Trump: I’m the King of the Jews

Trump: I’m the King of the Jews

>>Right-wing talk show host, Wayne Allyn
Root who’s on Newsmax, decided to talk about Donald Trump and how he’s really just a giant
gift to the Jewish people, okay? And immediately following that, Trump decided
to tweet his statements, and here’s what he said. Thank you to Wayne Allyn Root for the very
nice words. President Trump is the greatest president
for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America. He is the best President for Israel in the
history of the world, and the Jewish people in Israel love him. Before we go on even more outrageous parts
of that tweet as it’s gonna continue. Best President in history of the world. Israel’s been around for seven years. So, and even if you say, hey look, ancient
Israel, etc. They didn’t have presidents back then, it’s
a preposterous statement. And not only that it’s not remotely true. As I’ve said, US presidents have literally
saved Israel from getting wiped off the map. They’ve came in to defend them, militarily,
etc, when they were attacked. And we’ve come to the aid of Israel in dozens
of occasions, including many wars. So, Trump come lately going around going,
hey, I moved the embassy. I’m the greatest President for Israel in the
history of the world. Wayne Allyn Root said it, and I’m quoting
it. But we haven’t got to the worst part at all. We haven’t but I have one quick comment about
the tweet, the first tweet. He’s the best President for Jews in America? So, was he the best President for Jews in
America when he said that they were very fine people at the hate march in Charlotteville,
Virginia, who were literally chanting the Jews will not replace us? Does he really think that Jewish Americans
are like, you know what, Trump’s great. He’s the best President ever. He thinks that there’s some very fine Nazis
who were chanting those things. And at one point at the, surrounded the synagogue
in Charlottesville and threatening them. He’s been fantastic. No, he’s been good for the right-wing government,
specifically Benjamin Netanyahu, who has not been good for Israel. And the great majority of Jewish Americans
vote against Donald Trump and against Republicans on a consistent basis cuz they know the reality,
not the lies of Donald Trump. So the second part of his tweet, reads as
follows. And the Jewish people in Israel love him like
he’s the king of Israel. They love him like he’s the second coming
of God. We’ll come back to that in just a second. But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or
saying anymore. It makes no sense, but that’s okay. If he keeps doing what he’s doing. He’s good for all Jews, blacks, gays, everyone,
and importantly, he’s good for everyone in America who wants a job. Wow. So the wow is Trump. The rest is Allyn Root’s quote that he is
requoting on Twitter. A wholesale. Okay, so evangelical Christians, you’re still
pretending, if do you feel right-wing, you’re you’re still pretending to be Christian. Can you imagine if Barack Obama called themselves
the second coming of God? Can you imagine if Obama said I am the king
of Israel. This liberal commentator has said I am the
king of Israel. And he’s made a very brilliant point, that
is right. And then by the way, if you’re a Jew in America
who disagrees? You’re an idiot. Yeah, I mean, he’s just straight up calling,
Jewish people in America who don’t vote for him, stupid. That is what he’s saying. And get a load of that irony from the dumbest
President, dumbest office holder we have ever had in this country. Okay, so- By the way, one real quick thing. I wanted to go find the video of what Wayne
Allyn Root said. And I don’t think that the tweets even capture
how incredibly offensive and disgusting Allyn Root’s comments were. So I wanna show you that video. Let’s take a quick look at that and then we’ll
give you some more analysis. I’ve friends brands vote Democrat because
their mother told them to, 50 years ago. And I’m like, Jesus, times have changed, you
just need to see what is going on. But is there a crack of hope, or any of those
friends whose mother told them vote Democrat 50 years ago, any of them switching cuz they’ve
seen the light with Trump? They won’t even watch. They won’t even consider, they’re brainwashed. Amazing, yeah. I think they’re brain dead. They’re blind, deaf and very dumb. Blind, deaf and very dumb. Don’t forget, I don’t know if you haven’t
watched the show, I happen to be Jewish by birth. And 75% of all Jews vote Democrat, and they
don’t like Trump. But this is the greatest President for Jews
