Trump Instructs Aides To Break The Law

Trump Instructs Aides To Break The Law

>>Donald Trump is encouraging individuals
who work for him and government officials to break the law. And he wants to do this in order to speed
up the process of building the border wall, which he has conceded will not actually stop
undocumented immigrants from coming into the country. He has conceded that, but he wants a win for
his campaign. So again, he’s encouraging people to break
the law. So, Trump has directed aides to fast track
billions of dollars worth of construction contracts, aggressively seize private land,
and disregard environmental rules. He has waved off worries about contracting
procedures and the use of eminent domain saying, take the land according to officials who attended
the meetings. He also has told worried subordinates that
he will pardon them, if any of these issues end up leading to some criminal issues, right,
so if there are any potential wrongdoing should have to break the laws to get the barriers
built quickly. So he’s like look, go ahead and break the
law. Give me this win, so I can have a better chance
of getting reelected. And if you run into some legal issues, don’t
worry, I’m gonna go ahead and pardon you.>>Yeah, so, we’re gonna get to some of the
absurd and cruel parts of this fence building, but I wanna address the taking the land the
break the law part first, I’m gonna quote the Washington Post here. Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
would often tell administration officials to disregard the president’s demands if Kelly
did not think they were feasible or legally sound according to current and former aides. So, basically, Chief of Staff said look, the
president’s an idiot, if he tells you to break the law, don’t do it. You will be in a lot of legal trouble if you
do that. So that’s what Chief of Staff used to say,
but he’s gone. We have another crook in there now. Is he still acting Chief of Staff? Mick Mulvaney?>>Mick Mulvaney is acting Chief of Staff
and she does not challenge Trump or contradict him in any way. He is nothing more than Donald Trump’s lap-dog,
really.>>And Mulvaney used talked about Trump back
in the day, now, he’s an ass kisser who’s in there, you wanna break the law, it sounds
like a great idea, let’s all do it together. And by the way, why do they even have conversations
like this. I mean, in previous administrations, if the
Washington Post broke a story about how the president ordered his subordinates to break
the law. It would have been the biggest story of that
presidency, probably in impeachment proceedings would have began, and it would be considered
another. Now, it’s just Wednesday. I mean it’s, the president telling yet another
person to break the law. And they think, well it doesn’t matter. The Democrats are never gonna hold us accountable. No prosecutor holds us accountable, no Democrat
holds us accountable, even though they have control of the House. Said we could break the law, so let’s just
go break it. So what’s he gonna do, impeach us? Loser. That’s what they think of her. And I don’t think that they’re that wrong. Cuz she’s not gonna do anything.>>She’s not, no.>>So, okay, now, eminent domain, I want you
guys to remember, that conservatives pretended to be against this. Remember, conservative actually no principles
other than the remaining conservatives, other than we hate the others. Whatever the others happen to be Latinos,
Muslims, gay people, trans people, it doesn’t matter, we hate the others. That’s their only guiding principle. These all were for free trade. Now they’re hate free trade. They said, well, we are for a legal immigration. We’re gonna see illegal immigration but we
love legal immigration. No, they say now, you shouldn’t do any family
immigration and you should kill off most illegal immigration. There’s another story about how they are gonna
kill off birth right citizenship or a portion of it today. So they don’t believe any of that. There is always a lie. And now, eminent domain, they’re like, the
government with their jackbooted thugs coming in and taking private property, no way. Now they’re like eminent domain, you gotta
take people’s private property. When the jackbooted thugs come, they’re awesome. You have no principles, none, give it up. Just say okay, we’re the party of hate and
be done with it. Now, there’s one other time that Donald Trump
tried to do eminent domain.>>And I understand eminent domain, like it
means taking private property.>>That’s it, it’s the government taking private
property and saying, you don’t have a choice, and we’re gonna give you fair market value,
whatever we determine that is, and we’re done with you. And in this case, they’re talking about, yeah,
don’t don’t ask them, though they’re done. Give him whatever money we want to give them
and take them off their land. By the way, almost all those land owners are
Republicans, what now? We did a story about a year ago or so, where
they were all crying. They’re like, I didn’t think he was gonna
take my land. Whose land did you think he was gonna take
your goddamn schmucks, your lands on the border, and you’re gonna build a wall, build a wall. So we need your land to build the wall. I didn’t know he was gonna do it to me. I just thought he would hate others. Okay, anyway, back when Trump had a casino,
he wanted to build a parking lot to hold limousines, literally, okay? So he thought he was gonna run over who was
a little old lady who had been living there since 1961. And she said no, no, this is my dream house. I raised my kids here. Earlier, the founder of Penthouse had tried
to build a casino there. He tried to intimidate her, first, he tried
to give her a million dollars. She’s like nope. He’s like a million dollars for your rinky-dink
house, I like this house, I don’t wanna move.>>She and her husband bought that house together. They raised their kids their together. At this time, she’s a widow. It means something to her.>>Yeah, so Bob Guccione then tried to intimidate
her. He built some giant building next to her,
