Trump Says He Downplayed Coronavirus Because He’s America’s Cheerleader | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Trump Says He Downplayed Coronavirus Because He’s America’s Cheerleader | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  • Jerome Beckford says:

    45 is the worst thing that ever happened to America I'm just sick of the lies and all the Republicans r just glue to his tail u all should stop carrying is so call rants every day
    He's the one trafficking lies about the virus. Sick sick sick dummy

  • Martin Sander says:

    Why isn't anyone asking where the 2 trillion is going? Have states received the unemployment boost yet? What small business has received any stimulus? Has any of it been distributed? Was this just another money grab for those who spent their tax cuts on stock buy backs? Time will tell I suppose.

  • he is still pushing those drugs?! how the heck can a president turn into a tv drug dealer and get away with it when we have the largest prison population on the planet for drug related crimes?

  • It's pretty awful that Trump tried to remain optimistic at a time when tens of thousands are dying. Where does he come off, trying to make us feel hopeful!?

  • helle laursen says:

    Trump himself is closest to him, Trump is lying to get right,
    Trump thinks everyone else is stupid,
    Trump doesn't take responsibility,
    Trump fires you if you tell him,
    Trump is dangerous to his environment,
    Trump will never admit that his view of humanity was the reason why the corona warnings were part of his sick fight for leadership that led him to believe that corona warnings were a personal attack on him and not part of the job as president, Trump defends himself that he wants to do good to the United States again, but that was before humanitarian problems and here he does not see the problem is his as he thinks only about economics,
    Trump will never admit that he is by no means good enough to be president,
    Trump will at all times say that he is not guilty of anything as long as no money went into the account.
    Trump should be convicted of mass murder …

  • If Obama were President, the broadcaster would be saying exactly the opposite, even if Obama had made the same statements. "The great leadership of Obama as he leads us through this crisis and gives Americans hope."

  • Because he is our cheerleader? Thank goodness. I actually thought it was because he is stupid! We can sleep easy now folks.

  • The structure of school football… The coach is the boss, & the assistant coaches are under him. The players are under the assistant coaches. The cheerleading squad is lower still, & headed up by the woman's Gym teacher, & the Cheerleaders are under her control.
    So….. The cheerleader is the lowest one with anything to do with the team, or winning, or taking responsibility for the game.

  • If he didn’t know about the memo, why did he close China’s entry to the USA? Somebody’s not telling the truth ??‍♀️.

  • ANOTHER LIE from his new propaganda minister. Another sales pitch for massive amounts of stock purchased by the trump crime family with US TAX DOLLARS!

  • Re treatment for CoVid and him saving the life of anyone and basically practicing medicine without a license: How would Azithromax help anyone with a VIRUS? For that matter, hydroquinolone is an anti-malarial, so more like an anti-protozoan. I'm wondering if he's just proud that he mastered the pronunciation so is saying these two words whenever he can. Seriously, I've heard a news report on one elderly couple who tried the hydroquinolone. One died and the other ended up in an ICU. And these are prescription drugs. He's recommending them like you can find them in the pharmacy next to the Advil.

  • OK, a cheer leader who yells at anyone who don't praise him, a cheer leader who burns all the bridges with our allies, a cheer leader who berates gold star families, a cheer leader who befriends dictators, a cheer leader who spends most of his time watching TV, hate tweeting the world, play golf at his commercial properties using taxpayers' money, …

  • Mac Richardson says:

    I don’t think the issue is FAKE NEWS. I feel certain it is FAKE PRESIDENT. I’m just wondering why some other country hasn’t come after him already.

  • Brian give us the news not your opinion. You have less credibility than Trump. You might i remind your socialist followers got suspended because you lied about getting shot down in Iraq during the Invasion of Iraq.


  • Trump jumps yells and waves his hand so much maybe it would make sense to put him in a skirt with some pompoms things would come together ??

