Trump Details Letter To Governors In Effort To Get U.S. ‘Back To Work’ | NBC News


100 thoughts on “Trump Details Letter To Governors In Effort To Get U.S. ‘Back To Work’ | NBC News”

  • 2 weeks ago he took no notice said he was in control…hes a bloody fool…dollars, dollars, dollars…what a t**t!!!! No mention of the dead dying just getting back to work..ffs

  • Instead of blaming Trump for everything (I don’t understand why it’s his fault we have Coronavirus),we need to turn to God and repent in our sins and ask God for mercy .Please.

  • If we go back to work now it's too soon, the people who are not infected will become infected…. not a good idea.

  • Helmit Wolfberg says:

    Yes,we need to work but not to death.we have relied on state leadership not you trump and you will not tell us states for this to America by being a daddy rich 5yr old.he has no not common anything that is human

  • How about releasing the Strategic National Stockpile of PPE? How about that? And taking care of the health providers and sick people who are dying? How about that? Nope, all you care about is the Almighty Dollar.

  • Wayman Willenborg says:

    FEARLESS. Leader Trump is pure evil who can not see. That. EVEN THE POPE Francis closed. The. Churches to keep people from dying

  • Cathleen Olson says:

    What a demented maniac. Get him off the podium – get him to a mental health clinic – he doesn't have a clue

  • Cathleen Olson says:

    POTUS and POTUS and their families need to volunteer at a hospital in New York. Don their garbage bags and bandanas and get to work. Set the example!!!!!

  • nathanvrentas1 says:

    Absolutely damaging to people who think this guy is God. I will just repeat the same garbage. It's like he's willing to sacrifice the lives of people to keep the numbers from Dwayne Lane

  • Yeah, we're NOT listening to the Crazy Orange Clown.
    He's just looking to bolster ratings for the Presidency.
    Go F y erself. CLOWN

  • Somebody muzzle this clown. He's ready to sacrifice the old and the sick at the alters of NYSE so he can get re-elected.

  • Wow unreal I’m Canadian and my prime Minister is a peace of crap but I feel so sorry for my American brothers and sisters this guy is so not cut out for this job he sounds like my like he has no clue ? Listen to are guy then him tough time’s America hang in there

  • Gathering Place says:

    The people want to live, not go back to work. Dead people do not purchase goods. Dead people do not return to a job.

  • We have a delusional man running our nation. If President trump used The Defense Production Act, it would allow The White House to:

    order private companies to ramp up production of items such as masks, gloves, ventilators, and any other essential supplies in the fight against the Coronavirus.

    Distribute limited resources according to national interests. For instance, the government decides how many gloves go to each state.

    Order manufacturers to produce a certain item and take control of the supply chain to enable maximum production of that product.

    The law also grants other powers, like giving manufacturers incentives to make certain products in the U.S. and allowing cooperative efforts that would otherwise violate antitrust laws.

    if the White House started to use the DPA, HHS could immediately step in to manage the distribution of existing resources.

    Under the DPA all available resources could be directed toward meeting manufacturing needs. It would also allow defense contractors to shift resources away from their military orders and toward medical needs.

    Why hasn't the White House used the DPA authorities it has invoked?

    Trump said Sunday that he wanted to avoid "nationalizing our businesses," citing the example of Venezuela, which routinely seized private companies without compensation. That's very different than the authorities granted under the DPA, which do not give the U.S. government ownership of a business.

    We need a leader in the white house because this will cost us lives. When Americans die, will that finally be enough? I’m worried for our nation

  • Trump has screwed our country up so badly. Trump's lies about the virus and his dealings in Russia. The economy never really was good under trump. When this virus hit, it just proved it that the economy was on thin ice. Before the virus there were record setting company bankruptcies. A good economy doesn't have that level of company bankruptcies.

    There's a reason the majority of Americans distrust trump, because they know he's corrupt, un-American and lies all of the time. Trump is reason the virus outbreak is so bad to begin with.

  • Do not blame Trump for the virus. He is doing his best to help the country. He is working hard for the US. Mind your words.

  • Listening ? what he said
    Mr. Trump I think he’s found the solution or the medication for the virus but is not update right now I hope to everyone nice safest life God bless USA ??

  • Michael O'Hara says:

    Only our fearless, stable genius leader could see the rising infections/deaths as a sign to put out the "Open for Business" sign. C'mon everyone! Aren't YOU going to pile into churches and sit next to a possible carrier like Chump will????

    I'd say he was wearing rose-colored glasses if not for the fact they were, in fact, covered in blood.
    A first-rate sociopath.

  • Somebody take this man to NYC hospitals and Louisiana state. This man will be responsible for all the deaths in the country. He thinks this is the spring flu.

