Trump press conference analysis – the president and the ‘dishonest media’

Trump press conference analysis – the president and the ‘dishonest media’

“My fellow Americans… The President’s weekly address. On message,
on autocue. “I was thrilled to host the White House’s
Women’s Business Leaders round table …Very exciting, great women.” Such a contrast to yesterday’s wild ride press
conference. “I wanna find a friendly reporter…” He berated a reporter who prefaced a question
about the rise in anti-Semitic attacks by saying no-one was accusing the President himself
of anti-Semitism. “Number one, I am the least anti-Semitic person
you’ve ever seen in your entire life… Quiet, quiet, quiet.
See he lied about – he was gonna get up and ask a very straight, simple question so,
you know …welcome to the world of the media.” The media, even the ever faithful Fox News
is reeling, especially shocked at the President’s evasive responses about Russian hacking. “It’s crazy, what we’re watching every day.
It’s absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating ridiculous throw away lines that are not true
at all, and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we’re some kind of fools for
asking the question, really? Your opposition was hacked, and the Russians were responsible
for it, and your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening
and we’re fools for asking the questions? No, Sir. We’re not fools for asking these
questions and we demand to know the answer to this question. You owe this to the American
people, your supporters will support you either way. If your people were on the phone with
her [Russia], what were they saying? We have a right to know.” The forced resignation of National Security
Advisor Michael Flynn over questionable links with Russia is roiling not only the White
House but the Kremlin. Russian TV stations have abruptly stopped mentioning President
Trump, they didn’t cover yesterday’s press conference – after weeks of fawning coverage
and one newspaper warned today against “excessive Trumpophilia”. It’s all becoming quite tricky… General
Robert Harwood, the president’s first choice to replace Flynn has turned down the job,
and dozens of other administration positions remain unfilled. “Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the
United States, Donald J Trump…” But now back to the part of the job he really
likes… the pomp and ceremony, the cheering crowds, today at a Boeing factory in South
Carolina, reinforcing his message about jobs to the voters who put him in the White House. “As your President I’m going to do everything
I can to unleash the power of the American spirit and to put our great people back to
work” And tomorrow? He’s off to his resort retreat
at Mar el Lago and to a rally to address not the despised media but his adoring fans. Well I’m now joined from Boston by Julius
Krein, founding editor of American Affairs, and academic journal exploring the Trump movement.
And from New York is Versha Sharma, the managing editor of ‘Now This News’…
Julius Krein, first, do you have any qualms about Donald Trump’s performance yesterday? “Well I was of course quite sympathetic
with a number of the criticisms Trump raised against the bipartisan status quo during the
campaign and I’m still broadly optimistic about what the administration could theoretically
accomplish. But I am very concerned and have been disappointed by the delays in getting
qualified capable people into the government and into the administration to be able to
actually accomplish parts of this agenda. I think there are still far too many openings
especially in the state department and now in the NSC which need to be filled.” But specifically about his performance in
front of the media there. I mean, the former Republican advisor Gabriel Shoenfield wrote
today that there was something deeply worrying about our president and our country is in
danger. He described his performance as delusional. Do you share those concerns? “Well, the media of course cares a lot about
press conferences, I’m not sure that anyone else does… I’m far more concerned about
what’s going on behind the scenes or in this case what’s not happening and what’s
not getting done. The media circus will always be there unfortunately it’s become part
of our politics and this is the way he deals with it but I’m much more interested in
the actual things that are not happening.” Versha Sharma, is the media getting too obsessed
about what happened yesterday or are you concerned about the ‘ranting and raving’ as it was
described by the president, ironically, himself. “Yes, I think there’s a balance to strike.
I think that Julius is right in that maybe there’s a lot of Trumps base who didn’t
watch his daytime press conference but they’re certainly seeing the clips that are coming
out after. And these clips are all about Trump, right? It’s all about his war on the press
and about how he feels; like he’s been unfairly maligned, even though what’s happening behind
the scenes as Julius mentioned, is actually pretty chaotic. So I think there are legitimate
concerns that the press and the American public have about a display, like what happened at
the press conference yesterday. And it’s not even just the ‘ranting and raving’,
right? It’s the fact that he is dodging questions or flat out lying in some cases,
and that’s what’s really important.” Then he’s winning, isn’t he? If he’s
getting his message across and, you know, distracting the attention away from the whole
hoo har over Russia. “Well, I mean, I think that’s debateable,
because you have – as you guys played-, you have Shep Smith of Fox News going off and
saying that what we’re saying is crazy so I think, you know, once you start to lose
Fox News, then you should probably recalibrate your media strategy.” Well, Julius Klein, you say the media is becoming,
sort of, too obsessed with the media themselves but has this hounding of journalists gone
too far I mean it wasn’t a comfortable spectacle watching the president berate the Jewish journalist
at the press conference, was it? “Yes, I think at this point it’s probably
not helpful. It is just part of the media circus in our politics but, again, I think
in a sense Trump would be better served by, you know, skipping the press conferences and
focusing more on filling out the administration and actually getting a team in place to develop
and implement policy. But with respect to the media and the treatment of the media,
I just- I’m not that concerned about it, I’m not sure if, you know, any real voters
are either” Versha Sharma, the public’s gonna be with
Donald Trump on a lot of what he said yesterday and against what he called the ‘dishonest
media’, aren’t they? “They are. So I think what’s important
to remember is Trumps attacks on the press may play well with his base. But they don’t
necessarily play well with facts. And if he continues to dodge questions, distract from
issues, and not actually bring jobs back to the American people, then I think he’ll
start losing people quiet quickly. I did speak to Trump supporters here who said that they
were concerned by the fact that he can’t really seem to give a coherent answer on some
of these more concerning issues.” Well, a lot of the journalists though – rather
than attacking him on the facts – sort of played along and were quite happy apparently
to be the butt of his jokes. “Yes, the joking that we saw back and forth
between some of the reporters I think was not the right take for the White House press
corps to take. But more importantly as you mentioned the Jewish reporter and then also
April Ryan, an African-American reporter that he asked if she knows any black members of
congress, these are the moments that we need to highlight and be talking about because
they really show what Trump thinks of minorities.” Julius Klein, away from the press conference,
‘Chaos reigns”, you’d agree with that statement. “Well, that may be a little much. But there’s
certainly a lot of things that need to get done that haven’t been concluded yet.”


