Trump Signals Impatience With Shutdown As Coronavirus Cases Surge: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY


100 thoughts on “Trump Signals Impatience With Shutdown As Coronavirus Cases Surge: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY”

  • Anastasia’s Gaming says:

    Where's action?
    They don't really care at all. They take forever to get rid of it.
    Meanwhile, china finish their business to get rid of the virus.

  • CanihaveaCourter says:

    we will ALL have the coronavirus by the end of 2020. funny how our PRESIDENT is laughing when so many people have DIED. Much much more TACT would be appreciated.

  • This is such a perversion of news. We have a goddamned pandemic sweeping the world and all these liberal anchors are doing is picking apart every action of the president looking for something to criticize him on. This is blatantly immoral and borderline evil. As soon as this disease came to the US, it was politicized. It's just sad.

  • I thought it was HYDROchloroxine? If HS chemistry taught me anything it's that just because they have the same part of the name doesnt make them equal

  • Who has died? How many were elderly with health issues? MSM spreading panic, as usual. They lie all the time and people believe them now? Experts? LMAO. Why do they not report on regular flu deaths. How many are reported as Covid.? And are not? Most flus are covid viruses. Wake up people and do your research. Work on your immune system people. So easy not to get it.

  • I hope some day far into future Americans will be kind to us when they speak of this crisis. Try not to label all of as jackass's . I am really tired of major traumatic events happening. We begin with denial and end with regret. Patterns don't change in our government's response. I recall in the 80's how AIDS was aloud to spread and destroy people's lives! And let's not forgot 9/11, all those poor souls lost in New York. Later too find out reports where coming in speaking about a major terrorist atack possibly taking place. We lost a lot of brave men and women in our military in the jacked up war that followed. So my fellow Americans same verse no different from the first. Heaven help us all!

  • Lukas1106 Iaronka says:

    O galera vamo trabalha.. muita coisa mata no brasil..assidentes de transito..a dengue..cachumba..a gripe q deu no japao matou 9 mil pessoas ngm falou nada.. agora teu pia..o teu filho de 4..5 anos pedindo bolacha pra ti e tu olha pra ele e dizer q nao pode ..q nao tem ..q amamha vai ve se arruma pra conseguir bolacha pra ele..isso é foda demais..ele so qr bolacha e leite e vc nao poder dar..pq o aluguel vai atrasa as conta ja nao vai poder pagar como vinha conseguindo..olha a tristesa meu senhor.. as coisas tem que funcionar..a roda tem que girar.. em minha humilde opniao temos todos que trabalhar..a populaçao toda tem que trabalhar de mascaras..mas a roda tem que girar nao sou pobre nao sou rico com grandes reservas de dinheiro..nem tenho reservas vivo do dia a dia sou motoboy tenho filho pra criar..tudo tem que funcionar..idosos tem q estar dentro de casa se consientizar e as escolas fechadas por um mes..pra proteger nossas crianças..o resto tem que funcionar..o madereira o resto tudo..nao podemos parar..vamos morrer de fome!!..os ricos nao estao nem ai..os famosos e tal..eles tem milhoes na conta..pagar 7 reais 1 litro de leite nao é nada pra eles..pensa gente..vamos trabalhar novamente se cuidando se higienizando usando mascaras

  • Biggpaparayy22 says:

    THERE'S NO VACCINE FOR THIS VIRUS!! Trump's impatience should also be on the lack of medical supplies needed. Goes to show how much he cares about the American people.

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  • It's hilarious that yhis is the reaction in how stupid we as a nation are with regards to how we react to a pandemic .

    Gotta love how we just don't take it seriously.

    Imagine if we were Italy in terms of infection vs deaths.

    10% of ppl dying among the total number of cases is nothung to sneeze at.

    But yikes…
    Way to not answer the questions.

