100 thoughts on “Trump considers reopening the economy and easing coronavirus restrictions in Fox News town hall”

  • K1NG Mackdaddy says:

    I'm all for this! Bout time someone started culling the herd and showing it's time to solve this overpopulation problem. First the elderly, they put a burden on the economy by living too long. Next the educated, so the great leap into the nwo can be as seamless as possible. Fun.

  • This is a President!!
    This is a President!!
    I wish I was born in the USA.
    Here in Italy the situation is getting worse everyday because of this country lockdown.
    We don't want this to go further.
    There would be a civil war…
    We are not prepared to face what's going to happen.
    I want this to end.
    It's crazy!!

  • Trump did a great job earlier in his Presidency, fixing the economy and helping businesses. But when dealing with this virus, Trump should have taken action when the virus first broke out but he didn't. Obama created a team to deal with pandemics, but Trump because he's a right wing republican, he got rid of that team in 2018. That is part of the reason why he was unable to deal with this problem earlier. And now there's not enough testing and he want to open economy in two weeks. Here in New York, Coronavirus is going faster than a bullet and Trump thinks it's going to be fine in two weeks. Why did he got rid of Obama's pandemic team? Maybe because he's republican and wants to cut every government programme and give tax cuts for rich people like the ones working in his cabinet like Goldman Sachs people or Maybe because he Hates Obama for some reason. Americans Do your research and Think!!!!!

  • Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    This administration took a series of missteps and missed opportunities that have crippled our nation’s response. Among them: a failure to take the pandemic seriously even as it engulfed China, a deeply flawed effort to provide broad testing for the virus that left the country blind to the extent of the crisis, and a dire shortage of masks and protective gear to protect doctors and nurses on the front lines, as well as ventilators to keep the critically ill alive. Look to South Korea, Japan, and Germany, for what better governance looks like.

  • Dummy nobody wants to be locked down-its not a choice .. its called a PANDEMIC!

    Hey America, how great are you now? You have the most number of infections (as of today) and your genius president wants you all back by Easter while the world is protecting their citizens. Yeah! follow your pipe piper to the cliff-morons!

  • Jackie Hillson says:

    Our people are not built shut down, like everywhere else in the world is, hilarious , must be a special kind of human in America , different species may be, the chosen ones, Humpty Dumpty Trump, we just couldn’t put his brain together again.

  • We didn't catch this at the onset in the USA, we just started testing and recognizing it. The US should have just offered voluntary protective isolation to the 1 out of 2500 people that are at highest risk of a serious illness from it, rather than trying to isolate the entire population, which has been ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of people that get it are just fine. Over-dramatic morons here acting like it is the zombie apocalypse virus from a movie or something.

  • Where's all dump trump supporters gone suddenly. ??they can't defend him this time. ?I bet they saying the virus is created by Obama and Hillary.

  • Good call Mr Trump – can tell that genius brain is at it again … tens of thousands less Americans is no issue anyway. And if you dont care then way should anyone. Sure, just ignore it and it'll go away. See your leading the world in infections now, but meh, who cares. Right Mr Trump?

  • roguemale TheOne&Only says:

    The US is now covid19 central with more cases (85,000+) than those in China and Italy.
    But,'profit before people'Trump wants people back to work after easter.
    Trump is more dangerous to americans than any respiratory virus.

  • caribbeanchild says:

    Your knack for making money which comes from greed… was good for America up to a month ago but does not apply in this situation.

  • TRUMP: “I’ve always known this is a — this is a real — this is a pandemic. I’ve felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic. All you had to do is look at other countries. … No, I’ve always viewed it as very serious.” — briefing Tuesday.

    THE FACTS: Not once did Trump describe the COVID-19 outbreak as a possible pandemic until after the WHO declared it so on March 11. On the contrary, from January until March, he repeatedly suggested the virus was under “control” and that cases were going “down, not up” and would even completely disappear with warm weather by April, often contradicting his own health experts.

