100 thoughts on “Trump praises Pompeo for berating NPR reporter”

  • Thank u CNN for Fabulous Reporting 😃👍 This HorseS _ _ _ of a person is leaving in a few months hallelujah happy days are here again thank goodness 😅 Parade n Party 🎉 🎊 🎈 🎉 Time 😂😅👍🌺

  • It’s the Trumps MO – treat women like crap! It’s ok to disrespect others that’s what Trump loves. Never has a “president” been so crude & he acts like a buffoon – & people are eating it up?! Because those who support this idiot are buffoons too.

  • Behind closed doors. She’s an adult and could have left at any time. As opposed to CNNs Lemon and guests insulting Trump supporters during a broadcast. That one minute clip alone speaks volumes about why people have tuned out CNN. Don’t laugh too hard because you people won’t be the ones laughing this November. He who lasts last laughs best….

  • This malignant cancer that runs though every branch of government now, is almost terminal. We have corrupt senior individuals apart from Trump in the Executive branch (e.g. Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence), the Legislative branch (e.g. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham), and the Judicial branch (e.g. William Barr, Brett Kavanaugh). There are many others. And, we have the major so-called news network FOX, being used as a State Propaganda machine. 'We the People' need to do something about this before it's too late. If we let this trend continue to slide, it won't be long before we really will be living in a Fascist State. Then all 3 global superpowers will be run by authoritarian dictators. Very dangerous!

  • Let's not talk about "political calculus" as though acting like a thug was just one of a huge number of selections on a behavior buffet.

    The metaphor for Pompeo is more of the Frog and the Scorpion story, to which the punchline is, "That's my nature."

    Thugs are thugs. That's their nsture.

  • The republicans defending Trump at all costs no matter what reminds me so much of the religious (scared of death) nuts I know. Logic is not logical to them and evidence means nothing……"you just gotta believe it because it's true and that's it because we say so. End of story, our alternative facts rule."

  • What's really worrying is that this is becoming the highest grossing, most rated, gossip bombarded and audience controller, "real life"
    (fake ass) Reality Show, were the media (don't matter wich side you root for) just keeps on smacking you on the face to keep you in the loop.

    This is what happens when you let others to be in charge of life that you own. C'mon everyone… it is really time to wake up.

  • Oh then its a really good thing Trump isnt the dictator they say he is , or she would have been given a Pulonium Milk Shake as a consolation prize for all her fine reporting.

  • Trump and goons creating a police state, get used to it , as mullvany quoted. The end of democracy in America, when are Americans going to stand up and fight back ??

  • Last week it was Mahu Raju, being called a liberal hack , and Trump's backing the senator for her actions, seems this Admin doesn't like honest questions from the media

  • As I stated in a previous comment, no one should expect Mike Pompeo to behave civil. He is dishonest, disgusting and shameless, just like Donald Trump.

  • Apologists for this brand of alt right Republicans get angry when they're compared to fascists but if the jackboots fit…

    Pro Tip: NPR is national radio, FOX is state TV.

  • Disgraceful. Spiteful.Trump gloating, Pompeo ranting. Desperate people who wouldn't know truth if it bit them on their behinds. Pravda comes to mind. Trump said in a 1998 interview, ''If someone does a number on me, I take great delight on doing a number on them in return''.

  • Frank Crossword says:

    …….when the political debate is silenced and self-interest is the only topic allowed, "Real Americans" should be aware that "Democracy" is under threat.

  • Pompeo’s political career is done. What happened with the journalist is a clear result of him realizing it’s over for Trump and therefore for him. He does not panic easily, and it seems that he completely lost his shit. It’s like, you never saw your father cry, and suddenly your dad is hysterical, you know shit is real bad.

  • This smug sociopath betrayed his country to get dirt on a political opponent. We all know it. He knows it. Merely one of his multiple sins and crimes, the man who conned America.

  • Only a sickor brasis Pompeo did to a reporter who interview him…. This trump is one human wasted… And trump need to leave WH…. Period.

  • When are the Republicans going to present the nation with a DECENT candidate? I want "Con" Trump out before he kills us all, but, I don't like any of the Democratic candidates either. I will NOT vote for Trump ( or any of his corrupt minions ) but I still want a STRONG candidate. Do the Republicans have anybody in the wings? Kerry maybe?

  • Don't mince words Senator Santorum. The GOP don't just believe the press is in the Dem Party camp. Is Fox News in the Democrat camp? The GOP from the IMPOTUS down believe the press is "the enemy of the people". The very opposite what the US Constitution says.

  • This is a no brainer. Every journalist who's invited to travel with Pompeo should just refuse to go with him. And write a nice long op-ed about why this is a form of censorship from this administration and should not be tolerated..