  • vanquish…nice, this moron learned a new word today. a perfect word, just like the perfect perfect call! perfect transcript, perfect covid, best virus ever, brought to you by donald trump the bloated orange draft-dodging fool and his silver-haired pet, Mikey P. What a bunch of fools. Worst administration ever, this guy is USELESS

  • snakecharmer2011 says:


  • With only 1/5th the population of China
    Why does the US have MORE cases of COVID10?
    INCOMPETENT GOV"T, POOR planning, Donny

  • Always lying…. who wanna go back to work in this pandemic situation, that’s only your idea, cuz you will stay at home safely. What a business man!

  • Rosalina Ayala says:

    Lets get all the MAGA people out to work first. Make sure they get out without masks or gloves.Darwin might do us all a favor.

  • Mike O'Mahoney says:

    He is the dumbest man in the Whitehouse. He rather be worried about the numbers of non workers than fixing our health problem with Coronavirus. He hasn't a clue what he is going to do meaning killing more Americans than should be. His ideas will make this go on and on. We must continue this stay at home at least till end of April and then see. God help us.

  • This guy doesn't see his citizens as people, he sees them as assets for the economy he's controlling to keep growing and don't care if they die. He only cares about his image and his power. Sad!

  • The stimulus package is coming to your desk and you haven't signed it before you talk about people going back to work. Is that premature!

  • FurKids OnBoard says:

    He knows that his re-election demands on the economy and unemployment rate so he wants us to go back to work regardless of the risks. Easy for him to say when he can get the best health care and doesn't have to worry about paying medical bills.

  • If you want to concentrate On just getting back to work quickly then you’re all gonna die – this is a health crisis number ☝️ people, thank God I’m in Australia and our prime minister is actually taking it seriously. Everyone is going to have to suffer a bit in order to contribute to the solutions to this problem and we all know that and we are happy to do it. Putting some of the social distancing issues that we have here aside like people gathering at beaches which is slowly getting under control we are taking it very seriously over here. We are dedicated to stopping the spread of this virus number 1–1st and foremost – it is the most important thing and there will be no talk of going back to work until it’s under control. I feel so sorry for everyone in America right now that you have a leader that doesn’t know how to lead. I am praying for you all that someone can step up and take over this situation for you.

  • Trump I will agree with you on one thing, this country will overcome this hardship. But what your simple mind does not realize is it will be contrary to all of your actions and advice. I will Triumph will come from the good sense, science, and medical research as well as the support of each State's governor, who is ignoring your advice (with the obvious exceptions of several Republican governors that are stupid enough to believe you know what you are doing). It's a shame Governors have to beg for the necessary equipment, and tests, and support of the government that the people of this country pay Hefty taxes for just such a case, you have the nerve to say Governor's should do it all on their own and the federal government is just a backup. The funny thing is you're not even doing that, you have the ability to have these things manufactured and yet have failed to do so. Yes you did invoke the ACT, I'm guessing to make yourself look good, but have yet to enforce it. I wonder how it will feel to go down in history as the worst president to ever take office

  • Expecto Patronem!

    From what I here from essential personnel, they'd rather be safe at home then being put in a position where they are more likely to get sick.

  • Suddenly life grabs the president by the neck. Yet he still refuses to give in…and this time its going to really hurt.

  • Ya know… other than the obvious mental health issues this guy has… I have yet to hear any diagnoses of Schizophrenia. This seems highly likely the more he moves his lips in these daily back-slapping sessions… then goes to Twitter and claims the total opposite of what he said on TV.

    Scariest part? Neither of those identities are making sense!

  • vinny bubbleshorts says:

    Too little too late Donald Duck. Yes send sick people back to work. Moron. Donald Duck Trump the Angel of Death.

  • Trump refuses to reveal his taxes. Now he's clearly desperate for people to go back to work. I wonder, could his personal finances be in a crisis? I mean, all those bankruptcies with his casinos… his boasts about his business acumen and how good he is always rang hollow to me. And now that his hotels are empty as people quarantine themselves due to the virus, I couldn't help wondering… is all as well as he would like the world to think?

  • What US has is unlimited resources to support the country indefinitely. So there is little need to cast a side glance at the economic impact. It will be Trump’s fault anyway. That’s why Sander is the new Hope for many.

  • I hope you're not still broadcasting him without fact checking and editing first. He's killing people as surely as if he was using a gun.

  • People are upset with Trump because they allowed themselves to go down the rabbit hole. It's your faults for believing it anyway.

  • Useless Youtube. We don't need a BS artist, the country needs someone who can confront the truth and tell the truth rather than shifting blame.

  • Karen Contestabile says:

    T-Rump is suffering from senile dementia…He has the mentality of a mentally disabled child to begin with…

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