100 thoughts on “Trump rally protests take a violent turn in Minneapolis, Minnesota”

  • Just when, are they going to come up with a NEW CATCH PHRASE. Black lives matter? That one is really, totally worn to shreds. I laugh every time I see someone carrying one of those signs. All lives matter to me, as long as you don't get up in my face and start spewing ignorant remarks and trample on my rights to support my choices in life. Another thing is, You stupid Socialists who don't want to work and want everything handed to you. You are in for a big surprise if they ever do, come into power. I hope you like eating out of garbage cans and waiting in long lines for sub-standard medical care.

  • No one respects those Antifa puds. It's just convenient for the Democrat party right now. They're terrorists, lock them up Trump!

  • Paul Thomas Shepherd says:

    About the American people seeing what's happening, most of them don't because most of them watch television and get it from America's worst enemy, the corrupt left television news.

  • 25,000 outside and 20,000 inside with no problems whatsoever, but the violent protests come from the anti-trump protestors. Typical. However, Trump supporters are called vile names and are the "true enemy". Yeah, whatever. Nobody believes that anymore.

  • I didn't see any violence in the video coverage, nor hear any facts cited in the narrative. These people don't come across, in any way, noble or brave. They look like they're loitering. There have been much better protests.

  • James Zimmerman says:

    just send in the marieens and arest all of them and lable them pow's and hold them for 35 years and only release them in 25 years on good behaver and the rest of there lives theyll halfto wear ankle bracelets

  • kevin mccaffrey says:

    i thought only kids and parents dressed up for Halloween….. well i guess the left counts as a bunch of kids, they sure act like it. bunch of spoiled children that need spanked.

  • The protestors were druggies, gangs and activist. We expect violence from criminals. That's how we know voting for Trump is the right thing to do.

  • Does anybody know what country George Soros lives in, if the USA, does President Trump have the authority to get this EVIL MAN OUT OF OUR GREAT NATION RIGHT NOW?

  • Erdogan is bombing and killing innocent Kurdish people right this minute.  Al Qaeda prisoners are about to be free and flow into Europe.  Yet Fux News calls this protest in Minneapolis violent.  Pay attention people.  Open your eyes.

  • Since when was it okay for mayors to give the middle finger to to the sitting president and his administration??? Scandalous.

  • The young and lazy protestors need to go get full time jobs. I am sick of this crap. Need to start arresting their asses and put them in prison for a 2 year sentence when they get out of control with violence. I guarantee you they will stop doing it. They wouldn't last in prison one week, they just think they are tough. Lol.

  • Do these people every question or second guess the decisions they have made in life? Are they capable of making decisions?

  • Seems like Giuliani and POTUS need more protection per Clinton body count than so called CIA deep state planted Clinton Obama whisteblower

  • Perdido Atlantic says:

    The Trump rally did not take a violent turn. The violence was outside and not Trump’s violence. Fox News. We see what you’re doing Fox.

  • Entitled terrorists, Republicans are neither responsible for their failings and insolence or that of their inadequate parents.

  • The protest wasn't violent in any shape or form. Everyone was extremely peaceful and respectful of everyone. Especially the police! They were absolutely lovely and no one harassed or bothered them. I do not see where you all are getting the idea that this protest was hateful or violent??

  • tryin to embarrass the trump—kinda like he does the USA on a daily basis–talkin bout bias these faux commentators need to shut up ,,they have not a clue what they are yakking about-geesh,i say bravo to these minnesotians for not bowing to these maga aliens,,,bravo to the mayor for sayin no to these racist basturds,,,the vast majority of americans are sayin no mas to trump inc.

  • Sadly – You're watching the birth bangs of the next revolution. The Media and the Main Stream Democrats are completely complicit in this violence. I do hope this does not represent the future. It shouldn't be dangerous to go to a public arena to hear the President. This is a very bad turn of events.

  • Americans are gradually destroying their country…..very sad indeed. Just leave Donald Trump alone……he is the President whether you like him or not. Simply wait till next year……and vote for someone else if you hate Trump. However, if he wins again, then truly he is the people's choice, please let him be………. after all the term limit is 8 yrs only.

