Trump is calling Pelosi’s bluff on impeachment: Spicer


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  • MrArchangel73521 says:

    Spicer is a complete MORON…You don't leave allies (FRIENDS) on the battlefield…to fend for themselves…! Spicer…do you have bone spurs too ? Put your tutu back on and stfu…;you have know idea what your're talking about !!!

  • The Obama administration was one of the most corrupt and treasonous in American history. Hunter and Job Biden corruption in the Ukraine and Russia is just the tip of the iceberg. Joe Biden will not be the Demonrat Presidential candidate.

  • Countries should take care of their own safety and protect their citizens! Do you know of any countries that actually volunteers besides USA?

  • Trump needs to get our boys and girls home so we can turn the whole place into a parking lot. A big, beautiful, glassy parking lot.

  • When Trumps taxes are released, we will all see who his REAL employer is, WHO owns him, WHO he has pledged his allegiance to. It certainly wasn't to you or me but it WAS to the highest bidder. He is a greedy, lying, power hungry narcissist with no principles who SHOULD be removed from office but won't be because you, Fox News Viewer, are loyal to your fuhrer no matter what. You do NOT deserve the title "American Citizen".

  • Trump pulled out of Syria as a distraction from his bad press about the impeachment. He is desperate to be re elected so that he can prove to himself he is loved and worshipped. He is a child.

  • The dems already had their investigation u don't get to keep adding to this witch hunt to look for something new.. Get over it dems

  • The Media and the Republican pundits have to realize that they are on a very small island by themselves on thisand the American people are TIRED OF WARS!!! Putting out fake polls on this won't help you this time. So you might not want to pull on that thread with President Trump because you might not have enough support to continue your career afterwards. Your time of playing games with the American people and beating the War drum are over. If you disagree with bringing our Troops home then why don't you grab a weapon then book a flight to one of those countries you care about so much and fight that war yourselves but LEAVE US OUT OF IT!!!

  • S America is so corrupt that it will take 40 years to regain her credibility back .Trump is a typical example of majority of Americans . America is now a third world of what Putin want it to be .

  • The Chinese communist party has their man coming soon, he will bring about the social credit system here to the USA. All commodities will belong to the state, trump is just the wake up call, we have to keep our republic, when trump's term is over the mayhem will begin. Best make sure he is reelected and have more time to prepare, all trump did was reveal who is who, notice he cannot touch them. They are foriegn government representatives posing as political us citizens. International law prohibits such during peace time. Lol. Wake up and use this time wisely. Vote for trump in hope for more time, there is no one "for us" after him running, only the enemy of freedom. Look at all they are trying to do.
    1 ban the electoral college
    2 majority vote rules
    3 ban hate speech with an ever revolving definition
    4 ban religious speech in schools
    5 ban all semi automatic weapons making for disarming 65,000,000 people
    6 ban ammunition for civilian purchase
    7 going around posse comitatus and turning unelected agencies into private armies, better equipped than us marines to enforce "regulations" as law yet bypassing congressional law making altogether.
    8 they call for a new constitution and claim ours is old and outdated.
    9 unelected agencies rule over the state laws.
    10 police for profit
    11 cash seizures without evidence of a crime
    12 increasing surveillance to the home through entertainment, by unelected agencies with private armies.
    13 FEMA set up to replace government and suspend the constitution and do the job of the 5 star general only during a world war. Again bypassing the constitution.

    What is left of the bill of rights???
    1 restricted speech
    2 restricted weapons ownership
    3 no privacy
    4 no due process
    5 state rights subject to federal government
    6 denial of the right to not incriminate yourself.
    7 unelected powers superior to elected powers
    8 replacement army under unelected agencies
    9 giving aid and comfort to our enemies, defined as treason> uranium one
    10 right to own property denied

    "They will say peace and safety, then destruction will fall upon them suddenly"

    Our entire economy is held up by the military in this fiat system. Non the less china is coming!!! China is coming!!!

    They will offer the world this cashless opportunity to escape this economic crisis, trade wars always gave lead to world wars, in every century, literally every 100 or so years, this will come packaged in peace.

    CCP social credit system= doom

    After all cash and commodities are eliminated or banned for buying or selling with, they will enforce an upgrade to their own mark to buy and sell, that's the plan.

    The mark of satan, the dragon.

  • Liberal Democrats are a f**king group that needs to be exterminated f**king trators men thousands have died for our country and they are destroying it dam shame

  • Blanca Hutchinson says:

    Ok well,Pelosi isn't easily bullied,haven't you already noticed this".Trump knows nothing about War or the Armed forces cause he coward out of inlisting,like I said before,he had to be taught how to salute the Armed forces,haaaa".He's going down.

