Trump Claims Calling Coronavirus ‘The Chinese Virus’ Is ‘Not Racist At All’ | NBC News


100 thoughts on “Trump Claims Calling Coronavirus ‘The Chinese Virus’ Is ‘Not Racist At All’ | NBC News”

  • There are other diseases with names on them as well. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), West Nile Virus, Spanish Flu. The American media called the novel corona virus the Wuhan Chinese Flu. Then when Trump started doing it, they started calling him racist for doing what they themselves were doing.

  • I am Chinese American. Over the past few weeks, people in the Asian American community have encountered an unprecedented amount of hatred fanned by this type of irresponsible rhetoric. A friend got cursed at in a grocery store, an elderly woman was assaulted at a metro station, and a family was attacked by a knife-wielding man. For the first time, I feel unsafe in my own country because ignoramuses associate me with a disease that does not discriminate. My family is now considering purchasing mace and guns.

    Asian Americans are disproportionately represented in the medical field. And these Asian doctors, nurses, and scientists will be the ones helping us through this pandemic. For those claiming that there’s nothing wrong with using the term the “Chinese virus” as the virus originates from China, perhaps you need to live as minority in this country.

  • 1. The army's largest biological and chemical weapons base, the Fort Detrick P4 laboratory, was closed in August 2019. The laboratory closure follows an outbreak of white lung disease in the United States. After the lab shutdown, white lung disease in the United States co-circulated with the so-called flu, and then an outbreak of the new pneumonia virus in China. Ma then provided the United States with half a million virus detection reagents, the United States pneumonia virus was confirmed to be a geometric multiple of the outbreak.

    2. The United States used similar viruses in Korea, Vietnam, and in the gulf war, depleted uranium bombs, weapons of mass destruction.

    3. A virus gene from a bat is not the same as a virus gene from a bat. Why is it okay to eat so many bats? The cave in yunnan, she said, was the result of Dr. Shi's SARS research. Her report showed that four kinds of bats in a cave in yunnan province were found to have part of the virus gene. The probability that this combination of thousands of times will be rehomed to civet cats is very low, and the possibility of non-synthetic is almost zero.

    4. Multiple public media and government officials in Russia and Australia, as well as in Taiwan, have claimed the virus originated in the United States.

    This is a time of trade friction between China and the United States. Is it possible for the United States to resort to such shameless measures?

    6. In the United States, the number of people who died from the so-called e-cigarette white lung disease and the pandemic influenza virus is dozens of times more than the number of people who died from covid-19 virus. Why the United States did not investigate and instead blamed China for the so-called "wuhan virus", which caused far fewer deaths?

    7. Why did the United States announce the development of a vaccine for the virus so soon after the outbreak?

  • While cutting taxes for the rich, trump is really robbing the poor and giving more to the rich by increasing taxes on imports used by the poor.

  • Vahid Jahandari says:

    The president is quite accurate to address the origin of the virus. The reporter is a rude feminist that must be fired and sent to China!

  • Is everyone made tissue paper these days ?!?! The racist play is over played . Give it a rest for Pete sake and oh ya … IT CAME FROM CHINA !!!

  • That lady who just asked is actually the one who bullies asians in high school. Now she trying to redeem herself by saying "its racist".

  • Hold them responsible,its their fault. They could have told the world for weeks yet they hid it!
    Forever call it the wuhan flu. Why does north america trust them to make our medicines?
    I am apauled by news media strutting chinese communist party retoric on how well they handled this.
    The CCP are liars,,go ask any one from Tibet! Tianamen square! They do not value life!

  • william hutsch says:

    If you saw a dark skinned person walking down the street and thought to yourself they they are not white, congratulations you are racist.

  • “It Comes From China” Wuhan Tempted Fate and Lost, Now the World must face this “China Virus” Pandemic. Trump 2020

  • He can pronounce "chi" in china but not "chai" in 'chaiwala'. He clearly lacks knowledge of sound and language. That's why Narendra Modi also addressed him as Doland Trump. ?

  • Devil Of nature gacha life 3 says:

    Let me tell you a racism is,Racism is basically looking at a person with a different color for skin or a different race if you want to say it like that , and basically saying that you're better than that person or offending them in a bad way that relates to their race or color.
    Racism is not Looking at a Chinese person and saying the exact same thing,For example If COVID19 Started in Canada,Then they would call it A Canadian virus, That doesn't sound so racist does it?
    It's not being racist. Period.
    And I don't stand for Donald trump actually… I think I'm gonna one of the people who hates him the most.
    Also, trump is not blaming china For the virus. It's simply a fact that it came from china he doesn't mean that he's being racist or it's his opinion that it came from china because it literally came from china!
    think what you want people but I'm pretty sure more than Half of comment section Agrees with this.


    Nice to know the media are devoting their time to the most pressing matter of faux outrage about faux racism.

  • Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Yes! it is a pandemic. Yes! it is all over the world… because?!?!?! It came from China!!!   If it walks like a duck… if it has feathers as a duck…. if quack as a duck: IT IS A DUCK!
    North Americans: USA and Canadians, all sorts of heritages: British, French, Spanish, Latinos, Polish, Irish, etc…. They do not eat bats, cats, dogs on the daily bases. Chinese DO! What part of this is false?  And those that reside among us, when they cannot eat Bats in North America, they go back to China to eat it. It is part of Chinese culture and heritage. The same crap that the left has been forcing us to accept or we are called: RACIST.
    Is the term “Spanish Flu” racist? 
    Yes! It is a Chinese virus because Chinese people ate animals contaminated with this virus. Here a few examples of the truth (which it is now hurting you) – cry me a river:
    I don't see any Latinos, British, Irish, Polish, Blacks, etc… eating bats in those videos – It is a Chinese Virus.

  • Ibraimo Ramochande says:

    To speak the truth :

    Knowing where the virus comes from doesn't matter much

    What matters most at this point is knowing how
    and what to do to stop uncontrolled deaths

    The world is losing strength through people who are dying

  • It is such advanced killer technology that the name should be based on the origin of the technology instead of the area released. So Trump should honor it USVirus instead of ChineseVirus, I don't like both though.

  • USA will win the 2020 COVID19LYMPIC soon ……emerging as overall champion setting new world record too. Bravo!!!

  • Infected bats in a filthy market, the truth  surpressed by the  Chinese state, Chinese whistleblowers 'disappeared' – what else would we call it? Reflex p.c. snowflake.

  • Turamp is right about China carnivorous because Chinese eat everything dogs and animals nasty food just way turamp calling chinnesse coronavirus he is right

  • Please don't eat chinnesse restaurants will make you sick don't play games with your life they are sick and nasty food you don't have to go chinnesse restaurants God bless American people peace

  • communists are virus and the coronavirus is communist-chinavirus came from china communist. Can the msn feel the pain that the President felt when America is suffering from this deadly virus? Can the msn see the President is fighting hard against this invisible enemy killing the American people and the world? What joe biden and bernie sanders have done for the American people now except pointing fingers and criticizing the President? They just talk and no actions and they are hiding themselves from being infected by the chinavirus. Thanks President Trump for standing up against this invisible enemy created by evil communist china to destroy the US the West. The good will prevail and evil will fail.

  • No issue calling flu Spanish flu.
    Source of Current Virus China.
    Why make issue when People call this Virus "Chinese Virus "!

  • I think we ALL should just start calling it "CV19" why make it any longer or harder to type and say? Also it can then either mean "corna virus 19" or "Chinese virus 19" or "Corvid19" ….just everyone start calling it "CV19" okay? Spread the word

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