  • The trolls Puppeteer says:

    They got so busy lying and fearmongering the Kung flu they forgot to stage another mass shooting anyone else notice the lack of mass shootings since this Corona scare by media??? Stupid sheep's keep believing the lying media all these stories are faker than the Kardashians

  • We all are aware that the Wahun Virus is extremely contagious. We are also aware that people have died from this virus. But my question is, of all the people who have been diagnosed with the virus… How many have survived ??? There is nothing being said if this virus is survivable!! No one and I mean! No One! Is reporting that of all the people in the United States that have been identified to have the virus, how many have recovered???
    So if people are surviving the virus… Then how about we keep practicing keeping clean and GET US BACK TO WORKING!!! We are not meant to hide away in our homes!! We are Americans!!

  • They clearly stated that China stopped their spread of the virus due to a shutdown for 2 months. While we in the US numbers are growing rapidly and our president is saying no US shutdown. We will be opening up the few we have closed in months. Why though?

  • I don't like that answer.
    Let me ask you another question in attempts to get what I want to hear…
    Well, okay, that doesn't work?, Well..uh… Let me blame you for the possibly economic tragedy about to transpire because your recommendations…


    A shame to see how many people are purposely trying to hurt others with their comments. Pointlessly, other than to belittle another. Karma has special things in-store for those kind of people.

  • Mask and supply hoarding. . There’s so many amazon and eBay sellers jacking up price of N95 masks. Get on there and vote those people flag rhem

  • Chloroquine is a prescription drug, no one can take it because you think you have Wuhan virus or Trump said so. Fake News!

  • I thought they were talking about going slow to inject some oxygen in the economy like Cuomo said? Case by case, county by county and just after the 14 day quarantine is over. Of course places like NY, Chicago and other hot spots would not be able to do it, but several other states have been reporting very low number of cases. Not all business would be able to come back but some would and depending On where they’re located. I believe it can be done. I can’ believe all these thinking heads will not be able to reach a middle ground and go through this in a smart way.

  • As far as the Arizona man dying its such a scare tactic of propaganda from this news channel. Of course when you feed someone leading questions they will agree and say that is where they got their fantastic idea instead of them taking responsibility for their idiotic decisions.

  • Traveler Trash says:

    I am speechless. Trump is so back and forth. I think Americans are learning that they can only rely on themselves.

  • When you have dummies in the White House instead of honest,loyal and righteous people this is exactly gonna happen every time just do a lockdown for 3 weeks stop bullshitting and get a cure asap.

  • I'm really starting to get annoyed with these fools who continue to be irresponsible and go play out on the beach while people are losing their jobs and their livelihoods because the spread of the virus keeps getting worse. How selfish can people be? All so that they can get a tan on the beach while a mother loses her job and can't feed her kids or a small business owner goes into bankruptcy?? Some people's selfishness disgusts me.

  • Another reason you'd so bad in New York it's because you got a whole lot of people crammed into a little bitty space. Which is obviously going to make everything spread faster

  • Too bad regular people can't get tests consistently! Anyway mister President what are you not seeing! You are not even following the other countries examples to slow it down! In just 3 days we went from 23k cases to 55k and you wanna send people back too work.To possibly get sick! Worried bout your numbers when Healthcare workers will be in more jeopardy!Trying to deal with regular sick people and Virus sick! If the Government wanted to they could stop all bills for 3 too 6 months and print a infinity amount of money for people too survive but that's too simple! This is Hel on Earth ! The book of Revelation running its course!

  • I like trump but do not agree with this. I still see people traveling on 95 from new york and everywhere here in NC. #STAYATHOME

  • Scrub Lord -_-1 says:

    I feel like I’am playing one of those tell tale games and I’ve picked every single wrong chose to get this ending

  • ishtiaq cheema says:

    world best Doctors even don't have guarantee of their own life
    Only God can protect us so trust on God and believe all gonna be all right one day .

  • MontanaMountainMen says:

    61k died in the 2017-2018 flu and cold season with 45 million infected. Corona has claimed what 500 in the U.S. Good thing we don't shut down every year to the cold and flu season.

