth. They can’t placate Trump all the time when all Donald
Trump does his lie and every once in a while they have to tell the truth. Now, I’ve also said that Trump, if he turns
on Fox News, may well start promoting the even crazier network o a n one America News,
which if you watch it looks almost like a porn parody of what a right wing news channel
would look like, but OAN is not joking. Oh, AAN is for real. This is my clip talking about
this from a few months ago. Fox News is not necessarily going to stick with Trump. They’re
about profit and right-wing propaganda. In a general sense, Trump might be the vehicle
for that propaganda, but he also might not. And just to prepare you, if Trump and fox
have a falling out, you need to know that Donald Trump’s network of choice is going
to become this absolutely whacked out thing called o a. N the one American use network
or one American use. Check it out online, but not with kids in the room and not close
to meal times because it is truly, it’ll, it’ll turn your stomach. Uh, but o h n is where Trump will go if ultimately
he abandons Fox News as the propaganda vehicle of choice. And then of course, about three
weeks ago, Donald Trump tweeting, watching fake news, CNN is better than watching Shepard
Smith the lowest rated show on Fox News. Actually, whenever possible, I turn to o a n n one America
News Network. So listen, um, yes, this was written on the wall months ago and it does
seem to be happening. I’ve said before, we are not going to win in 2020 because of a
primary challenge against Trump. We are not going to win in 2020 because Donald Trump
gets impeached. We’re not going to win in 2020 because Donald Trump turns on Fox News,
but every single one of those things could hurt Trump slightly an impeachment inquiry
against Donald Trump. A would replace coverage of Trump’s campaign with coverage of the impeachment
inquiry that might damage Trump half a point in a number of key states, a primary challenge
against Donald Trump, which he now has from former Republican congressman Joe Walsh and
I guess still sort of from former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, although you don’t
really hear much about that, they’re not going to win the primary, but if they get a few
points of support from the 20% of Republicans that don’t approve of Trump, and then maybe
Joe Walsh decides to run as an independent in 2020 maybe it’ll siphon off a another half
point or one point or two points from Trump in some key state. It’s not going to be the sole difference maker
that we can count on. And in the same way if Donald Trump and fox news part fuck if
Fox remains conservative but not a pro Trump 110% of the time propaganda mouthpiece and
instead Donald Trump starts going to promote OAN or whatever, which will have far lower
ratings. Maybe that also does just a sliver of damage to Trump in some states where it
might might make a difference in the end. If we combine all of these things with just
getting our base out, half the country doesn’t vote, let’s just find people who agree with
us and explain to them the importance of voting. All of that together may well lead to Donald
Trump’s removal. That’s my sense right now. And so let’s, you know, we, I did a stream
earlier this week, uh, with a, a former, a Wall Street financier who now is like an independent
trader and the entire thing struck a lot of people in the audience. Like this is like very Wall Street center
right stuff. And I’ve been arguing for a long time. We can simultaneously identify the problems
with the system, but also use the tools that the system provides in the best way we can
to our advantage. And this is why I think that even though there are so many structural
inequalities and problems with our financial system, I still think it’s important to be
informed about savings accounts, cds, mutual funds, basic retirement planning and budgeting
and all of this stuff. Uh, because these are tools that we can use to our advantage in
the exact same way. We need to think of the tools that we have that we can use to our
advantage in 2020. I hate the status quo of campaign finance, but it is the status quo
right now. And campaign advertising is something that can be effective. So Democrats should do it. The nicknames and
branding that Donald Trump is so successfully used, it’s childish and it’s stupid, but it’s
not violence. And it is effective if you read the work of George Lake off. So Democrats
should take advantage and try to brand candidates, including Donald Trump in a similar fashion
to how Donald Trump has branded democrats. And in the exact same way, Trump’s, uh, primary
challengers, all of these different things we’re talking about Trump’s splitting with
Fox News. These can all be little tools that we can try to foment a little bit just to
try to gain that advantage because in the end it all can contribute to ultimately removing
Donald Trump. Make sure that you follow me on that Instagram at David Dot. Pacman. We will take
a quick break and be right back after this


100 thoughts on “Trump Turns on Fox News in Erratic Tweetstorm”

  • Seven Nine Three says:

    Could you imagine how confused his poor MAGA cult must be?? First he says someone’s amazing, then he says you have to hate them. He hires, fires, hires, fires.. First he says FOX is where to go, now he says they suck.. LOLLL You have to be an idiot to take this old man Trump seriously. He’s off his meds

  • Cant you do an absentee ballot in most states? If I remember correctly it makes voting pretty easy if you're worried about your ability to get to the polls on election day.

  • I fear that OANN may become popular mainstream for the right with the help of Trump. His fan base is already easily radicalized and this could be very dangerous for America.

  • Thebe Bashaleebee says:

    He's right … just facts and stats are not going to do it. It very unfortunately glazes over too many people's heads.