    Trump also has described the coronavirus as a “hoax,” although he later made clear that he was referring to Democratic criticism of his handling of the outbreak.

    Asked, for instance, by CNBC on Jan. 22 if there were worries about a pandemic, Trump said, “No. Not at all. And — we’re — we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

  • Donald Trump has proven to be incompetent in this crisis.
    And Fox News has proven to be unreliable in their response.

  • AmericanJustice underTHE laws says:

    Trump's Opinion is just like the Mayor of Wuhan on the Corona Virus during their first month outbreak… .Now America after spring break and become one of the worst international outbreak countries with the Corona Virus . Because of Trump's stupid lies for a nation of Super Spreaders without Facemasks and Gloves.

  • Peter Bardadyn says:

    It is fair to say that your Churches will be full come Easter Sunday…but they will be filled with funerals.
    From the other side of the world in a city that bred Rupert Murdoch (Adelaide, Australia) your FOX "News" chairman has aided and abetted in the greatest con of your life, one you still believe (?!?), to fill his pockets – on your naivety.
    Such is the con, as we can only wish you God Blessings, that Murdoch who had the opportunity to give you HONEST reporting on Trump will not save you. Indeed you will come to realise, all too late, that your (collective) naivety will only but condemn you…
    If you think (or want to abuse me online for the God's honest truth) that I am some 56 year old political hack, I have voted Conservative in every National & State election from age 18 year old. Alas I fear it is all too late. 
    Believe me neither Trump nor Murdoch will be at any of your families funerals…


  • Richard Thomas says:

    By the way all of the people waiting for their check . So NOW you have no problem taking a socialism check ??????????

  • GOOD NEWS: The virus is decimating racism, bigotry, hate, insult, and demonization. Apparently, it attaches itself to the Gangrene of Ignorance and Incivility Gene turning it into kindness, empathy, and compassion.

    Of course, there are stragglers and holders on to hatred. Most of them reside at Fox News and in the White House. But don't worry, it is only a matter of time before the gene mutates forward and defeats the last of the hate mongers as the virus has NO preference for black, white, brown, yellow, green, Democrat, Republican or Social Position!
    Hey, whatever works right?

  • Before outbreak began we have about three chances to prevent this from seriously damaging US, first when virus start spreading at Wuhan we could forbid our citizens from traveling to foreign countries and prepared our medical equipments and production second is when pandemic start we could readied our experts and scientist to studies the virus and spend our resources to support them in medical equipment and testing on civilians, third is when we still have Obamacare we could at least minimize the outbreak from further damaging the nation but all that was throw away because trump ruined every single chance to pocketing his cash collecting every dollars from our corpses.

  • Trumpers will believe any lie whatsoever
    if they think it might possibly be used
    to justify their fear and prejudice.

  • Cuomo: An adult dealing realistically with an epidemic. Fauci: A trusted medical expert whose credible advise is calming the nation. Trump: Thinks the media wants to extend the virus deadline to hurt his re-election chances. As always, its about him. Trump is one child brained, narcissistic, paranoid MOFO.

  • I dont understand what people would rather have happen. Do people want the unemployment to go up? Families living on the streets? Kids going to sleep hungry? All for less than 1 percent of the population, ridiculous.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon says:

    We are doing very well with, I think, almost all of the governors, for the most part," he said during a town hall on Fox News on Tuesday. “But you know, it’s a two-way street. They have to treat us well

  • PhilosopherStoned says:

    What a complete imbecile, Trump is making this so much worse than it could be. For the love of God (whom he pretends to believe in), let the smart folks take over. If he didn't dismantle the pandemic team in '18 against the advice of his cabinet we could've started prepping in January. I was on board with changing things up, but a reality star can't lead the country.

  • More chaos and confusion from Trainwreck Trump. Whats new?
    He wants to open up sparsely populated states…which also have the older and most vulnerable populations.

