Trump Supporters Chant “Send Her Back” About Ilhan Omar | The Daily Show

Trump Supporters Chant “Send Her Back” About Ilhan Omar | The Daily Show

Last night had all of the
hallmarks of Trump’s rallies
at their best. You know, call and response,
bragging about his achievements, stories about mythical people who tell hem him
what a great president he is. But then…
but then he changed gears. Changed gears,
and he zeroed in on the story that’s been dominating news
all week: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
and the Squad. And tonight I have a suggestion
for the hate-filled extremists who are constantly trying
to tear our country down. They never have
anything good to say. That’s why I say,
“Hey, if they don’t like it, let them leave.”
Let them leave, right? Cortez. Somebody said
that’s not her name. It’s… They said,
“That’s not her name, sir.” I said, “No, no.” I don’t have time to go
with three different names. We’ll call her Cortez. Too much time.
Takes too much time. My man, you just told us
you literally had nothing to do! (laughter) “I have more time
than anyone in the… I got nothing to do.” “Can you say
this congresswoman’s full name?” “Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I don’t have time for that. You think these crazy tweets
write themselves?” (laughter) And I guess… I guess maybe… maybe Trump didn’t have time
to say her name because he wanted
to leave more time for the crowd to boo
all of the members of the Squad. All right?
Although, something tells me there’s one member of the Squad Trump supporters
aren’t really familiar with. When you see
the four congresswomen… Oh, isn’t that lovely? (crowd booing) Representative Ilhan Omar. (crowd booing) Representative Rashida Tlaib. (crowd booing) Representative
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (crowd booing) Representative Ayanna Pressley. (laughs) Oh, man. Okay, that was…
that was hilarious because they clearly don’t know
who Ayanna Pressley is. Everyone else,
they were like, “Boo!” And then with her, it was like,
“Oh, we’re still… we’re still reading up on her.” (laughter) And I’ll be honest.
I’ll be honest. If I was Ayanna Pressley, I wouldn’t know how to feel
about this. No, because on the one hand,
I don’t want to get booed. On the other hand,
I don’t want to be left out by being the only person
who doesn’t get booed. You know? Yeah. Like, if all my friends
got booed and I didn’t, I would be like,
“Guys, am I not booable? “Am I… am I…
You would tell me “if I wasn’t booable,
right? Like… “You know what, I’m gonna go
to Instagram and see if I’m… Wait, there’s no likes.
No one likes me?” (laughter) But while the crowd
may not have been as familiar
with Ayanna Pressley, it was very clear how they felt
about Ilhan Omar. NEWSMAN:
It was the defining moment of the president’s rally
Wednesday night in North Carolina, the raucous crowd
unleashing a new chant: “Send her back.” And obviously and importantly, Omar has a history of launching vicious, anti-Semitic screeds. CROWD (chanting):
Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!
Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Wow. “Send her back.” A U.S. citizen. “Send her back.” Yeah. It almost makes you miss
the innocent days when all Trump’s crowd
wanted to do was imprison a woman
without trial. You know? (chanting):
“Lock her up! Lock…” ‘Cause that was horrible,
but at least Hillary would get to stay
in the country, you know? And, you know, there have been
several disturbing moments in the Trump presidency, but for some reason, this one moment
felt extra disturbing. It’s the same way I felt
when Ted Cruz grew a beard. Like, I… I didn’t think
it could get any worse, but here we are. And I-I’m far from the only one who felt that way
about this moment in the rally. I mean, pretty much
everyone who watched this thing was sickened by what they saw. A group
of Republican congressmen even personally expressed their
concerns about it to Mike Pence in a secret morning meeting. Yeah. And the backlash
was so intense that even the president himself tried to distance himself
from his crowd. REPORTER: When your supporters
last night were chounting– chanting “Send her back,”
why didn’t you stop them? Why didn’t you ask them
to stop saying that? Well, number one,
I-I think I did. I started speaking very quickly. It-it really was a loud– I disagree with it,
by the way. But it was quite a chant. And, uh, I felt
a little bit badly about it. But I will say this,
uh, I did– and I started speaking
very quickly– but it started up
rather-rather fast, as you probably noticed. I was not happy
when I heard that chant. Wait, what? Sometimes I think
this guy thinks, like, cameras don’t exist.
It’s just like– How-how is Trump gonna say
he wasn’t happy with that chant? He inspired the chant. He’s the one who tweeted
they should go back, right? I mean, he said it in his
speech. We saw it. He said it. This would be like the deejay
turning on a crowd. You know?
Like, the deejay’s like, “Everybody make some noise!” And the crowd’s like, “Hey!”
He’s like, “Hey, hey, hey, hey. “Hey, we got neighbors,
we got neighbors. “Come on, man. “It’s a Tuesday night.
People have things to do. Come on.” And, like, I d–
I don’t know what’s worse. I don’t know what’s a worse lie: Trump saying
that he didn’t like the chant or that he quickly stopped
the crowd from chanting. He said that.
“I quickly stopped them.” He didn’t stop anything. He was basking in that moment like an iguana
soaking up racist sun. Like, come on. Like, he let that chant
go on for so long, Usain Bolt could have won
a gold medal in that time. Yeah.
And that sounds like a joke, sounds like a joke,
but it’s also completely true. -(starting shot) -CROWD:
Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!
Send her back! -Send her back! Send her back!
-(cheering and applause) Send her back!
Send her back! And she talked
about the evil Israel… See that? Everyone crossed the line before Trump stopped the chant. And, look, here’s the thing, like, we’ve seen this before
from Trump. If you remember,
he’s done this. He gets his supporters
worked up, he pretends to be shocked, and then it becomes one
of his greatest hits when he’s on the road.
He did the exact same thing with “lock her up.”
Exact same thing. Came out,
they shouted “lock her up,” and then, when they asked him,
he was like, “I c– I can’t believe it.
I don’t like it. I don’t want Hillary– I don’t
want Hillary to go to jail.” And then, like,
a few months later, he was like, “Lock her up, lock her up.” So we know what’s gonna happen. We know where this is gonna go. This is gonna become a thing. And to all those Republicans who felt uncomfortable
by what they saw at this rally, maybe instead of complaining
about it to Mike Pence in a little meeting, you
should step up and do something. Like, what I’m trying to say is grow some balls,
grow some balls, -grow some balls.
-(cheering and applause)


