100 thoughts on “Trump Goes ‘Off Script’ At CPAC, Targeting Mueller, Sessions, Media | Sunday TODAY”

  • Snowden will die, either disappear or will be hung for treason..he was CIA, and was planted at NSA to discredit the agency. WWG1WGA

  • robert forsythe says:

    Easy to talk because is among Con men. These Wig party members reincarnated. We need to de Corporate-tize our political system or we will get another political cancer like Trump.

  • TRUMP IS A FAILURE at playing president, as a husband, at business, and at being A MAN! and nothing can change that – not even your hero worship of this criminal and your denial of reality. trump is sick and twisted and a pathological liar and you're a member of this idiots cult? wake up at see the reality of the moron at who's feet your groveling!

  • Impeach the orange maniac now, before he and his cultmembers ruin the country. It looked like he was having a nervous breakdown at the nazi rally, I mean cpac rally.

  • He wants to pretend he is a comedian like Alec Baldwin. This is the best snl material ever. He is a joke and an embarrassment to the office of presidency. Unfortunately he is a popular figure to the other idiots in this country. This is why teachers need better salaries. We have too many ignorant racists sexists morons in the USA.

  • Why should he care so much if they want to look into his documents and business ventures? Why does he protest so much???????

  • Matthew Hicks says:

    No President has talked to north Korea except President Trump. At least he is trying to bring peace to the area and you hate that. Fake News

  • Thank God President Trump has no fear of the media, democrats or other nay sayers. He has balls and is not afraid to speak the truth. His followers appreciate this President because he tells the truth without caring about peoples' FEELINGS! Many people out there like to be lied to…they want to hear what they LIKE not what is REAL! Sorry Obama is no longer president…no more exaggerations of the truth…get used to it.

  • Bonnie Robinson says:

    Trump is looking so guilty in his off script speech. He's so creepy and transparent, hope they throw him in jail.

  • Has anybody ever noticed that the news anchors keeps saying Mr trump as opposed to President Trump… It's almost like nobody recognises his authority. Make of that what you will.

  • nanpopco nanpopco says:


  • The reason that the negotiations between between trump and Kim Jong Un broke down was because trump had seen the Cohen hearing and had to rush back to the U.S. because he had a double load in his Depends and was out of any clean ones. Sometimes you can't walk away, you have to run.

  • Ben Theredonethat says:

    People who choose lies over reality are a legitimate threat to our democracy. No wonder his base is overwhelmingly religious.

  • trying to hide what he really said as usual what this is about
    Google has buried our president's real speech somewhere
    Communist media

  • Robert Trester says:

    It's sad but he did get elected off script. In fact it's a tragedy he was elected at all. Any of you out there who voted for THIS should be ashamed!!!!

  • Please ! Could someone tell me will Trump be impeached ? If so, then the Vice President takes his seat ? I'm scared please help me, thank you.

  • Bobby Drephal says:

    Trump 2020.. liberals and democrats will be wrong once again. How many times will that be? Dumbest group of humans on this planet. Liberals are a joke around the world. Democrats are going to lose once more cause no one wants socialism in this country.

  • Buy a wig you shaved head que ball !

    Bad enough that you are employed by the New Bolshevik Commissariat, we do NOT want to be blinded by your chrome-dome.

    [( …as for "profane language" — did you ever once report about Hilary Clinton and her mouth ?! )]

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  • So much for UNBIASED reporting (fake news)!!! Trump is going to win sooo big in 2020 it will be a bigger LANDSLIDE than the 1984 Regan landslide!!! Can’t wait!,! Can we get Superman to FAST FORWARD the earth???

  • s u n d i a l e r says:

    God's response to Donald Trump's longest speech: "A fool’s voice is known by his many words." — Ecclesiastes 5:3b (NKJV)

  • Count Daedalus says:

    Americans: we want a president who for once, does exactly what they say they will do, and won’t bow down to political correctness.


  • Von Münchhausen by proxy disorder
    Owning Trump must be Vladimir Putin's best investment ever.
    Moscow Against Goofy America.

  • Dennis Mitchell says:

    And the script is no changes for either side- same as the 1st signed agreement is still valid. No loss either side no gain either side. Tie with future summits still open.

  • Synchronistory says:

    When a nation's adolescent mindset votes, it winds up with hard "adolessons". Easy to explain why a theatrically off-script leader can still magnetise voters given the (current crop of) staid moralists — even if they're more "adult" in their comportment and truly make sense. Love him or hate him or care not a whit about him, this POTUS has performance-pizzaz … and inside every adult dwells the naughty little kid who just wants to see how much they can get away with. The Dems (or Indies or even the sane Repubs) need to find a competitor whose caring wisdom is as compelling as their Charisma – with a fundamentally capital "C".

  • What is wrong with you America? Is it possible that you have fallen so low? When did you lose all sense of dignity, of self respect and for those of others’ among you, that gave their lives and contrary to you, are examples of good “Americanism”? How can you have allowed to be converted to “Ugly America”? You by allowing bad example, have betrayed what we all are to represent: Democracy, good human rights, equality, decency and justice. This past March’s 2, Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action(CPAC) Conference in Maryland, drew monumental applauses from republicans among others, many of them In Congress, when he started to mock and make fun of John McCain’s life and deeds. A man that can only be described as the best, what’s good, exemplary behavior, a heroic American is all about. A man that went to extreme hardship and pain in Vietnam while serving this country. A man that was you comrade as a republican, as a senator in a Congress that you so vile serve today. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA, SHAME ON YOU REPUBLICANS TRAITORS TO AMERICA.

  • Trump tells the cult,the whole cult,and nothing but the cult.

  • He needs to put his Fist in his Month his Pathetic Sick Thing.Funny he thinks he started Fake News So he can be Fake with his News.And he thinks no one will notice the difference ?

  • Democrats are looking for more Lawyers to tell them about New York ? It's Saturday Night Live Folks ! Mueller is looking for Lawyers to go up before congess and tell them they wrote checks to Stormy to give to Hillery .

  • Speaking your mind as a private citizen at home is one thing. But as the leader of the United States perhaps one should consider tact. It’s like having crazy uncle bob complaining about “too much learnin” in school. Sometimes he just has to sit it out

  • Jeff Sessions, you’re one POS…you chose to recuse yourself k owing what the lousy demoncraps would do with Muellet & Co and you screwed your country costing it millions of$$ and untold trouble it was Cankles who colluded…how do you sleep at night?

  • Andreas Sandmeister in Facebook! says:

    Die Wahrheit ist: Trump ist ein Chronischer Lügner, ein geldgieriger Rassist., ein Sexist, hat die Intelligenz eines Kindes, ist humorlos, die ganze Welt lacht über Ihn, er ist ein Demagoge, außerdem ist er kriminell und wegen seiner Klimapolitik der größte Feind der Erde und Menschheit! Wir brauchen nicht jährlich 1200 Milliarden Dollar USA Rüstungsausgaben sondern Klimaschutz und Frieden und Liebe auf der Erde!!! In nur 25 Jahren haben viele Länder kein Süßwasser mehr weil die Gletscher geschmolzen sind so wie in Indien und Pakistan die 1,2 Milliarden Menschen und Atomwaffen haben… das war's dann mit der Menschheit… Andreas Sandmeister (auch in Facebook…!!!)

  • "infamous appeal to Russia" are you people for real? It was obviously a joke but there's also point to be made that it SHOULD be released so people can see them!

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