Trump says he will “see what happens with S. Korea” after GSOMIA withdrawal

Trump says he will “see what happens with S. Korea” after GSOMIA withdrawal

meanwhile US President Donald Trump has
given his first official response regarding South Korea’s decision to pull
out of juice Omiya its military Intel sharing pact with Japan our Kim Minji
has the details u.s. president Donald Trump says he will
see what happens regarding South Korea’s decision to end its joint military Intel
sharing pact called the general security of military information agreement with
Japan asked by a reporter whether he was concerned about the situation
Trump said he is good friends with president min jingyan and you’ll see
what happens according to a video released by cable channel c-span
president Trump made the remarks before leaving the u.s. to attend the g7
meeting in France separately Trump also called Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe a a good friend adding that he’s looking forward to his meeting with him
where they are widely expected to discuss the issue Trump’s remarks are
the first from him following Seoul’s decision on Thursday to withdraw from
the juice Omiya amid a row over wartime history and Tokyo’s recent export curbs
in Seoul the dispute escalated after Japan removed South Korea from its list
of trusted trading partners and Seoul responded by taking Tokyo off its own
list Charlie after Seoul’s announcement Washington expressed concerns and
disappointment was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging the two countries to
engage in hold talks South Korean government said it communicated
adequately with the US regarding the decision but admitted it was natural for
Washington to be disappointed they said they will do their best to minimize the
impact the termination may have on trilateral security cooperation with
Washington and Tokyo as well as ensure the move will not weaken the South
korea-us alliance but in fact upgrade it Kim Minji Arirang news


50 thoughts on “Trump says he will “see what happens with S. Korea” after GSOMIA withdrawal”

  • こけこっこ says:

    US has crushed rebellious japanese politicians with CIA , right?
    K.Tanaka or S.Nakagawa …They were talented.
    Why does US not do the same for S Korean politicians?

  • It's obvious that the Japanese government is responsible for having made the situation worse by ignoring the Korean government's efforts to resolve the issue diplomatically. Accordingly, Japanese government will be entirely responsible for what unfolds going forward.

  • Japan is desperate with the information regarding North Korea's nuclear and missile threats. Current withdrawing of GSOMIA by Korea resulting lack of military intelligence of Japan starts from November.

  • Harry Belcastro says:

    It's a good and reasonable decision of South Korea. Ignoring Korea's continued calls for a diplomatic solution, Abe finally crossed the line. It would be a big disaster of Japan.

  • By withrawing from GSOMIA, President Moon Jae-in triggerred the first step for the US and Japan to get rid of S. Korea from the camp of free democracies. You can't see the impact right now, but the impact will become apparent over time. Foe example, S. Korea lost the oppurtunity (even the slightest chance)  to join TPP11, as Japan will strongly oppose the idea.

  • SKorea: "" Seoul and Washington had been closely coordinating in EVERY STEP of the decision.""

    Pompeo: "" We're disappointed to see the decision that the SKorea made….. ""

    Pentagon: "" Our strong concerned and disappointment that the Moon administrative….""

    Then, Trump said, """""" We'll see WHAT HAPPENS with SOUTH KOREA."""""""   lmao

  • Beside Japan, there is an ugly girl who cuts her wrist to get attention of Japan. She often said, "Hey Japan! I gonna die if you don't come!" It worked as every time she dose wrist-cut, Japan said, "Don't be stupid, I care for you anyway." However, this time, she has cut-off her wrist entirely.

  • I will give 3 points and connect the dots. 1. US has been looking for excuses to put long range missile in Japan. 2. Moon was in close contact with Washington leading up to GSOMIA break up decision. 3. Pompeo publicly said he was disappointed by Korea's decision. bonus dot: China has been sending strong massages to Japan not to put long range missile. What is your IQ?

  • ezjapanesecooking says:

    Trump called Abe "great gentleman and great friend of mine" while calling Moon "very good friend also".

  • why did this happen?
    Because Korean Government and Korean is insistent on WW2.
    Most Japanese is tired of that.Because Japan and Korea made agreements for ww2 in 1965 .
    The agreements agreeed each other to solve any problems of ww2.
    So Japan paid big money.
    But KOREA Government used only for government. Not for victims.
    And Korean [email protected] know about the money.
    Then again and again ,Korean government uses such as “ we dont get compensation for ww2“
    and Korean civillian make movements with candle .
    Although then Japan paid big money and apolpgized, Japan again paid big money to victims.

    Korea is too emotional and Japan changed as most people know.
    But Korea insists on only past against only Japan.

    KOREA never talk about their bad things,
    For example, comfort woman of Korea war. KOREA was using comfort woman after ww2
    and , Korea millitary raped and killed Vietnam girls ,in vietnam war.
    KOREA GOVERNMENT did mass murder at JEJU in KOREA and never apologized and no compensation
    shame Korea.
    Korea should accept Japan apology. THEN Korea should apologize Korea war comfot woman and Vietnam victims and victims of Jeju.

    KOREA should not tell lies and make fake NEWS.

    Japan wanted to try to be friendly . But Korea betrayed again and again.

  • US government said Moon Jae In lied comment about US gov has understood/ acknowledged GSOMIYA deal. US gov stated we have never acknowledged or understood scrapping detail. Who said lied South Korea or United States?

