100 thoughts on “Trump lawyer on Buzzfeed: Media anxiousness has to stop”

  • Buzzfeed is a minor news outlet like Breitbart. Handle with care. But don't imagine for a second that most of the article is inaccurate. It was a very sensible move by Mr Mueller; let's not get hysterical. But it had the added bonus of placating Trump. Okay, he is horrible but the justice system must work by nailing criminals for their crimes, not their reputations.

  • It blows my mind people believe CNN & Other Fake psydo news outlets. WHY do they HATE SO MUCH? WHAT IN THE WORLD DID OUR POTUS DO TO THEM…. NOTHING IT'S INSANE… when they are asked "Why are you protesting" THEY CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN It's like the people who are still on the left are robots without an Intel card on auto piolet.

  • Shannon Hamilton says:

    Isn't Jay Sekulow the one that got caught lying to multiple news outlets about Trump dictating the Don Jr memo? Pretty sure it's the same guy. Talk about fake news!

  • Fox news and Trump spent 8 years on fake Obama birth certificate, CNN spent one day on a story that may not be true, CNN has 7 years and 364 days of fake news to go before they catch up with fox

  • These guys hate Trump so bad they have been giving out false reports for two years straight. It’s getting petty and old. When will they learn? We should wait. If they have evidence like they said, then they better release it soon. If not, then it’s another L for them.

  • If this tale about 45 and the other tales does not tell folks anything about what is going on in this country…….and the 8 years before.
    We Have Been Sexually Penetrated.
    In God We Trust

  • Always greed and  money for this.  Follow the money to the top or wherever else.  Money corrupted the Republicans and many other politicians.

  • It was much worse, Nicolle Wallace wet her pants giggling like a schoolgirl over the Buzzfeed nonsense.  She ate it up hook, line and sinker giggling like a moron the whole way down the rabbit hole.

  • I get a satisfying sense of Jeja vu. Remember when Trump's 2015 taxes were leaked to Rachael Maddow a few years ago and it turned out that he made good money that year and paid millions in taxes, thereby partially putting to rest rumors of imminent bankruptcy or tax evasion? Some people speculated that Trump , himself, leaked those documents. 4d chess , anyone?

  • Time to stop the hatred and jealousy but thanks God for his servants PRESIDent Trump and thank you for this service men that they work hard for the truth

  • FAKE seems all news is FAKE until verified. I watch american news channels ~ one thing about your news ~ on both sides of the government ~ it sure keeps everyone wondering what the hell is going on! Who and where is the circus trainer?

  • TrueLife-Solutions says:

    Please know.. That if the new AG is indeed friends with Muller and sides with him…they can impeach both the pres & vice pres and guess what!!! Pelosi becomes the president!!! then she will appoint Hillary as vice pres…There you have her plan..Pelosi wants to un seat Pres Trump….PLEASE GIVE THIS INFOTO PRES TRUNP>>>>>ITS TRUE AND MAKES TOTAL SENSE..IF We dont do something now this could happen. PLEASE PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEE YOU GONE…. God Bless you andKeep you safe..

  • Mark Levin called out the DOJ on his radio show to investigate the Mueller team for leakers. An hour later Mueller gave the statement that the Buzzfeed BS was not true. The media may as well be on the payroll of the DNC. So over the top anymore.

  • Could the reason for Mueller's team correcting BUZZFEED (looks like they are defending Trump) have anything to do with the new AG going thru the hiring process?

  • Why is everyone surprised? The media, BY LAW, is ALLOWED to LIE AND DECEIVE the American people. Was not the Smith/Mundt Act that forbade propaganda in the U.S., repealed and now it is the law of the land that the media can use propaganda against us? So, they are doing nothing wrong by lying, are they not?

  • Reporting a "news reporter's" thoughts and perhaps IS NOT NEWS. The liars should be fired. Who can trust these news outlets anymore?

  • Okay it's year three now and I still haven't gotten a solid answer as to just why Trump is so bad, or what did he do to deserve this hate? He didn't go on SNL and rip up a photo of the pope or anything

  • Henry Siegertsz says:

    What will it take for the Dem supporters, to take off their rose tinted spectacles, stop getting their news from mainstream sources, (Fox excluded), and start thinking for themselves? Are they really that willing to have the wool pulled over their eyes every time, there's the slightest possibility Project "Impeach Trump" Media puts out another False story?

