Trump Loses It When Fox News Admits Reality


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  • pollers get 485 k for a report .. i make a deal tell me what to want to see i make a poll ,just send me 300 k .let me to this for the next 2 years , then get pissed cause the polls are wrong .. its the russians brothers i take a poll

  • How can a president of Nation call fox News asking them to Change what everyone admit as reality to favour his own selfischness,

  • This is what happens when a silver spoon is put in your mouth at birth, you get a spoiled, racist idiot like Trump.

  • Richard Collins says:

    I'm not familiar with the word troll. But can smell a defeated individual miles away. Let's see who will sitting in the Office of the President the next election. And we will deal with the Party of pedophilia and send them back into the gates of hell where they or if your a fan , then you too where you belong.. Ok

  • The Democrats and their minion hurds are addicted to engineered polls, which lead them to a treasonous state when the polls were wrong…will they ever learn!?
    Next time assassination? Be careful Mr. Trump these elites are increasingly becoming unhindered and seem by the previous and current behavior might resort to very extreme tactics to get back the Democratic Slave Trade that was sucking the life out of our prosperous economy and selling it to foreign and special interests.

  • the polls always had hillary leading trump by double digitd in 2016, they really got it wrong, polls dont mean anything to me anymore, especially year away from election

  • spartacus36526 says:

    I don't care if the polls show Bernie/Biden/Warren leading Trump by 20 points. It means nothing. The media has learned NOTHING from the 2016 election. Russia will hack the voting machines in the selected states just like they did last time.

  • Anagnorisis- for the love of learning says:

    Trump has always wanted to got the media anytime they report bad things on him. The only reason he's never done it to Fox News until now is because they've been sucking his dick for 2 years straight.

  • "The greatest economy in U.S. history?" While unemployment is down 1.2% currently from when Obama left office, the GDP is currently the same as the average of Obama's 2nd term, the budget deficit has more than doubled, the national debt is up $2 trillion, those without health insurance have increased by 24%, and 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The stock market is up, which is great if you have stock, until it goes down, which it will. Of course the very wealthy have done very well with the tax cut they received. Trump is the Wizard of Oz, until Toto pulls back the curtain.

  • Pikachu fan And tripolar fan says:

    Just remember folks. This the young Turks. They are biased. Known to lie and live by double standards.

  • Please everyone who isn't registered please do so. I am voting for whoever gets the Dem nod. I know we have our differences but if we can band together we can get Trump out of the White House. And you know the day after the election we have this to look forward to from Trump

  • Veracity has never been a strong point for Trump, so when he butts up against it it scalds him like holy water on a demon.

  • Sometimes I sit and reflect on some issues and wonder if I am from a different planet! Trump might ho about some things unconventionally. However, I agree with him on certain things! You can't just have an open border allowing everyone to cross into your country! I don't know if the wall is a solution? But, I wouldn't like to know who enters or leave my country! That's what I gather Donald Trump is saying in a different way!

  • The conman believes that EVERYONE is either a conman or a mark! Why do so many AMERICANS want to be like Trump? The big "moneymen", who abuse the honest, moral American, are the conmen and the dumb, mindless Republican or swing voter is the mark!

  • I support trump but for all those stupid liberals let me give them some advice, this is a ploy to 1) get the conservative vote out 2) to make the Democrats conceited and not galvanise the vote 3) to make the deep state Dems to stop impeachment and take a bet on the elections 4) to make Biden the candidate because that will discourage the so called progressives

  • Duane D. Smiley says:

    Trump never wanted to be President. His original plan was to use the election as a way to grow his base, prior go starting his own television network.

    Unfortunately enough Americans took his candidacy seriously and voted for him. He knows, those polls are accurate. He is criticizing Fox News so if he does lose, he can take a large chunk of their viewers with him, when he implements his original plan.

    Expect Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson to join the Trump Network, once Trump leaves office.

  • Richard Collins says:

    You can toss and turn all you want it's not going to help it gets better for Trump and worse for you or those guy.

  • jasyn zangari says:

    Lol cuz polls mean a lot, right Hilary? Left needs trump so bad cuz they have nothing else to give the country

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  • I don't like you and I want you to tell everybody about the respect of not being the president and I hope that is not a prayer that you can respect that you over there playing your game it's like when I met one of farrakhan's supporters he told me I have these papers and I'm selling them if you can make a donation I said I am not read no thank you he was so funny he said I will give you all just cuz I'm so happy you really made my day I just went about my business understanding the difference it is amazing I never have to meet Farrakhan to have the respect for myself that is not bread it's amazing

  • Regardless of Trumps's other views, his victory over the vindictive polls, and the calling out of "fake news" are two of the coolest things a president ever did, (other than leaving foreign wars).

  • rip industries says:

    Santa claws will be the President if Trump don't win as far as another demorat to be President is a pipe dream a CRACK PIPE DREAM lmao

  • ?????Don't you get it?! Fox news has always dominated this Occupier! Fox OWNS Trump!??????. Whether he is the Occupier in Office or not. GET HIM FOX!!!!!???

