Trump claims Schiff ‘helped write’ whistleblower complaint


100 thoughts on “Trump claims Schiff ‘helped write’ whistleblower complaint”

  • FUSION GPS again…….they changed laws after receiving initial complaints of so called whistleblower …… corruption and treason……

  • Lolol I love this man, his god tier media trolling never gets old. When I voted for him it was due to his stance on the border because I lived/worked on the AZ/Mex border for 16 years and have tons of horror stories. That is, until they put up the fence from Tijuana to Algodones in mid 2000s. So now in 2020 I'm voting for him for sooo many more reasons.

  • I just read these blogs and I must point out why are the republicans so close mouthed? Hello they don't work for We the People,,,,,,,,,,we voted trump to office he wont be bought off or compromised,,,,,,,America is a corporation,,,,,the IRS sends tax money to Puerto Rico under crown corporations,,,,,,just like the Bar Attorney's. Work for the Bar a British for profit corperation who files their papers in Puerto Rico to practice Admiralty law of the sea not Law of the land,,,,,

  • Hold all politicians accountable despite the side. They work for the people.
    Corruption from either side is still corruption. Accountability is paramount.

  • Everyone knows the American people hate a liar and a cheater. Demo's are blowing it for 2020. They also don't realize Americans want to be FREE. There is NO FREEDOM with socialism or communism. So please wake the fu*k up!

  • Chairman Schiff was under OATH ,perjury folks.
    When President Trump was speaking directly to the Democratic voter , and the Dems started to realize that they started loosing their voters.
    Simple strategy ,keep President Trump busy and distracted with plane old BULL****.

  • The media in Asia is all about the Biden inspired impeachment will force Trump to surrender to Chinese communists in trade talks on October 10. Biden Kerry & Sons are on Chinese Communist Party payroll.

  • How about releasing the Kenyans (Obama) conversations with Vladimir Putin? And lets go further how about ALL his private conversations? Now, that would be fair…  "Tell Vladimir, I'll have more freedom after the elections"….  yeah!

  • Thomas Thigpen says:

    I really have to disagree with President trump on this one. I do not think that Schiff had anything to do with writing the complaint. A couple of lawyers have remarked that it has the earmarks of a professionally written piece who knew the law really well, dotted all of the eyes and crossed all of the t's to ensure that it passed muster to be considered an urgent concern. And some lawyer noted that the rules currently in place would not allow second hand information, so they were changed. Does anyone think Schiff is sharp enough to do that??? There is another reason that I believe the the person supposedly making the complaint did not do the actual composition or maybe had a lot of help is the fact that he contacted congress directly without informing the ICIG or DNI first and informing them of his or her intentions, which the law, not the rules, but the law requires. I would expect that a person so savvy as he or she has been made out to be would be aware of that. Of course the complainer could ahve known and decided to break the law anyway. That has been know to happen also.

  • If the GOP will fight the same way our duly elected president does, Schiff, wouldn't be able to show his swifty eyes on camera. But the GOP, as ever the second fiddler to the Democrat Party, led by the loser Romney is helping to remove the president and vice president to make Queen Pelosi to complete a bold power grab.

  • This whole charade is happening, and will continue on, as long as our duly elected President is in office. It's the only game the Democrat Party, the radical leftists, the fake news media can think of to grab the power back. Now, the Democrat Party know that their party is over, done and buried because the builder from Queens, NY beat them in 2016 in their game, hands down. And the sureness of another four years of this guy in the White House will be horrendous for them. So, collusion, ploy of creating problems for the President is what's keeping them all alive. Democrats occupation and preoccupation is Donald J. Trump, nothing more. They lost their marbles but they don't care anymore. Now, in their ploy, they included VP Pence to engineer their full attack to make sure that the American people who voted for Trump be completely ignored for good. How dare them vote the way they did? The Democrats under Mr. Cool, and the adoring media, thought all the while that they have political dominion. MAGA brought America to prosperity, order and security. They Democrat Party wanted to take us back to the shameful draining of Americans' wealth, hope, ingenuity, and yes, pride.