  • The only reason tRump won was that everyone though he had no chance of winning so why vote. In 2020 those tens of millions of Democrats and Independents who didn't vote will turn out to put tRump in jail in 2020 in a LANDSLIDE. And that landslide will be the biggest in the history of US presidential elections and there is NOTHING tRump can do about it. His own party will vote against him.

  • So… FOX, hows that workin' out for ya'? Put all your energy supporting him, giving him a platform, praising him, showing off his unhinged tantrums… didn't see this coming? God, you're stupid, FOXnews.

  • It would be a beautiful thing if Trump's only media support was Jesse Lee Peterson; two peas in a cognitively challenged pod.

  • How many hours on earth does Trump watch TV every day?! He definitely watches several shows on Fox News, including the ones he hates like Shep Smith. He totally watches CNN and MSNBC just to slam them. And then he checks out OANN and other fringe propaganda channels. It's a miracle he has some time left to do anything else.

  • America you have a huge problem. Trumpists don't know he's unpopular. They think they are the norm. They don't believe ANY facts. If they lose there will be a civil war. They want it. They plan it on chans all day, every day, and they have been for A DECADE!

  • He sounds like a 12 year old. He acts like a 12 year old. He's an old, dried out, shriveled little "man" who never grew up. And never will.

  • Donimir Trumpokov says:

    EVERY TWEET IS TRUE ! David, Your Show makes me cringe, but I like to keep up on propaganda from the radical fascist left, and I can count on you to deliver.

  • Ahhhh, what's the matter, Widdle Donnie.? Did Fox Noise display a slight amount of criticism and not maintain their total fealty since your "election"? Your reaction to any criticism is telling – you hate it and never forget who "betrayed" you, including the journalist who said that you had little fingers. Your pathetic ego must be continually pumped up with other people's praise or your own fantasies.

  • now what Trumptards? He's turned on Jews; he'll turn on farmers and its only a matter of time he turns on you.
    book it.

  • Nothanks Nopenoname says:

    He is why anyone in the government should not be allowed to use social media like this. Especially the president.

  • This is standard practice for the transnational Murdoch organisation. Australians and Brits, especially the former, are all too familiar with the pattern. When, in spite of its best efforts to keep a right-wing government in power, a change seems to be in the offing News Corp puts its own business interests first by seeking to curry favour with the prospective new leaders. Sadly this has always worked pretty well for News Corp. Those on the political left are so relieved that the various Murdoch media outlets only try to kick them to death most instead of all the time that they lose any resolve they might have had to confront Rupert Murdoch's power in the media and wider business world. Of course such a hiatus only lasts until the electoral pendulum begins to swing back to the right, and then News Corp's full rabid right-wing glory comes roaring back like a tsunami.

  • Gustav Gnöttgen says:

    King Lear on the heath.
    His vassals already leave him, his children won't rescue him, and bad ol' Bernolel Sanders roams his kingdom.
    Soon he will talk to ghosts…

  • Tshepo Maimane says:

    Never believed it would happen. But you said it.

    It just shows how this whole thing is really not about people than it is about desire for truth.

  • Adam Weishaupt says:

    Why? Why did you tell me this network exists? I spent the last half hour in their comment sections and now I am depressed and have to go to work.

  • Here’s a real nightmare scenario. Every news outlet is vehemently against trump, and he wins anyway.

    After 2016, i put NOTHING past the American voting public. We’re already killing the planet much less each other at a rapid rate. If aliens spoke English and gave our planet a corny nickname, they would call it “Masochisticia”

  • Trump announced in just a couple weeks into his presidency, " Any Negative news about Me is Fake News".
    So why should any of this be surprising?

  • Fox has featured Juan Williams and Shep Smith, for example, for quite a long time. This significantly adds to the credibility of Fox laying claim to the whole Fair & Balanced mantra. Williams and Smith are as liberal as the entry level news readers of CNN & MSNBC are required to be. Now I’m at a loss to identify any on-air personnel from CNN or MSNBC, or any other legacy broadcasters as a voice for any right of center perspectives. Help me out here; give me a name. Who is right of center aside from Fox? Who from the major networks delivers centrist views? Anyone? David Pakman is a hack who has evolved into a presstitute and has left journalistic integrity far behind. He should be forced to watch his own videos and rate his own performance. If he ever possessed journalistic integrity, he would see exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Its obviously for money, Murdock who owns Fox was a great supporter of Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister in the UK, Blair was the head of the labour party a socialist party. Murdock is driven by money, he has no affiliations or loyalties, why he is hated in his home country which is here in Australia.

  • I'm shocked Trump doesn't have his own TV station. The idea that political opponents should be prevented from appearing on certain networks is laughable. Plenty of Republicans go on Real Time with Bill Maher. They aren't shut down. Debate is so important. Trump doesn't believe in debate. If you say something negative about him,the dummy flies out of his pram. Laughable.

