Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Cancelling birthright citizenship would be
legally difficult. Donald Trump has said he’s interested in it. He’s interested in exploring
canceling birthright citizenship. But for now, if you are born in the physical United
States, you are a citizen unless Donald Trump gets that changed. It’s not happening in the
immediate, but the Trump administration has maybe found a sort of preemptive proxy to
test eliminating birthright citizenship. And the Trump administration has changed the policy
for children born to some military service members and other government employees and
diplomats physically outside of the borders of the United States. Historically, if you
were born in an overseas military base or if your parents are diplomats and you’re born
in a foreign hospital, I have friends who are in this situation right now. While your
parents or parent is on diplomatic duty, you are automatically an American citizen. It’s
just, it’s an automatic thing that takes place. The Trump administration is changing this
now. They’re not eliminating it. They are changing the process. Starting October 29th
the process is going to change to one where the parents must apply for citizenship before
their kid turns 18. Interestingly, I went through this process to become a citizen.
When my parents became citizens. I then had the possibility of becoming a citizen up until
age 18 merely by going through a simple administrative procedure. So for people who don’t know, uh,
I and my parents were all born in Argentina in 1989 my family came to the United States
from Argentina as permanent residents. I was five years old at the time and then I think
it must have been the mid to late nineties my parents became citizens of the u s they
had been here, I believe it was seven years at the time as permanent residents. They went
through the process. They had the entire thing. It was then up to me whether I wanted to become
a citizen. Now I had two options. If I waited until age 18 and did not become a citizen,
I would have to go through the entire process. From the beginning. I would have to apply.
I would have to have the interview and the entire thing, but until age 18 my parents
could simply go to the post office and request a passport for me and I would automatically
become a citizen of the United States and that’s what we did. The new Trump policy is
that if your parents are US citizens, but you happen to be born abroad in a number of
these situations, not all of them. You need to be naturalized as the phrase is as the
word is. Just like I had to be naturalized as someone who immigrated to the United States
from another country. This is ridiculous and it’s especially ridiculous
because it serves no real purpose other than a bureaucratic obstacle. There is no advantage
to this. There was no benefit to this. The explanation that the u s cis is giving, this
is the u s citizenship and immigration services. They’re saying that this is to align federal
immigration law with State Department procedures. This is a completely incredible explanation.
By incredible, I mean it is, it is not believable. It is not credible. This is merely a continuation
of the trends that we’ve been seeing with Donald Trump. Trump’s not good to the military.
This is a continuation of that. Trump attacks, gold star gold star families. This is a continuation
of that. Trump attacked prisoner of war, John McCain for being a prisoner of war, saying
he prefers his war heroes not be captured or whatever the case may be, and now he wants
to strip military and diplomatic babies of automatic citizenship. That’s it. That’s the storyline. That’s the
explanation and if these people, if people reacted to these things correctly, the military
would turn on Trump and not vote for him in 2020 the farmers would already have turned
on Trump and would not be voting for him in 20 as we’ve been covering and in the background,
you only need to look at who’s running the u s cis. It’s Ken Cuccinelli. Ken Cuccinelli
is an extremist idealog Republican who has previously said he would like to ban oral
sex. He’s a horrible person. He’s the acting director of USC. Of course, there is no permanent
director as is the trend, the status quo under Donald Trump, but Ken Cuccinelli is the acting
director and the reality of this is that this is a test to see, can Trump take a baby step
closer to repealing birthright citizenship altogether? Can he get this through and make
birthright citizenship in total? The next thing that he wants to repeal, we
should not be confused about the real objectives here. They are terrible. They are the lowest
of the low. And the question is, will Donald Trump be given another four years with which
to try to do more of this stuff? Let me know what you think about this. Let me know what
you think about, uh, the prospects of Trump re-election. Uh, as of now on Twitter at d
pacman. The show is also on Twitter at David Pakman show. Follow us both and make sure
that you are watching the live stuff, dreams that I’m doing on twitch or and Pacman, the David Pakman [email protected]


100 thoughts on “Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas”

  • I’m a proud veteran of the US Army, but I WILL NOT let my sons enlist in any of the branches of the military as long as the toxic orange turd blossom is pretending to be the Commander in Chief…

  • wtf is trump saying troops will have to leave their babies,kids overseas to beable to get back into the us from overseas who the hell would do that,how screwed up is that what if they all refused to come back would he have them arrested,how many kids would that affect,hundreds of kids are born in other countries when people live there for several years,how will they stop all of them coming back, will they be forced to leave their kids behind what will happen then

  • Michael Anders says:

    Trump cannot change the 14th Amendment, nor the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) by saying "'cause I wanna." He needs to read Section 320 of the INA. I'm sure the ACLU will fight this.

  • Never Too Old Gaming says:


    You cannot make this shit up. GJ Troops who are so gunho Trump supporters! Hope you don't get fucking sent to Germany with your preggo wife and she gives birth there! GL bringing that FOREIGN CHILD back into THESE MAGA STATES.

