100 thoughts on “Trump defends Syria troop withdrawal amid Republican backlash”

  • Bring our troops home thank you President Trump!!! Trump Republicans for Congress and Senate in 2020.Trump train roll on!!!

  • Add “sell outs “ to the Republican Party among all other things. Deal could have been stricken before the adrift withdrawal. Trump Towers hold that much power to make decisions like this .. the next president should have no business interests in foreign lands.

  • Marcel Buurman says:

    The Kurds have been the boots on the ground when US was fighting IS, mainly by air. It's despicable behavior to betray them now. At least take care of a no-fly zone immediately. The Kurds can fight the Turkish forces on the ground, but have no defence against the Turkish airforce. You can not compare this situation with Afghanistan or Iraq.

  • If you let me build a golden Trump tower in Istanbul i turn the other way if you commit genocide on our most trustful allied the Kurds who fought Isis.

  • The President has made NO errors so far, there is no reason to doubt him now. His foreign policies are the BEST America has ever had. The Turkey president knows he has to clean up his act and start leading his country in the right direction. It makes sense to give him some conditions and then wait and see how he does. For any USA politician to get in a bundle, or the disgusting fake media to use this as aonther trump basing excuse is just plain stupid. 50 American soldiers leaving means virtually nothing. In an hour or less 1000+ usa military can be there. The smart thing to do is trust and support our president, he is a stable genius.

  • William De Lancy says:

    When Trump has his taxes exposed the whole world will see political contribution write offs to the entire GOP body. This is why his former GOP haters love him now. They are the best party supporters money can buy. The ones who did not get money from Trump, were hacked by Russia and blackmailed by Trump with the info. They all retired. This is 100% fact.

  • Turkey to free the IS in KURDISH jails …. The great fighters are leaving unprotected people to the worst of armies ….The IS was a US construction so fix the mess now…The US tax payer do not like to pay for billions of dollars to the IS BUT THEY CARE ABOUT A PRESIDENT TO KEEP HIS WORD. …S HAME UPON YOU NOT A BRAVE DECISION NO BRAVE men left ………….. the soldiers must feel like the Dutch army in the balkans forced with a non intervention before the slaughter followed. SOLDIERS DO NOT LIKE TO BE CALLED COWARDS.

  • Could this be that Trump is protecting his interests in Turkey…like the Trump towers in Istanbul? The Kurds are
    our allies and we need to protect them as opposed to Trump's towers and his 'infinite wisdom' (what a joke)!

  • Stig Berge ជ្រាដដែល says:

    Actually Trump did NOT bring the 50 soldiers home, he sent them to another part of syria a few km away from Turkeys so called bufferzone … just saying….

  • Ronald van Kemenade says:

    Didn´t the Kurds see this coming?
    And if so, why didn´t they side with Assad, instead of craving independence? Now Erdogan sees them as a roque state…

  • Barbara Jansen says:

    We need to flush these turds! They’re stinking up the House! TRUMP 2020!! Keep fighting for us! This is a battle of good and evil and we must not allow evil to take over. Hopefully there are more good voters than bad ones! If the bad ones win our country will be CURSED.

  • Trump is a traitor is that what Americans stand for stabbing allies Kurds in back really ?

    He has now flopped over and warned Turkish Isil supporting thugs.

    He clearly has had external pressure brought to bare to do this.

    This is a sad day for all true patriots and my old republican party.

    Trump is unstable folks and has to go think country before party politics and Democrats fools.

  • Matias Sanchez says:

    im a proud Texan Latino…who loves and will support our American President TRUMP to get reelected in 2020 .

  • we are not at war with Turkey… We are at war with ISIS… Turkey is a member of the United Nations.
    You want us to attack a member of the United Nations? Violate the UN Treaty? Do
    you know what’s supposed to happen if a country attacks a member of the UN?
    It's an attack on ALL country’s in the United Nations…

  • For President Trump to abandon the Kurds and allow them to be overrun by the Turks is inexcusable. As far as I'm concerned, the Kurdish people are fellow citizens of every American, and every human being on this planet willing to take up arms and fight for the preservation of the free world. I have lived through 12 Presidents, and I've never been so ashamed of the guy I have been supporting day-in day-out since 2016.

