100 thoughts on “Trump shares Saudi response to Pensacola shooting”

  • nortfishlsweetnr says:

    I love my LED lights for costs, color effects and keeping the house cool in the warmer months but incandescent builds are great in the winter for the warm light and they generate a little heat so in L.A. with wearing a sweater, it’s just enough to avoid turning on the heater.

  • A Saudi killed and caused harm yet not a single Republican willing to show they're upset. Mexicans crossing the border, they're stealing jobs, murderers and rapist!!!!

  • The Saudi people love the US people so much they flew planes into our buildings and killed over 3000 Americans. Tired of the Saudies who cut up that reporter in a European Embassy.

  • I don't get people who still support the DEMs. They literally promised more economic hardship and lied about needing a magic wand to bring us out of it, and President Trump proved them wrong. Yes, with all the lies and garbage from the LEFT, I just cannot understand how anyone with any kind of love for integrity still supports them.

  • That Saudi freak looked like a textbook dead-eyed radical – do NOT tell me he had no known radical history or that the govts hands is not yet again all over this incident.

  • michael barnett says:

    Trump is a true leader because he has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others

  • President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen says:

    America's new allies for 2020;

    -North Korea
    -Saudi Arabia

    all others are enemies and should be dealt with accordingly,…

    welcome to the new communist Divided States of America.

  • Trump is there! This will not be taken likely. Ps dems, traitor dogs full of hate, your impeachment is an unforgivable disgrace. Pillosie will be be a book mark of shame and disgraceful scar on America. schiff will be known as a dirtbag and mini Stalin scum. God Bless Mr. Trump!

  • Hispanic poverty, Black poverty, Asian poverty, as usual he doesn't mention white poverty unless all white people are millionaires unbeknownst to me.

  • Ah. That's why Trump's pals murdered Jamal Khashoggi. Forget about American lives, Trump's first response is to be an apologist for MBS and the Saudis, just like he's an apologist for Putin. And how come Russia controls the Crimea? Court martial the bum for giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

  • Kasthoorie Pollmeier says:


  • People ask what did Trump do to make the economy so great?
    2 things.
    Deregulate businesses.
    Take away the mandate for Obama care toward businesses.
    You guys have no idea how those 2 things helped free america.
    But you are seeing it. Give him some credit.

  • Maggie Thompson says:

    Tahahahaha! ? Mr. President I can't believe it. Light bulbs that aren't toxic, toilets that fully flush the first time, exporting natural resources…. list goes on. Who would've thunk it??

  • I lost some respect for Trump today I live in Pensacola we got attacked today and he seem to barely care. Attacked by a Saudi but I'm sure the world knows that already.

  • What is he even taking about? I have a Hyundia. The Hyundai corporation literally has its own steel company that makes the strongest steel in the world.

    Hyundai is Korean.

  • How can people even say allies when they attacked my home town today with no Mercy and the Saudi are even weaker for not taking responsibility when it's more than clear they did it why you think the call was made to only their king cuz it's no confusion bout who did it js but as y'all see our police took care that problem.

  • Americans must get the President to stop waging wars for resources. Gain the world but lose your soul is utter foolishness & perversion. Stand brhind Trump to do what is right & good for America & the world. Progress & economic growth through fair trade, dialogue, mutual respect & benefits in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. Squander no more the good will of the world at large.

  • We will be working with them all very closely…referring to the wounded…what?…. Job numbers at a time like that….He has no moral compass at all.

  • This guy thinks he's responsible for everything before during and after his term. What a fraud. How about you police these corporations making profit of their stock options at the top and help us at the bottom because we're not feeling your numbers. Stop letting them take our money instead of acting like you're doing things to let us keep it.

  • It's funny how Democrats think. One Saudi causes mass killings Dems want to ban all guns.
    Pensacola '
    One Saudi causes mass shootings Democrats want all Saudis to be able to come here without venting unencumbered open borders.

  • No President in history has ever considered the relationship with Sunni controlled Saudi Arabia as simple. Any keyboard warrior who snipes from the comfort of their mommas basement about the Presidents response, reveal themselves as woefully ill informed and cowardly. President Trumps response is eminently appropriate especially when dealing with a dangerous and unpredictable nation, as Saudi Arabia has proved to be.
    President Trump has successfully avoided going to a land, air or sea war with any country in the entire time he has been in office but so many give him no credit for this.

  • Doesthisfacemake melooklikepinocchio? says:

    This economy is the results of the elite in govt no longer being able to steal our wealth!!
    So many of the pay for play schemes are DRIED UP!!

  • Trump: Yeah some Americans were killed by a foreign soldier. It's cool, I had a perfect phone call with the Saudi King. Moving on, we're the best economy in the world.

  • Stop Israel's Genocide says:

    The Trump gang gets billions from the Saudi thugs. Enjoy! Trump talked about the America loving Saudi people – laughable! Trump also tells us about the good Jewish people!

  • Leticia Sambeli says:

    Hello Patriots
    Let's tweet all records promises made promises kept. Let's write them all so everyone can read and share them to the whole world
    Let's do it FB, messenger
    All social media!!!

  • Sasha baren cohen spoke at an ADL conference about wanting to suppress freedom of speech on all social media platforms. And CNN has yet to publish it on their real news platform. Thanks CNN, great reporting

  • I can't believe we can only have 4 more years of TRUMP honestly AMERICA could really BENEFIT from TRUMP running a 3rd term. TRUMP REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT IN UNITED STATES HISTORY BY FAR. I'd vote for 1 of his children if they were to run for president.

  • "The perpetrator of this horrific attack does not represent the Saudi people whatsoever. The American people are held in the highest regard by the Saudi people," the statement said.
    And you all bought this? The Saudis are one of the most arrogant, lazy, condescending people on this planet. They will make these statements out of necessity.
    I can not understand why agent orange and his knee-pad wearing supporters in congress cover for these people. Just how much "on the take" are they?
    I guess even killing Americans on American soil is not enough to get these people to act…
    I trained at this base back in the early 80's and feel as if a part of me has been violated.

  • Yeah, the King is still all teared-up over his dismembering of Jamal Khashoggi.   I nominate the King for the "Golden Bone Saw Award" for his contribution and Trump can get the "Golden Bone Spur Award" for his contribution.   Two really OK guys.

  • “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

  • Bojana Albahari says:

    Oh, he has kind of sense of humor, or poor soul thinks so because his minions laugh a fake laugh and the king is happy.

  • Unemployment is at an all time low because you can’t discriminate and not hire women and minorities people who are not white men can get jobs good job

  • I’m from Saudi, I get mad when I heard this he don’t present us we love USA???? if you come here to Saudi you see a lot of American products American schools and American shows in our tv.

  • As a former Naval Aviator, this clown was probably about to wash out of the flight training program. Why are we not training these foreign nationals in their own country ?

  • American friends fall into the trap of generalization. There are also many Saudis who were killed in the United States, but we do not judge the American people through individual cases. We do not have bad intentions towards American society.


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