    No sympathy. You get what you vote for. Whomp whomp.

  • Children of foreign diplomats don't normally get granted citizenship in the country that they are based. This could mean that a child would be stateless at birth (until they get US citizenship).

  • I think Trump learn politics through today David's advertiser blinkist. 15mn is his attention span and you can always learn in the bathroom doing all the shit you have to do and stuff.😂

  • HORRIBLE..this and the men ,woman and children who are deathly ill being told they have 30 days to leave or will be kicked out of our country either way a parent will be in essence killing there own child if they leave there treatments they won't have access to treatments when deported!! OMG What kind of person is this Creepazoid? I am so ashamed…trump has got to be removed from his Pretend office ASAP.

  • Christine Rodgers says:

    How does this do him any good? If I didn't know better I'd think Trump was trying to cost himself the 2020 election intentionally.

  • You really should do just a few minutes of research before spreading lies. It only impacts a very small number of Service members and only applies to the following:
    parents who adopted children while serving abroad (This makes sense)
    parents who became U.S. citizens after their children were born (Again, makes sense)
    parents who are U.S. citizens but have never lived here (Service members have to have lived in the US at some time as you have to go to some kind of basic training in the US)
    recently naturalized citizens who have not met the U.S. residency requirements to transmit citizenship to their children automatically (Once more, makes sense)

  • This is a very stupid move on Trump's part. I thought the children of US citizens were always US citizens. I think he is doing this because he hated the late Senator McCain, who was born overseas to US citizens.

  • TheCloudhopper says:

    As a member of a diplomatic mission that has spent many years in the US and working alongside US personnel, some of which I'd consider friends, this is SO infuriating. This absolute, blatant disloyalty to his diplomats and soldiers is flabbergasting.

  • Abigail Slaughter says:

    fortunately there is still an explicitly stated exemption for -children of whom both parents are Citizens regardless of site of birth, and even for children of only one citizen so long as he has been in the United States for a paltry portion of the last 5 years… Though I was very worried as well that this was his first step in ending birthright citizenship.

    that said, I'm glad this bullshit has got #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies TRENDING We can't forget how he treated ALL POWs, the families of Fallen soldiers, and even troops at HAFB in PA.

  • I'm pretty sure this is about keeping out the adult children of people who we make citizens for helping us in our military operations.

  • Where does this concept that anyone besides the States and Congress can do anything about repealing a Constitutional Amendment? I this case the 14th Amendment, which would repeal the basis of the Civil Rights movement. Don’t go with this!

  • An other speech with applauding slaves in the background, skip it.

    The whole topic is set up only to detour press, media, public, etc from relevant issues.

  • You should just inherit your parents’ status. If they are citizens, you are citizen. If they are residents, you become resident. If they are illegal, you are illegal. Given the ease of travel, I don’t understand why this isn’t the default.

  • CURSE YOU...Jordan! says:

    What is wrong with this fucking asshole?
    300 million people to choose from……and this was the one you picked, huh?

  • Whats all that citizenship thing. Are there realy people who still want to be us-americans ? I mean have you been in europe, new zealand or australia? Realy ?

  • Jaime Sherrill says:

    Trump is an idiot. No military will vote for him if they know about this.

    The military has defied him a few times in the false flag instances, I wonder if this is payback.

  • According to wikipedia children born to at least one parent with an american passport automatically gain american citizenship.
    So I am a bit confused about this whole situation.

  • It's funny he hates foreigners but he has brought his Gold Digger wife's parents here. For what reason?? They don't NEED TO be here… Ugh. Why are they Welcome, but , not a couple in need. That's just sick.

  • His is scared of Anchor Babies coming to America but Byran is an anchor because his Mother was not a citizen. Two of his wives, not citizens before he married them. They're trying to make the Military an all-white Military. Someone with Bones Spurs who say talk out of both sides of his mouth claimed he loves but screw us at every turn. He disrespects the Gold Star family but he wanted to give himself a Medal Of Honor or a Purple Heart. First, he came for Kids of Troops Born Overseas. Who will be next?

    "First they came …" is the poetic form of a prose post-war confession first made in German in 1946 by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller.

  • I work with members of the Texas National Guard. Not many plutocrats and fewer WASPS in the group. The mix was similar when I was in the Army. I guess that these folks are not American enough for Trump. Would the new rules work to restrict the rights of Goldman Sacks employees working abroad?

  • So, wouldn't the fact that all these kids need to be naturalized mean that none of them can ever run for president, since the constitution states: "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;"

  • Amazing how a draft dodger doesn't care about American rights. He should be stripped of his rights and shipped to Madagascar.

  • Patrick Milewski says:

    Dear military vets and current servicemen: vote this bastard out in 2020. Please? It's the absolute least you can do.