  • Hey Fox, you want to convince me all is well? Send your reporters out without face masks and gloves to the people who are standing in line to be tested for the virus. Take Donny with you. If you can’t step up, then shut up!

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  • Catherine Cova says:

    NOTHING you saw in this video will stop 1 MILLION people from dying in April!
    Cumulative total number of US deaths:
    – March 5: about 10 deaths
    – March 15: about 100 deaths
    – March 25: about 1,000 deaths
    – April 5: about 10,000 deaths
    – April 15: about 100,000 deaths
    – April 25: about 1,000,000 deaths

  • Wayne Carranza says:

    He's right thousands and thousands of Americans will commit suicide, the roads with dead people hanging on telephone poles people jumping off bridges old folks drinking coolant back to work now!!

  • Valore Dramack says:

    Donald Trump's incompetence is the reason why the United States is now the epicenter of the pandemic in the entire world.
    If Americans reelect Donald Trump in 2020, it will be the complete downfall of the nation and it will be deserved.

  • geheimschriver says:

    EVERY western/capitalist/free country on this planet is on lockdown to protect the people from the virus, DESPITE the impact on the economy. The outbreak is now the worst in the US. The response of the POTUS is to focus on the economy.

    People of the US: Resist: stay inside, contain the virus, protect yourself, your loved ones on the people in your community.
    Look to Canada or Australia for guidance, you can't trust your own leadership to act in your interest during this crisis.

  • Ronald Magagula says:

    Trump this is simple its either money(economy) or people live you choose as a leader. I would also choose money knowing that I would survive so yeah.

  • alfred teengar says:

    Trump wants to reopen the business because he wants to put money in his stinking pocket. He don't care about the country. All he is interested is his stinking money.

  • We blew by China in coronavirus cases , but the mighty orange one want's to pack churches for Easter. LMAO lololol

  • Jeff Giesinger says:

    yes pls trump ease the restrictions especially in republican states keep the faith cult lol …. I wish you everything you deserve.

  • We can not lose people,people are everything!suppose there are just 100people left in this world,what gdp can you generate?

  • Open the damn economy back up. The numbers do not suggest that the economy needs to be shutdown. China did not shutdown their entire country, nor their economy. They locked down the area that was most affected.

  • Larinda Pradia says:

    Go back to work , we have been socially distancing our self for ten months with baby.!!!!!!! It is workable with people all doing what they need to do to protect themselves and others.

  • This is the biggest failure of National Security in the history of the world. The truth is Trump does NOT trust America’s National Intelligence Agencies!
    It was well known in the Intelligence community that China had mock scenarios to bring US down and how best to do it. China knows they can not beat US in conventional warfare. China had already tested our vulnerabilities and weak points and learned from SARS, MERS and Ebola outbreaks. China saw our weaknesses in leadership, bitterly divisive partisan politics, fractured diplomatic relationships with other Western Countries, Economic Isolationism in Global trade, Disinformation and Propaganda Journalism and chaos within our National Intelligence Agencies.
    CHINA covertly Declared War on America and the World by allowing a Coronavirus to “accidentally leak” out of Wuhan wet markets, knowing full well that Western countries Healthcare Systems and Economies will be underprepared and overwhelmed for a Global Pandemic.
    Trump nitwittingly allowed China to covertly declare war and WIN war with US, without too much loss of Chinese lives and very minimal damage to their own economy. Now China is in the best position to buy up Western Country’s wealth and Assets. Western countries will then gladly thank and welcome Chinese investors and Chinese government when they buy out Real Estate properties going into foreclosures, buying the equity of distressed Corporations and historic low commodity prices caused by this Pandemic Bio-weapon!
    Trump allowed attack on US to happen by ignoring the data and urgent warnings provided by CIA, State Department, NSA, FBI, CDC and WHO.
    This is on your watch President Trump!

  • Let’s do a lockdown long enough to cause an economic crash (to cover up the one that was going to happen anyway) but not long enough to actually do any good. Sounds like a Trump plan alright.

