Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House press briefing


100 thoughts on “Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House press briefing”

  • Hey war time president????by the way he is a draft dodger??…didn’t he said this virus was under control, and that the cold was worse than the virus??? Democrats where’ right this virus was a hoax to impeach the president??????????


    Open your eyes God has a lesson for the world with what is happening. The people that have not chosen Him as the ONE true GOD. Run to him now before it is to late. GOD BLESS us all.

  • randle williams says:

    And this speech is supposed to provide confidence, he waffles on , repeats and contradicts, blaming the media again. This guy just loves the sound of his own voice.

  • Latoya Dozier says:

    "There will be alot of deaths" love your sence of humor mr president you make the news fake this whole pandemic is fake your not telling the truth about why this is happening

  • Maybe they cut out the first hour because he was talking about how his TV ratings for these Covid 19 press briefings are better than The Bachelor and Monday Night Football? Oh yeah..he is now # 1 on Facebook

  • SpyroGyraGotTheMagic says:

    After seeing many of these press briefings, I have to say i really appreciate i'm from a country where the government values people more than money…you live better with less than you live of dying…i really feel sorry for so many american…its just a disaster how late critical descision have been made in the US regarding this Corona pandemic…ppl, it doesnt help moaning now about how much is being done…hoping this is a learning lesson for you all…As Dr. Fauci says…it's only separation of people which can fight this virus…very difficult to put into practice in your larger metropols and not the US citizens fault…but try all you can good ppl of the US

  • In TEXAS people are clumping together as usual until they SEE the lines on the floor. My home State is full of IDIOTS.

  • Arrest the orange buffoon who now has blood on his hands!!!
    America will have 20 times cases as China, and so many deaths that could have been avoided with competent, honest and responsible leadership. Arrest trump and put real leaders in place????????????????

  • Chinese government should pay for what they are causing to innocent people and economic collapse all over the world. God chose Pre. Trump to deal with this karma that Chinese Gvmt created.

  • All the Pro Trump comments are "I hope everyone gets better! Go USA ! Go world!" and the Anti-Trumps are saying things like "Trump did it! while they quote Rachael Madow and Don Lemon! because their so awsome."

  • the media of today has proven only 1 thing. They are composed of the most pathetic, heartless, self-centered, agenda-driven pathological liars who will say and do anything to get a few views. They make commission-based car salesmen, tax collectors, and lawyers look like saints.

  • The New Knights Templar says:

    Fox is getting as phony as CNN. Firing Trish Regan for calling a spade a spade. I watch no more Fox Business. One more stupid move like that and Fox will be history in my home.

  • Virus Infected Money is Dirty & Spreads the disease. Wear slippers in the house, rather than spread it across your carpets. Japan has clean money & no shoes in the house, for the extremely rare time someone with a virus may spit on the sidewalk pavement.

  • Richard Wright says:

    The only fake news that's here buddy is you collaborated with Vox to downplay this virus and you will be held accountable as well as them the lawsuits are being written up as we speak. I hope you don't plan on staying a billionaire for long because you're going to see exactly what it's like for the rest of us. And it's going to be real soon mr. Fake news.

  • I see China giving America pay back for stopping them ripping America off for last 20+ year… they will be the next world power as America destroys itself aided and supported by the American MSM paid by China to hide the fact China released this on the world. Note no reports about China….

  • Alex Leshchinsky says:

    This press-conference was much better (but not still perfect) than previous ones in terms of journalists' behaviour. These low-life people (not all of them but the buk) are always shouting and interrupting the President and every presenter. Those journalists are disgrace for the USA, insult for the WH and should be expelled from the WH press corp

  • Carla Stephens says:

    I can tell you that after all this is over and done with ! I will become a better prepper then I have been! And pray more everyday because you don't know if we will have President Trump for 4 more years! And God bless President Trump!

  • How disrespectful talking over the President of the United States. You had over an hour to do that but you bring him on late and talk over him to give a lame notice that your going to local Fox channels? Wow

  • Ok 10k ventilator units. In a month divide that by 50 and you got 200 per state good job captain. You saved us all.

  • Still Clinton's, Bush's, and Obama's fault. Oh boy!

    You guys are not been appreciative of the Dear Leader and his band of inept people.

    Because in a National Emergency nothing better than to have the three stooges, Donald, Ivanka, and Jared in charge.
    ⚰ in Peace America!

  • Scott Carroll says:

    Its called security not satisfaction. This is a major display of under qualification, cluelessness, and hypocrisy. Greed/Profit over lives, that should be your new slogan.

  • Norbert Kreith says:

    America takes paid and ordered masks from other countries and redirects them to America. Pure horror! We don't talk about it while other countries are angry!

  • Marc Franchise says:

    I thought this was a Republic , this is a democracy . when it comes to national relations you dont talk to the people !!!!!!

  • The Virus is a LIE! God made our bodies to make virus's to clean us as Godly soap.
    Looks like the picture from the Denver airport

    RichiefromBoston video's !!!!!

  • If there is one wish I can make, I would wish US and the world will NEVER forget this pandemic, not to forget to dig out how it started, how we get where we are now, not to forget to hold those whoever responsible….

  • I have Lupus and take that drug! I was sick about 2 months ago, hospitalized for a week and I believe it was covid 19 but I came on out of it!!