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  • Trevor works for the open borders committee 24/7. The goal : America must be transformed/ destroyed. The tool : mass migration. The strategy : Advance the lie that America is a rotten racist country and the only way we can heal ourselves is to allow millions of Third World foreign nationals to flood the country. See how that works ? Open borders thru lies & guilt.

  • Why do white people be so racist when the first orginal human beings were brown skinned. All life started in Afirca and from there different tribes went out in the world, which made their skin tone change to the climate they were in. How can they say go back to your country when Europe colonized countries. The reason why black people and other ethnic groups are living in bad conditions is because goverments destroyed our countries. People fear us because we are still hunters from long ago, they feel threatend by our power and our rebelliousness of injustice. Jesus himself was middle eastern of he was alive today they would tell him to go back to his own country.

    I could just feel the evilness in the air of those lost people who think they are better than people who come from struggles.

  • Noah – you are one sickening piece of crap – you're neither as funny or as smart as your predecessor but equally as hypocritical. Go on back to South Africa and try that "make fun of your president" shtick on the SABC – Cyril Ramaposa would run you out to the Transkei where the Sangomas can drink your blood and then feed the rest of your sorriness to the crocodiles. Too bad we can't do that here. Comedians don't have to be funny anymore; you just have to be a smart ass and kiss up to your liberal handlers. How does it feel to be a slave? You were funny in SA; now you're a pathetic little man who has an even smaller, shriveled soul . Destroy Trump 24/7 – yeah, that's good for the country. Is that how you want to spend your time on planet earth; just one insignificant little dog in a pack of jackals nipping at a big man's ankles. What a pathetic person you have become. The South Africans left in their own country are better men than you.