    And BTW, we defeated Isis only because Kurdish men and women in arms held the line against Isis for years when Obama would not help. Unlike any other foreign nation, the Kurds do their fighting on the ground for themselves, but they still require the logistical and air support only the US can provide. Shame on you Mr. President.

  • What a mountainous effort our President has to overcome the military status quo that loves it's endless war lifestyle. Where is Congress? They have abbrogated their war declaration responsibilities.

  • Savanakhet Laos says:

    U r happy now? The mfer is an embarrassment to USA. More lies. This is the great white hope the chosen one ? What a joke. Trump is beyond stupid. Trump if you don’t like USA, you can leave.

  • The last bona fide battle was Schwartzkopf and it took him 6 weeks to put down and clean out Iraq and then Red Adair went in and put out the oil rig fires Hussein set. We can't keep up these trickling wars among kingships and mullahs etc. We could clean out Assad in a day if we wanted to or Erdogan in a day but what for. Another nut would step up. They'll not ever have democracies. We are done with them.

  • Let's send the children from all elected officials with have in office over their ,they will think twice going against the U.S American citizen, We are not the corporations slaves/ mercs!

  • Kimberly McClintock says:

    I, also, fear for the Kurds! And, I_SIS will, no doubt, double their efforts. But, must support and trust President Trump's decision.

  • The right means they are right lol 😂 Obama sneezed and farted world news. And I remember the backlash he got from all you right winged nuts even calling him a cotton picking president and so on. All I’m saying is if you judged Obama for all his wrong doings hold this guy to the same standards… Unbelievable

  • Now that he has withdrawn troops he better not friggin look for another reason to go back in and put America and American troops through more clearly pointless war.

  • President Trump loves America and is for the American people while the demonrats bow to everything evil and they represent everything that is ruining this great country. President Trump, just keeps fighting the evil opposition and this patriot will stand with him.Trump 2020


  • Timmy the Poker Warrior says:

    Attention morons, aka Trump supporters: The USA had troops in Syria because ISIS declared war on the USA. I hope that answers your repeated idiotic question.

  • I am pro-Trump.
    The Dems are nothing but satanic devil worshippers.
    But President Trump was absolutely wrong to abandon our Kurd allies who fought alongside and died with our boys fighting Isis.
    It’s just like what happened in Vietnam.

  • SexyBulldozerMan says:

    didnt know much about Trump before he ran, started listening in 2016 i really look up to him and have learned a lot from him.

  • Nicky Chuaybamrung says:

    war over ,syrian govt agreement on rebel at UN while turkey~ russia observation
    US could be reopen embassy middle east and elsewhere

  • Uncle Sam Autos says:

    Is it not my "right" as a United States citizen to join and fight with the YPG? I ask the "Socialist Republic of Vietnam" for their support on behalf of the Kurdish people.

  • I usually support Trump but this…this angers me ….the kurds are our friends….our soldiers fought with these men, bled with these men, and we turn our backs against them and betray them…..unacceptable!

  • @Leslieoo7

    The Kurds didn't help us in Normandy, says a five-time draft dodger whose father, grandfather, and two adult sons never served and definitely were not in Normandy.

    Do you know any family who has gone four full generations without anyone having served?

    I don't.

  • nuclearcasserole says:

    In a few days when the Syrian/Russian troops arrive, it will be interesting to see if the Syrian/Russian troops escort the American troops to the border. This is a tremendous blunder on the part of Mr. Trump.

  • I support the president 120%. I despise the neocon filth. You know when all the wrong people are attacking this guy, he's doing something right. There's a reason they don't like him and that's because he's taking away their easy paychecks from we the people.

  • President Trump's rally have a banner that says "Promises made, promises kept." Why would anyone be shocked or criticized that he kept another promise?

  • I bet the soldiers are happy, isnt that all that matters saving American lives!? Democrats sound like evil human beings, that want the one world government!