  • Jack of all Fades says:

    Actually David, "I" predicted it in a comment on your video "Trump is racist: it's okay to say it" and you STOLE my prediction!

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

    Trump is not completely wrong.
    Fox has moved on from him because for capitalism to continue they understand that now they need a more moderate, ideally Democrat government that will have to take the heat for all the massive tax cuts and leave the democrats to have to implied all the austerity necessary from the fall in revenue.

    The problem is that people like David who support capitalism don't pay the price for this game, that is the working people of the world.

  • Guitarisforgrins says:

    Funny how he says Shep Smith is the lowest rated. I mean, that's because it's the ACTUAL NEWS part of Fox!! No one watches Fox for actual news!

  • Seems that some of his biggest donors are leaving trump behind. That said he is still likely to win. Where is the opposition?

  • I Strongly disagree with your last remarks.
    Don't resort to name calling, it's stupid and childish. Nobody is going to beat Trump by playing the games Trump has been playing all his life.
    If you can't beat Trump while keeping your dignity and class, then you are not a good enough candidate en don't deserve to win.

  • Everything you listed already happened in 2016 and Trump still won. Fox News hated Trump during the 2016 primaries. In the 2016 general election, Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson took votes away from Trump. It wasn’t enough. Democrats need to campaign harder.

  • anarchy, even if he got what he wanted, he still finds a way to blow things up, at what point do you think he's gonna end up on the 700 Club?

  • Peter Mogensen says:

    Yes… the fact that 30% of americans can't seem to recognize Trump as the childish con man he is, is the long term scary problem.

  • Abigail Slaughter says:

    (OR BEYOND!)
    that is some pretty fucking OBVIOUS fearmongering right there—
    look at the RNC primary, Don the Con is attacking the Character of fellow Republicans just for daring to challenge him in the PRIMARY
    …he doesn't want to EARN the election, he wants it HANDED to him… and it is fucking DESPICABLE.

  • You mean Trumps scorch earth, divide and conquer strategy is backfiring? Lol! Trumps followers have devolved into some crazy religious cult with Trump as their Messiah!

  • Dieter Coulson says:

    Trump turns on everyone and everything when it's suits him. He has no loyalty and is only about himself. Wake up America!

  • As a keen South African viewer of the DPS and fascinated observer of the spectacle that is American politics, it seems to me that Democratic supporters lack self-confidence. Given the current maniacal scenario and fairly predictable polls, even if every single staunch Trump supporter votes in 2020, he cannot possibly win. Start fobbing him off as the most Fake President that ever did reign and start “trumpeting” what the future will look like under a Democratic White House!

  • Trump eventually turns on those closest to him, he will end up utterly alone except for those he pays to tolerate his maniacal nonsense.

  • Maurice Fineout says:

    The Bible speaks of the Anti Christ. It would seem that he has arrived. King of the Jews, the chosen one. Food for thought..

  • OMG …. if I read what I think I'm seeing in his devious mind … could this be precursor talk of TRUMP NEWS CHANNEL? Jesus H Christ !!!!!

  • So in previous comments I told Reps that Trump would turn on Fox as soon as it was no longer of use to him, or otherwise stopped being his lap dog. They all tried to shout me down – now they have gone quiet.  Why do any of his supporters still believe he cares for them – look what he has done to the working class, veterans, farmers, etc – all he cares about is his narcissism and the supper rich or dictators. And he has done lasting damage to democracy by undermining trust in the free press, this is a classic tactic of would be dicators. People wake up and do the right thing in 2020!

  • Me: Ugh. David is so articulate and thorough, but god is he a square? What with his chess score, and his tomatoes, and his over (and often miss) use of the term ad hominem. Sometimes mean words are just mean words, David.

    David: OAN looks like a cheap porn parity

    Solid burn. 10/10. XD

  • I thought he only tweeted bad things about black and brown people…..I can't believe this isn't about how racist he is. Now all the comments are about how he will attack anybody at any time. Which is it? He is a diabolical white supremacist or he Will attack anybody?

  • How do you square your warnings about creeping normality with your advice to use admittedly "stupid" and "childish" tactics to get our way in politics? You don't think there is a danger in normalizing this kind of social discourse.

  • Donald Trump working for the people is as true as Nelson Mandela was working for the apartheid in South Africa. Presidents occasionally say true things, this one NEVER does.

  • I believed you when you told me, I started warning people about OANN as soon as you mentioned it in that older clip, hard to think it can get worse than Fox but it definitely can. I still hope Fox turns on him completely though, as that is a lot of people they can potentially shift to a different republican candidate at least.

  • Tonight for one night only on Foxnews is the hypestestest wrestling match ever. CALAMITY HANNITY VS. SHEP THE CHEF! Don't miss out, that means you Trump! Sunday night brawl ya'll explosion It's CRAZY!!!

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