27 thoughts on “Trump lashes out at Fox News”

  • Asap Rocky represents the African community? He is the worst representative. How did we go from MLK, an educated religous man, to lazy men who promote gangs and wanna take drugs and spank women. And these women get turned on by this? Where has the black community gone to? You can definitely live higher than the street level.

  • hey Donny, when A$AP Rocky is finally back home maybe you can go and meet him at the airport, better yet send your pet bobblehead, bootlicker Pence! lol You and your entire administration are made up of complete and corrupt, idiots! Best People? lol, Best people????? really? lol I'm not even going to list them all, easier to just say "entire administration" !!

  • lol @ "Sweden has let our african-american community down" lolol, why is that Donny you ignorant, fat, orange slug? 'Cause they won't bow down and modify their legal system for you?? Who the hell do you think you are??

  • Randy Washington says:

    So if Trump does nothing about Rocky he is called a racist and when he does something he is called a racist then Kamala Harris says that Trump is abusing power helping Rocky. Once again CNN and the left contradict themselves and prove that they are hypocrites.

  • The Orange President is worried about Asap Rocky more than black community is worried about that idiot. The black community doesn't even like Asap Rocky and Dump's efforts to free that clown isn't going to get him the black vote. He's chasing his own tail.

  • Okay look we get I personally need this to be over I've got a big headache come on my white ass brother lol make America great again I just want a carrot cake for my birthday instead I have no idea what's happening

  • CNN How much do you spend for likes and positive comments? Americans are dumb.
    The problem is that Obama got 8 years of ZERO interest. Google it.

  • What a cunt he loves fox when they lie and spread bullshit white trash propaganda but he hates it when they report the truth, trump is a wierd delusional faggot, its embarrassing how white people cling on to this dipshit like it's there last white hope hahaha whitey you have gone full retard hahaha

  • America wine,
    Is shit compared to the Grand Creau you have access to in France…btw .we know you don't drink alcohol so how the fuck do you know anything about wines.?
    We know you can't read..we know you have trouble drinking water or anything else..and we know you are a lying draft dodging fat ass piece of dog shit..and fuck ass rocky…
    Who gives a shit if hez arrested..hes got money and a good attorney..besides hes black and you hate all black people..was that a way to try and make some friends on the other side..hes going to perform at your going away party!

  • So the big, orange baby throws a tantrum when he finds out the other children don't like him. And since trumpy doesn't drink, how the hell would he know how any wine tastes. He's such a petulant toddler insulting everything. Either his supporters are so full of hate they ignore the fact he is a liar and probably the most incompetent person ever in the WH or they act exactly the same way with a toddler's understanding of the world.

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