  • We can not even consider economic recovery until the killing stops. This fake president is killing Americans with his petty, narcissistic partisan games.. He is murdering Americans .
    If they don't treat me right I don't make the call".

    These are the words of a murderer.

  • Did Trump and the people get anything for the Wall in this bill?
    The wall is directly related to COVID19 prevention. The pork in this bill from Democrats are not related to this virus in any shape or form.
    I thought Trump was a dealmaker. What happen?

    Pelosi is very happy with this deal. Don't be fools, she acts like she wants, wanted more. She acts this way to make Trump and Republicans think they won. LOL.
    Republicans and Fox news are fools. She won. And yes she will ask for more Trump will give it to her and she will act like shes not happy and wanted more. Fox and hosts act like this isn't so they are dumb or naive or liars. Pelosi is playing conservatives and Fox hosts like a violin.

  • Merkabah Pheonix says:

    Pro-life should be from the Womb to the Tomb. Planned Parenthood is a Corporation that benefits from death allowed or carried out in/from the Womb. I call this group of money harvesters, Pro-Womb Money Makers. However, big and small Corporations both stands to benefit most from allowing deaths of vulnerable adult ( Pre-Tomb) in terms of Corona virus exposure because of hurrying to get back to making money for the sake of our economy. Pro-Womb or Pre-Tomb Money Makers? What's the difference between the two? Both have to do with dollars signs ? ? ?. We must have the faith that God will take care of us as we take care of one another young or old and everyone in between. My fellow evangelicals WWJD?

  • George Rodriguez says:

    Trump only cares about being re-elected for ego, well when all the old people are dead before July,, who's left to vote for Trump. This administration is a joke

  • George Rodriguez says:

    If everybody gets sick near the same time not only the dead and sick near the same time,, NO HOSPITALS MEDICINE OR MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, NO ONE FARMING OR DELIVERING SUPPLIES!

  • He can’t wait for people to go back to work despite any death or threat from the virus so the doors to his hotels, restaurants can open and make money. He only see money, he don’t care who dies. Smh.

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  • President Trump is really a genius. He knows psychology very well. Some people have been complaining about social distancing and lock down. But now he reversed course. People opposed but now are more accepting of social distancing and lockdown.

  • 刺激战场石榴花磊官方频道pubg Pomegranate official channel says:

    If situation becomes uncontrollable, how do you open this country, how do you build this country

  • 刺激战场石榴花磊官方频道pubg Pomegranate official channel says:

    The real sick man of America with a great president saying make America a big joke in the world

  • Trump is not totally wrong. Imagine USA not working for 12months, USA will go bankrupt, eat what??? Can't keep printing money to feed people??? After two months, people should get to work!!! There is no vaccine you know, it's just a matter of time before you get covid19!!! It's not whether you will get it, you will definitely get it!! It's a matter of when. So the solution in HKG, china, South Korea, people are using masks n keep social distancing but they are working!!!!!! Don't work is like so ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Maddox Tolliver says:

    welllllllll, since it'd only be conservatives who'd listen to 'president EASTER OPENING', …i can live with that.

  • Maddox Tolliver says:

    welllllllll, since it'd only be conservatives who'd listen to 'president EASTER OPENING', …i can live with that.

  • And now the truth is coming out Donald Trump no wonder you and Putin were such good friends and you love Russia so much you’re trying to get your disgusting Trump Tower built over there and the truth is finally coming out and of course I always knew you were corrupt and you would lie and cheat on your taxes and do all the bad stuff to show who you really are is coming out thank God and what’s sad is all these American people you fooled into believing in you Will finally come through and show them what a disgusting filthy nasty old bad you are Mr. Trump I can’t wait till you go to jail and that’s where you’ll be

  • They are spoiled in adoration. Abundance sir.
    Please close evil effects of socities. Bann adult criminality on net and all medias.

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