  • They yanked on the wrong guy's chain. Big mistake. God bless POTUS. These people are really clowns. Trying to control everything and everybody. That's what a police state is all about. Just listen to Rachel over at Pravda news. All lies. Look at her ratings now. Yeah, they yanked on the wrong chain this time. He don't back down. Have fun with him. MAGA2020

  • Brian Laurence says:

    Trump and his compulsive lies! Your time is coming to a close Trump. I suspect you will not resign so you will face impeachment and the Republican Party will ensure you are found guilty! They have no option but to do that as they now need to distance themselves from the Trump serial liar and the Trump misuse of the presidency. Good bye Trump

  • It's hysterically funny watching the Trumpturd decompensate. He is LOSING it! hahahaa That massive, fatal stroke can't be far off. Plus, stress aggravates dementia, which is why you see the Trumpturd becoming even MORE incoherent than usual. I LOVE it!! I cannot WAIT for this impeachment trial. I'm going to take those days off of work and just perch myself in front of the TV! LOL

  • Will someone put a gag on this gossiping old lady, reminds me of Mrs Olson on little house on the prairie but with shorter hair and morelmakeup.


  • Why don't the white house pull Schiff's security clearance they have the power to do so then Schiff will no longer be chair of intel committee

  • DaveNettles Music says:

    There isn't a whistleblower, Shifty did it all, therefore, I am now asking all of you who are believers in Jesus for your help. God's word declares if any 2 of us agree as to anything on this earth it shall be done. The word also says if we were to say to a mountain, "Be Thou Removed into the Sea" and believe it so in our hearts, it will be done. Well I say to all of you, that our POTUS, Donald J Trump is facing a mountain called "Impeachment". It's not a natural mountain, but a mountain of deceit & lies heaped up by evil men (and women), in a evil plot to bring down our champion, out POTUS.

    I now call on all of you, the believers in Jesus to agree with me, in agreement with our POTUS, that this mountain will be cast into the sea, by the power of the Holy Ghost, that raised Jesus from the grave, & I proclaim it done in Jesus name, for His glory, Amen.

  • I do not believe that Schiff or any dems are behind this. I believe the part of the FBI and the CIA are pushing this because Trump has called them out for bad intelligence in Iraq, and other places. I believe the dems are more than happy to participate, but in actual reality, our CIA & FBI are the one driving this push.

  • Ask the Finnish president a question no ask me if it's a good one you never ask me good ones
    Your president people of USA.

  • sanctuarywoods77 says:

    They protect whistleblowers… unless they expose the deep state's corruption like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, or Chelsea Manning.

  • Never has a politician, let alone the actual president of the United States, ever made me laugh as much as this. I hope he gets four more years just for exchanges like this.

  • This is absolutely insane. Every single accusation that could have possibly lead to impeachment, or at least have had the Democrat-controlled house begin proceedings, has been revealed to be a complete and utter lie. If the Democrats hadn't tried this smear campaign they would probably have a shot at 2020, but they are looking like a joke!

  • there are at least 30 dems and tons of media that belong in jail,, why is the FBI not arresting people for treason if normal everyday me does something like this i be in jail forever WTH,,,The CIA needs to be dissolved why are they always shocked when something happens,, they always claim not to know anything arent they an intel agency

  • Jonas Van Poucke says:

    The fact that secret services keep working AGAINST a sitting American President who has been democratically elected is a coup d'état. America needs to stand up and restructure every agency.

  • Eternity Bliss says:

    Adam mocks up a phoney mob style phone call, pretends it was real, then sends a subpoena? Talk about corruption. Yes it does warrant someone to think Adam facilitated this whole thing.

  • Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. How can people defend Trump when it's Crystal clear he is Corrupt. Read the text , you sheep are crazy with ignorance.

  • "No one has been tougher on Russia than Donald trump" …trump 'fawning' to putin and other authoritarians in 'embarrassing' phone calls, white house aides say-report. Horrified.