  • I wonder what is worse? Listening to this incoherent babbling of a demented individual, who has no idea what he is talking about, only gives generalizations and stupid lies as he goes along. Just listen! Things just blurt out – this is so horrific. The minority of American voters wanted this incompetent narcissist in the WH, who does no work, spends 8-digit numbers of $ of taypayer money for his private leisure, corrupts everything he touches etc. etc. – all of these things having been proven over and over again. Or is it worse to read the comments of American (?), who still approve this? Are you braindead? Would you have someone like this as your neighborß You must be kidding. throw this guy out and arrest his criminal family along with this mobster

  • This is sad. Truly sad. Some of you have wrapped so much of your self worth and identity into this man that you refuse to acknowledge that none of this is normal or seems right. America has lost credibility and people all over the world no longer see this country as trustworthy. Not everything Donald Trump has ever done has been bad, but this is just ridiculous. He should be impeached, and in your heart of hearts you know that he is harming your future and the futures of your offspring. All this deflection and feeble justification because you are too ashamed to admit that this is wrong, because you think what he goes through mirrors what you go through in your insecurity. Grow up. There's no way that EVERYONE is out to get Donald Trump, but you just can't abandon your idol, because he's all you have. If he's corrupt, then you are corrupt for having supported him without question. If he's a liar, then so are you for lying to yourself in an effort to make his lies makes sense. I don't pity you anymore, because you chose this. It's just a shame that you would rather watch this country and all the good within it fall for your own childish pride.

  • I am so confused do you believe Trump is a self claimed like really smart stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom 🙂 LMAO !! lololol or a corrupt wannabe dictator idiot imbecile madman criminal? Obviously if you have even half a functioning brain you would know he's the latter

  • I just hope he will not let the Turkish trample over the brave Kurdish people. This is the only time I am not satisfied with Trump's decision. If course, bringing troops back home is the best idea. But, could have made some necessary arrangements to protect the interests of Kurdish people. Not cool to abandon allies. You can trust Kurdish people 100% but you cannot trust Turkey. They are already working together with Russia. Don't lose a great ally for a treacherous nation like Turkey.

  • Love it. He says there is a lot if ISIS in one sentence. Only to say we defeated ISIS 100% in Syria. What logical person could ever trust this guy who lies one sentence to the next.

  • Timothy Walters says:

    Good for the President. Now he just needs to stick to his guns in the face of the blood suckers in congress, the media, and the big businesses that make their profits off war while passing the costs in blood & treasure to the American people. If he'd just do the same in Afghanistan, Somalia, the Philippines, Korea, Germany, and every other country the U.S. has a military presence he'll be the best president we've had in living memory. Didn't vote for him the first time around, but if he stays the course on this kind of foreign policy I'll be doing so next year!

  • Donald, the not so stable genius in September 2018:

    "We have to help the Kurds. I want to help them. They fought with us, they died. We lost tens of thousands of Kurds [who] died fighting ISIS. They died for us and with us. And for themselves, they died for themselves. But they’re great people, and we have not forget [sic]."

  • Franklin Waddell says:

    A real "lose lose situation" but… I'm backing our president nonetheless! Our troops deserve a break from worldwide policing! It's time Europe stepped up for once and grabbed the wheel for a change!

  • why is the comment section's tone so different here than in the current (time of posting this comment) videos about this topic?


  • thx mr president thx so much. isismembers , putin, assad, erdogan and kim y u are all sending u sighned loveletters for u to hand in the oval, the least repected place since late 2016.

  • Why has chefs not been arrested he lied to congress the just doesn't seem to be any rule of law in America I can't believe it

  • It’s really sad to see that most of the comments here haven’t been following current events at all. The Kurds have been our allies, THEY fought ISIS. We had each others backs. Then trump talks to Turkey and tells the Kurds to disarm. Then pulls away and let’s turkey attack like he knew they planned to do. These are people, good people, and he set them up to be slaughtered.

  • I wonder if science is a universal word that every language understands.

    I wonder how well a politician or rich man speaks on behalf of psychology.

    Why aren’t politicians scientists too?
    If they are people always learning then they would be scientists instead they openly refer to others as such that someone would declare as a “scientist”.

    Self-aware people: We know how to do everything that you may not including talking for ourselves.

    Respectfully. You own nothing but your body.

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