and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America. Trump is the best president for Israel in
the history of the world. And the Jewish people love him like he is
the king of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming
of God. So, I’m Jewish by birth, but all the Jews
in America are idiots, 75% of them are morons. And they’ve been brainwashed. Hilarious. So, look guys. Trump said he could shoot somebody on Fifth
Avenue and his followers wouldn’t mind. If you’re a real Christian, this is on that
level. When someone is so full of pride, that they
compare themselves to Jesus Christ. And they say they’re the second coming of
God. If a Democrat dared to do this, you would
know it and I don’t care how right-wing you are. You know that if Obama or Clinton, or anybody
had done this, that you would have gone ballistic. Imagine if Hillary Clinton said that she was
the king of Israel and the second coming of God, and wrote that in a tweet like yeah,
well, of course, this guy said it, and that’s right. That’s me, right? Wow, yes, right? You would have gone nuts, you would have gone
ballistic, but it’s Trump. What are you gonna do? You’re gonna forgive it and move on. Cuz you don’t really care about Christianity. You don’t care at all about Christianity. You’re like, who do we hate? Who do we hate? You will hate to same people I hate. That’s all that right-wing evangelical Christianity
has devolved into in this country. Does that mean it’s all evangelical Christians? No, Jimmy Carter’s an evangelical Christian. There’s still wonderful progressive evangelical
Christians, and they are some of the best people in the country, helping the poor, the
homeless, the needy, etc. But the right-wing evangelicals, who do we
hate? Who do we hate? Who do we hate? Trump hates the same people
as me. Of course, second coming of God. That’s the right thing. A real Christian would be all about prosperity,
gospel. When Jesus came into the temple, he found
the money changers and said good job, make more money. Let’s kick out the homeless together, right? And then he spit on the homeless. I mean, what kind of insane, bizarre Christianity
is this? Everyone needs to watch The Family on Netflix
because it exists. And they have deep roots in various countries,
and they have a tremendous amount of influence, and they take religion, they take Christianity. And they interpret it in such a way where
it justifies things like the incumbent wealth, and inequality that we’re experiencing in
America today. And all the property which is flying around
in their jets say, well, of course, God doesn’t want me to fly with a bunch of demons like
you guys, regular people. That’s what Jesus came to do is spit on regular
people, right? In the Bible says, it’s harder for a rich
man to get into heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. But these guys don’t really care about the
Bible. These right-wing evangelicals, I think that
they actually don’t even like the Bible. I think that if they read the Bible they might
be shocked by, we’re supposed to help the needy, and the poor, and the homeless? And the rich people aren’t gonna go to heaven. What kind of crap is this, right? So you’re not real Christians. And by the way, the only thing you hang on
to in the Bible is abortion, abortion, which is never mentioned in the Bible. Never mentioned, except the one part of course,
the numbers where God is in favor of abortions. Look it up, look it up, look it up, anyways. So if you’re a real Christian that believes
in the sermon on the mount, you would be deeply offended by what Trump said. If you’re a fake Christian, like right-wing
evangelicals, and you’re just gonna hate someone and that’s what your identity is based around. You love Trump, and there’s nothing you can
say, well, correction, if he all of a sudden turned around and said, you know what, I actually
kinda like the Muslims and the Latinos, he’d go. I bet you that’s the one thing, he could somebody
on Fifth Avenue, he can claim to be the second coming of God. That ain’t gonna do it. If all of a sudden he said, you know what,
we should be openhearted to Muslims and accept them in this country. We should be openhearted to Latino immigrants
who are struggling in their own countries, and accept them in this country. Boom, gone, this would erode overnight. Right-wing evangelical Christians in this
country have become a cult of hate. And that’s all that they’re centered around. You see this kind of offensive stuff and you
still support Trump, you’re a joke, you’re a total and utter joke.