  • Wow so the kid would still be a citizen until the age of 18. do you guys not listen to things actually being said. HAHAAHAHAH this has literally always been a thing if you where born in another country and your parents where both american you can choose which country you want to be a citizen in. literally said 'when the kid hits 18' so hes not a child anymore hes an adult who can make his own choices.

  • Christian Kensing says:

    Believing birthright citizenship is a bad thing doesn’t make you a bigot and it doesn’t make you a racist. It just means that you want to put America and Americans as the top priority

  • David, I don't think this story is true. It's already been clarified, before you even made this video. Don't fall into fake news bait and switch tactics Trump admin is employing as a self fulfilling prophecy. This is supposedly for children adopted by citizens overseas, not for children born to American citizens overseas. Still not a great policy, but not nearly as bad-sounding as what people are mistaking it as

  • Fullmetal Potato says:

    Isnt the child of any american supposed to be an american citizen automatically? Also Dave if hes not ending it altogether yet, dont lie with your title. C'mon man you've gotta be better than the trash that uses false or misleading titles

  • How could trump and his white supremacist supporters AKA Republicans be any more Anti American hes working for Russia people stop supporting him.

  • Edward Connolly says:

    This is not true and the GOP has clarified this on a npr article I have read the GOP has said this wouldn't effect children born to soldiers over seas but it will affect these groups parents who adopted children while serving abroad

    parents who became U.S. citizens after their children were born

    parents who are U.S. citizens but have never lived here

    recently naturalized citizens who have not met the U.S. residency requirements to transmit citizenship to their children automatically

  • John McCain was born in Panama on a naval base so was given this automatic citizenship. Given Trump’s animosity to McCain, I wonder if this was a factor.

  • Libertarian Jibber Jabber says:

    Yeah screw our military families. Now no one will want to be stationed overseas. This guy is horrible. What a terrible president.

  • This actually may have international legal problems as it creates the opportunity for people to be born stateless. If I remember right, there is an international treaty where countries must try to ease the burden for stateless people to gain citizenship of a country.

  • Not being A king, Trumps wishes aren't any more important than all other US citizens. The president is a public servant. Didn't he just willy nilly grant the privilege to his in-laws. DOO X 2!

  • Many of those military idiots supported the Orange archfiend, in spite, of the fact that he mocked Gold Star veterans, mocked McCain's for being captured and attack transgender military personnel. I will never understand why these idiots who support the Orange archfiend believe that they will be immune to his lies and betrayals, oh well.

  • Trump does Nothing about the failed crops and the slow moving Humanitarian crises that is coming soon to a town that your in.

  • Trump is too busy Blocking All Trades with All of Our Allies and Trading Partners but the American People are too busy Cheating on Their Spouses to Realize what is Happening to America from within. Wake Up People and at least Notice that Trump is Alienating America from the rest of the World. If America becomes Isolated and Alienated then Russia receives All the Trading Partners which Trump is All for !

  • If he had his way, only his supporters will be permitted citizenship. Everyone else will be unable to vote and under threat of deportation–but to where? You have to have citizenship in another country in order to be deported to there.

  • Makeshift Altruist says:

    I was born in Germany to American troops. It appears this wont affect me retroactively, but why the hell would this administration even care about this right now? Distraction?

  • This makes sense. "Conservatives" believe our military is meant to destroy life, not create it. At least there's some logical consistency to their evil.

  • The legislative apparatus of this country country only understand that "legally possible" is not equivalent to "moral" when we – the sane, compassionate,and normal people of this country – rip these evil motherfuckers out of their positions of power.

  • bodaciouscowboy says:

    I think David is wrong on one point: A child born overseas to parents who are U.S. citizens will still be automatically granted U.S. citizenship, like before. This change only affects
    (1) children born to U.S. military members or government employees stationed overseas who are NOT U.S. citizens (even if they later become naturalized), and
    (2) children who are adopted by a U.S. citizen overseas.

    It seems to be an attempt to end birthright citizenship for those two groups of people.
    The rule change caused a lot of confusion, and the USCIS had to quickly issue a clarification.

  • Birthright citizenship was for freed slaves after the Civil War. Thank God Trump is ending it as a immediate right. It de facto gives illegal aliens citizenship without having to get in line.

  • Mikayla Bansie says:

    when this news is broken to Mememeghan mcCain and she is stripped of citizenship, be gentle coz, she can't vote her🍊czar 🤣🤣

  • the reason for the change, is to give the government the authority to arbitrarily refuse citizenship to the children of the many foreign nationals enrolled in the army. Needless to say, that those foreigners enrolled on the idea/illusion they, and their children, will be granted citizenship once their duty is over

  • It's because of John McCain – Trump just *hated* the guy and even though he's already dead, Trump wants to make sure no other guy born to US military parents whilst deployed abroad will ever be able to aspire to presidency, ever. Next will come an executive order to rename the USS McCain

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