  • They don't care. These are people that are angry and they feed their anger day by day. FURY building like a pressure cooker without a valve. It's only a matter of time when all that fierce energy explodes and they will go full postal and won't care about who they hurt.. Get your guns ready for that day folks. I feel when Trump wins 2020 they are not going to take it well. The clock is ticking. ARE YOU READY BROTHERS & SISTERS?

  • Janet Kortright says:

    The day the media apologizes for their lies and stirring up this, along side of the Democrats in Congress, unity will return

  • These are the people who will help get Trump re-elected. Not because they protest, it’s because they are violent and ignorant.

  • Genevieve Grover says:

    Guys we support our beloved President.  Lets get a PETITION going by WE THE PEOPLE  stop Voter fraud ID required….join us…..go to our USA team: @ Trump America For Safety and Freedom (c) simply copy paste and search … are you in? Let Admin. know now!
    Comments here are great!

  • This is congresswoman Maxine Water's who prompted this in the very beginning and the the Mayor there. They need to be held accountable for their actions!

  • Yeah, right! They weren't just there to protest Dongleberry but to try to chill future rallies. Ha! So…the Trumplicans were inside an arena and the protesters outside. So how exactly were the protesters stopping anyone from hearing Tarrumph?

  • Mark Meadows is hogtied and ball-gagged by Trump like the rest of these submissive republicans. Spineless, feckless twits like Meadows are so weak and disgusting.

  • Shoot these thugs in the nuts so he cant produce thugs that sponge off the taxpayers shame on Minnesota your a state of disgrace

  • One of the reporters says people wearing mask but make no mistake.. Antifa members wear mask too.. Only thing is they are mixed into the crowd so it's a who's who guessing game…

  • albert speer-bear says:

    Let the civil war start it's inevitable and make way for an alt right dictatorship which is far better than a leftist communist dictatorship.

  • The “black lives matter guy needs to be arrested. Inciting a riot. And who throws stuff at horses?! Horrible. Arrest them

  • The Minneapolis Rally was SO MUCH FUN— "Donald ! Donald! DOnald!" I shriefked with laughter in my livingroom. YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH

  • Forme, the highlight of the rally happened before PrezTrump took the stage when the Rolling Stones song "Play With Fire" was played. "so don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire…"


  • When will the government start taking on Antifa/Soros.  They are violent bullies that feel they have to yell, scream, get in your face, and hurt you.  What of bunch of cowards.  They are the ones out of control.  Not conservatives.  By the way, the more they promote violence, the more votes President Trump will be getting.

  • Vladika Michael says:

    If liberals think it's ok for them to initiate violence and to the degree they decide appropriate, what happens when the conservatives "up the anti"? LOL  Snowflakes can't stand heat.  Second Amendment Solution is the ONLY solution.

  • I live in the Twin Cities and I'm angry that these antifa bums were here but I also think the police did a great job keeping them in check.

  • Jarrod Scoggins says:

    So let me get this straight they all left thier houses to be cold and wet to hold up signs that contradict each other?

  • Make a new federal law, you can not attend protests while masked, masked means auto arrested. Legit medical reasons the only exception. At least the protesters in the 60s were willing to be proud of their stance on the issues they protested.

  • The more protests like this break out after Trump rallies the more Trump supporters know we need him. Lawlessness and indifference to human life or safety is not representative of American ideals. Democracy must be defended an anarchy eliminated.

  • Shivendra Singh Chauhan says:

    I see a communist flag in the rally. These mosquitoes are in every country they dont matter and never will🐍😬😬

  • Its interesting you don't say the same thing for Hongkong police that's facing more rowdy rioters disguised as peaceful protesters.

  • Law enforcement who still support Trump at this point aren’t law “Enforcement”. I’d like to hear a good argument.

  • Lawless Left wing agitators. Antifa hoards always incite violence, mayhem, anarchy. They vowed to "make America ungovernable" in January 2017. LE Robo Cops are armored up far more than this unhinged crowd knows. Let em start some shish. Not when POTOS is in town. Not gonna happen.

  • Look at all that Violence! I can see so many violent acts happening! all over the place! Violence is all I can see! people fighting Violent in all those camera Shots! what more proof do you need? Peaceful Protests? NO! look at all that violence.

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