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  • Sydney Fleming says:

    Might I remind everyone that domestic terrorism has spiked under Trump's presidency, against minorities and Jewish Americans. The rate of synagogue shootings have risen. I know that I wouldn't vote for a president that puts my life in danger by fueling a base that wants me wiped from the face of the Earth, cause many of his supporters are white supremacists. And I'm sure anyone who is Jewish American or just Jewish in general would think the same.

  • It only took Israel 70 years to become the Nazis they were rescued from. Wow!!! short memories in the middle east. I can't believe anyone is still buying the myth that "Christians" are good people. They are nothing but Kool-Aid drinking sycophants.

  • More bullshit lies from TYT……….Trump never said any such thing…….That tweet was a copy and pasted from the person who actually said it…………You puppets would believe Elvis was still alive if these fake news clowns told you it was true..

  • I'm expecting trumpski to start his own cult… Oops I mean religion. He's found to way to lead the gullible. He basks in their adoration and butt kissing. He also sees how much money these cult leaders take in by telling their flock of sheep that they need to send them money to fight the demons, foreigners and folks who just don't look like them.

    This "you don't look like me…" fear stems back to the days when a stranger in your cave was something to fear. Families would stay and grown up together. No one really just travelled. So a stranger could be hunting on "your territory" thereby "stealing" your food. So people had an innate fear of "others"

    While many people evolved over millennia, a sad and pathetic bunch are still knuckle dragging, gun clutching bigots. Many of whom have never left their town/cave because the real world is scary, so they stay put until a stranger who looks or acts differently. When this happens they pick up their guns, light their torches, puff out their lil pigeon chests and march around their lil towns. All to run the strange people out.

  • Netenyahu fuckin' laughs at Trump, the most useful idiot Netenyahu has had yet.
    They're not Christians, they're a Death Cult, a threat to National Security and we need the FBI to watch these psychos before they strike again in yet another School shooting.

  • trump is a asshole he has always been a asshole loser and now he thinks he is god his poll numbers prove that 35% and that the old fat white raciest males who support him, well trump will be in for a rude wake in 2020, that asshole still thinks he is running against h Clinton in 2020, that jack off thinks he is now god the gold calf bow down to him and kiss his fat ass. NOT~! tyrants come and go they die too but trump thinks he is going to live for ever–NOT only that asshole can not compared that he would say that is fake news.

  • You guys are so depraved for eating this up. It's a bunch of lies even Snopes has debunked. But TDS sufferers cognitive ability drops off sharply once it sets in and it has really set in on the TYT crowd… geez.

  • Ya, it will be the year 2712 before a Republican can stand up on stage and proclaim that they are the family values and fiscally conservative party with out getting laughed off. It's unfuckingbelievable that one Christian voted for this inept circus clown. Trump doesn't worship God, he worships himself, trust that!

  • William Marquez says:

    Like I've said a thousand times Trump supporters are as dumb as rocks. This guy is too stupid to realize is real hasn't been in the world that long but he says in the history of the world stupid is as stupid says. No one in their right mind would listen to this guy he looks like a retarded cartoon character. Trump is nothing more than a pathetic individual who cries for attention and takes advantage of all you 3rd grade educated morons who support him.

  • The fact that you are constantly triggered by anything Trump says shows how pathetic you are. He's trolling you and you wouldn't exist without him.

  • Anti-American radical Muslims who support mass murder of babies who are fully born – judging Christians who vote for Trump? So, Christians are supposed to ignore Hillary's murder of hundreds, fake wars that kill millions, open borders that take American jobs and unfair trade – that displaces American workers!

    It is not hard to be the best president in history. We've had presidents for 100 years that screw America! Trump 2020

  • Aren’t politicians supposed to be non biased towards any religion and fight for equality among all? Netanyahu is his corrupt counterpart…. very religious…..Occupant #45 has an affinity to anyone who is corrupt…

  • Michael Leblanc says:

    Somebody else said this and Trump quoted it. The headline is very…editorial. I think that's the polite way of putting it. Nothing wrong with a catchy title, but in this case itès misleading

  • With TYT – elitist issues like bathrooms — steal all the attention away from child care, education, job training and homelessness. You don't have a problem with that – you're not a Democrat in the first place. Feeds – don't tell the world that you are a Democrat. You are a puppet, not a Democrat. A Democrat who is a real Democrat will stand with Trump, give him support, prayers and tons of cash. TYT has enough cash from the US government propaganda department – in my biased opinion. 🙂

  • Antoine alessandro says:

    More like antichrist ….jesus would NEVER be anything like Trump….such blasphemous language and perversion of the Christian faith makes me dislike him even more than I already do. At this point in pretty sure if anyone is doing to hell with gasoline draws on its Trump ….him and his cronies are disgusting

  • Andrew Goodman says:

    Sean Hannity Fox & Friends all those crazy people on Fox news about crazy Hillary Obama said that they will go crazy on Fox News almost blowed is Donald Trump The Dictator

  • "They are so biased they dont like trump so they are brainwashed" hick says as he explains that he is the same way but for his side and that makes it ok….