  • “We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival,” Trump said at a White House briefing on Tuesday evening.
    Also on Tuesday, Trump spoke by phone with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, asking if his country could supply medical equipment.

  • How about the people that are gona be homeless and on the streets thanks to the government shutdown to work and FED mandate. You know the FED dont put food on your table pay your electrical bill or keep your wife and kids with a full belly. It's the labor of a persons works, I also know that people will not see any compensations for this crap.

  • NBC ……..not sure I believe this. They embellish like crazy! They read between the lines something that isn't there. Stop! Enough already!

  • 2ltjrodrigueza says:

    We need to open the market make money, we live under capitalism system, mean people needs work to make money and buy food, utilities and everything, so we need to learn how to continue living with this disease. It is covid is not Ebola. Some scientists and physician argued that the Results of open the market could be disaster?? Disaster about what? What is the proportion vs the amount of people? Who many dies? The entire world will disappear? NO

  • This is why people mistrust the media. First headline is misleading becuase of course Trump is impatient. So am I, and so is nearly everyone I know. The second – Arizona man dies after taking chloroquine – borders on a lie. Why phrase it as though the anti-malaria drug killed a man? He took fish tank cleaner, because the press feeds the public incomplete information.

  • She-Rides0 3The-Night says:

    Lol a company named Dometic in the U.S isnt helping the situation. They will work their employees until everyone is sick and taken it home to their families

  • Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber! They're just trying to fatten there pockets. Already took money out the stock Market. When it was supposed to be a hoax! We knew that was a lie. Whoever believed that, was dumb & dumber as well. Martha Stewart, did her time for it. What about all of there greedy behinds!

  • I agree with president Trump. let everyone go back to work, if you drop dead your drop died eventually the virus will die down, then all that's left will start a new world,and I don't mean order. there will not be a cure, made for this one. death is not the worse thing open this country all those who have it will just die, you will get it or you won't. it's genetic. some people are in denial and will not relent, that will hide, bit it won't help them, money can't help you now,all the money in the world ,will not cure this selfish virus. stay out of our community s we don't travel like you do. segregate.

  • SexedUpAtheist says:

    Based on those numbers alone, the mortality rate is 1.25%. Of course, that doesn't take into account the potential for unreported cases, which would put it lower. Worse than the common flu, certainly, but in my honest opinion the scariest thing about this outbreak is how the government (and the media) is handling it. Poorly. We should have been far better prepared for something like this.

  • Hector Mansancar says:

    This so call Dr. Birx is just another tool in trump's tool box of incompetent fools, and she is under pressure to say whatever the Donald tells her. Her non-answers are a big clue.

  • Daniel Rittegar says:

    Me and my farther camp out side in our yard by a fire because we fill safer just as long as a fire were thieere

  • “Much much less bad.”… ladies and gentlemen this is your president. ?????? This is what you wanted, this is what you’re getting. Trash in…trash out. Dump Trump…
    God Bless ??

  • They say after it is all said and done we will forever be changed. But they never say good or bad ? I would like too say in a good way but i wonder will it be good or bad. Knowing how mankind has responded before i fear it will most likely be bad.

  • Meanwhile in Marseille France, ALL corona patients take medically supervised treatments that include hydroxychloroquine (with medically approved doses) and ALL patients are CURED within 6 days, ALL. Yet the corrupt media talk about the one guy that took god knows what or how much and died, and try to blame Trump.

  • I'm from India and in my experience Americans are self destructive people. They try to live in the present without thinking about the consequences.

  • Something ELSE is going on. This is a power grab and/or a test and/or a MASSIVE distraction to distract from something else going on. Not enough people are dying to warrant this type of behavior. 782 deaths in the US is a ridiculously scant number to shut down an entire nation.

  • So don’t follow surgeon general or other doctor but Presidential advice? Really? From the guy who looks at eclipse without any protection? The guy who sleeps around with pornstars?

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