  • Tracey Walker says:

    MSNBC, will be remembered as part of the lying cabal that put petty politics before the health and welfare of our American citizens. Oh,..regarding Melissa's post below,…that "clown" is saving this Constitutional Republic from your Marxists attempt to convert it to a baby killing, unarmed, open border, UN controlled shadow state. You and your friends may KMA! You will anyway in November.

  • Yeah, when did america elect a high school girl with palm palms? Oh wait, you elected a psyco with the mentality of a 3 year old. Do some REAL research before you vote people. The mental childs in capabilities were presented to you way before the last election and you ignored it. A vote for trump is an accessory to mass murder.

  • elitepanda3000 says:

    No, dirty trump down played it because:
    1. He was trying to keep the stock markets from crashing
    2. Did t want to get called out that he gutted the C.D.C., the F.D.A. and disbanded the pandemic watch organization that Obama created.

  • Remember this america:

    "I know nothing of this country"

    "I hold no responsibility of this country"

    "I dont represent as a leader of this country"

    "I am your cheerleader"

    "You people should thank and worship me as your beloved cheerleader"

    "Make America Ungrateful Again"

    Lol yo, where is our real leader? Did he went to a fallout shelter before this fake president was elected three years ago, if so, then wow, that person must be really aware and prepare this moment when this epidemic started.

    I like to trade another leader, take this guy to russia, we dont need a clown circus in our country, we got enough of that from the democratic and Republican congressman peanut gallery fight, we dont need another from the leader of the white house, this is just too funny and hilarious, we are now in a clown house or fun house of america, our true clown is the one that runs the show.

  • Many people's may get sick going to vote? Trump thinks they were going to vote for him and have all time record for him.

  • Jeanne DuBrasky says:

    what a bunch BS. typical news . trying to exasperate . This is why this man doesn't work on NC . Only lies. Desperate for ratings. Last time I checked there has only been two perfect men on this earth Adam which he blew that big time and actually you can please give him the blame for this virus. Check your facts, hes the reason for this virus. Please credit where due. And second being Jesus Christ who died to try to save your sorry selves yet you still mock him and all his works when she profess to think you know the facts. The facts are your not perfect, I am not perfect and Trump isn't perfect. We have lots very evil people in this world and your following them. Clinton's , Obama's , Soros and whoever can do something for you. Your job is to do something for God and Jesus not yourself so in that statement we all answering to the same God Jehovah and you might want to get right with him first and just know in the end all that really matters in the overall scheme of things is your relationship with God!

  • Richard McLeod says:

    Brian Williams still does not wear his face mask. Immigration and visits from China need to be curtained until the Virus is over.
    Strict immigration control needs to be implemented.

  • Danielle O'connell says:

    This man is so dangerous.he is showing his true colours now things are getting tough.he cant even string a sentence together his that dumb.trump is a clown.

  • Shame on Trump he didn't magically guess that this would happen because too many people are so stupid they travel to all different countries during a pandemic then come back to america and cough on everyone. He also failed to take this serious when people only have a 98% chance to live, and .02% of America is already infected…what a bad president.

  • elitepanda3000 says:

    dirty trump is now blaming W.H.O. Now for his failures now since blaming Obama didn’t work. Anyone surprised?

  • I call bulls*it. If he was really Americas cheerleader he would be pulling out all the stops to fight the virus – he isn't

  • Is it me or has anyone else noticed the seal of the President of the United States along with the Flag is missing – why is that or is it a signal of some sort?

  • Lloyd Chappetta says:

    You fear-mongering FAKE NEWS people Really hate America, and it shows with your headlines, can't believe so many DUMMIES still follow ya'll.

  • This man is a real Buffon! He does not know what he talks about it. A cheerleader??? We need a prepared knowledgeable and competent leader, to take control of the the country. Not just talking stupidity!

  • President Trump can't explain himself enough to people who don't like him.

    President Trump was wondering behind the scenes. He stopped China from flooding our country with disease, but no mention.