  • Cristina Delmundo says:

    President Trump abandoned the Kurds who fought side by side with American soldiers. Who is going to trust United States from now on? Nobody . Now , Syria is getting attack by Turkey and there is a vacuum there ready to be taken by terrorists or anyone.

  • Bernard Martinez says:


  • Biden is corrupt – Both Jr and father are criminals and should be in jail for making money selling your country out to the Chinese for Capitalist Greed, or rather, for the betrayal of the Republic and the taxpayers. Pelosi also has her son using her name and connections for his profit in Ukraine and China. Infowars has the story.

  • Santa Claus and all the rest of it. You all are so deep in your little fantasies. That's quite all right. But when those fantasies blot out reality, that's a problem. This one man's fantasy that you all want to embrace as reality, it doesn't't work that way. When you start to see cracks, you really need to take heed. When we let out the dam on that swamp's wall, bye bye fake president.

  • Syria is not worth one more American life. Prove me wrong… Tens of thousands of Kurds here in the USA that could go fight for their own country. Well?

  • Most of the so-called journalism today is distorted because most of the press is owned by a handful of individuals who dominate and decide the narrative of the news before the news goes out. There is an end result in mind and the news has to fit that or those journals don’t have a job at that organization. The Only difference is that Trump is now calling it what it is. He has exposed the double standards, the corruption, the goal the news had before it even came out, and how they are in bed with the unhinged Progressives. They are destroying this country, they are destroying democracy. The Founding fathers would be rolling in their graves, If They knew the state of depravity of the US government, and this unholy alliance the government and the press have forged.

  • The middle eastern countries need to sort things out themselves. We can pray for them, but it is more important to Love Thy Neighbour, because if you don't, who will? They will be neglected while people try to help out thousands of miles away.

  • Last777 Revenant says:

    Why no talk about the war going on in California? The power cut so the military could map the underground tunnels from aircraft following the electricity in the tunnels that weren't cut. How about those 4 major explosions in/inside the mountains that were big enough to register as a quake? How about all those manhole and storm drain fires in areas that have no electricity? The military has been busy on flight tracker over CA. And really busy with trips to Guantanamo bay. All coincidence I guess? Don't forget the callup of all the marines. The deep state is falling. The war is on.

  • President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was paid $500,000 for work he did for a company co-founded by the Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges, Giuliani told Reuters.

  • He didn't quite answer are the media in bed with democrats. Then a minute later he said they didn't go after Hunter when he did something wrong. Well now u just answered the question.

  • Trump is the worst president that the USA has ever had. He is incompetent. He is corrupt He has no understanding of economics or foreign affairs. He is using the presidency to line his and his stupid family's pockets.

    Once I have sorted out Boris Johnson who is the British version of Trump I will lead a British invasion of America to remove Trump and take him to London to face trial for his crimes.

  • clayton mccormick says:

    if you think you understand what is going on with the kurds and turkey you don't, most of congress doesn't either so don't feel all alone. there is a pipeline along the turkey border and turkey wants it intact and pumping oil. the deep state wanted control of said pipeline hillary invested a lot of money in that plan the deep state through the cia set up the islamic state to over through asad and take control. they promised the kurds a country kurdistan so some of the kurds affiliated with the ypk are part of the cia's mercenary army right now islamic state and kurds that are the bad ypk and anyone who gets in the way are being slaughtered the rest of the kurds and the syria army are the rock the turks are smashing them against. so thanks to the cia we are on at least three sides of this so if you understand please explain it to me as i sure don't.

  • He said all the fake news. Did he say the truthful news also?
    1. You seem to have a guilty conscience?
    2. Are you babies that can not understand this or not?
    My thoughts.
    Peace and love.

  • Hey, Snowflakes. Answer a question for me. What is the "Deep State"? According to Wiki it is the following: "…invisible state apparatus…composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services, military, security, judiciary, and organized crime". Sounds like the old USSR to me. You know, the one that Putin is now running again; and who is friends with Putin? I wonder…and another question. If we had an all powerful deep state that was Democratically controlled, wouldn't Hillary be President? Oh, snap…let me think…only a deep state can sway an election…Putin come to mind?

  • You simple minded Republican idiots are really determined to stay blind. Trump said you dummies would ignore it if he shot someone dead on Fifth Avenue. He didn't know how right he was.

    FACT 1 :- Congress voted money so Ukraine could defend itself against the Russian invader. Donald Trump held up that money without good reason.
    FACT 2: – By pulling out of Syria Trump has given Russia its greatest foreign affairs triumph in 50 years.
    He is really earning the money Putin that put in to get him elected and the ignorant and stupid can't see it. No wonder Trump loves badly educated people; they are so easy to con.

  • Can we talk about the Trumps patents w China and factories in Asia or how Ivanka is our diplomat? What qualifies her or Jared to be diplomats? Hmmm 🤔 gotta love the hypocrisy.