  • Japan: We won't trade with S Korea, the liars.
    Korea: Fine, we won't feed you military intelligence anymore.
    Japan: Wait, no!!! We still want that! We'll go cry to our Big Bro Trump on you!
    Korea: Didn't you accuse us for liars?

    Sure, Pompey said the US is "disappointed" because he's gotta have Trump play the Big Guy to collect salary.. Remember, though, everyone, that the term "Disappointed" had been thrown at France, Italy, and England by the Trump Admin.. eemmm…and they are still playing together in the sand box.

  • The US and South Korea are bound by priceless blood. Whenever we needed help, South Korea answered the call. We fought six wars shoulder by shoulder. And yeah, we don't forget what happened in Pearl Harbor. ?

  • People, Korean government did the right thing ending the pact that only benefited Japan. Why in the world do they need to continue the pact when Japan disrespected the Korean government by starting the trade war? Like wake up Japan.

  • Cumulus Humilis says:

    why are japanese so concerned? i thought south korea has nothing to offer and japan has 6 spy satellites. no big deal.

  • IkaMusumeTheInvader says:

    Go go, Moon Jae-in!!!

    Break the relationship between Japan and Hellkorea completely!!!


  • marcelino Perez says:

    Trump always has good friends.

    People who speak this way have no credibility and are not friends.

    They don't even know what friendship is.

  • I love Moon so much. Destroy Korea, destroy diplomatic relationship with Japan and US.

    Destroy Sam and Hyn. You are so powerful. Block Japanese from coming to the soil. Stay seated as great President until you achieve all your dreams. All support for u from Japan.

  • North Korea and Korea are brothers.
    The two countries should talk to each other to end the war.
    Japan and the United States do not need help for the peace of Korea.
    The US military in Korea should also withdraw.

  • What a scary comment! According to my translation of Mr. President's words, "Let's see how much can Korea stand for my punishment!".

  • What happens with SKorea?
    SKores :Oh, that decision is coming from our emotion.
    Word:What a childish country SKorea is!
    me :That´s the usual.

  • Subscribe for no Reason says:

    They're preparing to attack samsung ? Will korean boycott amurica or will they still worship them? And yeah pay those military bills much higher as your master commands.

  • The following is my understanding of S. Korea's present and immediate future.

  • SK Smuggled high tech resources for military weapons into NK and Iran.
    Korea became a country of dishonest and untrustworthy.
    The president of Israel came to SK suddenly to criticize SK for smuggling important materials into Iran on July.
    Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, UK and US are surveilling SK from airplanes over East China sea and Japan Sea.

    US military is about to withdraw from SK.
    Western Investment banks including Goldman Sachs were evacuating from SK already.
    Won and stocks are dropping dramatically.
    People and Money are escaping from Korea.
    Intel, Apple, Micron invested on factories for Semiconductor and are taking over Samsung.

    What do all of those mean?
    Western countries are ready for SK to be away from their ally.

    And now this.
    Some said Korea is like Nazi or Japan before WW2.
    Koreans cannot accept the past and seem to be too radical and racial.

    What if US, Russia and maybe NK have already talked on how to split Korean peninsula and how to share the profit of war? 

    Trump said, “we will see what happens.”
    Does he know something already?

  • You see all korean excuses, Did they forget that THEY ARE THE ONE who pull out of GSOMIA, no one force them. Now they are putting the blame on everyone other then them. What a sorry race.

  • udonknow udonknow says:

    now the US TROOPS IN KOREA IS IN DANGER….withdraw them to okinawa …south korean radar is useless as a trash can …..

  • udonknow udonknow says:


  • As Korean, I'm really worried about the country. MoonJaeIn has only North Korea in his head and is ruining everything of South Korea for North. He really should be impeached as fast as possible.

  • Japan should have known that SK's President Moon was bound to populism. Moon, took office 2 years ago with a support rate of 89%, by going against everything his predecessor President Park did – including signing a "final deal" with Japan on the comfort women issue. His manifesto, promised a stronger economy, renegotiating all treaties with Japan (including scrapping of GSOMIA – oh hello!), and united Korean Peninsula by 2040. The government was anti-Japanese, even before Japan did anything.

    With his economic policies failing, youth unemployment at an all time high, his overly ambitious "creating a united Korean peninsula" policy smashed by Kim Jong Un in the North, and support down to a dwindling 49% – Moon's only card left is "Anti-Japan". With elections coming up fast, fuelling anti-Japanese sentiments is the only gambit he has to distract the SK public from his political shortcomings.

  • Because Moon jae-in government is a North Korean puppet government, South Korea will destroy GSOMIA. Moon jae-in is an idiot who doesn't understand what is wrong with destroying GSOMIS.
    Moon jae-in says he couldn't ignore national sentiment. South Korea is a national sentiment that prioritizes three sectors
    (legislative, judicial, administrative), and stupid national sentiment is the top priority.
    South Korea is a country where stupid presidents and stupid people are making noises all year round at anti-Japanese.
    In addition, when the Korean president resigns, he enters prison or is assassinated. President Moon Jane of dementia who does not know Amida lottery will dismantle Korea.

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