  • taylor Merriweather says:

    Yhey need to stop Texting for him on Twitter. Also the lies you tell is gross as Hell you freaking Pumkin!? with a straw hair . This thing in office just have to go. Why just why!????

  • The last time the Beatles said they were more popular than Jesus their records and posters were burned up in protest ! Wonder what will happen to Trump, don't vote for his sorry ass !

  • Elizabeth Wallace says:

    The crazy "evangelicals" created this monster. Now we ALL suffer. You're enjoying ur sin, huh? Ur judgement from God wont be enjoyable!!

  • That's what John wrote about in Revelations. The antichrist will declare himself as a god. Be careful folks, it's coming. It's coming. Get your moral self in order.

  • tRump is so happy dishing out nicknames and MAGA , may I suggest a new name for him :
    Donald Orange Blimp of Yellowstone ore in short king DOBY 🙂 When he has bought Israeeeeel , he`ll name it "Trump Israeelestate"

  • President Trump said he used the phrase "the chosen one" out of sarcasm. It is easy to be sarcastic to what was in front of him, the fake news media. Another lie for TYT, Trump never compared himself to Jesus.

  • Christine Kaye says:

    As a practicing progressive Christian, I am so grateful and gratified to hear you draw a distinction between the two sides of modern Christianity. Thank you!

  • You to must be crazy like donald doesn't said in the the bible God agree on killing on born baby's… also need to change your ways …if you call your self a Jewish…..there no excuse or reason to kill a innocent baby….is not the baby's falt he was conseive…. AN YES I BELIEVE IN THE COMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST…AN IS NOT DONALD MCDONALD…?⛪?

  • Bernard Gilbert says:

    To be fair, Trump himself never said he was Jesus. It was this other right wingnut who said Trump was " great for the state of Israel" (see @02:20 ) Trump merely posted that he agreed with this guy, that he was so great. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?

  • The rapture has already begun? And Trump is The Messiah? Shit, i want to stay 😉 Only a joke, i would be surprised if Jesus wouldn´t left me behind 🙂

  • Funny he is slave to Israel Zionist that he doing theirs bidding because Sheldon gave him alot of money and Israel lobbies so he is not king he sellout and corrupted man that sell his country to others country and doing their policies. He mere a thief.

  • I liked the way he anglocised his name Bill de Blasio arrived at his victory party to an unusual tune. Political playlists are usually anodyne but de Blasio strode in to the thumping strains of a new pop song, Royals by a singersongwriter from New Zealand called Lorde. The crowd, young, left-wing and delirious with success, went wild. Blasio heading for the White House 2020.

  • Why give this guy the pub? He's not worth the time. Who are you trying to convince? You're preaching to the choir. Makes no sense.

  • The stupidest people thinking they're the smartest and the greatest is actually pretty common and it's been scientifically researched and proven. It's called the "Dumbass-Goober Effect."

  • God uses and chooses a lot of people and even animals to do important things. The Young Turks should be called the illiterate reactionary thugs. Trump did not claim to be "His" chosen one. People are fabricating quotes, distorting quotes, and intentions of what he said. God has chosen a lot of people to do a lot of things – besides His holy Son Jesus! Ignorant people who mock others on the basis of their wrong knowledge of the Bible – should do a quick search on Google for Bible references. They will see how wrong and ignorant they are, and how they suddenly become Bible experts without ever reading the Bible in their lives.

    Col 3:12-17 …Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

  • Calvin Campbell says:

    Well, Evangelicals, what are you going to do? Remember what got Jesus put up on the cross? The Pharisees accused him of Blasphemy for claiming he was God. You have supported a vile, malignant narcissist who was busy effing a porn star while his wife was having his baby? Remember? If you honestly think God had anything to do with putting this creature in the White House, you are seriously twisted.

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