  • Ask the soldiers fighting these.endless wars what they think. They are the ones on the field. They know much more than any politician, right or left, if Trump is doing the right move.

  • Anna Vatuwaliwali says:

    There is no country in this world that can stop the fight in the middle east……so what makes the Americans think they can stop it……The BIBLE its self says…this fight is going to on till the end of time…….Trump is doing the right thing….by bringing the American military back home……let the middle east take care if its problem…..These American army to have families….bring them back home.

  • blackmagicalcat blackmagicalcat says:

    Im sick of hearing about impeachment, for what? Having your wennie sucked in the whitehouse like clinton? What is wrong with the Democrats anyway? What the hell is wrong with our country. What has happened to the Democrats? What has happened to our country? How sad.

  • How does this happen… the top officials of this nation are lying on national tv and have no shame about it.. no public accountability by the president and now the entire White House..! Shame when a news channel sound more like a propaganda for the president…where have the journalism ethics of accurate reporting gone ?

  • Biden threatens the prosecutor of his corrupt son and laughs about it. This is how arrogant and sick the Democrats have become!…

  • Spicer the liar in chief's ex chief liar. I recall him claiming Trump's inauguration crowd was the largest in history and only a few week after the election producing pictures claiming Trump's wall was already being built and lying through his teeth, along with grifter Mulvaney.

  • It's only a probe tonsee if impeachment needs to be followed up with. These are not formal impeachment hearings. Ithink they do need to vote on this though and thenpresident needs to cooperate with them.

  • Trump is plain and simply a national security treat. Very Easily manipulated

    Remember how easy it was for Nancy and chuck played trump into calling it the TRUMP SHUTDOWN.

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊VOTE ALL DEMOCRAT IN 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸AGAIN

  • There is no impeachable you cant impeach somebody because you don’t like them for their from the wrong party it’s all a bunch of lunatics dog and pony show

  • Hey Sean, your opening statement sums it up,"The politics of it.", He ran on pulling American soldiers out of ongoing conflicts, so He pulls out of Syria, Only to send troops to Saudi Arabia to protect his king and his monetary interests, he is fine with sending them to protect the Saudis

  • Richard Engel is actually there … Where have you been mr. Spicer except for dancing on the stars? Blah blah blah blah blah

  • I am glad you are excited to go on every week… But would somebody remind me every once in awhile this is real life we're dealing with

  • WHY should Trump cooperate with congress on ANYTHING ???
    He's just handing their sh*t back to them since they've blocked EVERYTHING he's tried to do for THE PEOPLE and the country ?
    Payback is what it IS !!!

  • Then why he is he blocking all witnesses from testifying ?
    Why is he destroying records?
    He admitted in writing that he solicited help from a foreign govt
    He fired an ambasador because she was in the way .

  • Kurds were our allies
    They were th e main reason ISIS was stopped
    Trump is a backstabbing bastard.
    All because h e wanted to save his hotel in Turkey
    Guess what?
    Kurds have now joined with Syria and Russia.
    Why do es everything do ALWAYS comes back to Putin?

  • So, politics vs policy, got it. But there's a reason why there are expert advisors. NO ONE is with this move. Kurds are now DEAD as a result… Yet, Putin smiles… Erdogan smiles… hmm what a coincidence.
    He's cleaning house on his promises to his global demigod club he so desperately wants to be a part of.

    Also, Biden, right or wrong… is NOT LEGAL for the President to do what he did. Can we focus on that?

  • Jacqueline Davis says:

    Pelosi is backtracking she's afraid if she goes ahead that the Republicans will dubpeona a bunch of people and we will find out a bunch of stuff against the Democrats there all evil and crooked as hell

  • Our President made the decision to remove 40 troops was made by advisement of his Military advisers. He had been advised and made the best decision he could under that advisement !

  • Get rid of shifty Schiff and his cohorts, end this BS impeachment (illegal activity) and get back to the needs of "WE THE PEOPLE's" . Jim Jordan says it best. Work on prescription prices….etc ! Medicare for all will hurt all people who paid in to it ! It comes out of my paycheck and yours. NOT FAIR to give it away to those who didn't pay a dime for it !

  • how did somebody so unstable as Biden son with a dishonorable discharge for cocaine abuse in the Navy become a CEO of a company was there such a thing as a background check have somebody that unstable have a job like that and it's not against the law for Trump to investigate Biden or is biden above the law

  • Great let's hear from the White House's first official liar! did things get a little lean after you left the White House when nobody wants you because they know you're f**** liar and you have no balls. Thank God the dancing with the Stars money came in! Unfortunately you won't be able to buy integrity!

  • You’re badly Trumped if you find yourself… reinterpreting what he actually says, explaining away what he’s openly done, attempting to make sense of his nonfactual rationale, ignoring his obvious debased behavior and if by comparison you find yourself saying, “But Obama….”

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