  • Marc Franchise says:

    The fight isnt against flesh an blood but against Rulers against authorities an wickedness in High places Ephesians 6:12….

  • Keep lying, not knowing and campaigning. History will judge you by your late and inconsistent reaction to corona. Now it’s to late and we all will pay the price. Thank you mrs. President

  • during this pandemic, they asked him why he fired some guy that is related to the impeachment? are you kidding me?

  • Time conference starts @1:05:00 Was really strange to read subtitles for the first hour. No video but cc gave some interesting info!

  • Sally Portillo says:

    If a decision is mine, I had planned for it. If the decision is in the other person, the outcome is different. Those in Power relishes hungrily each crumb must not fall to give Hope. Despair and denials are their sinister agenda. Life is easy for them, they are the chosen devils to rule. Fighting the devils require patience, strength, fervor not to sin and live longer than their carnal flesh, as when they get weakened, cut their heads off their bodies. Vendetta, never forget and never forgive!

  • Jackie Hillson says:

    All smoke and mirrors , Trumps just a allusion, Fox news despicable humans , deflect while America burns, God will save us Ye right, low life’s .

  • Yes. Federal help is backup. Don’t forget which local governors did not take responsibility. Trump is in our prayers.

  • I can’t believe the amount of disrespect these reporters show The President Of The United States! Such a shame and a terrible example.

  • Jeff Laffite Jones says:

    You can tell how genuinely fed-up and disgusted Trump is with the Fake-News Sociopaths. Most of the leftist propagandists will never learn until they've lied themselves out of a career and into prison.

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    Trump has doubled down on his cure-worse-than-disease delusion. His deranged mind cannot grasp the simple fact that there is NO CURE YET; it’s only possible to treat victims as best we can and try TO PREVENT more Americans from becoming victims. Trump is now threatening to make “hard decisions”! Does he plan to order everyone back to work never mind the resulting explosion of new victims? Is he threatening reporters? TRUMP IS CERTIFIABLY INSANE!

  • Sally Portillo says:

    Person A: don't corrupt the budget or else…
    Person B: here is the system of welfare distribution from the national gov't down to Mayor – community heads. Take the ID Number and write the names of those who don't have an ID, if the number of people who don't have ID is more than the taxpayers and social security roster list, you are answerable for audit and off you go to jail.

  • Prophetess Queen says:

    Dr Hahn/Birx/Fauci, Chinese medical labs are stating that O- individuals are not getting this virus like RH+ individuals. Is there any truth to this statement? And if it is true, are there antibodies in O- individuals that could help ones with the virus?

  • Sally Portillo says:

    Person A is a typical leader who knows nothing of management; he will blame his staffs when they can't perform their duties and shaming them in the public and call them "corrupt" without further evidence.

  • Wests fault in the first place for everything thats happened. Reagan would never have engaged the communists for a cheap profit thrill because he knew the consequences of pandemics, corruption, espionage, IP theft and the list goes on.

  • this guy can't finish a sentence. He's making it up as he goes! Why do the press bother going to the briefings. He's adding zero value

  • John Smith, Dave Long, Geoff Short, Howard Duck, Gavin Backsoon, Havtoo Say, Inmany Cases, Juan Juandred Masks! zzz shut up Trump you imbecile

  • I don't remember a nationwide stay at home order for H1N1 and Ebola under Obama; nor do I remember there being a supply shortage. My answer to all trump supporters, dont forget to all congregate in church on Easter Sunday like your president asked. This will be great for America. ?

  • TRUMP 2020??

    If you don't like my comment guess what? Its a free country! and its call USA

    Good President: good economy more money in your wallet, more jobs in the US, global leadership, strong Army, open new industries, Americans First. Example Ronald Reegan, Donald Trump, and our Fathers.

    Bad President: trying to buy people with roses, chocolate or nice words, sentimental words full of excuses and promises; example Obama, Hillary, Clinton's and the Democrats.

  • Marc Franchise says:

    I look up to China an inventions theirs smart, when i say stupid, its when its about power an money…instead of love and Life….for all mankind….

  • jack the brums brumbaugh says:

    Where's Jim Acosta did CNN and him have a fall out? That's right he probably still has the weekends off while President Trump and his team are hard at work for us during this crisis. But that figures.

  • This Pres wants to be adored by everyone or he gets his feelings hurt, there will never be a President as self absorbed as this guy, you have to really be an AH not to see through this guy… it’s like watching a movie instead of real life…I’m dumbfounded

  • T said this was a Hoax…he’s on tape saying it, he said we only had 5 cases…not to worry about… he wants to take full credit for it…I can’t believe this guy!,,,omg God please help us!

  • Internally, Donald Trump has an unfounded sense of grandeur. Externally, Donald Trump is an insecure Baby-Man with small girly hands. Someone said they saw Stormy Daniels leaving the White House one evening.

  • God bless President Donald Trump. The USA is ever so fortunate to have this exceptional man in the role at this challenging time.

  • Funinaw Fandaro says:

    God please help the president of the united states for his strong leadership and thoughtful management stuff Amen!

  • President Trump, Thank you for All you do for this great country. You are the best. Thank you and Blessings. ???? TRUMP 20/20 ????

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