even bought the airspace above her house and built this giant structure above our house
to try to intimidate which is like, I ain’t going nowhere. So he then goes bankrupt. Trump comes in and Trump goes, no, I need
a Limousine space, get rid of her, okay? And he tries to get the government to do eminent
domain and take her property whether she likes it or doesn’t like it. So she goes, no. First he offered her by the way, in the process
of this, they then offered her a quarter of a million dollars. She was like I didn’t take a million, I ain’t
gonna take a quarter million. I don’t know if you are hard of hearing. The answer is no. You will not take my private property. They go to court in 1994, it takes a bunch
of years, they come out, she wins, she kicks his ass. Then you know what happened? This is my favorite part of the story. So they build the Trump Plaza, it’s their. So we’re gonna park the limo’s somewhere else. She saw Trump Plaza go bankrupt and then closed
down.>>Let’s make her speaker of the house.>>I know man. I know, she’s in her 90’s now but God.>>She’d be more effective. Let’s make her speaker of the house.>>She’s an American hero man. She stood up to Donald Trump and she was in
the house when they shut down his stupid ass casino.>>God.>>God, I love her. God, I love her.>>I do too. It’s incredible. So, I do want to get to other components of
what Trump is telling people to do in terms of getting this wall built. First, let me just note, he’s in a panic because
the wall hasn’t been built and he realizes that he hasn’t actually followed through on
any of his promises to his base. There’s a lot of tough talk going on but he
hasn’t actually done what his base wants him to do. And so for two and a half years, he had no
problem passing tax cuts for the rich. He had no problem doing things to enrich himself,
but he abandoned his base, and now, he is in a panic. And so that’s why he’s telling officials to
break the law to get the wall built, but one of the things that he is also focusing on
is the aesthetic appeal of the wall. And so he is demanding that the wall is painted
or the fence is painted black. And the reason why he wants to paint it black
is because he likes the way it looks but also, it absorbs heat, black absorbs heat, we all
know that and so it would be more difficult and painful for people to climb the fence. And then he also wants the top of the fence
to be pointy and sharp, so it would cause as much damage as possible if someone does,
somehow managed to get to the top and climb that fence.>>So there’s three different ways that he
wants to hurt immigrants trying to climb the fence. One is too hot to hold, two is the spice at
the end of each of the fences. So hopefully they can get impaled, I guess,
that’s his hope. And he wants it tall enough and it’s going
to be 18 to 30 feet in the different parts, so that if they fall, they fall to their death
or serious bodily injury. So this is our president, guys. And the party of hate loves it. They’re like my God, this poor people who
are running for their lives, desperate to get into this country for hope and opportunity
like our ancestors. Man, it would be great if they got it bailed
or fell to their death. That’s the Republican Party. Filled with monsters. So, and by the way, it costs so much more
money.>>It does, yes.>>He’s gonna waste a ton of money on that.>>Yeah.>>Before we get back to that, one more thing
about. She eventually did sell the house when she
moved, it was a mystery buyer, but it’s a longer story and I want to save it for the
post game but don’t miss it., to become a member, you have
to last half hour of the Young Turks where we then give you those extra stories. And also said Trump at the time, back in 94,
she called a man a maggot, a cockroach, and a crumb, I love her. And when I saw who bought our house was like
no, really? So, okay. We’ll save that for the post-game, the last
half hour of the But to the how much it cost.>>Exactly. So, it’s going to cost quite a bit more to
paint the fence black, and Trump has insisted that the barriers be pained black according
to internal analysis, painting or coating 175 miles of barriers will add between $70,000,133
million in cost. Trimming the amount of fencing the Army Corps
will be able to install by four to seven miles. So that the wall will actually end up being
shorter, and it will end up costing a lot more money because Trump insists on painting
in black.>>Yeah, and by the way, sharpening the tips
because they’re not black already. So, at one point, the military actually sent
troops down there to paint a part of the fence that already exists because Trump demanded
that it be black and then that cost a million bucks. And that was a tiny part of the fence, and
then they don’t have tips, they’re not spears, nor do they have heads on those spears yet. So, you have to pay extra to actually sharpen
the ends of all the fences, so that costs another huge amount of money, this is all
taxpayer money. And so part of it is, I get it, he wants the
fence to be harder to cross. Right? And I’m sure conservatives will love that,
part of it is he’s a child. And so they try to talk him out of it because
of how much more it’ll cost taxpayers. He’s like no, I want it to be black, I want
it to be black. This is similar to what he did with Air Force
One. They’re like okay, we’re designing Air Force
One. Someone made the mistake of telling him that,
he’s a guy who want to be involved, like why are you an aeronautical engineer, and we don’t
know that? He’s like I own Trump airplanes. They’re like, didn’t that go bankrupt? Yeah it did, but still. And so, you know what they had the child do? They had him pick the colors. And he said I made it red, white, and blue. Before it was just blue and white, I added
the red, it’s much better now. We have a very cruel child as our president. That’s why I call him Joffrey Baratheon. I mean, it’s nearly a perfect analogy. God, that is so sickening that that is our
so called leader.


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    Charles Schumer, 2019



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