Trump impeachment inquiry: key moments from Sondland’s explosive testimony

Trump impeachment inquiry: key moments from Sondland’s explosive testimony

Was there a quid pro quo? With regard to the requested White House call
and the White House meeting, the answer is yes. Mr Giuliani conveyed to secretary Perry,
ambassador Volker and others that president Trump wanted a public statement
from president Zelenskiy committing to investigations of Burisma
and the 2016 election. Mr Giuliani’s requests were a quid pro quo
for arranging a White House visit for president Zelenskiy. Mr Giuliani was expressing the desires
of the president of the United States and we knew these investigations were
important to the president. I later came to believe that the resumption
of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from Ukraine
committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and by Burisma, as Mr Giuliani had demanded. Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret. The leadership of the state department, the
National Security Council and the White House were all informed about the Ukraine efforts. Ambassador Taylor says that you say
president Trump had told you that he wanted president Zelenskiy to state
publicly, as of 1st September. President Trump never told me directly that
the aid was conditioned on the meeting. I say to the ambassador, [my] response,
‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo.’ Tell Zelenskiy, president Zelenskiy to
do the right thing. This is the final word from the president
of the United States. I want nothing. Now, my colleagues seem to think that unless
the president says the magic words, ‘I hereby bribe the Ukrainians’, that there’s
no evidence of bribery or other high crimes of misdemeanors. The question is not what the president meant,
the question is not whether he was responsible for holding up the aid, he was. The question is not whether
everybody knew it, apparently they did. The question is, what are we prepared
to do about it? Is there any accountability? Or are we forced
to conclude that this is just now the world that we live in? Getting caught is no defence. Not to a violation of the constitution or
to a violation of his oath of office and it certainly doesn’t give us reason
to ignore our own oath of office. We are adjourned.


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  • What you have to remember is Trump is the best at looking guilty. He can look guilty in so many ways it would make your head spin. A lot of people are saying this is a level of guiltiness they have never seen before!

  • There once was an Orange Tinted Criminal,

    who thought he was invincible,

    and with a shitstorm of tweet,

    he could make it all sweet,

    for those who's IQ is minimal.

  • Explosive… except for the bit where Sondland said The President told him "I want nothing. I dont want a Quid pro quo. I just want him to do what he has been elected for"

    case closed.


  • People do realize this is just a stunt in the hope of destroying trumps election chances, they won't impeach him successfully, its not what Americans do, Even Nixon wasn't impeached, he just resigned and then pardoned of all crimes by ford. im not an American historian but i dont think not one American president has been successfully impeached to date. Their elite are just like all elites all over the world, they cover each others backs in the end, specially when it comes to scandalizing their top office of president. They just never follow through..

  • Louie Marinda Jr. says:

    Trump 3 months ago : Amb Sondland is a wonderful person.. he’s doing a Great Job

    Trump Today : Who the heck is this Bald Guy

  • Does Trump informing the nation that he was also lying to Sconland after it is proven that he has been lying to the entire country actual mean something?

  • manny dos santos says:

    Let’s see how the US politics works: the President digs unconventionally into corruption and gets the impeachment treatment. The corruptors involved become protected and exonerated, all this while parts of the US turn into Third World cities. I hope the 2020 election sorts this out.

  • Is nobody really going to comment on Trump's notes at 2:09? The leader of the US, the most powerful man in the world couldn't memorize (or formulate something better than) THAT?

  • There's no more third accounts these are people have been there and heard what's been said and trump is guilty no way of getting away from that of course the Republicans and the White house will spend it like anything Fox News as well disgusting organisation


  • Sondland himself said Trump never told him a quid pro quo.
    He presumed so. His own belief doesn't mean a damn thing.
    Its assumption.
    This farce is over.

  • So Biden told on himself (because he’s a stupid, hair sniffing, corrupt old politician) and Trump wants the quid pro quo investigated … but the Dems and their media lackeys want to impeach Trump for investigating corruption in the previous administration?!! If Trump found dead hookers and heroin in Bidens house the Dems would want to arrest him for burglary.

  • I don’t know about this video. But, I do know that even WPost gave 3 Pinocchios for Schiff’s lies today. How can we trust a lier when he is telling us that someones is
    lying? I watched straight both hearings today from 9am and until the second one ends.