  • I guess they forgot they r anti Semitic too.
    Pressley had an American name and it threw them for a loop.
    Did u notice how so many in the crowd look like meth freaks?

  • Imma say this. If Dump has done one positive thing for this country, he woke ALL of us up to thw fact that racism isnt over or gone. Its just festering in the dirty disgusting south where all of the inbred hillbillies shoot guns and rape their sisters. If anything, we should look at this as a serious wake up call to the nation. We will NEVER allow racism to rise again. These miscreant psychopaths will be eradicated.

  • Hermina Pacocha says:


  • Patricia Young says:

    They didn't boo Ayanna Pressly cause they were like…"wait is she related to Elvis? 🤔 She might be. We probably shouldnt boo…"

  • Trevor Noah, you sir, are a piece of shit. So, the crowd chanted send her back. Big. Fucking. Deal. Then that pos news reporter had the audacity to ask the POTUS why de did not ask the crowd to stop?? Why are they not asking Tlaib why she chanted we are going to impeach the motherfucker on her inauguration day?? Why does not anyone ask Omar why she is antisemitic??? Fuck the left, fuck you ABC, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC!

  • ムdムʍズノ刀ズリ says:

    Is it me or am I colour blind now, there’s more white people in the background like holy damn, and the “send her back” thought America was gonna be great no no it WAS great. dude this is like hitler didn’t want the rest just his kind smh just tell me I’m wrong

  • SanFranGirl1982 says:

    Anyone with deep southern roots needs to look back on their family tree and at the oddball names their ancestors had. I know mine certainly did.

  • Will L James Jr says:

    If you want everything that we Veterans have learned to be washed away with divisive rhetoric. Don’t get out an vote. Any American that does not vote is spitting on the grave of a fallen brother.

  • Yeah, it’s not like anyone in the Democratic Party has never said this. Yeah, not Ilhan, she would never. Oh wait, she has. The hypocrisy by the left. Bunch of fake whiny babies, really.

  • Martin van Staden says:

    Oh Trevor for a person that made him self on peoples feelings and racist jokes I would have thought u know how it works. Especially coming from south africa (zuma) but oh ya your white crowed is so brain washed they think you just talking when you down grading them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • One merit for Trump, he talks what are in his mind, for most of the time.
    This whole thing is too nasty to tell who is right and who is wrong. I can only say that Democracy is exploited by everyone you see on stage.

  • Mermaid Flying says:

    This is a prime example that defines his followers! To say they’re Uneducated is inaccurate. His followers are the epitome of stupidity and are an example of what is infinitely insulting to the very notion of intelligence!!

  • Ilhan Omar hates white people and Jews. She has made numerous comments to that effect since she has been in Congress. Yet the Democrats refuse to condemn her remarks. The mainstream Democrat controlled media refuse to report on it as well. She is also in the country illegally because she lied about her identity on her immigration paperwork. She also ilegally married her brother in order to commit tax fraud and allow him to gain entry into America. Again, no mention of this by the mainstream Democrat controlled news outlets.

  • I had to see this on Trevor Noah because the 1st time I saw it on YouTube the comment section and even top commenter was in favor of this disgusting racist hate rally.


    No matter how much this piece of shit makes fun of trump, he still is president, go fuck yourself in the ass with Hilary’s dick

  • OH, the lemmings who are buying the scrript. Omar only got elected because Obama flooded her district with 400,000 Somalis. She does not represent US you silly humans,she is a criminal and a plant to destroy from the inside out yet look at all the comments by the deceived. CDLUELESS LEMMINGS!!!

