Trump defends neo-Nazis, as seen previously On Fox News

Trump defends neo-Nazis, as seen previously On Fox News

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24 thoughts on “Trump defends neo-Nazis, as seen previously On Fox News”

  • Media matters is a joke. A joke who is trying to silence other real journalists who don't depend on cutting out context to fit their bullshit narrative

  • George Daniels says:

    It makes me laugh at the titles of these videos. "Trump supports neo-nazis" this channel doesn't watch their own content obviously, because Trump has forced a KKK member out of his rally.

  • Fuck this bullshit false dichotomy of "we got a two sided violence problem…" No assholes, we got a White Supremacist/Neo-Nazi normalizing problem and White America loves protecting their freedoms to hate and toxify modern ideologies. Conservatives and Republicans are telling us to coexist with Nazis and its fucked up.

  • IWalkAlone247 says:

    Please keep it up. My community is getting a huge kick out of this. Whenever white supremacists are forced to show who they really are, you make us very happy.

  • Hang on. Is he saying antifa is also bad for attacking people in the street?!
    Thanks Mediamatters for exposing this single standard.

  • multitudeofidols says:

    The idea that both sides were violent and share the blame can be debunked so easily by one simply question: which side killed someone? Also, which side was waving symbols and shouting phrases that are explicitly of a party that murdered millions of people? It's not that hard to figure this shit out.

    Also, was that "Previously…" taken from _Bates Motel_?

  • He's originally an illegal nazi immigrant who came from europe, I wish that British teenager would've killed this muthafucker and not being in jail…

  • Don't see any defense of Neo Nazi's. What I see in the video is common sense. There IS racism from Antifa as well as the KKK and Neo Nazis. That's all Trump said. Nothing wrong with what Trump said. The fake media is at it again. Bunch of liars. Trump should sue them.

  • Glurp puffloid says:

    I was under the misconception that Trump was a closet Nazi, turns out he's just a Fox puppet, the same he was as before.

    ALL his beliefs come from Fox News.

  • White identity politics is really dumb. I think back to high school and wonder what kind of loser would be attracted to white identity politics….probably the guy getting a giant wedgie. Now he wants to belong to something and tries to use the fear of white genocide to form a social group.

  • These Antifa cucks are more concerned about some historic statues than islamists and the destruction of the West. Hmmm…maybe they want the destruction of the West? Lets see, they are commies, hate white people, hate Christianity, love Islam. Did I miss anything?

  • LOL the alt-left…. free healthcare, free education, equality, expand and strengthen the middle class, longer maternity leave and mandatory paid vacations YOU FUCKING ALT-LEFT ASSHOLES how dare you! How dare you want your tax dollars to go towards social programs rather than the already forever hungry military beast that absorbs the most out of our tax dollars.

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