  • No kind of professionalism…it's almost like we live in an alternate universe. Treating reporters like shit is cool now and gets applauded.

  • When you word your question with accusitory lines like 'smearjob" and unfair suppositions, you should expect to be admonished. The question she asked was accusitory and biased.

  • Martin Dworakowski says:

    Pompeo has just made the CIA look even more stupid than Trump has made the office of the president! Hollyshit people, all of the other leaders of the US allies are either laughing or sweating bullets. Putin is definitely enjoying it, this is all going according to his plan! Trump will be the end of the US being a super power.

  • I'm guessing…who are these people clapping? I know, it is a stupid question but wow!!! This has to be the lowest of the low.

  • Rico Von Spacewolf says:

    Mike Pompeo made himself look like a complete buffoon… like a real idiot! Now trump praises him for getting the better of her? Pompeo is a bully like trump. They do not like it when people smarter than themselves expose them for the morons they are.

  • (trump to Pompeo) "I think you did a good job on her, actually"…….and this comes from the stupid mouth of none other than the president of America! What an orange douche bag!! What an embarrassment!

  • Blake still in the game says:

    Who shocked? Ain't that what COWARDS do. Praised other COWARDS. We all seen trump and his male groupies in action.

    Helsinki: Trump laid down like a good little Bitch for his husband Putin.
    Chris Cumo punk that maga thong wearing fuck boy all the way down.

    Hippo hips Donald a tweeter warrior that's it. Big draws wearing Pompeo a coward Bitch too

  • So what? No one is going to do anything about it. It's obvious that politicians are above the law. This is what happens when you let Religitards into anything…

  • tRump cheapens himself once again by agreeing with another IDIOT that it's ok to berate a reporter from NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO. what an asshole he is!

  • Stephen Chisadza says:

    Mike Pompeo reminds me of the James Gandalfini character Tony Soprano. Not just the accent but weight, the heavy breathing, the disarming smile that switches in the blink of an eye to a vicious threatening look

  • The media is not carrying the democratic agenda. They are following the corruption. Democrats didn't force Pompeo to commit crimes. They didn't force him to do Trump's bidding.

  • The question "How did you protect Marie Yovanovitch?" sent Pompeo into a complete rage. We're still waiting for the answer.

  • Very disappointed at NPR for this coverage. She was insisting on interviewing the topic that he didn't want to talk about. I heard the interview…sorry, she was asking for his wrath. Shame that she used that opportunity to cover Marie Yovanovitch instead of asking about Iraq and Iran as she led him to think for this interview was. I do NOT believe that he would come to this interview if she was going to ask about Yovanovitch!!! Shame!

  • That feral “president” is the sleaziest scrote-sleaze that ever sleazed itself upon this earth.
    Just those first few lines he muttered at the beginning of this video makes the skin crawl.

  • CNN just lost the settlement for misleading the public….and still doing it. They must have a lot of money to burn. By the way I listen to all not just one side….shame that we listeners have to do homeworks to get the facts instead of relying journalist to give us the fact!! And their opinions not the facts!

  • Mary Louise Kelly is highly educated person more qualified than Mike Pompeo if she were to sit as state secretary, she is more suitable than Pompeo.

  • Everyone in the room was Jewish . Trump ain’t fooling nobody . He hates Jews . Everybody hates Jews . But they love Jews money .

  • Just look at Trumps expression at 0:22 of this clip. It's hard to tell if Trump is actually impressed with Pompeo, or annoyed that Pompeo is getting more applause than Trump. Imagine being more popular than the boss in the White House these days.

  • “Look Mike Pompeo’s own boss couldn’t point out Ukraine on a map if there was a big U and a picture of a building crane emblazoned on it”
    – Rick Wilson

  • Berating and cursing. You guys berate, berate and berate. Can’t curse because your on air. So he berated. And he cursed. How about he told her in no uncertain terms that your tax payer money in the amount close to a half a billion dollars and lethal military equipment was given to a country that needs it. Now lives will be saved. The reporter was poking and provoking with loaded BS questions that were clearly designed to incite in the face of clear evidence of an administration that did more for Ukraine than any other before. Open your eyes people. She was playing politics. He was and is playing saving lives and protecting your asses.

  • There is so much hatred, reminds me on the time before the second world war in Europe. Propaganda like media as we see on fox and then the hate towards everybody who does not fall in line. I am worried. The hate must stop.

  • Trump gets himself into trouble over withholding money to Ukraine then goes and threatens to do the same to NPR!!!! When will he ever learn??

  • White mens are weak childish when you call them on there shit nasty ass fuck they well get there's trump and everybody work for him judgement day

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