    While Dems extoll the virtues of the Muller team immediately denouncing Buzzfeed for the Liars, and cry babies they are. They lose sight of the obvious fact that Muller had absolutely no choice but to do so, it must have stuck in their craw to have to do so.

    While many are calling to prosecute, I think it better we leave Buzzfeed, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, C4 News and all to carry on, because their lack of awareness of their bias is so apparent, their prejudice so strong, that they actually cause harm to their own side.

  • The majority of the mainstream media is CNN, MSNBC, Vox, Buzzfeed, Huffpo, and more. They push boogeyman racism conspiracy theories and police brutality fallacies. They are anti-White and are opposite Fox News.

  • It's C-C-C-Cold out! Wanna take the gloves off in this fight? OK Where do the Buzzfeed people live? Do they have Electric heat or gas? Fireplace? Candles & cats? Have you ever done a story about house fires? How about newly homeless middle class Americans? How about survivors guilt when your entire family was killed while you were off lying to make a living in " Journalism " Remember that feeling we all had the week after 9-11/ What we would do to the worthless Fucks that did that to us given a chance? Wanna thnik a moment how we are starting to feel about FAKE NEWS JOURNALISTS? go ahead, take your time, & keep warm tonight.

  • Zero to Impeachment in less than sixty seconds. I have already thought that this was motivated because they are going after the leakers. Thanks Jay, I sign all of your petitions.

  • We all know who the bad guys are .it been hashed over and over time and time again. They admited all the wrong doings…. destroying e-mails,servers, blackberries , fbi , Clinton’s and Arkansas mafia ,Obama administration. Why in the world ? somebody in d.c. put alllll … this evidence together make a move to stop all this foolishness. Americans want prosecutions and have justice serve it is time long overdue… arrests arrests

  • Sullimon Yousuf says:

    Trump will never learn. Even his lawyer said he is a bad person. Trump will get what’s coming to him just wait and see

  • I don't normally watch The View but (Friday I think) my TV was on abc and I swear those women were having orgasms over this. Too bad for them later we had to tell them it was fake!

  • The fact that anyone is listening to Jay Sekulow, one the most corrupt players in the game is testimony to the diseased state of mind these Trump ideologues have reached. The Trump era is coming to a swift close.

  • Godzilla Destroys Cities says:

    They really helped Trump out. Trump's been saying it's all fake news for awhile now. Now he has a specific incident to point to as proof.

  • kalid Al xayyari says:

    Republicans+Islam = bunch of coward white men and Talibans that want to oppress women of the world to be controlled for sexual exploitation, duh? they control women by intimidation! U wonder why they are anti intermarriage!! Women wake up!

  • Every agency, especially law enforcement because of the power they hold, ends up being run by leaders precisely because they have been corrupted by politicians. The last thing a politician wants is a leader with integrity in those positions. This goes from a small town mayor and his chief of police up to the President. They all want people below them that they can manipulate. The rank and file of police, FBI, etc. Are honourable people but their leaders are often elevated to their positions for all the wrong reasons and they, in turn, surround themselves with sycophants who will do their bidding and are not a threat to their own power. That is why so often when a leader goes, they choose a leader from outside the agency. That destroys the morale of all the rank and file members who see that no matter how good they are no matter how hard they work, they will never rise to the top of their profession and will end up at best in middle management at odds with their corrupt leaders. Just look at Strozk, Page, Comey and McCabe. Does anyone really believe that in all the thousands of FBI agents, there were not better choices available to fill their positions? They were chosen for their willingness to do the will of their political masters, not for their integrity, work ethic and intelligence. Elliot Ness they are not but even he had to work under Hoover, who was anything but an honourable man.

  • Mexico has not paid for the wall, obamacare has not been repealed and replace with "great" healthcare, Iran deal still alive, coal hasn't come back, trade war exploding, deficits going to a trillion dollars again, NK still building nukes, no infrastructure bill like he promised, the economy on the verge of collapse, the swamp has gotten swampier, the longest govt shutdown in history, the most firings/resignations in history, has never reached 50% in approval, 39% approval rating, his lawyer is going to jail, his campaign manager is going to jail, America/Trump is a laughing stock around the world. Trump will go down as the biggest

  • U got to give it to the KGBs. They have a few people by their balls. Russia now dictates things that happen on world stage. If Republicans get another term, Russians will go far in their superpower quest which is not a bad thing.

  • A new "used car salesman" class has risen in America….reporters. This is now by far the most sleazy profession in America.