  • guardian lying again by cutting the video to make it look like he implicated trump…guardian just lying f…..s the same as us media

  • The context of those statements tells the while story. Doesnt matter what word acrobatics & hypotheticals suggest, facts in the context of his words describe nothing that can impeach a president. Period

  • Wow, I watched a lot of this live. This video is disturbingly misleading. Ask yourself this, why didn’t this video play the exchange between Solland and Schiff . You know, the quote Trump was reading? Go look it up right now. Im not even American, yikes The Guardian.
    Edit: Punctuation, autocorrect

  • If the testimony of Sondland not reaches the people of the US, this country will go down and give China and Russia the status quo.


  • Okay, Democrats… you lost again. Go home and lick your little weiners and try again tomorrow. As for this round… it's over. But, we're all dying to see what you can concoct next. 🙂

  • Sondland's bombshell testimony blows holes in Trump's Ukraine defence ►

  • No one :

    The Guardian cameraman : Zooms on
    Trump's notes

    Trump's notes : "I want nothing"
    "I want nothing"
    "I want nothing"
    "I want nothing"
    "Kwi Pro Kwo" just say it like that
    "I want nothing"

  • Gayatri Borpatra Gohain says:

    @2:11 this is Disrespectful!… To the people of America!
    I mean, you had to makes those 4th grader notes????
    And handwriting.. Gawddd!!

    As a bystander, I am embarrassed!

  • Total farce. Nothing but supposition on Sondland's part, which came out clearly under cross-examination. "Not 2+2=4, but 0-3."

  • Time to join together for a revolution! Lies lies and more lies this is a waste of money and are taxes are being wasted ! Time to go to DC !

  • Time to join together for a revolution! Lies lies and more lies this is a waste of money and are taxes are being wasted ! Time to go to DC ! Trump 20/20

  • Sondland said the quid pro quo was for arranging a White House visit. Democrats say the quid pro quo was for military aid to Ukraine. They need to get their lies straight.

  • Jonathon Neville says:

    Trump quoted Sondland quoting Trump "I want nothing". That was from a Sept 9 call, when Trump knew he was being investigated, so of course he said what he needed to appear innocent. In July, when Trump called Ukraine, it was different.

  • Impeachment proceedings . . .

    US Foreign Policy and Aid has always been about quid pro quo.

    It's not wrong if America benefits.

    If it's about personal benefits to the President, it's wrong, tantamount to bribery and corruption.

    However, it's not that simple when it's not straightforward.

    In the case of Ukraine, if true, the question that arises is whether former US President Biden was involved in wrongdoing in 2016.

    Any investigation of Biden by Ukraine cannot be treated as being of personal benefit to Trump. That's stretching the imagination. It's Biden's alleged wrongdoing that matters.

    Again, the issue is wrongdoing i.e. Biden's, not Trump's.

    To recap, the only alleged wrongdoing that arises is Biden's.

    If Biden is found guilty, that's all that matters. The question of Trump benefitting personally does not arise. It's Biden that indulged in wrongdoing.

    If Biden is cleared by Ukraine, there's no way that Trump derived personal benefits from the investigation.

  • Truth not opinion says:

    The fact that the Guardian are not calling this massive publicity stunt out for what it is, is shameful and shows how complicit they are with the cowardly corrupt left!

  • I am glad Sondland decided to tell the truth finally. As far as the other witnesses… I don't think I have ever been more proud of my country. These career foreign services witnesses embody the American "way" in our ideals and goals and their non-partisan, professional and clear recitation of the facts in their possession is stunning. As a veteran from a family of veterans, I like to think I am strong and would do the same, but as much as I love this country and my people… I am completely humbled and I don't know if I could do what they are doing. I hope I would have the character, courage, faith and clear love of America and it's promise, to do so. I took an oath to do so.

  • Why the lies Guardian? Why do you try and make it look like Trump was not quoting Sondland and was reading a statement? You are the reason the media is not respected. You should be ashamed.

  • Did Trump conspire? "RUSSIA, IF YOU ARE LISTENING YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED FOR INTERFERING" Very clear that Dirty Donald was stirring the conspiratorial pot with those words.

  • From across the ocean —> OMG do you guys have really nothing else to do, such as being the World's leading county in basically everything? Let Trump do his job, because he is doing it outstandingly! (statistics on basically any economic or social indicator… anyone??)

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