  • dave hempfields says:

    put a orange mustache on the clown heil chump the traitor heil putin think about it no one ran against hitler not one spineless republican will stand up to the chump sieg heil heil chump heil putin bow down you bootlickers are so done so weak

  • David Watermeyer says:

    Not because I like it in any way (though to be honest I would almost prefer Trump to hypocrite Biden) I believe Muldergate has greatly assisted Trump at the polls for 2020. Now that Gabbard and Sanders indicate they are anti-BDS (i.e. pro -Israel) I think its time to look elsewhere than politics for solutions. There are other ways folks. Just being good to others. Certain business solutions, music etc. etc. Politicians, even those who you thought weren't, all appear to be frauds with massive egos. If you think that people don't have the right to do something about evil (such as starting the BDS movement against the racist state of Israel) then what hope are you going to be as a leader? Gabbard speaks endlessly about being against war but when she votes AGAINST a movement which is using peaceful methods to END a war situation, then what credibility can she be given? This isn't a high school debate. Its about real people.

  • Shaun Higgins says:

    Basically Twitter is Trump's shockstick to Fox News whenever they step out of line. Not so much Chris Wallace (because he is a professional journalist). But if the mediocre dimwits who host Fox and Friends start to acknowledge that things might not be going so well for their "beloved saviour" or if they should be brazen enough to criticize him, then little Trumplestiltskin has to throw another temper tantrum on social media. Eventually it'll get to a point where he'll start smashing up the oval office with a baseball bat if he loses in 2020.

  • He is simply the lowest of the lows; a lier and a crook. Always expecting adulation from all angles. Such an ignorant idiot besides, that can't even detect this type of reaction from his allies. His time is coming, and he is now desperately attempting to act as if he does not know it.

  • Omg this is the worse president in history. What makes this dick sucking dumbass thinks he should be ahead of folks or even to think he should win again in 2020.

  • Servant to Be says:

    these polls are and were full of shit…Trump was supposed to lose…you effeminated white male cucks are disgusting…go do some pushups and by chance yo may learn how to become male again

  • You know he dnt know nothing about the truth! The truth is like Cyanide to Mr #45… when is he going to blow away?????????????

  • Virginia Ryno says:

    Vote Satan out of the darkhouse. Let's make it our Whitehouse once again. ??Vote Blue no matter who??.
    Biden 2020 president.
    Trump 2020 prison.

  • President Lies Through His His Teeth 24/7, won't be happy until all folks bow down to him every time he shows up anywhere….Even then he won't be happy but he'll think he is for a little while.

  • "proud warriors…like Kilngons!" made me snort. Btw these two guys look like they should be in an acoustic cover band together

  • Art Silver Falls Art says:

    It was from 7 different countries who found Russian attack on our system and the unusual amount of Trump's people who were in contact with Russians . Verified buy 9 different American agencies .

  • Clayton Gunter says:

    What destruction is trump going to bring about now? Mueller has integrity, trump has none. His lame attempts at attacking anyone and everyone that disagrees with him is one thing, but what he does behind the scenes through someone else is what should be watched at all times. He has no problem backstabbing anyone who gets in his way! So when is he going to start attacking the media, but wait! Hasn't he already started? Same pattern as Adolf Hitler! He keeps putting people in critical positions to destroy America. There is loyalty that consists of integrity and then there is thug loyalty that consists of "yes men" with no integrity towards the American people! It's not hard to figure this one out! Trump has got to go! But don't forget about McConnell with his communist ways and any other traitors in the GOP Congress!

  • Verna Fleming says:

    This is just a set-up !!!!!! Look at the racist remarks …..already out! Nobody is going to get in his Way. He’s attacking the Front runners….Democrats. Especially HARRIS!

  • The look in pumpkinheads eyes gets more lunatic day by day. The straightjacket is made to fit. Knows nothing, understands nothing and tells more lies than you and I can breathe. Disgusting, deplorable.

  • Gerald C. Haynes Jr says:

    Americans would lose their minds if Obama watched ? all day. When does he really work? Can someone tell me? And no not just the tax cuts or border/immigration control.

  • OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT LOSING!!!!!! OK??? HE’S NOT LOSING IN THE POLLS AND STOP MAKING UP YOUR FAKE NEWS AND SAYING THAT HE IS LOSING!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you people keep saying these things that are just not true? I mean he really can’t be losing, right? OF COURSE HE’S NOT LOSING AND STOP SPEWING YOUR LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathleen Carroll says:

    This illegitimate president needs professional help! Someone get a dictionary … they can read him the definition of racists. Trump is a RACIST and that's old news! Read him the CONSTITUTION as well. The illegitimate president is CRITICALLY INCOMPETENT and INEPT!!!!

  • Trump is TRASH!! Anyone who supports him is TRASH!!! Anyone who votes for Trump in 2020 is TRASH!!! PERIOD!!!! End of discussion!!!!!

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