Trump is being called a crook on national television

Trump is being called a crook on national television

nothinss with. Howard Dean and Jennifer Reuben. Governor Dean, what politicians and other political figures say is generally outside of the courtroom, but we would be remissed not to note that these new obstruction charges for Mueller come down in a period of time when people like Rudy Giuliani and Sean hannity have been talking about obstruction as something people do and the president can do and it’s not a crime.>>Well, first of all, it is a crime. The question is whether or not the president can be indicted and convicted. There’s a difference op opinion on that. Most scholars think he can be indicted. Secondly, this is what crooks do. I once had a conversation with a state police officer in Vermont Vermont and I said, boy, we are talking about a case. I said this guy is really smart. He said no crooks are smart, because they always think it’s never going happen to them. This is trump’s M.O. He says the most outrageous


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