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  • Channel 4 is one of the worst… Why not just stick to the truth? Mike Flynn spoke to about 30 foreign government representatives, including the head of Mossad. He resigned because he lied to the VP, why? Because of the rabid anti Russian media environment. Your characterisation of his resignation is misleading, just like your analysis of Russian press coverage. Who analysed the coverage in Russia for Channel 4, or is your report just anecdotal? Whether one supports Trump or not the media's bias is open and blatant, and I and many others are sick to death of it.

  • tcfreestyler123x says:

    How can he say what is not getting done? When companies are already flooding back in to the US. No recent president has taken action upon his campaign promises this fast. How stupid does the media really think we are! You're Fake News!

  • Channel 4 you are biased and disgusting.You are complete propaganda. Trump gets nothing but attacks from you whilst all you did was brown nose with Obama and Bush . You are ridiculous and FAKE

  • Just wondering, how is it possible innocent civilians, who aren't even journalists are assaulted, killed by directed energy weapons, microwave weapons, scalar weapons, vehicle accidents, stroke, heart attacks, cancer etc. covertly, but those who attack President Trump every single day are not. Interesting, isn't it? There is a wisdom here.

  • Trump is such a joke. It amazes me how Trumpanzees can't see what a sociopathic narcissist he is. They actually think he's going to do things to help them. Trump helps Trump. Always has.

  • Michael Harrison says:

    Do some real work, investigate the real criminals in the States like the Clintons for example. Do what you are supposed to do you lying manipulative crooks. You guys are a joke.

  • Jetpack Rorschach says:

    Everything in this report is real and factual, and no matter the screeching cries of trolls and hopeless Trumpanzees, reality will not simply "go away" because of you're own twisted and distorted perceptions. Learn to be objective for once and accept reality, or else be left continuing your delusions and further secluding yourselves in a self-sustained echo chamber bubble.

  • Paddy Theosophist says:

    What's with so many anti-Channel 4 comments? I don't believe the majority of them are regular C4 News viewers. Looks a bit fishy to me. That many can't be that dumb. And I don't mean lacking the power of speech, rather, empty vessels…….

  • Hey CH 4 News !, Don't you lot use both the CNN and The Guardian for both sources of information and for interviews ?.

    The last couple of day's they've both claimed that President Trump was talking about a " Terrorist " attack that happened the day before in Sweden ?!?.

    I've seen his speech, and he DID NOT mention a
    " Terrorist " attack at all happening in Sweden !.

    Talk about FAKE NEWS !. Perhaps you should do a week's special covering such
    " Fake News " BUT wait , you lot already did that . Didn't you ?.

    You're now nothing more than The UK's very own version of the CNN ( Counterfeit News Network ).

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