  • I get that leaking is technically wrong, but is it a real issue the American people should care about? Shouldn't we want to know more about what's going on? People shouldn't care about leakers, they should care about whats leaked and the truth of it.

  • So Muller is now good guy hahaha hahaha, Muller is going to dump didn't direct Cohen he ordered him to do it. Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Did Donny tell Cohen to lie…..YES! Did Cohen admit to this?…..NO! Do they have text messages and e-mails to prove the lie?…..NO! Mueller has an AUDIO TAPE of Donny telling Cohen to lie, THEREFORE, other than the TRUTH about Donny telling Cohen to lie, everything else is disputed.

  • In a hundred years historians will look back and put the main stream media of this era in the same camp as Benedict Arnold.

  • The Media are Communist on America and the American Citizens ..They are for the Destroying AMERICA and AMERICAN Citizens..They don't care about the AMERICANS Middle Class Citizens And they are only for helping the Bad Democrats Nancy and Schumer Mueller Comey Schiff Obama and Hillary Corruption out ..We no that True American Citizens need too Abolish these Bad Communist Media news..

  • they like Russia hi hi hi …. they are left and all left love Russia and china ….with out loving Russian, china and socialist countries how he become a left democrates ha ha ha ha ha

  • MORE @BuzzFeed LIKE stories, And why are many proven liars, and leakers & worse that should have been JAILED already! STILL FREE?

  • 2:48 "Speculation, without factual basis, is dangerous for the republic."

    Stated on Hannity and Fox News. Just let that sink in.

  • Bonnie Robinson says:

    This whole shutdown is Trumps fault, he wants to hold federal workers as hostages, which when you think about it is kind of terrorist.

  • Why not? No one has ever been held accountable. You can do what ever works for you and not worry about prosecution. You can even lie to congress, flip them off (as everyone from pety strozk to rosensteine have done)' you can blatantly obstruct justice, so on and so forth. The laws only apply to the (unruly masses, us)' not people with influence. Follow the French, bring back the guilliotine. Time for heads to roll, literally.

  • “If this was true …” . sounds just like Trump taking as a birthed idiot or Crazy Sarah H. Sanders about the allegations about a wired Trump Tower. But hey, if used by CNN it is of course not ok.

  • Jasson Martinez says:

    I didn't vote for Donald Trump…. I didn't notice how the media was FAKING everything in order to portrayed Mr. Donald Trump in a manner of racist for people to hate him … I started to pay attention and started to see different outlets of news and began to see everything our president need to say…. that's when it hit me, the fake news is a real thing…. I'm not a proudly American and a new Republican and I support my president Donald Trump…. let's build the WALL, let's make America great again, let's get rid off this investigation ones for all…..

  • I feel the consequences of not doing responsible reporting is about the only thing that's going to affect a change! I strongly encourage the families of these kids whose lives have been torn about such that the school has had to close today for safety reasons? This is going too far I encourage them to sue for everything they can get because they have destroyed a lot of the lives of these kids and their parents and their families, families are being threatened with losing their jobs and their livelihood all over a lie nobody has the right to do that sue them and sue them big!!!

  • The Mueller investigation is a massive head fake by the left to distract the administration from the two major issues of our time. Stopping illegal immigration at the order. Stopping voter fraud at The Ballot Box. Obviously there are other issues like allowing Islam to grow in the West but that pales in comparison at the moment to the other two issues.

  • Indoctrination of the NPCs. It works. I see so many go "Man that story isn't true????" "Well Trump has to be up to no good look at all the stories like this." The false stories are now a history in their minds of wrong doings by the President. Say a lie long enough and loud enough. Old car sales trick.

  • Be grateful that the enemies of the people have exposed themselves. Now the entire world clearly sees what is really happening, GO FOX!!! Thank you for your honesty

  • IIIIiiiiiiiitttssss the IF TRUE SHOW with your host and leader of the IF TRUE PROPAGANDA movement , CNN and special guests MSN and CBS and everyone's favorite, BUZZ WEED !!! Tonight's show details the Cohen impact and IF TRUE facts of the day! Stay tuned 🙂

  • Kim Clement said that they become in him with the words impeachment impeachment impeachment and that was in 2016 and according to prophecy is not going to happen

  • SaltySalmon 024 says:

    The major networks CBS NBC and CBS and down are evil and their agenda for the destruction of America will not happen. Let's use their lies to keep President Trump in Office. Spread the word.

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