    Trump also said ask your doctor. The Dem congresswoman said if Trump hadn't pushed HCQ it would not have been available to her.

    Nothing in his report that China didn't warn the world while exporting the virus

    Shameless reporting

  • Medicinehat Pinto Dahl says:

    Not even a care about piecing the seams together! Just, make the news up – Instead, play the conference in it's entire contents. This way, we can be informed!

  • Why don't you stop criticizing EVERYTHING he does. Maybe if you he man had some help and support rallied around him from the start, since he's PRESIDENT, he may have done a better job. Shame on you. Because of people like you, other countries think we're an easy mark. Once he's voted in as president it's your DUTY and mine to support him and help him succeed in making the country better. You want to know who I DON'T trust? MSNBC.

  • This clown is quick to steal credits, quick to blame, quick to lie, and quick to deny wrongdoings and take no responsibility whatsoever for any mistake he has made. NO, the president is not suppose to play cheerleader, that the is job of the entertainment industry; as a president you need to speak the truth, foresee crisis and take preemptive actions, show and explain your plans and vision, speak and act and LEAD with integrity and compassion to calm the nation during any crisis and put confidence back to the people. But all he does is blame and blame and take credits from others, demands phrases and gratitude he does not deserved. destroys anyone who disagreeing with him, spreading hatred and dividing the nation instead of uniting it, making more enemies from around the globe. The only thing that is worse than this clown are the people who are actually voting for him. This is the darkest era of our country.

  • Get Me Out of Here says:

    The liar-in-thief orangutan waving his hands is definitely a “cheerleader”—not a leader. That is left to others.

  • Quốc Robin says:

    To President Trump from Dr. in France: Please do not give hydroxychloroquine to corrupted Democrat, stupid Mainstream Media, infected liberals for China virus treatment. President Trump, please issue an order to ban the use of hydroxychloroquine in USA and send all that medicine to Europe, we need the medicine here for the treatment of China virus. Merci beaucoup.

    6 days ago, Washington starts to use hydroxychloroquine -> today 0 death
    6 days ago, California starts to use hydroxychloroquine -> today 1 death
    6 days ago, Texas starts to use hydroxychloroquine -> today 2 death
    New York does not use hydroxychloroquine – > today 779 death
    New Jersey does not use hydroxychloroquine -> today 272 death
    Michigan does not use hydroxychloroquine -> today 114 death
    Pennsylvania does not use hydroxychloroquine -> today 70 death

  • Our Lord and protector, DJ Trump.' I prayed and prayed and took your pill and I was cured, stood right up and did a dance! Thank you, thank you! ' Ol' Doc Trump leading us through the dark days with snake oil and fever dreams.

  • Rump in a cheerleader skirt? There's an image for dieters everywhere …post that pic on your fridge door! ..and see if you are still hungry.

  • Is this the guy who should be fired? Part of the Trump team!
    "Well, I, obviously, you need to take it seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC
    and the Department of Homeland Security are doing but [coronavirus] is not a major threat for the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about."
    January 21, 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci

  • Cadet Bonespurs says:

    Trump 2013 "Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible."
    Trump 2020 "I take no responsibility"

  • Elizabeth Sorola says:


    Thank you Jesus Christ for
    Another day of hope??
    Jesus Christ speaks through circumstances
    Hearing God's Voice through Jesus
    The Bible also tells us that Jesus is God in the flesh. Therefore, if you want to hear the voice of God, you must study and know the teachings of Jesus. Here's how John describes Him: "That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched – this we proclaim concerning the Word of life"
    (1 John 1:1). You must also have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because He wants Us to worship Him at all times not just when we in need.. Because we all have needs, even as fallen creatures, to put our hopes and our dreams and our aspirations upon something or somebody we love. Jesus said, “Where our mind is, that's where our treasure is, and our heart will also be..
    My mind and heart is always in bettering my self in Jesus name..
    I live for Jesus Christ and I live for
    Houston Texas

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