  • Bless President Trump! I can’t imagine the anger and stress you have every day with the true real, Deplorable’s… I swear this bunch, the leftist and ati- can’t write the anagram and even vegans, are truly are a mentally unstable bunch. Misanthropes… truly!
    Please universe keep Trump safe! Put angels around him. Give him strength and guide him through this insanity.

  • Let's face it. Who ever was leading the impeachment inquiry trump would attack & you would agree. Time to care about the country & not petty political name calling. Trump's no angel, so let's stay on point with protecting national security

  • trump is scare folks! He's running for West Virginia to hide from his coming impeachment. Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • What the hells wrong with Trump. Just do what the Clintons do and get rid of em. And Noone says a word. Noone in the press, news media and these talk show shitweasels(like Colbert) hold em up as heroes. Hiller the killer on Colbert like a hero???

  • Quid Pro Quo: Kurt Volker to Ukrainian diplomat just before Trump phone call July 25:
    "[7/25/ 19, 8:36:45 Kurt Volker: Good lunch – thanks. Heard from White House?assuming President convinces trump he will investigate ?get to the bottom of what happened? in 2016, we will nail down date for Visit to Washington. Good luck! See you tomorrow- kurt" Time to tell Trump "Your Fired!"

  • Jonathan Jackson says:

    Yeah I know right let's see that f**** transcript. Release the whistleblowers name Skiff it's probably your name on that paper Skiff? Is that why you won't release it Adam skiff ? Where's your balls at skiff ? That docu"mental" will drop before they will !!! Stand by your work skiff. Nobody likes a coward skiff. Start looking for a new job skiff. If you get calls about people in the intelligence Community all the time why did you start helping now skiff ? Say his name skiff? where's Waldo skiff? Columbus Georgia. 😝😝😝 how's that for arbitration ? Skiff

  • All the smart people are here. The elite. The beautiful. That's why we understand Trump vocabulary, our brain is huge. Since the oranges of time😁

  • Don't believe what you read… don't believe what you hear. Just continue to lap up trumps words ('there was no quid pro quo') like the obedient dogs you are. Unfortunate in this information age there is so much ignorance. Guess that is the result of a steady diet of fox news.
    Ignorance is a choice people.

  • Francis Godinho says:

    Whistleblower can secretly gather information about President Trump and pass it to Adam Schiff for impeachment. But Trump has no right to investigate the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and his son by calling Ukraine and China. President Trump has provided documentary evidence on day one. But Adam Schiff has only hearsay, by law is not binding for impeachment. Adam Schiff propose hearsay evidence is incompetent, immaterial, irrelevant, and improper and outdated. There is zero chance for the Democrats to impeach Trump from office. This will be another year waste of time until 2020. Mueller spent 998 days, billed $40 million to find no collusion. Adam Schiff will spend next 400 days to gain nothing. Never in the history the Democrats has loused up for all the Americans by doing nothing good for the people.

  • LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP ! He lie's and his sheep follow him with out any question ! This will end his rain of lies and his rain of terror !!!

  • Tyffany Storment says:

    I've always found it strange looking at both CNN and Fox News YouTube comments. Because both sides say the exact same thing about each other. Like, both sides believe the other will end up destroying the world. And both sides think they're right, so there isn't any point in trying to argue.

  • Adam Shift, and Nancy Pelosi, are attempting a coup on the POTUS. They are not bringing Biden up for his corruption but, trying to impeach a President that did nothing wrong. That is Treason. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • cornelia wissing says:

    When the D party wanted to stop Judge Kavanaugh there suddenly was a woman with a complaint. She spoke to a D. senatress who sent her to a D. advocate/attorney/advisor and her desire to remain anonymous was NOT honoured. Now they want to impeach the President and suddenly there's a man who 'was told'/'overheard' and he speaks to a D. congressman and is sent to a D advocate …. Does this look like pure coincidence?

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