  • Wednesday Riding says:

    Trump and those chanters are idiots. Omar is not Anti – Semitic , she wants to see AIPAC not have a hold on the US , AIPAC controls US foreign policy to the extent that we go to war for Israel and destroy lives for that psychopath Netanyahu.

  • Can't wait to help elect Trump again. That bitch hates America and really does need to go somewhere. Hell preferably.

  • adoranymphlupin says:

    Wouldn't that be great if it just turned out that those MAGA hats actually had some kind of mind-control or brainwashing device all along? Like I mean…that'd still be terrible and reprehensible, but at least it might restore in me a modicum of faith that all people have even a shred of goodness in them…. 😖

  • The people screaming Nazi the loudest are the Nazis.

    There has always been this teenage angst view to this America can't wait to get here so I can say I hate it here. And it also seems to be the most hated best place to work out your ideas to change it to match other places you won't live.

  • This guy is funny always thought so he is very classy unlike the culture vultures Kimmell and Colbert everything you said is true and im still voting for Trump and as u can tell they arent drones for him bc they dont know who Pressley so they wont boo her but we love what he does he is like our family he talks like us hes not pc and he had good anti china policies

  • It's not about racism. It is not about how she look like.. it is about what's in her empty head. She doesn't support American values. She is from totally different culture and she is trying to spread her culture and her values.

  • Maybe they know something? Like she was released from psycho ward couple years ago? Then their chanting makes even more sense.

  • Omar hate USA. send her back …
    She has a refregee mindset.
    Omar speaking (insult) against Israelis.
    Jews backbone of USA.
    😂 Omar

  • If somebody's name took 15 minutes to pronounce they'd have no right to ask people to pronounce their full name. Get the fuck out of here. You're not gonna waste my life and torture me with your long and hard to pronounce god damned name.

  • Brooke McElhaney says:

    It's so gross hearing him speak at length…he has the same word choice and timing as my estranged dad. Like the similarities are STAGGERINGGG

  • I_Am_Shadow CA says:

    So trump supporters wanna say they aren’t racist?… that’s fucking hilarious, trump is LITERALLY mid sentence about a form of prejudice… while his followers chant a prejudice remark.

    “He send her back has send her back a history send her back of anti Semitic *send her back*”

  • These racist mother fucker are soft as shit you lend on a Crowd that saying send her back but when confront you got excuses fucking pussys

  • Those retards were booing based upon the xenophobic reactions to the relatively "foreign" or "Muslim sounding" names, and they didn't know how to react to the name Presley, as in Elvis…

  • Ronnie Hopkins says:

    Trump supporters open up your eyes trump don't give 2 fucks about you trump is a lil girl people was shot and killed and all the dum ass bitch trump do is talk about him self this bitch lie so much and his bitch ass kids are just like his dum sorry ass

  • Josephine Adjanohoun says:

    So, ya know when Trump has press conferences, Why is there are no people of color?

    Also: Trump, please stop. Get a life.

  • You told them right Trevor… GROW SOME BALLS, GROW SOME BALLS… #growsomeballsrepublicanpussiesbecauseyouarelivingonastolenlandfromnativeamericanpeoplesodontbeahypocritebastardsandmakeamericagreatagainbynothingchoosingastupidpresidentthatisdestroyingyourbeatifulcountry

  • I´m pretty sure that Trump is only holding a mirror to a society who didn´t like what they see inside "in the land of the free and the brave". And he speeks out loud that what the most of them think, otherwise he would not be elected and sit in the White House. And all the jokes would not help to get him out. And you can make a tousand of shows like this to tell the people that he´s corrupt, and racist, and no matter what, it wouldn´t change a thing, cous, you are do not fight the man, you are figthing against religion, religion of white supremacy, and he is it´s prophet. I feel sorry for all the good people in America, cos i´m pretty sure that the martirium would go for four more years and America would face the second civil war "we against them".

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